It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 24


In the desert 
I saw a creature, naked, bestial, 
Who, squatting upon the ground, 
Helding her heart in her hands, 
And ate of it. 
I said, “Is it good, friend?” 
“It is bitter—bitter,” she answered; 

“But I like it 
“Because it is bitter, 
“And because it is my heart.

Swara eyes snapped open breathing harshly .As she gaze around to unknown of her surrounding alarming her .She is sweating badly .As she think about her dream she keep her hand on her heart which is beating. And she know that creature, naked, bestial, 
Who, squatting upon the ground, 
Helding her heart in her hands, WAS HER SOUL.

Intense, unexpected suffering passes more quickly than suffering that is apparently bearable; the latter goes on for years and, without her noticing, eats away at her  souls, until, one day, she is no longer able to free herselves from the bitterness and it stays with her for the rest of her lives.

That was the feeling she felt after every outrageous attack of her just being touch by some mere strangers.


Swara finally getting control on herself stand and walk on the balcony. Its been a while to be in this room.Her old room.or say Her dead Soul room.And she still breathing.She look around the garden of palace when her eyes caught SARA MALIK drinking and smiling watching the dark night with full moon.

Swara eyes is gazing her hard. And Sara who was busy staring the moon felt her gaze as she turned her side to stared her back.

They both didn’t moved their eyes or say anything.

Sara still trying to understand how Swara get blue eyes when it was black until her eyes….but she don’t care for this b*t*h.soon Swara Malik will be living her last like her mother Sujata Malik.soon.

Swara turned and walk on .giving Sara a small pleasure of being won on silence war.

Arjun gaze at the watch 3am it shows . and he still awake in front of his laotop and files.this is what he is ! AG who couldn’t stop digging out all puzzle and make all the things simple but because of his right hand fracture he cant able to move it and its paining alot.He stopped his work and walk to the lawn area when he someone sitting quietly.
Ria felt someone behind her as she turned to see AG is standing their and staring her.she quickly cover the photographs which she was holding but Arjun have already saw it.
He sat beside her – You should also wiped you tears with hiding something’s. I am not going it eat you.
Ria quickly wiped her tears muttering- Sorry i just…nothing.
Arjun shook his head and said – You should learn more from your MOM who know how to mentally check on her emotion.
” i never saw my mom …it was always hottie !” The rage of Ria made Arjun look at her perplexed .

Flashback….15 years before..

Arjun smile at everyone who were coming for Swara ,Arnav and Laksh  birthday.As he told to stand at door to greet everyone when he heard one woman voice from behind.

” See this boy is just servant whom Malik’s family have taken under his know that Shekhar Gadodia he have raped one girl and this is curse of that disaster ,illegitimate boy. Who even killed his mother on birth then killed Sharmistha ji too  ,A bad omen!!” That woman was saying all the worst to Arjun who just silently left from their .He always heard this nothing new for him.

He look at his hand where he hold one pair of earring he brought for Swara but he didn’t have courage to give her this and now hearding those womens he is too much upset and Angry .he sat near lawn area and took out photo of Sharmistha maa as his tears slipped.
” if you wanted to cry because of those nasty women’s remark then tell me ! I will myself kick you devil!”voice of Angry Swara came from behind making him surprised.
Arjun – Swara what are you doing here !! Your birthday party is downstairs go otherwise everyone would be worried for you !!
Swara just sat beside him and hold his arms and lean on his shoulder pouting- you are soo bad !! You didn’t wish me first ! You didn’t gift me anything then you are crying and making me crying because of those bad women’s!!! This is not what i wanted as my birthday!!
Arjun look at her teary face and felt guilty – please don’t cry lioness i just got upset .i missed my mom.
“You don’t need to miss her….i am their for you !!! And Sharmistha kaki is too with us !!!don’t you dare to say this!! And no matter what i am always will be their for you devil!!”swara said with sincerity making Arjun to hugged her tightly feeling to luck to get his lioness in his life.
Arjun took out the earring and give her – this is cheap i know but soon i will gift you more expensive earrings!!
Swara laugh – but still i will take these earrings only because this small beautiful simple earring will always reminds me my promise which i given you !
Arjun just smile and made her wear them .- lets go downstairs.
Swara nodded and they both were about to stand when She saw that electric wires are cutted and thrown in near the pond which is just few inch near the Arjun as he was about put his hand on it to stand she pushed hin aside and het hands touched the wire. Making her scream in pain. And Arjun look at her in horrified expression. Everyone came their running while Swara just tried to smile explaining everyone that she is alright but Arjun was silent because he never thought that Swara can go to this extent to make him save from anything and take the pain to her.
Flashback ends..

Arjun don’t know why he remembered it now . and seeing Ria gazing at Swara photo made him feel proud that Swara is still the strong for these who love her so much.

Arjun – where you met Swara first time?
Ria stopped gazing at the photo and froze on the spot .
Ria hesitant- or..orphanage.. I was eight years old then.
Arjun knew it is plain lie . but he need to take matters delicatly to know the depth of matters.
Arjun signed- you should tell the truth if you want your hottie to smile again and live again leaving all the demons of her.
Ria is stunned and then she hold Arjun hand tightly saying- is it possible? Hottie can smile and be happy?please tell me .
Arjun know she is asking for promise and somewhere his heart stopping him to not do this promised it can never be possible but he can HOPE.
Arjun determined- yes i promise you that i will bring happiness on your hottie face and hope for living. But you need to tell me everything RIA.
Ria don’t know why she is trusting this Man.When she never told anything to ROCKSTAR ever.She somewhere think that ROCKSTAR love so much HOTTIE that he can’t be able to take it .She know that until now no body ask her about anything of Past and how she met with Hottie .Never Rockstar ask her or Suraj bhai .just give immense love to them. But when She saw AG giving her strong and strange look the same one when first time She saw Hottie asking her to trust her.

Arjun was about to say her when he heard -“My real mother was one who made HOTTIE to do dirty work.”
Her voice was choking like hell.

Arjun is shocked listening her world’s.
Ria clenching her fist bang it on wall whispering with deep pain – She is pr*stitute and one who pushed every dignity of innocent soul in darkness. And Hottie was one of them.I just know this.
“Whats the name of that b*t*h!” Voice of cruelty and rage was clear with Ria which made her scared.She blurted out biggest truth of her life.but if it can give Her hottie life back then she is ready .
Ria closing her eyes exhaling her hard breathe said – MARY
As she still closing her eyes in scared that now she will only see disgust for herself in AG eyes .but when didn’t hear anything She see there was no one.He is already left.
“EVERY blo*dy DETAILS OF ” MARRY ” !!! SHE IS IN PROUSTITE business !! In Two hours !!” Arjun barked the feeling pain near his heart.he felt someone knockout the breathe out of him.
Swara is giving the lives to those kids whose real mother ruined her !How could she !!
This much selflessness and goodness ! Still she is not died .

And he can HOPE now.

But little did he know when he will get the whole truth what will happened! That what he saw as HOPE is not at all there .
Sanskar kissed Sameer forhead caressing lovingly. He gaze at his kids who were so much scared hearing HER screams. Its hard limits for him. More than anything.but his kids are too sensitive for HER.he close his eyes knowing well SHE is coming.

” You woke up early !”Swara still not used to his knowing sense .How he know that she is coming? But she shoved off those didn’t matter.

Swara silently sat opposite of bed where Suraj sleeping with Sameer and Sanju.not giving any glance to him.

“They slept well?” She asked in her quite tone.
Sanskar – yes. They are used too of this.
Swara didn’t say anything.
Sanskar finally said – tomorrow you are leaving India with kids and Samrat back to Venice and i don’t want any argument on that!
Swara said emotionless tone – Okay ,anything else ?
Sanskar clench his in anger as he spat – Don’t provoked me SWARA .
Swara gaze at him saying coldly- i am here to follow your orders SIR.
Sanskar know she is pushing hin hard . there is limits for everything but he havr come across of the insanity in her Madness .but then he saw her eyes which is held with emptiness and something else….wait a second… Isn’t it bitterness in her gaze.
“You are feeling bitter .” it was more than statement then question. And Swara eyes went wide but she grittier her teeth and walk out.She didn’t noticed Sanskar whose face turned deadly and moisture in his eyes.
Sanskar finally got one thing from her after eight long feeling other then rage and emptiness… It is bitterness .
And he know the reason.
Ragini enter inside the room but it was totally darked.She gaze around to only find Laksh sitting on recliner holding glass of Scott.
Ragini silently sat on bed feeling exhausted as she was about to lie whem Laksh spoke -” Where were you?”
Ragini – nothing just wanted to be alone for sometime.
Laksh snapped- At the time of 3am in mid night and you were wanted to be alone dammit!!!
Ragini know he is breaking from inside after knowing what happened with Swara ,so she moved towards him saying- I am sorry Laksh its just..i felt suffocated here after whatever happened.
Laksh look at her for a second then said sarcastically- Why you are feeling suffocated RAGINI !!you should be dancing in joy after all The person whom you Hated so much all this year is in so much pain and shattered! You would have feeling pleasure.Right!!Lets drink Ragini ENJOY !!! On the ocassion of my sister death with my whole family!!
He tried to force Ragini to drink making her shocked and finally getting enough she pushed him Hard and shouted- What you think who i am!!! Your punching bag!!! Stop it Mr Laksh Malik!! Stop it!! If your sister is ruined then i too loss my love !! What you think living this life where your life every relationship is belonged to another girl who is world for them !!! I see my first love  Sanskar in madly love with your sister !!this much love that he gone insane and killed DURGA PRASAD MAHESHWARI his own father who has kidnapped Swara years before !! You should know how he killed him !!! He taken out his heart and gifted to your Sister !!! This much madness just for one girl. How you know when you never get anything from your brother who is gone possessed and obsessed with your Sister !!his friendship with your sister is everything for him !!!EVERY GOD DAAMM THING!!! How you will know that what i feel when no one is their for me !!!its always was SWARA !!!AND ONLY SWARA !!!!Why Laksh tell me !!!what she have that I don’t have !!! You are too same !!!! FOR YOU TOO SWARA IS WORLD !!!And I Hate Her !!! I just Hate Her !!!
Laksh look at her tears pricked face with shocked that how much in all this Ragini felt left out ! They all think Ragini is jealous buy she just wanted her side of love which they all failed to give.
Laksh whisper -Ragini!
Ragini sat on bed wiping her teara it was her frustration of all these years.
Ragini stammering- please Laksh don’t think that i am enjoying anything. Swara is women just like me and i know what it even mean to thought of that heart can even stopped or i just die but Swara is too stronger then me .I respect her but it didn’t mean I don’t hate her..i am sorry.. I
Before she could say Laksh lips covered her soft petal lips as he kissed her desperatly and longingness.Ragini was shocked but felt  herself losing in his desperation and she kissed him back with all her will.its after ten years they are feeling each other anf when came out of breathe.they gaze at each other.
Laksh tears fell as he spoke brokenly – Ragini I don’t know what our future hold for us .But i just wanted to tell you that its  damm paining to be away from you.If my Sister is my heart then you are the heartbeat. I can never choose anyone inbetween you both.I have lost you both ten years before .Swara went too much pain and you too gone throughout loneliness but in all these i can not even protect any of you.But if I beg you for Just one chance to make everything right..can you give me that?
Ragini eyes are moist but she came back to sense hearding the message sound on her mobile and she stood up – It is too Late Laksh.
“It can never be too late !” The determined thought of Laksh was everything to him.and he have… he saw Ragini lying another side of bed.

Swara stood alone in servant quarter room at the centre. Still trying to analysis the situation of her.How can She felt this forbidden feeling. A bitterness. But she never felt it before then why now.

” stop questioning your self Wifey .You are feeling bitter of yourself isn’t !”Sanskar locked the door from behind and comes behind her not too close.

Swara snapped her to him feeling unknown rage at him and herself for feeling that way.

Sanskar make her turned infront of him holding her arms gently .trying to not lost his temper.

Sanskar whisper – Why this feeling ,Why only this feeling desert rose ?

Swara looked at him shocked, he never called her this thing but she don’t what he is trying !

Sanskar held her face in palm as put his forhead on her forhead whispering brokenly – Please desert rose don’t feel bitter , i can’t take this ! I am taking your cruelty, heartless and emptiness but this bitter ,no don’t feel it. I beg you ,please listen to me my desert rose.
Swara couldn’t help but feel too much pain seeing him like this but she don’t know what to do ,her face is empty like her dead heart.
Sanskar tear escape on her her eyelids making her froze .Its too much for her .she tried to free her self but he held her more tightly.
” please don’t feel it .stop this feeling Desert rose please .Hurt leads to bitterness, bitterness to anger, travel too far that road and the way is lost. I can’t lose you Desert rose ,i will die .please tell me why you felt this way not too much .just this ” Sanskar fell on his knees in front of her looking down his eyes are not stopping the tears .but he waited and then he know she is infront of him on her knees staring him still shocked at his word’s.
Swara said gently – don’t waste those tears on me. I am not living SIR. I will tell if you just order me SIR don’t beg me you are MASTER of mine this dead flesh .
And Sanskar broken more then anything his eyes are showing her the insane pain and look of totally shattered .and then he whisper – I desert rose but She is really died and today i realized it AKIRA .You are right Akira my Desert rose died and there is just AKIRA.

He stood up and gaze at Swara who is frozen at the spot hearding his confession and then him calling her AKIRA after eight years.She is satisfied that He finally realized SWARA MALIK is no more and only this WHORE AKIRA is left.

Swara coldly said – its good SIR. You realized and you should leave me ,i am not someone to be with someone like you.

She was still on her knees but staring him.

Sanskar laugh at himself stumbling back on how much she can hurt him? He is feeling numb.Again asking him to leave her. He fallen more deeply in love with this women.this is insane but he is what she made him and then he  grabbed her arms and throw her on bed and come on top of her .She just hissed but didn’t panick or felt fear .
Sanskar laugh hollowed as he snapped- you didn’t got attack or anything in my lusty and dirty touch AKIRA! Tell me why ?!!!!
Swara just stare him as he is behaving like animal and she always saw his animalatic glint in his eyes when he again more broken by her.Why he love her this much and she feel nothing for him.

Swara said helplessly truth – I wish i can love you but its dead with nothing for you.

Its – pointing towards their heart.

Sanskar close his eyes as he whisper – I wish i can hate you but its filled with insane love for you.

Sanskar stood up and left the room while Swara just staring nothing particular.

One heart craved for another heart.
But its making his own heart bruised.

One heart craved for beat again. But its dead and nothing left.

Aarohi took the medicine and walk on inside the general ward and sat beside bed.As she gaze at the person, she shook her head unbelievable.
“Why are you staring me like this?” Ask Mira scowling.
Aarohi scholding- Well you are so much clumsy women more then Khushi and now you are here lying on bed with broken head because of damm Car.
Mira frown – please stop scolding me ! And why are you still here ?
Aarohi snapped- shut up and drink the soup. If you don’t want i will tell anyone.
Mira finally look down its been while anyone shown care towards her.
Aarohi give her soup and said calmly- You know you look ugly when you are quite.
Mira smile and said – don’t make stupid comment on me Aarohi.and thanks for being here for me.when no one is here for me.
As they both felt silent ,Mira silently drinking Soup and Aarohi staring her with surprise ,Oh how much this women is emotional.
“I will like to know reason of your this  stupid stunt” they both look towards the door their standing Sanskar with angry look.well when he got to know about Mira is been hospitalized by Aarohi before some time  he was here with lighting speed to see his sister .
Mira – Sanskar bhai its fine.
Sanskar angrily- How this happened!
Aarohi signed and tell him that She was going to bank when she saw Mira crossing the road coming out fr temple and how she fell on road well,fainted by not eating anything and one car was just crashed when she pushed her out .and here they are as Mira got hurt on her head.

Sanskar couldn’t say anything just hugged Aarohi saying – thanks Aarohi ,saving this stupid sister life.

Mira pouted- bhai ! Please !! I am sorry.
Sanskar – shut up ! And i don’t want to listen anything. Come we have to go back to mansion.

As they three descended out of hospital .Far away A man smirk evilly as he bring out the mobile and said- Khushi kept that suitcase in  Arjun Gadodia car and make sure their should not be any mistake.

Khushi replied sadly- Okay ZeS .

ZeS said sternly- Stop mourning on that blo*dy ASR.if he have ever loved you he would be beside you helping you to take revenge from OUR brother murderer ARJUN GADODIA. But he chose HIS SISTER OVER  YOU.even he hate that ARJUN GADODIA.

Khushi said – you are right ZeS and I will not be stepped back to take revenge for my brother death.But ZeS now Arnav Singh Raizada ,Laksh Singh Raizada and Sanskar Maheshwari came to know about truth .What if they got the hold of our all this year Swara Malik saved Arjun Gadodia now these three.

ZeS smirk evilly- don’t worry Khushi when these three can’t able to save Swara Malik ten years before now also they will never can do anything just see Arjun Gadodia dieing painful death.

Khushi – and Swara Malik?She even killed her whole family thinking that they are responsible for the fire in Arjun room ! What if she came again inbetween us and Arjun Gadodia?She even have clue now that you were involved in that fire accident because of locket.

ZeS  laugh – Khushi Khooshi.. My sister you see I have many pawns to finish every damm tried of Swara and you should know that Swara itself is biggest pawns in my plan.
Call disconnected..
Khushi just closed her as the images of her Zain bhai Lying lifelessly on floor with burning body came in her mind.

Her brother burned himself ! Most painful death she ever know .He burn himself alive.

She is determined to make the most painful death of Arjun Gadodia!!

She have waited Past ten years to get the name of that person ,ZeS took revenge from Swara Malik but never got the hold of ARJUN !but now finally they got to know it.Today they will finished their Revenge.

“Everything is ready ?’Arnav asked to Aadarsh who nodded .
Today they were going to fire the body of Dad ,Raina Mom and dadi and Dp uncle.

Aadarsh look at every faces and different emotions are playing on their faces.But there is no sign of Swara .his heart winced only to remembered about yesterday night.

Khushi who was standing beside Aarohi have smirk as she saw Arjun coming downstairs.Aarohi look at Arjun fracture hand and felt pain but then she know their is so much she don’t know ! What Khushi and ZeS are trying to planning. She never involved in all that because she don’t wanted any revenge .Aftet this Revenge they can’t get Zain bhai back and even they lost Roshani di ! But she still don’t know who killed Zain bhai !.and thats when her eyes met with Arjun eyes who is filled with unknown emotions that she can’t understand.

Samrat look around for Sanskar – where is Sanskar ?
Aarohi – Sanskar Sir is with Mira as they both said they will come directly to ritual ground.
Samrat nodded.Misha who was coming inside palace with file look first at Arjun who nodded slightly .

Samrat -Misha where were you?
Misha shrugged off – Gone for work Sanskar boss appointment.where is kids ?
Samrat said -they are safe at Gomti Sadan .You should go there ,i will be  come with Swara.

Sara.comes their saying- laksh is not coming?
Arnav said – Laksh already left !(his eyes are on Khushi who look straight in his eyes!)

“Laksh was gone to look for security and everything. Early !” Said Ragini coming downstairs.

Ragini and Sara give look at each other .Sara smirk think well today is the last day of Swara Malik.and Aadarsh ! Zain (ZeS ) have said that today would everything clear.

And Aadarsh , Arnav , Ragini , Sara ,Misha , Arjun ,Aarohi exit for Ritual ground.

Samrat moved towards Swara as he open it .It was empty . he look around didn’t found her .he saw mobile message.
“Reach Ritual Ground in few minutes Samrat” and he signed in releif.
He call Gomti Sadan to know that kids are safe .and left.

Swara who standing terrace of Palace saw Samrat leaving.Swara took out mobile.

On phone
Swara said coldly- Miss Gadodia bring Mr Malik and Mrs Malik with Anuradha Malik to ritual ground.

Ragini hearding it replied stonely – they are on their way Swara.But what the use of all this drama infront of whole world.

But swara has already disconnected the call.
Precap – Outskirts of City.

Cover page is of RIA MAHESHWARI.

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