It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 27


Chapter 26

Khushi was totally confused and shocked.

Khushi – What ! But Sanskar sir i have gotten proof that Samrat is your childhood friend and you both were closed ! I even have emails .

Sanskar was totally taken aback by that as he said loudly – I don’t know Samrat dixit before eight years then how the hell he would be my childhood friend !

Arjun glance at Samrat who is stiffened hard .

Arnav directly said in anger – Samrat Dixit once and all WHO blo*dy f**k ARE YOU !

There is no escape which Samrat know as he gaze every faces he open his mouth to give away biggest truth of his life-“Misha is right ZeS ,Zen Samrat Dixit adopted brother of Khushi,Aarohi and the criminal who …-before he could complete his words a strong slapped echoed in SHEESHMAHAL as Omkar.Malik have burning anger on his and disgust for this man .

Omkar Malik again slapped Samrat and shouted – You bastard How dare you did this to MY DAUGHTER !!!MY SWARA !!!

And then Samrat felt immence pain on his chest when Laksh hitted him hard with hockey stick.having madness and hatred look for Samrat.

Samrat fallen on his knees then he was thrown away by the harsh kick on his face by Arnav .And then slapped ,punches,kicked and brutly hitted by Arnav and laksh who didnt seem to stop at any cost nor anyone stopped them.

Anuradha Malik felt tear on her face knowing well because of this her granddaughter is not more then lifeless body.This much they all did for no mistake of her Swara.She felt totally ashamed not even once protect her Swara from these vultures who killed her soul.What will she give answer to Sujata soul when she will leave this world.

Aarohi sobbed hard not able to take anymore .She know her brother is responsible for what he is going through today but still his blood and whimper making her cried out.Not taking anymore She walkaway from their. Khushi saw everything, if she wanted she can go away like her sister but she stopped because She can see the regret of her brother and the men’s who were shattered in their sister broken state.

“Sorry..” Whimpering of Samrat finally made Sanskar come back tp sense from the biggest betrayal of his life .He was betrayed all this years .He was living with the man who !….killes innocent soul.And he never realized it.He give this man permission to go near HER .

He walk upto ARJUN GADODIA who is silent in all this and gazing nothing.

Sanskar voice was of ANIMALISTIC DANGER  – “You knew everything.”
It was Statement not at all question for Arjun.
And thats when Samrat gone unconscious and covered with blood and bruises. Arnav and Laksh stepped back in harsh breathing.

Khushi silently sat beside her brother Samrat.sobbing hard.

Arjun taking a deep breath said – Yes.
Then Sanskar raised his hand in powerful gripped and without thinking much it gave punch to the person.
“Ahh” voice of hissed in pain made everyone shocked. SWARA MALIK STOOD BETWEEN SANSKAR AND ARJUN holding her hand on her eyes where her left eye gone swallow hard and bleeding because of the harsh punch.

Sanskar stepped back in horror. He hurted her …..again.

It was like rushed when Swara saw Sanskar raising his hand to hurt Arjun she pushed Arjun aside running towards them and took that harsh hit on her face.

Arjun was totally shocked by her stunt but didn’t waste time to shout at servant to bring first aid NOW.

Swara covering her left eyes which is turning ugly said was so much distant and  coldly – NO NEED.There is something to talk as i see Mr Dixit hitten body.

Everyone was now stunned again at her voice and her nothing matter with so much harsh pain.

Swara ordered – Robin ( servant ) take Mr dixit in guest room carefully and Miss Raichand call doctor. Miss Gadodia make sure.Kids should not be downstairs anyhow.
Ragini quietly nodded it is her job and she in no need to argue here.but not before giving warning glance to Sanskar who was about to try to hit her brother.
Misha protested in totally worried tone – but Swara your eyes !!!
Swara said in rage – You have two minutes Miss Raichand ,if you don’t want to begged on road.
Misha taken aback by this threat. It never happened before.anf that’s made Misha to stop forcing string of Swara Malik.and gone back to mobile.

But Arnav ,Sanskar ,Laksh,Aadarsh were shocked by all this.but mostly worried for the hurt .

Arjun getting grip strode towards Swara shouted  – Come with me you need treatment you stubborn women.!!
Swara  replied taking step back from him immediately- get away Arjun and I can look after myself.

It didn’t unnoticed by Arjun the way she moved and it hurts but he made it will power strong.
Arjun said determined- I will not touch you TRUST ME SWARA.

There was silence in the surrounding as Swara gaze Arjun hard but with nothing then her broken self.

Swara whisper- I cant and It never going to happened again.

Arjun couldn’t hold back then retorted in hurtful voice – Is it too much to ask for Swara ! Why ? When from past eight years i am proving myseld trying to get your trust by stopping myself that blo*dy bastard was living with you and can even touch or hug you ,comfort you who just shattered everything in you by seeking blo*dy revenge then why not I swara ??why can’t you trust me ,forgive me for not protecting you if you can forgive that monster!!!!Why???

Swara turned to go but stopped by Laksh voice .

Laksh said brokenly- tell him Swara Why ?

Swara turned and said quietly- It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.   Well let it go Arjun and If things can be process We can have talk in few hours. 
And walk away towards the guestroom leaving devastated Arjun who couldn’t hold back his tear anymore.
No body ever thought how much damage is their but when the family see now the real depth a fear raise in every heart .If they ever going to get Their Swara back or even little hope.
Sanskar – ARJUN.
Arjun thought simply “I lost her.”
But then composing himself trying hard he spoke – Samrat is a real brother of Gupta Sisters .and the one who was partner with Durga Prasad Maheshwari ,Sara Malik and Mira Kapoor.i didn’t know about what they did with Swara but only one thing they were behind Swara fake murder and kidnapping her for two year.Swara ask me to not do anything against Samrat if their was any humanity left for her from me.and then I ask Ragini to go their as Swara security just to know that Swara is safe from that bastard.

And then he left upstairs leaving with his shattered heart.
Sanskar stepped inside the guestroom saw HER sitting on chair beside bed as doctor came and check Samrat and She have already applied ointment on her left eye where is turned black.Samrat was lying with bandages and seductive injection as he would unconscious for next few hours.
Swara said calmly- I lied to you and i know it should be crime to save Samrat .
Sanskar sit opposite side of bed gazing Samrat but he spoke emotional way- this is the limit where you wanted to go.So that i left your life.if yes then it was beyond best AKIRA.

Swara emotionless said – What do you mean SIR ?

Sanskar shattered again hearding that but kept the blue file near the table and said – i know you always knew that i have taken the pendrive from Roshani Gupta. I planned your India trippped because i wanted every damm person who was behind killing my Desert Rose .and i got it one by one .First DP ,Mira,Sara and the garderner ,every damm person whom you tried to saved from giving clue to DP and making him left the city or by making Mira.accident and mostly by sending Sara jail but it failed right.AKIRA.
Swara look at him surprise but didn’t say anything.

Sanskar continued – But this was not act to save Samrat but the stunt was to make sure Samrat reality come infront of everyone especially me .you didnt know Arjun filled the fake emails on my laptop so that Khushi immediately understand that Samrat is not her brother and back off trusting Samrat by which Arjun stopped your plan.but it your Luck khushi didn’t say anything and went ahead with Samrat.then what you gave everydamm clue to me so that i start doubting Samrat and at last today you even sent those envelope by misha unknown to her and message Samrat to agree for the reality by making me stock of Stupid infront of everyone and then i will do something in anger and hatred by leaving you ,and divorcing you.
Swara was now stunned but then in coldly said – well now You know Sir then What you order ? Are you not even upset ?
Sanskar finally said in vulnerable way- I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.
Swara stopped breathing for a second. As those words made direct to the nonsense thing in her chest which started beating furiously after ten years for this Man in one day second time.
Swara composing herself said – Anything else Sir ?
Sanskar stood and ask hurtly – What are your feelings for me AKIRA in all these years ? anything.

Nothing came them he bent and give the file to her but then his hand froze with whole form as he gaze in her blue eyes.Some feeling which was depth but he never saw before as his breathing became harsh.

Then Sanskar said with little sad smile – Its good finally you know what you feel for me if it is HATE.and AKIRA this is SR industry ownership documents which is now in your name and ….nothing. GOODBYE.
He walkout giving a soothing glance towards SWARA one LAST time.and he walk away forever.

Swara was now confused with this man behavior but as she opened the file.-DIVORCED OF MR AND MRS MAHESHWARI AGREED.

They are divorced now.

And the custody of all the kids is with him .She have a opportunity whenever she want she can see the kids.

A tiny smile curled her lips because this is what she wanted ever.



But she never aware that her eyes is gone softened and very soon she will realized it.

Samrat who heard everything clench his fist in hatred for himself but he have promised that Swara will get everything and for that he have to alive.
Sanskar look at the kids sat infront of them .
Ria ask worried – Rockstar what is going on and where is Hottie ?
3S and pari was now have sad face and mostly concern for Rockstar.
Sanskar said calmly hiding his shattered pices of heart carefully – Your Hottie and I are not together anymore .We divorce and you five custody is with but if anyone wanted to be her i don’t have problem.
Gasped and shocked was all those kids were but they all knew it was going to be lile this years before.
Pari was the one who said – What Hottie said Rockstar.She wanted any of us with her .?
Sanskar felt like jerk to put his kids in this goddammed situation but after today he don’t have anything to go on.
Sanskar nodded “no”
Sanju said innocently tears in his eyes – Rockstar can i meet Hottie ?
Sanskar was now don’t have any power to even lie or anything. He didn’t want them to saw downstairs situation.
But Suraj understood Rockstar helplessness and being elder to them he said to Sanju that now its late we will meet Hottie tomorrow.
Sanju silently nodded but Sameer was not able to stop his tears .Ria have her own eyes moist but Pari innocently stroke her Rockstar cheek and kiss them – Don’t worry Rockstar ,We all know Hottie she will soon come to us .We have to hope right.
It stunned all of them the mature side of small and youngest Pari.

But Sanskar saw his Swara in his small daughter .and hugged her hard trying to get soothe by wounds which he can’t handle anymore.

Arnav wiped his tears as well as Ragini.
Arnav said slowly with hardened tone – Ragini time is now that Sanskar leave this place with children.this place is became nightmare for him.
Ragini nodded understanding that she was also in all this and now she have to bear their hatred  and said – I have already made jet ready for Sanskar .they all can leave for Venice today itself.

Sanskar who heard them and said sternly- thanks Ragini but you are not anything to me ,go and do what your boss.leave this place NOW.

Ragini silently left.

Arnav gaze at the kids then Sanskar -What you think? You still wanted to be here ! You need to go away beforw media know anything .

Sanskar said calmly – What you suggest Arnav ?
Arnav was surprise that it was first time after years that Sanskar is asking his help .
Arnav said – London .Sanskar take kids with you their i have my mansion and very soon their would be fashion week so i am.going their in few weeks.

Swara gaze at Aarohi and Khushi who were sobbing and hugging conscious Samrat now.
She turned to left when she heard Samrat.
Samrat said vulnerability tone – Where are you going Swara ?
Swara shook her head and said silently – Isn’t eight years is enough for you to be there for your enemy and now you should be with your sisters Samrat.they need you.
Samrat – Khush and Aaroo please leave us alone for some time.please.
Khushi and Aarohi left without any bothered because they are too ashamed even gaze at Swara who because of their brother went through hell and now even safe him.

Samrat – Until when you would be like this ? I have tried so much hard to make you and Sanskar one family but you always push it ! And now you left alone.

Swara said emotionless- You are not here to take care of me Samrat get this straight and next thing just get lost from my life Okay.because i am not doll who can be again repair to damage in a worst way .just be with your if you don’t want ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA AND LAKSH SINGH RAIZADA do the same thing with them what you did years before.
And she walk out leaving regression and broken Samrat dixit.

Swara sat at the same table which she chose yesterday in the same CAFE HOUSE.but today surprised that no one was their other than her security. She don’t know why she was again here .like a stalker.but she don’t and now she don’t want to think too much .
“Stalking are we ?!” Hearding the se husky and deeper voice made her shook her head.
Swara gaze at him but then her eyes went wide when she actually saw him ,he is tall ,dark handsome have taut muscle and fair skin wore jeans and black jacket,his brown hair and gorgeous face.he is blo*dy handsome !!!!but more gorgeous which she never saw in her lifetime. EXCEPTION.but she composed herself knowing how to hide her emotions too well.
Christian smile lightly as he sat opposite to her – You are damm beautiful in broad daylight .Gosh more then anything make me forget to take breath.
Swara shook her head – stop with your buttering Sammie day !
Christian laugh – and you are having great sense of humour !

Guys if you have know fifty shades of grey then the character Christian is from their.well many of you are tense that Swara can fall for Christian but wait and watch what’s going to happened.
Guys your response are too low !!

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