It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 28


Christian smile lightly as he sat opposite to her – You are damm beautiful in broad daylight .Gosh more then anything make me forget to take breath.
Swara shook her head – stop with your buttering Sammie day !
Christian laugh – and you are having great sense of humor Sammie.!

Christian Grey couldn’t help but admire the egima of goddess infront of him who have small smile and certain erotic pink hush on her made him stopped his instance to kiss her hard and breathless seeing the BLUSH.damm attractive. He have came across hundred of women’s and a certain women who was once love of his life.He never  thought after Anastasia Steele ,he would ever being so pulled towards any women.The certain Anastasia Steele made his face hardened and grim.
Swara noticed his change featured stating that his mood is somewhat sour.
Swara said quietly- Is it ok if you don’t feel to go on .You can leave.

This made THE CHRISTIAN GREY stilled at the moment when he heard a sound of understanding and Order in that voice which no one ever did other then his mother.

Christian composed himself aa he said – No ,its just some memories never let go.
Swara nodded and then said formal tone – I would like to have coffee ,black one .
Christian was somewhere great full was that she is making efforts to let go of his discomfort.
Christian smile – Well i would be like to have Hot coffee.
Waiter came and took the order and then left.
Christian started – What made you to come again Sammie .?
Swara – don’t know and this is what i don’t like .The feeling of not getting why .You are someone whom i have approach but what about you ?You didn’t look like coffee type men.
Christian teasingly said -You seem to know many things about MEN.Sammie!
Swara eyes gone stonned as her face show coldness and emptiness.
Christian hurried said – Hey you ok ? Sammie i was just teasing .
Swara saw his totally concerns face and worried – I  am alright Christian you seems ..
Christian said in controlled voice- Stop don’t say it.

There was a silence.

Christian said looking at his wrist watch -I need to go it was nice meeting you Sammie.

Swara – Same as mine ,you are truly gentleman Christian.

They both know were telling last goodbye to each other.because this meeting made them feel those awful feelings which they never wanted ever again.
Christian walk on to the outside feeling miserable. But this emotional thing is something he is not prepared not now and not ever.

Swara look at the man retreating form,she felt little sad but those emotional feeling is something made her scared.She is not old Swara because that old Swara is dead.
Sanskar greeted Malik elders with not so much emotions.
Raina Malik held Omkar Malik seeing Sanskar and their grandchildren going soon.

Laksh look at the Suraj and said- Our football match is postponed.
Suraj smile and nodded.
Sameer was in tears same with Pari and Sanju.the three were feeling so cherished here but now they are going and this time their Hottie is not with them.
Arnav gesture Ria who is totally silent standing aloof to come to him.
Arnav said with concern – Take care of yourself Miss Ria.
Ria smile slightly – you too ASR.You are best man after Rockstar and Samrat uncle i ever met.
Arnav nodded swiftly and hug her lightly.
Pari couldn’t help but ask in crying voice – Where is prince Charming?

Aarohi who heard pari see that she wanted to met Arjun sir before leaving but he have locked himself in a room after his counter with Swara .

Ragini said composing – Pari he is resting and he have pain in his hand.

Pari look down in sadness engulping her not once Samrat uncle or Prince Charming come.And Hottie didn’t even came to her .
Sameer and Sanju took hold of pari one hand in their one hand holding tightly a simple affectionately gesture .Which made everyone feel joyful that their are relationship of pure love and trust.
Suraj took hold of Sameer hand and Ria took Sanju hand they five look at each other with love and supporting gesture.
Sanskae swallow hard suppressing His emitions he moved forward and order – Misha take them in car .
Misha took them out her own eyes are moist seeing these Angel’s tears and sadness.

Sanskar look at everyone and walk towards Aadarsh and hugged him .
Aadarsh wiping his tears hugged him back.

Sanskar – bhai take care .
Aadarsh – you too brother and  please try to be happy
.i know whatever happened after that no sane man can make himself again to smile but I want your happiness .What SHE did is her own decision like you did yours but in all these your children happiness ruining .Try they don’t go through which we both gone when we wanted mother we didn’t got but we too not got a father. Try to give them a best father and best friend at least.
Sanskar – I promise bhai i will do it.
.bhai what you are going to do if you come with me ?
Aadarsh smile – I will soon but now Omkar uncle need me more then anything. But i will come to meet my brother soon.
Hugging him last time Sanskar walk towards Laksh.
Laksh said quietly – take care of kids.
Sanskar replied in same tone – i know .

And then he saw Samrat coming out of his room .He walk upto him.

Sanskar – Make sure you will be in Venice in three days .
Samrat look shocked.
Sanskar said in arrogant tone – I know you are shocked but now MY KIDS need you and i can do this for them ,if they need you then you would be their.But one thing make sure you are nothing then a care taker of my kids that’s it .Samrat dixit.
And then Sanskar walk away leaving shocked Samrat.
Finally standing infront of Anuradha Malik he look straight in her eyes with determine and strong will.
Anuradha Malik said – have a good journey Sanskar.
Sanskar nodded then said – This time i will not forgive if any shit happened to HER.
This was the last thing SANSKAR MAHESHWARI SAID LOUDLY it was clear THREAT and all understand very much .they saw him gazing the palace last time and then he was gone wiping his lone tear.


She lifted ger purse to move out when Manager comes to her and ask if they have done any mistakes that’s what Sir (Christian) and her is moving. By all this She came to know he have specially booked all the cafe for the night.

Swara said coldly- nothing just get the payment from my security.

She was about to move back to palace when her phone ringed it was her manager of TGE project site.
On phone.
She said curtly – yes!
Manager panicking – Maam !!! Maam TGE site factory building have been burned with our old office building some time before Mam media is already here trying to get information and fire is spreading more !!
Swara head lose the grip of her Mobile but she gaining her voice order – I am coming their and no media should getaway with any thing ,understand it !

When she reached She just saw the flames and the burning factory it was not what she ever thought but then it again reminded her that what the reality of this world is!
She walk slowly towards the flames her eyes were seeing a women in old 40s screaming down the hall running burning alive asking for help whimpering and then she fallen .
A sobbed heard from far away.this sound what it was.
Then she realized her dead heart came into somewhat alive to again ripped off brutally.
It was making sound.

She was about to walk in through the flames trying to save that women but her security team stood in front of her making her come back to reality. She saw her factory burning and the loss of billions.
It was her baby factory, after years of hard ship she herself made sure to see everything little destails about this factory from designs to machines.
This factory which was so much closed to her .it built on her mother named land given by her grandfather. It was so much special.
She niether save this factory from burning nor her..
Her maa..
Getting a grip she instructed the manager and employees as she got to know everyone is saved ,she signed in relief.She order to not make media release anything related to it .And told manager to be here until this flames slow down.
It was biggest loss for the SR industry and the major part of company is damaged. She need to take care of everything as soon as possible.
After telling her security team to move away she drive her white Mercedes suvi almost hours.Her Mobile flashed “Miss Gadodia ” calling but ignoring that she speed off more .Seeing again and again call coming she applied break and accepted the call.
On phone..
Swara snapped -What Miss Gadodia can’t you understand i am busy !
Ragini signed and said softly- Swara ,..Sanskar and kids are going to board the flight for London in one hour.
Swara said emotionless- that’s good Miss Gadodia see they board floght safely. Now don’t disturbed me.and hang the call abruptly.

She drove without seeing a thing, eyes fixed straight ahead, hands gripping the leather of the steering wheel, knuckles white, her jaw was set, a complete stillness in her frame, the darkness outside seemed pale in comparison to the lack of light in her irises. opaque, pebble like, inert, inaccessible. her foot pressed down on the accelerator as though glued to it. She was leaving behind the bungalows and avenues, heading toward what who knew. She didn’t seem to care, she looked neither left nor right, just followed the path where it led him, turning whichever way it went, tyres screeching against the slippery surface, headlights throwing two harsh pools of light in front. blue black road, a ribbon stretching on, and a car gleaming white against the rain drops, speeding.

A flash took her over anything…

Ten years before…

Her maa….

Her maa have screamed for her to run . but she never heard her scream ,she just kept looking her face which was burnt.She was their helpless and here too.again.

She felt her head sweating furiously .
She need to get away to palace and look through what she can do .yes it is something she should be doing not wasting time on the nonsense past.
But deep dowm she is losing the edge .
Sanskar sat beside suraj who was gazing out from flight there is twenty minutes to board the flight for London. He open his mails and became busy .but then he heard Ria screams he swiftly run towards.

Ria screamed in horror – This..this ..factory… Is..of Hottie..!!?oh god !!!! Fire !!!

He saw the news flashing again and again.
“The biggest factory of Construction mill and the industry major part of area is been burned according to humor it was stating that SR this factory is the biggest investment for the business tycoon Sammie M.and we are getting to know that its Planned accident from rivals but we can’t say this because this factory gotten the insurance from bank and bank people were telling it to be plan of Sammie M. To burn down her own factory to get the insurance huge money.what is truth no body but we would be waiting for report of police !Sammie M. Didn’t give any statement to media but we trying hard until now Sammie M. Never contact with media but after the huge loss she is still behind the curtain what can we say on this !?stay tune with Adi singh ,MNT news”

He shut off the Laptop ,as his eyes are totally over worried !!!
Is she hurt ?
What if …

Sanju crying- Rockstar please take us to Hottie !!
Sanskar shouted -Misha ask the pilot to stop boarding flight now !
Glass of full water shattered on floor the whole palace see the news with batted breathe.

Raina gasped in fear her eyes were clouded with tears- Where is Swara ? Is she alright ? Arnav please check ??where is she?

But Arnav was not hearding as he already half way to the door to go the site .He suddenly know more then physical pain ,his sister would be in mentally devastated pain.he know this factory means to her ,and how much she have done been working hard for months.
He called his pa.
ASR ordered furiously -Aman take another flight and come directly to Lucknow leaving the all f**king work !!do you understand while make me to connect with Commisioner as soon as possible. Take out all the listed rivals of SR industry in a row and messages me soon after this immediately contact me MATHUR understand!
Aman was in disbelief- Yes ASR..but..

Arnav cut him short – This is about my sister dammit !!!
Aman knew what that means to him then.and said determining-Your order would be acess ASR in some time.
Arnav cut the call and stride out to grabbed his Suv to get his sister but stopped seeing Swara coming inside with nothing on her face.but he look all over her she is perfectly alright and he signed.
Ragini who was shouting on the security team of Swara to leave her stopped when she saw Swara standing with fine look.
Ragini angrily scolded- Why the hell you order security team to get away Malik!!!Are you nuts this can be so dangerous!!

Swara -sorry Ragini.. I will see it never happening again. I need to rest.

Ragini was totally shocked hearding her apology.and she couldn’t come anything.

Samrat who had already gotten to know everything was now shocked same as Ragini.

Samrat and Ragini are two who never saw Swara this much patience and gentle. It is too much.

Samrat was about to hold Swara when next he knew he was pushed brutally by Laksh .
Laksh said with hatred- Stay away from her .
Samrat saw Swara didn’t appear to say anything. It is so much confusing he never saw her like this.and he is fearing to no extent.

Swara look down saw the black shoes of Arnav and mindlessly said – Its branded and newly launch shoes .your designer is good when it comes to your look ASR.I would like to meet him/her sometimes.

“Shut up Swara !” came abruptly ASR voice who was totally seething in anger.ans then his anger turned to worried as he ask -” are you hurt somewhere?”

Swara was still looking down and her mind have took a toll as she saw them and said – ASR i would be good soon by my own .i need a drink its nothing just a factory and no body is hurt.Yes no body is hurt.

Arnav,Laksh,Samrat,Aadarsh,Ragini,Khushi,And Aarohi with elder Maliks were stunned at the Swara demour.they never saw her like this nor in old swara nor in this new Swara.In both she is strong too much beyond her capability. But the women they are seeing is too much fragile.

And next everyone know Swara was wrapped around the two strong arms .She didn’t protest and laid her head on his chest feeling numb.Arjun look down at her silence.helding her strongly he kisa her head .

Arjun said in casual tone-I think drinks would be fine Arnav and laksh can join you Swara.if you don’t mind ?

Swara was still in his arms .as she nodded.She is quiet now totally which was strange but Arjun would be damm to get her away with this.He have saw the news and them have called his office to get more details and then he saw her coming with helpless demour .He have saw her like this once when Sharmistha maa left them.and she were behaving this way he was the one known how to get her out of this .

“Yes drinks would be just fine now !” All heard the voice of Sanskar who strode inside without anything stand beside her who was already in Arjun arms.
Swara look at him and said softly-Hi
Sanskar is froze as he realized she turns so fragile ! God he nevet wanted to see her like this .he determining realized it.
Sanskar ask- what will you like bear or wine ?

And that’s when Swara Malik realized first time .These mens surrounding her are MAD !!!!

Swara replied- bear would be good.


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