It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 25


Swara who standing terrace of Palace saw Samrat leaving.Swara took out mobile.

On phone
Swara said coldly- Miss Gadodia bring Mr Malik and Mrs Malik with Anuradha Malik to ritual ground.

Ragini hearding it replied stonely – they are on their way Swara.But what the use of all this drama infront of whole world.

But swara has already disconnected the call.

Ragini who was damm irritated turned the car which.was following Aadarsh and Arnav car.and make her way towards the old factory where The great Malik Family is hidden by their great Swara Malik.How much she wanted to say outloud to Swara before disconnect the call “f**k OFF MALIK!”

Scene shift of ….

Sanskar sat infront of Mira ,staring her with just unknown emotions in his eyes . She is his sister and the most cherished person of his life.He love her and was totally broken when she was in coma for last eight years.He missed it.but now she is here infront of much he got afraid at the thought how one hour ago his sister MIRA kapoor got hurt in small accident ,he is now totally calm at peace.
“You shouldn’t have done it Mira,you shouldn’t!” Whispering his word’s he stood up and walk up to the door of GOMTI SADAN mansion one room.

He heard whimpering. He smirk as he turned to looked at crying MIRA tied on bed post and covered mouth.Pleading begging for his mercy.

Sanskar just smirk with the deadly expression as he said in coldest animalistic way – What happened little sister ? I thought my sister would be enjoying right ! Well i don’t have whole time to stay here and see your death but I promised that you will get most painfully death like your uncle Durga prasad .

Mira was pale as ghost .never in her wildest dream she have thought that Sanskar bhai will get to know about everything. And she is here trapped. She know that Man who was standing infront of her is not her brother but…..Man of Swara Malik. And she know now that her life is finished.

Sanskar spoke her with venomous dripping tone – You know Mira that i love dad and you.i Will never ever get the though of hurting you two.i still love you two.but you both have done one dreadful crime by killing SWARA SOUL . i don’t love her Mira IF i have the love feeling for her then i would have backoff with killing dad or even you now.but the thing is SWARA IS EVERYTHING TO ME AND MORE THAN MY LIFE.You are now paying off for your…..blo*dy DREED.

Sanskar slowly walk towards her and took out the cloth from her mouth as he said in disgusting tone – As i am going give the immense pain MIRA KAPOOR for drugging MINE SWARA ten years before blaming Mine Swara for your blo*dy unborn child whom you tried to kill and lastly helping that bastard ZES and DP to throw Swara in that HELL.I want to hear your f**king screams and crying when you will feel the shattering pain.but  pain which MINE SWARA have gone was more then this, BUT still you feel it slowly slowly.

Mira who was totally gone cold begged – please i am sorry bhai.i ..

Sanskar laugh in hollowness – oh Mira you know this is same what Swara would have said to you! Begged you and what you did broken her trust, especially HER.

Mira eyes was filled with self loathing as she spoke in grief – i am sorry bhai . i know what i did with her is never i have though can make her killed . i was not in my sense after laksh rejection and Arnav passing me on ,i was totally dependent on Arjun and you but when i heard DP uncle and Sara planning to make Swara kidnapped. I came straight to Arjun to tell him.but i step back just seeing Him,you, Laksh,Arnav,Aadarsh bhai surrounding Swara laughing and embracing her and that moment made me silent and back off. I helped them. I did all that to make Swara out of you all life.because it was always SWARA from childhood to everything for you all.I disgust with her.And now bhai if you wanted to killed me i sorry.I will beg forgiveness from Swara.

Sanskar look at her with disbelief eyes as he said – You did that because you were jealous with her.You taken out all your frustation and anger on SWARA.

Mira eyes turned in furry as shr have enough -YES!!!! Did you heard i  did it to stop you Five man from that b*t*h !!!!I loath her from birth and i still do but you know what it was not me or Dp uncle or Sara or Anyone she destroyed. Her destruction was because of YOU FIVE LOVE AND ITS TRUTH SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.

Sanskar just whisper- May god never give you peace Mira.

He walk out of room not before turning and seeing Mira last time as he took out the lighter ,lighting up ,he throw it inside thr room which didn’t took a second to burnt in flame .and watching Mira eyes are filled with guilt, forgiveness and conveying that SORRY didn’t do anything to him.He turned and walk only to be see Samrat standing with Gaurds.
Samrat – As your order kids are gone to park with Misha and will directly go to palace from their and others are gone to ritual ground even Swara.
Sanskar nodded and said – Samrat do everything to show it as accident infront of Media and after that body burnt in ashes make sure that ashes would be courier to HER .
And he left not at all looking back.
Samrat instruct thr guards as he stood see the room is burning, he still in disbelief that how Sanskar called him half an hour before and instruct him to tell Misha take kids out and come directly to GOMTI SADAN only to be shocked that Sanskar has planned to burn down his own sister and ask him to gift her ashes to Swara.but he didn’t say a word to him because he not at all saw any regret or pain for what he was doing .

It was just PEACE.which shown on his face.

Samrat look at Head guard and order -Make sure half of guards would be with Sanskar , i want him safe!
Security head nodded and left.

Samrat mutter-” Damm you god for making me to be here in between these complicated morons! here i am going to dig out one more death of the hitlist of Sanskar.”

Aadarsh come outside of the car and saw around there stood Laksh with guards and preparing for shitty rituals.but there was no clue of Swara. Oh how much he wanted to get the hell out of here.Well he really not interested in burning that ShittyFather of His ! He seriously love to move out and stare the beautiful Swara Malik and her sweet voice inspite of mix coldness. He love that woman more than anything . He is crazy for her ! Why not She is really damm easy to be love.Even noe when he saw her simply taking lemon and mixing in water like always, it pleased that she not wholely changed.and he damm hate that blo*dy brother of his who not even Killed their shitty father before him but having Swara as his wife.luckybastard.

“You ok ?” Aadarsh look beside Sara standing with concerns look ! Well he hate her but still she is someone who always reminds him if not her than he would have killed himself hearing Swara fake death.

Aadarsh lied – I am fine Sara. Its just after mom ,Now Dad too gone but it was his dreed which took .

He really wanted to shout that HE f**kING don’t care.

Sara nodded and look away as she smirk knowing in some time that Aadarsh Maheshwari will be with his Dad .

Laksh saw his brother standing like always in stone and search for his sister whom he not saw after..worstful night. He still trying to stop his breakdown which is somehow because of Ragini who held him close but after her confession that she can’t.. Be with him again. His heart break in to pieces one his sister and another his lover.And both are nowhere to be seen.He got call from Ragini coming with ambulance of the dead body of his family. He is somewhere not at all good after reality hitting him that his little sister finished off thier small family.He walk to them.

Aarohi silently stand beside Arjun Sir but Her whole mind was not working after all the happening.

Arjun -stop overusing it.!
Aarohi confused – What Sir?
Arjun smile devilishly- your brain which is pea sized. You should you use your mouth well overuse if you want.said in flirty tone.
Aarohi totally taken aback by this.This guy whose hand is fracture because of Malik family attack and gotten to know about Swara matter who is everything to him which she gotten understand from his eyes . Is flirting with her !?What on the earth have gotten into him?
We it was not only Aarohi who have heard it but Khushi and Arnav with Laksh coming towards them heard it very much stunned look.

Laksh and Arnav share a confused look ! This Gadodia got hit on his brain too.

Khushi voice out in anger – Isn’t you are too much happy with surrounding that you are flirting with MY SISTER Arjun Gadodia!after knowing that your only family your Swara have gone through so much and you are standing on her family burning rituals.
Arjun just smirk and said to Arnav – Arnav I don’t think you will like me to say some please words to this women.
And Arjun was right which pissed off Arnav Singh Raizada.some deep down Khushi Gupta is having one percent softcorner in his heart.

ASR clenching his fist order – Stop this bullshit you both Gupta sisters and I don’t think Staff are allowed in family rituals so stand where guard are.!

Khushi don’t kniw why but its hurt and seeing his accusing eyes are too much but her Zain bhai is important but damm she realized late that He is not more important that this Man who is standing alive and where as he is dead in this moment. And somewhere in morning when she saw him standing too lost infront of his Sister room with shattered face.

That’s when she didn’t kept the suitcase in ARJUN GADODIA CAR which contain bomb .

Aarohi took hold of Khushi hand walk upto thr guards line where they should be.well they have to get out of here and soon left this place because she don’t wany her sister to involved with ZeS .its enough for her and now she have to take decision for her and Khushi.

Laksh who came their shook his head at the face of both Arjun and Arnav their eyes which turned empty seeing both lady going away.

But none say anything.

Sara – is guest or any friend relative are invited ?

Aadarsh – this is odd nobody is here except us and guards .strange.

Arnav and Laksh were not at all bothered for any dammperson to be here so they just walk aside to get free space.

Arjun just give glance at both Aadarsh and Sara.

It didn’t took more time that Ragini came their in black car .But what made all of them stood still was the appearance of ANURADHA MALIK ,OMKAR MALIK AND RAINA MALIK which was supposed to be dead and today in hour having thier body burn as per last ritual.

Shocked and totally stunned that was what all of them were.

And that’s when Sanskar car stopped as he came out only to be shock seeing alive MALIK’S.

Anuradha Malik quietly said – Ragini make sure Security people would be away.

Ragini nodded and made security team to move few feet away as now the time is for revelation has came.


Aadarsh angrily- Is this some kind of joke ?!!!

Omkar Malik said in strong voice -As much i wanted to tell you what all this before that we are here to done your blo*dy father and my betrayal friend his last ritual to rot in hell.

Arnav and Laksh are now more stunned hearding their Father and that made it very clear they know what have happened.

Raina Malik was just glaring towards Sara who stood immobilize not at all ready to believe .

Sara said aloud in disbelief -HOW !!???? How the heck you three are still alive !!!!?? This means Swara didn’t finish you three !!!

And that’s when she realized SWARA MALIK KNEW EVERY DAMM THING .

Khushi was not able to breathe as her hand turn cold while Aarohi is seething in anger seeing three of them still alive.

Raina Malik looking at Sanskar said – if you know how to finish your father then also know to end the rituals.

Sanskar didn’t say anything just moved forward.

In no time Aadarsh and Sanskar finished all the rituals but all of them were damm confused and shocked about the happenings.

But no one saw SWARA MALIK STANDING their who came few minutes before just staring towards the flame of holyfire.

The same fire where her mother burned.
The same fire in which with her mother that innocent and carefree Shona too died.
The same fire which given birth to the flame SWARA MALIK..
The same fire which covered her with AKIRA existence.

“Swara..” It was voice of Arjun who stood few feet away from her and that’s made everyone attention to turned towards SWARA who is stiffened and seeing nothing particular.

Laksh come towards her – What is all this Swara?
Swara just walk past him not bothering to even look at him and stood infront of Aarohi eyeing her coldly.which made Aarohi to step back.
Swara coldly said – Where is pendrive Miss Aarohi Gupta !
Aarohi stumbled back shocked but trying ti compose herself- what are you saying?
Swara snapped in icy tone – the same PENDRIVE for which you are here ! The same pendrive for which I am in this blo*dy city again. The same pendrive which your frowd sister Roshani Gupta runaway taking it from Mexico to here ! But it was her blo*dy luck that she became more greedy and took contract of killing me which i made sure . I blo*dy trapped her but the hell was she have already hidden that pendrive and hinted to you.
Aarohi was totally shocked – it was your trapped!
“Not fully Miss Aarohi Gupta but i am too here !” Smirk of Arjun Gadodia as he stepped forward beside Swara said in mocking voice.

Nobody know what’s happening and what Swara talking.

Aarohi said in disbelief- you trapped me?!

Arjun turned towards all the audience as he said – Well it was enjoyable ritual as that bastard is burned now .Episode end so I would like to excause with Miss Aarohi Gupta.

Swara called out – Miss Raichand Open the backseat we have pretty good guest.

Misha took hold of Aarohi as she handcuffs her forcefully who from nowhere came.
But Khushi pushed Misha and shouted – How dare to touch my Sister ! You blo*dy murderer’s first you killed my Zain bhai then Roshani di and now My Aarohi di!!! One more you both would be dead Swara and Arjun.
Arnav who was totally confused was about to gi when Laksh hand stopped him.
Laksh whisper- no bhai its something else .don’t go there because You didn’t saw how Swara and Arjun eyes are glazing fire of Anger.something is wrong.
Arnav nodded still restless of the happening.

But Swara just wave one guard who took hold of Khushi as she made Signed to Misha to take Aarohi .

Swara smirk as she stepped forward – Khushi Gupta you see being dump is something else but thinking yourself a genius is totally idiotic self.What you think where your  Brother is ? What was that yeah ZeS i mean ZAEN SAMRAT DIXIT right ?

Khushi couldn’t breathe her eyes are went in shocked but it was Sanskar Maheshwari who was standing frozen at the spot.

Arjun looking at Khushi and Aarohi shocked face just chuckle devilishly.

Arjun said in mocking tone – You see Khushi Gupta you liked to tell story right. Now i will tell you a story .Which start one year ago.When your elder sister Roshani Gupta became assistant of President of Mexico Ronald Sem PA by showing her flaunting body and flesh very much played. That time there was a biggest merger deal planned between two biggest COMPANIES one is President Ronald Sem of his power and dominant on the Mexico’s industry and SR INDUSTRY. Billions of merger at the cause of 40 thousands People job ,one mistake everything failed and all that dependent on SAMMIE M.well you who she is.but your shitty sister Roshani Gupta taken out all the depth details information of that deal and flew out from past one year.But luckily we got hold of her past .
Aarohi and Khushi are now totally loss the voice to be was not at all some personal revenge but very much biggest played game.
Swara hold the jaw of Aarohi who hissed in pain – Until you are going to open your mouth to tell where is pendrive I think i have to arranged some entertainment for you isit.

Misha signed tp guatds who brought totally wounded SAMRAT DIXIT from behind who is bitten the shit out of it and have blood wholr face as two guards hold him from beside and throw infront of Swara.

Khushi shouted – Zes !!!!!!

Arjun kneel beside ZeS- Samrat faint body saying with smirk – ” look he was here past Eight years to kill me ! But the seeing his conditions i don’t think he even moved his finger. Well Aarohi your this brother is still noy dead what say pendrive or Brother?”

Aarohi shouted in begging- please Arjun Sir don’t kill him please he is only thier for us please !

Arnav finally spoke – Swara What the hell is happening ! Don’t you say that this blo*dy f**ker is ZeS who is living with past eight years !And you knew from start whp he was !

Swara turning to them said too coldly – Rituals are over right!! Miss Gadodia as you see You have responsiblility to take back Mr Malik and other member’s back to Palace.

Ragini said in stony voice – I know but Don’t forget that I am not Malik family security but YOURS ! You are my responsibility to see you are safe.

Laksh shockingly- What do you mean by that !?

Swara ordered – Miss Gadodia don’t forget you are my employed and So make sure in five minutes Mr Malik is out of this place with his mother and wife NOW.

Ragini stiffened but nodding look at Three elders who are totally shocked seeing their Daughter this ruthless behavior .

Ragini said in clipped tone – Omkar uncle we need to be out please?

Omkar Held his Daughter gaze and nodded .with this three elders were out of their sitting in car.
But Ragini walking towards Misha said – You go take them back to Palace with safety.

Misha look torn between Swara and Ragini.but Swara just rolled her eyes and lool away.well simple signal follow she left the place with Malik family.

Ragini stand beside Swara as she said – your order is done Malik now tell me what to do with these both b*t*hes.

Aarohi shockingly- Ragini you are too ??

Ragini gripping Aarohi hair said with grithing teeth – Well let me introduced my self I am Security chief of Sammie M. I mean Swara Malik past eight years a very much dark shadow which no one can see but because of your f**king sister i have to comr to light and came close to you in AG office so that I can know more about your history.

Sara starlted -WHAT !

Ragini just smirked- Shocked are we my sweet b*t*hy Friend !

Sara angrily – How dare you!

Ragini shooking her head and made guard to hold Sara -Well for straters Don’t think you will be left! You see i know small secrets.

Sanskar was just staring at Samrat face as he step back in disbelief- He too betrayed me ?

All look at him as he waa standing just a step back from cliff edge in shocked but in no time he was pulled out be Swara who said silently- Give some time .

Sanskar look at her with hurt and wounded face as he begged whispering – SORRY.

But Swara just made him stand anf walk away without any emotions.but by passing Arnav she stand for a second look at him who was already in shocked – stand with HIM.
It was simply a said from her to be with Sanskar and fot once ASR didn’t bothered to question his sister and made his way towards Sanskar who is breaking down.

Swara said in deadly rage  – Miss Aarohi Gupta few second and that will be the end of your this brother and even your sister ! If you didn’t voice out soon!

In no mean time Arjun took the hold of gun on the head of Samrat and Ragini on the head of Khushi.

Swara – 1…2….AND

” IT IS WITH ME DON’T SHOOT HIM!” Swara just turned to look at the screaming voice of SANSKAR MAHESHWARI  whose is went red and eyes are turned cold .

Arjun, Ragini,Khushi,Arnav,Sara and Laksh are shocked to the core.

Sanskar move infront of Swara and taking her hand he placed the he said in rage -Samrat dixit will be dird with my hand not anyone else.

Swara just look at him with coldest expression as she order- Samrat get up show is over.

And Samrat Dixit stood on his feet wiping his face with little huff.

All were now more then anything but rooted at the spot.

Arjun just said – So your doubt was right Swara.Not bad. Well it was planned to make it out Sanskar have taken pen drive from Aarohi .

Swara said coldly with accusing eyes- Yes it was planned ,And the plan of your Mr Maheshwari at cost of 40 thousand people job. You wanted the name of people who send me to botheral house and for that you made to come back to this place again. So I too played to make everything possible so that you came out.

Sanskar barked – but the truth is this Samrat Dixit is ZeS righy and you hid it from me.

Arjun said quietly-  He is not ZeS he just looked like him.

Sanskar now looking both Swara and Arjun knoe he is trapped more then anything.

Swara turning her back to him called and said -” I want your team in five minutes culprits are found! ”

Khushi – ZeS what the hell is this!!!

Samrat eyes soften looking at Khushi as he comes to them – i am not Your any brother not my name is ZeS .He is dead three years before in spain by car accident and unfortunately he looked totally like me.So when i met you three before one year it was planned.

Swara look at disbelief face of Aarohi,Khushi,Sara and Sanskar.

Police cops arrived their .

Swara said in ruthless way – Arrest Miss Aarohi Gupta and Sara Malik for charges of frowd and murder .

Sara shouted – What the hell !!!! I didn’t did any murder !!!and frowd.

Swara just smirk -Well you did and officer the evidence is already with on charges of Sara Malik involved in murder of ROSHANI GUPTA AND ZAIN Gupta.who she burned in hospital room and made it as accident. With the help of Mira Kapoor .

Sara is pale as cold -How?

Swara just come infront of her and said -Well if it was all about Zain Gupta death that all happened ten years before then you are more then welcome to get the punishment of your because of which you even Finished Sujata Malik with Mira kapoor on the name of accident. You both really hate me that’s why have got the long list of dreed.

Sara shouted in anger as women constable started taking her away – Yes blo*dy heck I hate you SWARA MALIK !!!! Because YOU ARE ONE DISGUISE AND I AM TOO HAPPY TO RUINED YOU !!! YES I DESTROYED BY TAKING YOUR LIFE EVERYTHING. YOUR MONTHER,YOUR DIGNITY, YOUR TRUST EVEN YOUR SOUL!!!!And now you are DIRTY, TAINTED AND RUINED ,someone who don’t deserved to be ALIVE in this world you sl*t !!!!AHHHHH!!!

That’s when a shot came piercing in her one knee from the revolver which is holded by LAKSH whose eyes are moisted  as his hands tremble but his face was covered with tears.

And thats Sara screamed echoed in whole ground.

Swara eyes turned shocked – Laksh stop!

Police was about to come between when Ragini stopped them.

Ragini said in dead voice -KILL HER.

Swara was more then shocked when she saw another bullet came piercing arms of Sara from Arnav holding gun.

Swara was about to go when Samrat hold her .
Samrat said in broken voice -STOP ! Let them Kill her !Let them take out from their system.

Khushi look at Sara and as fallen on her knees her whole family finshed just because of this women Hate and Revenge. Her decision was made, she stood up and shouted “Kill her love, give her the death  she deserves”

Silence surrounded them

“Kill her” the senior inspector said, all police man looked towards them in understanding“Law will punish her but we can’t have such criminal alive, kill her ASR and we will handle the rest”

Sanskar shouted – Kill Her Arnav .She have taken more than anything from you Kill hrt.

Arjun who just took out the knife sctrach the face of Sara Malik as he said in rage – Kill her Arnav this b*t*h !!Who have taken alot from us.

Swara look at Arnav and when their eyes met ,she realized something.
He had lost a lot, his past has haunted him for years, and maybe it was time to close that book, maybe being a saint was always not good, maybe killing that vile women will bring peace to his mother.and The brother in Arnav back maybe that would assure him. She closed her eyes and when she opened them again she looked at Arnav and nodded.

Arnav -“1..2… ” Sara look at him begging as her eyes are pained with whpering in huge pain pleading. “No count for 3 for you Sara”

Bullet Pearce the head of Sara Malik and shot dead on the spot.

All were silent but SWARA MALIK moved out of the hold of Samrat and walk upto Sara dead body and sat on ground gazing at her face .Her hand moved to her face as traced her face with her finger. As she bent down to kiss her forhead and stooding up walk to the officer.
Swara composing herself- Make it as accident anf close the file and removed the charges on Aarohi Gupta of Frowd.and rest Samrat will handle it.

And slowly walk out from there but felt someone behind her knowing well it is RAGINI who like eternity will be with her no matter what.they didn’t say anything as Swara took driving seat of her car and Ragini sat in her car they both zoomed off.

Sanskar sat on the ground breathing heavily as he saw police taking the dead body of Sara Malik and dissaparing .he felt something as he closed his for the first time he heard his heartbeat beating normally not with anger ,hurt ,emptiness or guilt. It was overed and he felt water on his cheek he touched that’s when he realized its his tears of satisfaction of years of hurt.

Sanskar said in broken voice lookout at the sky – I fulfilled my promised Maa which i made you eight years before, i finished every people who killed that soul .i did it.

Arnav was breathing heavily and he felt soft body covering his he saw the girl who hugging him with tears.and he just embraced it.their was a stone lifted from his heart after years not at all protect his mother and sister but today he killed that only person who destroyed his world. Revenge made him to feel the hope of coming future.
Khushi eyes teary – thank you for killing her.
Arnav just hugged her and said – i will do it again not only for my sister but for you. Don’t ever leave me Khushi never.
And khushi just hugged him more tightly.

Laksh silently sat beside Arjun who was too silent.they didn’t say anything just sat.

Aarohi was just standing beside Samrat as her are moist when Samrat hug her and said – Still you can call me brother.
Aarohi just hugged him.

Aadarsh said silently as his eyes turned moist and the word’s of his deep though came to his voice -Dilon me tum apni betabiyan leke chal rahe ho,to zinda ho tum
Nazar me khwaabon ki bijliyan leke chal rahe ho,to zinda ho tum

Hwa ke jhokon ke jaise aazad rehno sekho
Tum ek dariya ke jaise lehron mein behna sekho
Hr ek lamhe se tum milo khole apni baahein
Hr ek pal ek nya sama dekhe nigahein
Jo apni ankhon mein hairanian leke chal rahe ho,to zinda ho tum
Dilon mein tum apni betabian leke chal rahe ho,to zinda ho tum

English Translation

If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive,
If your eyes are filled with dreams, it means you are alive
Learn to be free like the wind, (copyright
Learn to flow freely like the river,
Embrace every moment with open arms,
See a new horizon every time with your eyes,
If you carry surprise in your eyes, it means you are alive,
If you have eagerness in your heart, it means you are alive…

Well that’s for today and i an sorry late update but because of low response and my network problems i felt upset that’s it.

And last poem was from one movie .

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