It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 29


Chapter 28

Yes drinks would be just fine now !” All heard the voice of Sanskar who strode inside without anything stand beside her who was already in Arjun arms.
Swara look at him and said softly-Hi
Sanskar is froze as he realized she turns so fragile ! God he nevet wanted to see her like this .he determining realized it.
Sanskar ask- what will you like bear or wine ?

And that’s when Swara Malik realized first time .These mens surrounding her are MAD !!!!

Swara replied- bear would be good.

Omkar Malik saw his daughter somewhat different and he wanted to understand it.
But The ice around her are so strong that this helpless father is unable to break it.
First his mistakes was too push her hard and now his regret not to close her to him.
He failed to be a father.

He left from their not seeing that his daughter have already npticed his inner emotions on his face very easily like always.

Swara step back from Arjun maintaining a fine distance.

Laksh – I have made arrangement towards poolside .We can be there.

As Samrat ,Aarohi ,Khushi,Ragini started moving aside stopped by Swara voice.

Swara said SARCASM- I thought EACH and everyone is joining me .

A clear invitation and order from SWARA MALIK.

Pool side….they all sat near pool on comforter and served bear bottles.

Sanskar is gazing Her .

Aadarsh is gazing Her.

Arnav is gazing Her.

Arjun is gazing Her.

Laksh is gazing Her.

Samrat is gazing Her.

Aarohi and Khushi as usual silently gazing anything but Her.

Ragini is pretending to be busy in her mobile but with corner eye gazing Her.

Misha is too gazing Her.

And HER means SWARA MALIK is on her fifth bottle finished and picking up sixth bottle She ATLAST rise her head saw their on eyes her.and still on first bear bottle.

Swara suddenly started LAUGHING.. LAUGHING so hard making them starlted and shocked beyond limits.and breathing hardly as they all got totally confused and worried at her conditions.

Her laugh was not what they ever heard in years so that’s what the whole palace went on deadly silence making Anuradha Malik ,Omkar Malik and Raina Malik  to force to come there and stand seeing SWARA MALIK laughing .

It take her few minutes to finally make her laugh in giggling .

Swara said while giggling – I always think what’s specialist i am to get so much attention of the men’s who were So much standard and talented with charm look then me.

{(Kaanch ki neend aayi
Patthar ke khwaab laayi
Kaanch ki neend aayi
Patthar ke khwaab laayi
A sleep of glass came
It brought dreams of rocks with it)}

No one say anything it was shocked to digest hearding her laugh and giggling. And it made their voice out .

Swara sipping her bear bottle ask- Let me guess *standing on her feet with some unbalance making them to immediately to help but she stopped them from her palm she walk on the edge of the pool* eeerrr..oh its so much difficult to guess !!!and frustrating!!!! Ragini Gadodia tell me why all men give me so much attention!

It startled Ragini as she never in million thought to see Swara like this.This women is totally different from old or new Swara.!

Ragini – Swara take rest you are drunk !

Swara giggling said – Yaa Sure Ragini Gadodia I should rest right after all Ragini Gadodia is their to destroy and burnt the Factory .

All look at Ragini Shocked !

Ragini was pale but she said – Yes if that factory can make you broke and finally getting to out from this hard and freaking women then I will make sure i burn hundred more factory!

Swara chuckling stood infront of Ragini – I know you love to destroy every damm things of MINE which should have been yours.!Accept it Ragini Gadodia you wanted to stay with Laksh And this is the way you chose ! Making me stopped by burning Factory.

{(Jaane Rab jaane kab
Zakhmon se mil gaye naina
Ony God knows when
My eyes met wounds

Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
My eyes have scraped)}

Ragini was shocked – HOW YOU ..?

Swara shooking her head said -Ragini Ragini !!! You Are In …LOVE called shit with Laksh past ten years.Oh the same way Laksh is waiting for you past ten years !

Laksh was seething in rage towards Ragini but hearding Swara his rage turned into pain and unknown emotions.

Ragini lied – just…i …

Swara chuckling – Ragini lying is so easily great then truth !

Laksh said pain emotions- Swara let it be ,and please just …

Swara said in mocking tone – Why Laksh you didn’t like how possession and obsession Ragini have towards you in name of blo*dy LOVE. After all that’s what were you doing past eight years giving slow drugs to MIRA KAPOOR making her go through pain in coma knowing well that somewhat Mira is behind my that f**king death! Right LUCKY MY BROTHER! a great possession for which you forget that i your house you have Small baby who need his mother and her care in that small age !AARAV your son !!! Who was once fought with his life in age of five months not getting his mother milk !!! Because you even not care to kill that child for ME.

{(Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina)}

Laksh stumbled back in shocked and then he heard gasp of ARNAV who look at him in disbelief.

Swara picked up next bottle and said in chuckling- Arnav lets cheers man ! After all brother and sister are we! And now have same persona for world and name as ruthless !

Arnav said gentle- Swara stop you can’t able to stand .

Swara drunken – Oh Arnav you should not worry for me here are so man to f**k me and protect like my ex husband and ex fiancé. You know Arnav i never share you but You are my favourite! Because in all of them you were only one who can even killed Our GREAT MOTHER for me !!After all i am your GREAT possession and obsession actually beyond that!!Like you have not even care to find out the body of MAA after accident and made all police force to find me !! And Like a f**king Son lied to all the Great Malik that Maa is burnt down in car !WOW isn’t.

{Chitthi jaave na na jaave sandesa
Sajan gayo kis des
Toote dil ki jag bhi nahin sunta
Naahi sune darvesh

Neither any letter is reaching nor any message
Which country has my beloved gone?
Even the world doesn’t listen what a broken heart has to say
No holy man listens as well)}

Sobbed of Raina Malik can be heard but not her All the eyes are having tears.

Arnav face was colorless and his breath became harsher.

Swara laugh at their tears – finally The bested tears arrived for Maa MINDBLOWING !Gosh you people are so dramatic!!

Aadarsh in tears – Swara please don’t be so hard on us we are family! and whatever happened can’t change now!

Swara chuckle said sarcastically-Oh ex – fiance you are so generious ! And mostly madly and crazy to get ME ! But you are right I should forget everything damm thing ! How because of your craziness and madness your father kidnapped me and finished my Maa.and yeah How you nearly forced me one day before that f**king marriage when i said NO ! A NO RIGHT AADARSH MAHEAHWARI ! You would have thought that i was 18 year old girl who don’t even know the real meaning of f**king beyond kiss and what you said ” I am blo*dy whore who just know satisfied your brother and Arjun ,am i right !”and you  were right about me Aadarsh congratulation !but You are still having madness about by killing Roshani Gupta or planting bomb in the jet where your brother and kids were boarding WOW too good!hatsoff!

{(Tukda tukda in saanson ka
Seene mein hai bikhra pada
Tukda tukda in saanson ka
Seene mein hai bikhra pada

Pieces of my breath
Are spread in my chest)}

Aadarsh shocking face was nothing but hard pushed towards the cliff !and he have already fallen.

Sanskar closed his eyes as the pain and hurt is what he have gotten from his family and its not new.Betrayal .

Swara took hold of herself and sat on comforter sipping bear continuously.but then it was harshly snatched by Anuradha Malik.

Anuradha Malik authority  – stop it Swara come i will take you to the room .
Swara pushed her hand as she took hold of another bottle as she laugh hollowed – What happened sweet DADI OF US !Afraid that i can make myself to see deathbed ! Ohfo don’t worry sweet and good DADI how can i die without YOUR PERMISSION ! After it was your permission and order that OMKAR MALIK should Marry my Maa ,a blo*dy deal marriage making your MALIK property 200% high and strong! Great sense of business. Who even forced her Son to forget his love of life RAINA SINGH now RAINA MALIK .My Maa suffered in that blo*dy loveless marriage but didn’t say one word not even then when she got to know her pregnancy is complicated and she can even die because YOU thought that she don’t wany to give you HIER OF MALIK FUNKING FAMILY! You forced her for that pregnancy and then she slipped into coma !for blo*dy two years !!!!! And what you did made OMKAR MALIK AND RAINA SINGH MARRIED !! Why ??? Let me guess greatest DADI …hmm yaa i got it because they have extra marital affairs and a baby “SARA”!after then My Maa just got humiliation from you and OMKAR MALIK !*she clapped hard *and then like My Maa you forced me to MARRY ! And now you are making sure again that your blo*dy Lawyer is prepared the papers actually ” Maariage documents ” in the name of me and AADARSH .after all how can i say NO because i am blo*dy slave of your right !FABULOUS DADIJI OOPS ANURADHA MALIK .

{(Sookha hua samandar hai aankhon ke andar
Dhadkan chalegi kaise
Dil mein chubhe hain khanjar
Din kaale kaale lage
Lagti hai kaali kaali raina

A dry sea resides inside my eyes
How can my heart beat
When knives are prickling my heart?
Days feel dark
So do nights)}

Disbelief and shocked face of Anuradha Malik made everyone frozen on the spot .
Swara chuckling drink more her senses are lost totally as she open her hair and throw out her jacket .and stood again taking long breathe. Her foot was about to connect with broken glass when Arjun pulled her behind immediately.
Swara smile said painly – Thanks Arjun .but it didn’t have hurt that much then how you have walk passed from me and made sure to broke all promises and trust of me on you so easily. How stupid was I to wait for you that one day DEVIL will save me from …brutal house that moment …every second how i have begged and prayed in dead heart of mine that once you save me but it broken with everything.

{(Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina)}

Arjun tears were not stopping as he can’t able to say anything to her.

Swara remove his hand and moved towards Samrat -You know you were the Man i ever met who know how to passionately be enemy or friend .You are worth of it !You took REVENGE like i never saw ! And you took your FORGIVENESS from me like i never saw before. But now leave me alone because its becoming suffocation whenever i see your face .I have taken years to forgive you but it didn’t mean scars are gone because there is no scars but a wound ,deeper then death which you never repair !but before that I would say one thing to you .ZAIN WAS DIAMOND and DARLING for anyone .You were lucky to get the brother like him.He was someone who have magic in his own presence which can sooth anything and great friend of mine whom I will never forget.This is one reason why i have not thought to kill you.

{(Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina)}

Samrat look down feeling highly ashamed and hatred for him and the biggest crime damaging this innocent Doll.

Swara saw Khushi tears and chuckling said drunkly- Khooshi err…i am so idiot i even can’t tell your name correctly Miss Gupta !But you know I want to confess something to you.Never change yourself mainly your crazy and mad side .it remind My Maa daughter Shona she was somewhat like you well say Far from crazy,childish and biggest dramaqueen ! Never ever change because your innocent and clever mind make you to live and beat that fabulous heart !but Just mind one thing *her tone change from stern* NEVER DARE TO HURT ARJUN or YOUR INNOCENT WOULD BE RIPPED OFF FROM MY HEELS ! Because i never broke my promised which i have give to my Maa ! She love Arjun so he would be save !understand!

{(Kaanch ki neend aayi
Patthar ke khwaab laayi
Kaanch ki neend aayi
Patthar ki khwaab laayi)}

Khushi couldn’t help but nod seeing the real Swara and her pain which is making her heart broke for this damage women whom her brother have broken.while Arjun was stunned at the Swara word’s. And then he realized why she wanted to prevent him!
Swara chuckle and then come to Aarohi with clumsy and drinking- You know you should be called a UNPREDICTABLE women !Gosh why are you so much protective for me !just because you have promised you Zain bhai you tracked me down and always came behind me even you sent clue to police that Your sister wanted to kill me ! And then act like you hate me most !but don’t think i will like you !I don’t give f**k just get lost with your siblings from me and yaa don’t ever forget to take your friend MISHA RAICHAND who was not only your but great fan of Arjun.Right Miss Raichand.
Misha look at her froze on the spot !

Swara laughing – Oh gosh yoi people think you can fool me so easily but don’t forget I am that women who have survived between mens of all type and their living !

{(Jaane Rab jaane kab
Zakhmon se mil gaye naina

Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina)}

Swara throw the bottle on the pool as splashing sound heard out.

Swara said silently her voice was sore and pain which make their inside ripped off- its so strange a smallest thing can disturbed the peace of ocean ! Same way where you all possession, obsession, madness, craziness, jealousy, hatred,and sturbness finished My Maa and her daughter Shona so brutally. You all give everything but LOVE. I still think if there was not any SWARA MALIK then SUJATA MALIK would have been ALIVE.

{(Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina
Chhil gaye naina)}

A silence spread as Swara just stand their hardly gazing at the water.but then she said something which was too shocked to digest her words.her tone was cold again but gentle.


Omkar Malik eyes were red due to the tears but he made his way towards his daughter – Offcource Swara it will be done tomorrow by your decision.

Swara turned to him as she said -Thanks Dad.

And then she left without saying anything or bothering anyone to acknowledged.

Sanskar who was still their saw no. Of bear bottles alomost ten and she didn’t felt like drunk !How can she take this much alcohol !There is so much he don’t even know about her.


Swara wash her face and sat in the balcony of her mother room gazing the dark night .Her Mobile beeped the message.

“Are you ok now ?- Christian”

She smile little at his worried message. As she reply back.

“Yes ,i am fine !but just exhausted because of the events -Sammie”

And next second her phone ringed as his call came .
On phone..

Christian – Hey Sammie don’t worry man and your text sound like helpless cat !

Swara smile but said in quiet tone -well then you sounded all opposite of yours Christian .Worried Christian hmm i must say you have another shades from playful Christian to worried Christian.

Christian chuckle- I guess you are not at all alrigh and very much emotional rile and drunk so high from your voice.

Swara stunned but composing herself she said – I am coming .

Christian was confused- Where ?

Swara shooking her head said – Well NYC .

Christian shockingly -WHAT !SERIOUSLY !!!!gosh i hate not to see you now ! Wow Sammie i can’t able to tell you I am so much happy that you given us chance !

Swara smiling happily – Stop with your dramatic and Thanks Christian for being there for me today .

Christian  signed thinking finally She is good .

Swara – Christian tell me about Anastasia .

It made Otherside to cut thr call abruptly and Swara signed as she mutter “you and your shitty mouth Sammie !!”

But then she got text of Christian.

“Sorry and i will talk about this one day ,Good night BLUERY -C”

“He know How much i hate nickname but its simple sign that he is angry on me that’s why ” thinking Swara didn’t noticed Sanskar standing behind her past few minutes and very much confused about her lost state .
(He didn’t heard her convo with Christian)

“You are very much busy and have energy being drink ten f**king bottles of bear ” She heard angry voice of HIM not much surprise to find him here.

As she just pulled one chair next to her and lean on her chair.

He took the chair and kept the tray on table infront of them.She saw dinner and medicine of Her.

Sanskar said calmly – Take this medicine but before that this cold water will make you feel easy .

Swara took the bottle from him but touched his hand mistakly making both of them clashed their eyes .She don’t know why that blo*dy nonsense again started humping in her chest !!He removed his hand .

While She took one moral of food her eyes flew open in disbelief.
“You cooked !” This was not question but statement from her.

He look away from her but she got it her answer.

Flashback …

Swara sat in her school uniform near the park eating her lunch but then someone bumped on her making her whole lunch fell on ground .
Sanskar saw her lunch box on ground and her tearful eyes.
Swara shouted in childishly – How could you do this dracula !!!you spoiled my whole lunch !!i have not eaten from morning because of exams and now i can’t eat my lunch !!
He shooking his head said strictly-shutup dramaqueen !! Ans don’t make me deaf with your shouts which are just so irritating.
She started crying- You ;!!!!dracula bring my food now !!!!you stupid ,idiot ,mad and ,,,crocodile just bring my food !!?!…

Sanskar puts his finger in his ear and screaming-SHUT UP !!!

But Swara was not listening anymore just crying childishly.
Groaning frustrated Sanskar pulled Swara and dragged her to the hostel while she was now comfused and HUNGARY.

Making her stand at the corner of Hostel kitchen ,he started making something from her .after some time he put the plate infront of her .

Swara look down to find sandwitches !!!!woah !!!and she took it and started having it making Sanskar jaw dropped as he saw how eager she is ?!??

And Soon she started coughing ,he male her drink water.

Sanskar – slow down will you Desert rose !! Sandwich is not going anywhere nor you!
Swara said happily- oh these are so tasty Dracula !!wow you are great in cooking while we are just in tenth class i think you should be future chef !!you are too good.
Sanskar shrugged off – Oh please don’t butter me i know ,i am the best and i know that you Desert Rose don’t know to boil water !!
Swara pouted -HAWW !!!!you dracula !!!!!
But Sanskar. Kissed her nose,laughingly saying – look your red nose like tomato !!!!hahaha..

And then Swara was behind Sanskar as he tease her ,didn’t caring about the hostel staff who were seeing them laughing !

Flashback end……

Exactly the same moment their eyes met making sure they both were thinking same.

Sanskar ask – How is food ?

He don’t know why but he wanted to know any compliment from her.

Swara just say simply- Fine.

As she continued eating she ask -You are not having dinner.

Sanskar – Forgetton.

Swara shook her head made took another plate and fill food and handed him.
Swara order-Eat .

Sanskar stunned at her tone it taken him blo*dy eight years and divorce to make her order him !!!WOAH.
Small gesture and best ever gesture.

After finishing their dinner they both helpled each other to take them to kitchen.silently.As they both are now back to room.

Sanskar said silently- if you wanted to tell me about Aadarsh bhai planting bomb then you can have call not to indirectly sending burning news through media.

Swara surprise as he got to know like always.

Precap – ” Let’s game begin ,but this time with more fun and more thrills “challenging tone of her made Aadarsh smirk as he said -” why not lets say its not revenge its love !”

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