It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 23


Arnav is now fully aware what’s happening and next he punched back on Sanskar burning in rage – What you did with my sister dammit!!!!

“She was in brutal house for two years ,isn’t? ” the whisper of SARA MALIK

Made Sanskar and Arjun snapped their heads at her with shocked.

Arnav and Laksh froze at the word’s of Sara .

Aadarsh shouted angrily-What the hell are you saying Sara !!! Are f**king out of Mind !!!

Sara whose eyes are just on Sanskar shocked face ,made her it clear that its truth.Her face went colorless as ghost and next she was fallen on floor on her knees getting immense pain and staring her hands which is holding Z&S locket which she gotten from Swara suit .

Sanskar walk up to her and made her face him forcly causing her hiss.
Sanskar said in deadly tone – How you know SARA MALIK?

And Arnav ,Laksh knocked out of breathe . it can’t be happening thier small shona…in…that…no no !!!NO!!

Sara bit her lips hard causing blood as she spoke in broken tone – ZAYN ..his name  , ten years before he was swara boyfriend ,they were in love and wanted to marry each other but when Dad proposed Aadarsh alliance for Swara ,she silently accepted shocking me .i tried to ask her what happened but she never told me after that i never heard about zayn .this locket is his which Swara gave him.and there was a letter which came on name of Swara six months before ,i have gotten it and it written that “I know who sent you to that brotel house for two years ” that’s it.  I thought it was nonsense when Swara is not even alive but now .

Arjun angrily said – Who Zayn huh!!there was no person of that name in swara life !! Stop your blo*dy drama !! And i know that it was something related with you !! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO PLANNED SWARA TO TRAPPED!!YOU DESTROYED HER !!! YOU KILLED SWARA !!!

“NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO NO…….” the shout of violent Sara made everyone shocked. She was beating her hands on floor continuous shaking “no”.

Aadarsh know it was her madness side as he quickly shouted for medicine takeing Sara on his lap he made her took medicine and next she passed out.he quickly pick her up and place her inside the room.

Aadrash came out feeling lost ,he knew All her waiting for answer .

Aadarsh – Sara is still not alright the treatment of mental asylum and shocks are still tormented her .and if she got the shock or stress she started panicking.

” Someone wanted to destroyed Sara and Swara. It happened. “All turned to look at owner of voice of Aarohi who is standing with straight face.

Khushi who is totally shocked as what she heard and what had happened with both Swara and Sara . She couldn’t help but try to not cry.

Sanskar heard all of it but his mind was working on what SARA has told.he knew SARA is not lier when it comes to Swara but he never heard about any boyfriend of Swara.he was about to moved when his hand held in strong firm hand as he look at Laksh who is glaring with rage  there was no clue of cool laksh this Laksh is wounded deeply and hurt of knowing this shit is blow for him.
” TRUTH ,not another word Maheshwari just TRUTH !” His tone was no less then warning .a warning of death.
Sanskar nodded and told – Study room.
And both Laksh and Sanskar left towards Study room.
Arjun saw Arnav moving to Swara room and he seriously wanted to go and see swara but he need tp know everything damm thing so he just moced towards his own room .

Ragini sat beside Sara who is unconscious .
“They will believed me Ragini!” Voice of sara made Ragini stunned.
Ragini – you were not unconscious!
Sara smirk – not at all Darling .isn’t my acting skills are good.
Ragini nodded in disbelief – what was all about?
Sara straightened herself as she walk upto door locked it.
Sara – simple its all about to protect yourself from that wounded mens who are deeply and blindingly mad about that b*t*h Swara.
Ragini crossed her hands and stared her – its means you were too involved Swara this state right !
Sara laugh- yeah but just have five percent of involvement but the real planner is someone else .
Ragini – Zayn ?
Sara nodded – yes this Zayn but i don’t know about him and never saw .i just spoke what came in my mind that time .
Ragini – and you don’t even once thought about Swara ,atleast you are too woman and what you did with her !
Sara shook her head laughing- stop it Ragini there is no one you are talking like this.I know you too hate Swara ,so why this fascade.

But Sara didn’t heard anything after that as she turned to see Ragini already left the room.Sara is not expected this but shrugging off,she reached to her mobile.
On. Phone…
Sara – what you said i did it Mr Zayn! And I too talk about truth in front of Ragini but she behaved strangely!
Zayn smirk – don’t worry about her  Miss Malik ,now try to make sure Sanskar believed what you said!.
And call ended.
Sara who is hell confused that how Zayn know she made somewhat Sanskar convinced?
Arnav is just staring her innocent face of his sister as he kept his hand on her heart and felt it beating, he is satisfied. He did this with Laksh,Arav,Mira and now with Shona. He know he is mad to do this but he needed tobe confirmed that they are still with him.
His mobile ringed.”AMAN”

On phone…
Aman – ASR  Venice branch of AR is ready as your instruction and all the access of AR fashion house would be transferred their as a Main branch . And As for your instruction your Mansion near Rockstar Sanky mansion would be ready in one month . and shares of 40% of AR is holded on name of Swara Maheshwari.anything as Sir.
Arnav shook his head in satisfaction his pa never give him any chance of anger.
ASR – no Aman nothing else and Aman thanks.
And call ended leaving Shocked Aman mathur who is staring his mobile. ASR “thanks him” he can’t believed it.

Arnav still staring at her face when his eyes fell on the locket Z&S coming out of Swara suite pocket .

If this locket is here then what was Sara holding.

Two lockets .


He  didn’t realized that Khushi who was sitting beside him ,took that locket and started saying- ” this is too old  ,Zayn bhai loves to buy lockets like this.

Arnav look at her stunned-What ! What the hell are you talking Khushi !??

Khushi smile sadly – that Your both sisters killed my brother Zayn .And i thought to destroyed them but look like they both are too damaged to be know Arnavji i wanted to tell you one story in which there is two princes and two devils.but ironically princess and devils are both same.Both the princess love one thing but never got it. You know what … Prince charming. That Prince was too happy in his world too even spare glance at both princess. This made both princess bruised their Royal ego but something was changed in both princess if one princess left that matter and walk out bieng ignorant then other princess was too egoistic to make sure that Prince bend his head infront of her.She told her other friend who was a trusted friend of her that prince has tried to force her and then that friend of her made sure that prince never dare to do that again he broke his leg and beat the shit out of him and then their was no.going back for Prince, he never ever walk then but it was too much for the self esteem of prince being brother of four young siblings he did what can be best killed himself .he suicide. And then no even know what went .

Kise poochon
Hai aisa kyun
Bezuban sa Yeh jahaan hai

(To whom should I ask/question
why is it like this
that this world is kind of Speechless)

His mind has gone blank! Yes this is what happened with him .Arnav never in his life thought to ever gone through this much.he now don’t even know whom to believed or not.

His father ,his step mother ,his grandmother is killed by his little sister the same as their mother died years before.

His sister talk worst about their mother who was everything for them.

He slapped his sister but she don’t even flinched.

His one touch made his sister went to hell.she got panick attack.

His sister was sent to brotel house for two years.

His step sister knew about it and even added that His shona once have boyfriend who is somewhat responsible for it.

And now the girl whom he is attracted tell him that so called boyfriend of his sister is his brother and know both Shona and sara.and died because of Sara and Shona.

And this story …what it means?and why all this happened with his sister?why?

Khushi ke pal 
Kahan dhoondo
Be-nishan sa waqt bhi yahan hai

Moments of happiness
Where should I search/find
Time isn’t giving any sign

Khushi know he is totally confused but she need to tell him truth .the real truth as she looked at Swara unconscious state and somewhere she know who is responsible for her this state.

Khushi – two princess were your sisters Sara and Swara. The prince was My brother Zayn . the princess whose ego bruised too much SWARA and the friend of her ARJUN. And the siblings of Prince are Aarohi,ZeS,Roshani and whatever happening withyour sister Swara is because of Zes my brother who wanted revenge from Swara and I think already taken it .but now his next target is Arjun whom he come to know is the friend.

Arnav closed his eyes totally burning in rage as he said – Why are you telling me all this ?when you are too here for revenge?

Jaane kitne labon pe gine hain
Zindgi se kyi faasle hain
Bass chuke hain sapne kyun aankhon mein
Lakeerein jab chootein in haathon se
Yoon bewajah
(I don’t know how many times I have counted
the differences from life
Why have dreams made a permanent residence in my eyes
That fate crumbles in your hand
without any reason)

Khushi’s tears escaped but she whisper- because i have already lost my Zayn bhai and Roshani di in all this i don’t want anyone else to die. And for Swara ,she already got her punishment .but Arjun is still safe. I was here to just know about who was that MAN  ,killed my brother Zayn as per instruction of ZES bhai and it is done.Now no one will able to save Arjun from ZeS bhai.

Jo bheji thi dua
Wo jaake aasman 
Se yoon takra gai
Ke aagayi Hai laut ke sada

The prayer which was sent(to God)
has come back from sky
by crashing as such
That it has returned forever

Jo bheji thi dua
Wo jaake aasman 
Se yoon takra gai
Ke aagayi Hai laut ke sada

Arnav didn’t say anything and Khushi signed giving last look towards Swara with sad smile she turned to ge when she heard him making her froze on the spot.

“My Shona is mad about her loved once even can go to any extent for people whom she give space in her life.and She can sacrifice herself for them. And you didn’t know even  one thing Miss Gupta about SWARA MALIK that for her ARJUN GADODIA is important more then anything if she can save him past eight years from your blo*dy brother by destroying herself then she can go do anything. Her biggest weakness is her family but her biggest strength is she herself and You know she is Malik family women.who don’t know the meaning of defeat.”each words of Arnav Singh Raizada and tone of pride and trust made Khushi totally shocked.

Khushi just replied – i don’t wish same Arnavji ,well for starters you should know that your this sister even killed her dad ,step mother and Grandmother.

Arnav give her smirk – I know ,and soon your brother will see the same death but difference would be it should be me who will killed him infront of you.

Khushi eyes are teary because she got to know one thing that this man whom she fallen in love ,is mad about her sister more then anything. This much possession and obsession about Swara is proved ,that nothing is more important for him then her.but she is too damm who blurted out all truth fot him ,that he will help her to made everything good .but he is totally in his can someone like this?

Saanson se kahan rukh mod liye
Koi raah nazar mein na aaye
Dhadkan ne kahan dil chod diya
Kahan chode in jismon ne saaye
Ye hi baar-baar sochtan hoon
Tanha main yahan
Mere saath-saath chal raha hai 
Yaadon ka dhuan

Where did the ways part with breathing?
I couldn’t see any path
Where did the heartbeat left the heart?
Where did the shadow left this body?
This is what I think about all the time
in this loneliness
Walking alongside me
is the smoke of memories)

Arnav know his this declaration made her clear that meaning She is nothing for him infront of his Shona.he know he is hurting his own heart but he don’t give damm he know in every revenge he would sacrifice something if this revenge wants his love to be sacrifice he is ready. She is here to take revenge from Arjun and Arjun is part of His SHONA heart and he will die to save him.if this is what for his sister is breathing then he will make sure of it.

Khushi brokenhearted whisper- Take care Arnav Malik.

Jo bheji thi dua
Wo jaake aasman 
Se yoon takra gai
Ke aagayi 
Hai laut ke sada

Jo bheji thi dua
Wo jaake aasman 
Se yoon takra gai
Ke aagayi 
Hai laut ke sada

Jo bheji thi dua…….
Wo jaake aasman …….
Jo bheji thi dua…….
Bheji thi dua…….
Bheji thi dua…….
Bheji thi dua…….
Bheji thi dua…….

“You too Good bye Khushi” his tone is clear the meaning that whatever was ever between them is over.And now the war is ON.

But they both don’t know Sanskar and Laksh who came their to check on Swara heard each and everything standing near window. Thier eyes are moist and determined. They didn’t gone to Study ropm still first came here only to knew the truth .
Ragini walk inside the old factory of Malik and Maheshwari construction.

” What happened you here ?'”voice is alert.

Ragini spoke – Swara got panick attack. It was worst like hell.and your suspection was right Sara was too involved with Durga Prasad Maheshwari in Swara Kidnapping.but i don’t understand ….that why all this happening after ten years .

” Because Revenge of Blood is started that was taking shape in last ten years. We have to wait each moment to know every real fascade who destroyed my granddaughter ! Just like Durga Prasad , Sara will get her punishment with the same man and then others . keep patience Ragini …you are the only hope of mine to keep safe my Grandchildren .Arnav,Laksh ,Swara are surrounded by betrayal .They already ruined my innocent Swara but they should not be reached to wards my other grandsons. ” the determine voice of Anuradha Malik who is standing alive infront of Ragini. Made it clear that she is strong to stay behind her granddaughter .

Omkar Malik looked at his mother and Ragini ,he know all this is to keep them safe but still his Swara is damaged because of SARA is making him ashamed more than anything. He felt the trembling hands of Raina his wife who is shocked to the core knowing the truth of Sara.

He still remember that how yesterday ,his daughter made them sit inside the car and make sure they will be safely reached here.Swara silently did all this withdrawn even saying.yesterday when Ragini call them after taking Arjun to hospital and ask to act and say lie about all the happening he didn’t even understand but he trusted her .and now when it is clear that it was all act to know what happened with Swara years before… His eyes are red of anger anf disgust that all this years he upbring a snake in his own house between his innocent children which made his daughter to go to hell.
He will never forgive. SARA.never ever.

“Try everything possible Ragini that Sanskar comes to know about Sara soon as possible. My Swara should get justice.” As Raina Malik said those speechless words for her own daughter whom she kept for nine months.
Ragini is stunned at the elders.Well this is one reason that she don’t like Swara, this much love from unexpected persons in her life .Swara is so easy to love .well his brother is right but she can never stop disliking her but she respect her too.and admire her for the strength that She is breathing for her family. she is admirable women.And Ragini is here to help her by at any cost.

So,how was it guys !! Yes Sara was too involved with Dp making Swara conditions this worse. Khushi is here to do the same work which her Roshani can’t able to do Killing Swara but stopped seeing the heartless anf emptiness in her every gestures and lastly because She came to know by Sanskar emails and Mira telling past that the best friend of Swara was Arjun.and Arjun is the one who would have killed her eldest brother Zayn. And she will go to any extent to help her another brother ZeS to finished Arjun Gaododia.well Ragini is here to keep safe Arnav and Laksh by anyhow. and it was planned that Elders are still alive .But why this act and Swara herself made this act with help of Ragini but why? And who is ZeS and where is he? Well don’t be confused because Sara was talking to ZeS.who is calling himself Zayn.lets see what is next planned of Khushi and this unknown ZeS.

And what Aarohi is doing all this ?

And What will be our SWARA MALIK will do.

Guys response if you want next updatr because when i see low response i think its getting boring.

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