It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 26


Its been five hours and they all are back to palace with thier own lost thoughts but no one ralked about SARA MALIK OR MIRA KAPOOR.

A local Market of city Luckhnow which is famous for chicken designs and famous beauty of this city.She know being here is last thing she would have done after seeing more than anything today.Being Mira killed by HIM and then Sara killed by Arnav. The two women who were so much for those two men were not alive anymore.Is she wanted this?

SWARA MALIK just sit at the corner seat of Cafe house sipping black coffee and shoving off her thoughts.As her minds again went back to her useless thoughts …

Is she wanted all this ?


This is what coming in her mind first and then the thing which she did ten years before .No one know What makes her to not kill her body and accept this women AKIRA in her.
As if she look at her image in the table glass she wanted to ask one thing from any god if it exsist that why SHE STILL BREATHING?

“Spare your thoughts beautiful lady!” Swara look up to see Yound man giving her flirty smile and this smile promises many things for tonight .plus point for being slept with many men ,have the observation what mens wanted.

Swara smirk – If you exist just for five minutes .
Young man is totally confused but then his eye caught few mens with gun and uniform far from the table .

Young man shook his head and sat infront of Swara making her little surprised with his move.

Young man – seems like your family is too much protective for you.but i agree you are too damm attractive.

Swara stiffened hearding “FAMILY” and said in cold tone – get lost before I told my security to throw you !
Young man laugh – so you are having problems with family !isnt?

Just then one guard came forward.
Guard – Mam Any problem?
Swara look at young man and order – Go back .
Gaurd nodded and walk back.
Young man smiling – So this means you are interested !  Hmm.
Swara put the coffee mug and coldly said – Seems like you are reading too much ! And very much about me.which i dont like.
Young man – I dont mind but i will mind if you dont give me your name blue eye girl.damm your eyes are beautiful.
Swara replied in ignorant tone – My eyes were black ones before the operation. So still you like them.
Young man face stunned then smiling said – it is not about me liking but you who love your blue eyes more than anything in you.
Swara look at him she blurted out in anger – I hate these eyes ! My black eyes were only thing which always remebered me about my mom and now that too gone dammit!!!!
Young man face turned soft as he said – And you are pleased with it bluery ! You like that now nothing will remind you of your mother other than your heart.
Swara anger turned into peak point as she said – How dare you ! I love my Mom and everything related with her pleased me . And i dont have heart! And who the f**k you are to be here and ask these blo*dy things to me!
Young man shrugged – Well calm down bluery .I just wanted to say I like you .at first sight and wanted to try it.
Swara eyes are blazing fire as she ordered – Guard throw this man out of sight NOW!
Before guard could move towards young man few security man pointed gun towards guards.

Young man smile – well they are my man. They too are protective for me.

Swara – Not interested Mr get lost.
Young man frown – Why !? Are you seeing someone ? Or what ?
Swara – I hate mens and their existence .
Young man look at her stunned – What ! Then please tell me you would hating your any brother or father or any ex boyfriend right!
Swara was now highly pissed off and shouted in extreme anger – YES   I HATE MY LIFE EVERY SINGLE MAN! I HATE MY FATHER ,I HATE MY TWO BROTHERS,I HATE MY EX BOYFRIEND,I HATE MY BEST FRIEND,I HATE MY CURRENT FRIEND ,I HATE MY HUSBAND !!!!Every damm men !!!! Each one !!!

It take few seconds that Swara realized she accepted her biggest truth of her life .it took years and she never came to conclusion but now infront of this man she accepted it so easily.

Young man look at her worried – err..its ok if you are not interested .and sorry i dont know you are married.well taken by some lucky bastard.

Swara was totally shocked .She acepted HIM as husband ! HOW ??

Young man turned to go .

“What’s your name?” Swara asked not believing whats wrong with her.

“Christian ” Young man told her smiling as he look at her surprised.

Swara couldnt help but feel light at his presence as she too unknowingly have small smile on her lips.

Swara said – tommorow i would like to have black coffee at this same place and same time.

Christian chuckle – I am pleased Bluery.

Swara – Bluery?

Christian – You are stubborn ,so still no name.

Swara – I hate nicknames Christian.and Goodbye.

She walked past him without telling her name while Christian smile look at the tissue paper written “Sammie”
Christian chuckling – Sammie ! Nice name bluery.
(Christian is from fifty shades of Grey)

Swara sitting inside her car still have small smile at her lips which she stilll unaware but not her guards who are beyond shocked.
Sanskar sit on the couch lost in thoughts.
“Are you in talking terms?” ask Aadarsh standing at the door after all its just five hours happened but his mind still having pictures of Sara dead body and her screaming jealousy on swara he would have killed her by him only
Sanskar nodded .
Aadarsh sitting infront of him feeling little bit nervous then ask -Forgive me bro?
Sanskar taken aback .
Aadarsh continued with emotional eyes – I am sorry for not trusting you.

Sanskar – Aadarsh bhai i have already forgiven you it was never you whom i have any grudes but our father.
Aadarsh anger returned- I still don’t understand how could Father can do this !!! If he wanted Our time or have problems with Swara then he should have spoken .
His breathe hitched .Yes one realization hit him hard .Sanskar eyes went in horror.

Aadarsh noticed it – hey you ok?
Sanskar mumered – I have to go bhai !
And he left hurriedly not even sparing glance at worried Aadarsh.
Laksh room Palace…

“Make sure guards should be around everywhere and with fully loaded guns Mark ! Before Sammie keep her feet on Mexico airport security guards should be in position and i will tell you the time of landing their soon MARK .” finishing off Ragini cut the call firmly and sense someone constant gaze on her ,turned to find Laksh staring her surprise or stunned or mixed feeling.

Ragini ask – What ?
Laksh nodded no and took his laptop bag to move out but stopped by Ragini hand .
Ragini snapped – Will you stop being so difficult on me ! I should have known that kissed was nothing for you right .you was always like this ignorant and after knowing i am serving your shitty sister as security !!
Laksh finally grabbed her arms and gaze her in burning rage and whisper with danger glint -STOP. Mrs Ragini Laksh Singh Raizada
After betraying me with you lines of lie what you expected from me .huh?
Ragini eyes turned mist – Laksh i just ..i am sorry for not telling truth about me being Swara security chief from eight years. But i have to do it …i.
Laksh hissed – Shut up Ragini ! Not one more word of your lies.You really liked to make fun if me first acting as torched girl in Arjun office then lieing me about Durga prasad blackmailing you ! Saying me that you were in Arjun’s real mom place past few years !!And then playing with dad and dadi about f**king death stunt after that knowing fully well about My sister suffering !!!you know what being me around you i feel nausea feeling !!!!YOU ARE LIER blo*dy LIER .I HATE YOU BUT NOT MORE THAN I LOVE MY SISTER.
He paused.
Then he said something worst making Ragini shocked.
“You are still being my wife because my Swara told me to marry you and i am not going to leave you until Swara kick you out of our life.So from now you will on my sister mercy whom you hate most!”
As he pushed her hard and turned to left but STOPPED BY Ragini sobbing hard.
Ragini crying – i am *hiccup ” sorr..sorry laksh *hiccup * WHY SWARA YOU AGAIN blo*dy FAVOURED ME *she screamed her heart out !!!!*
Laksh look at her with hurt eyes filling with anger tears throw the flower vase smashing against the wall making Ragini gasp in horror as his whole palm turned RED.
Laksh chuckle looking at his blood when Ragini runs towards him in concerns and fear.
Ragini – need to wash hands !! Oh god !!! Laksh please come with me now !!!
Laksh saw her making him sit on bed and running for grabbing first she lastly started cleaning his blood.
He looked at her mermeserized .
” Marry me ”
Ragini eyes snapped to went wide.
“What ? Huh!”Ragini said in shocked
Laksh said in grave seriousness- I have lost so many things that now i just want to hold on something and someone . Our this one month marriage is the only sane thing around us.just marry me Ragini and die old with me .
Ragini blinked twice – Why ?..Why i give you my life or trust?
Bandaging him clearly she walkout .
Aarohi packed her suitcase feeling so much work up .
Khushi who.was silently gazing at her journal where she wrote about Her Mystery queen and the beasts but its incomplete.
” Khushi we need to leave !”again came a helpless Aarohi voice but this time Khushi heard her .
Taking out pendrive she stealed from Sanskar room in side her pocket.
Khushi – I will come in few minutes.
Aarohi just turned to call her friend to take them from station.
Samrat sat at the luaoge area finally going through the file when he saw Misha holding some envelope standing infront of him.

Samrat – What is it witch ?
Misha throw the envelope on his face – blo*dy f**ker stop your drama ! What you thought i would never come to know your truth !

Hearding shouting All the people came out .

Arjun – What happened Misha ?

Misha scowl- Like you dont know !!

This make Ragini and Samrat look at each other with confused face.

Sanskar finally stepped in – Misha explain .
Misha screamed in anger – ZeS is still.alive Sanskar sir and you should know that it was no Samrat anywhere !! It was always ZeS !! And i have proofs which easily give away that Samrat is the real ZeS.

Ragini,Samrat,Arjun froze on the spot.

“what is wrong Rockstar ?” Sanskar turned look at his small son Sameer standing with fear look ,it is last thing he wanted.

Sanskar forcely smile and kneel down infront of Sameer – nothing we were planning for your Ria di and Suraj bhai birthday party its going to happen in two days !
Sameer eyes lighten up as he jumped in surprise – off i totally forgetton about that rockstar !!
Sanskar smile and look up- Raina Aunty if you dont mind .
Raina malik understandingly took hold of her grandchild as he passes billion dollar smile.
After they left.
SANSKAR eyes were turned red as he spoke deadly – I want truth ARJUN GADODIA.

Arjun knew the look of Sanskar that he will kill Samrat other than listening anything.

Arjun lied- Its nothing Sanskar . Misha have some misunderstanding .

Sanskar hissed -One more lie and i will not forget to finished you and your sister.

Both Arjun and Ragini look at him shocked.

Laksh who dont know whom to trust  silently walk upto Misha and took envelopes as he opened his eyes shocked.

Laksh read outloud in disgust -ZES aka ZEN SAMRAT DIXIT ! We are inviting you for Reunion of.the XHEL collage  after ten years.

Khushi said in confusion – but how this possible ! When Samrat is childhood friend of Sanskar !.

Sanskar said in disbelief – Childhood friend !!!who the hell said you !!!

Khushi said the truth -Sorry, I have gotten inside of your laptop and took out information of your mails which you never posted to Samrat.I basically knew that Samrat is not my brother from that moment but i didnt said anything when he was trying to help in taking revenge.

Sanskar was totally shocked -What emails !!???I have never write any emails to anyone and i dont even know this before eight years !!What the hell are you talking!!

This made Khushi totally confused and shocked.

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