It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 22


Striking break she stopped the audi at the cliff top of city.taking deep breathe Swara hopped out of car and walked till the edge of cliff.

One step more…..and piece.

A piece which she only can get from death.

How irony she used to laugh once in a life at those people who finished their life and behave as coward’s.

But now she realized finishing life is more easy then breathing.

If she could get this piece…..

And then she can’t the thought of her death and then Sara pushing to.that life ….something she will never make it happen.

Her hands moved inside her business suit as she took out that Z&S locket.she gaze it hard.

“Step back Swara ,if you don’t want me to pulled you hard dammit!” Voice of angry Arnav echoed on cliff making Swara to put that locket inside and turned to see Arnav standing their beside his car.

Arnav walk up to her staring her with angry glint in his eyes -what the f**k! You really love to pushed all the strings of mine right by doing this nonsense stunts.
Swara ignoring his word’s said coldly- stalking is your part time job right! First at DHS then here. What you want Mr Raizada!
Arnav – As simple as that your smile ! Will you give me that pleasure Miss Malik?
Swara really stepped back not finding her voice and turned totally ignored the man who smile at her state .
Arnav – What happened i thought now you can give me that smile ?
Swara eyes turned too cold as the emptiness of the dried ocean in her eyes made her turned again to face him but this time with the determination.
” Don’t come close to me Mr Raizada because next you will destroyed.the same way as your mother Sujata Malik”
Swara voice was too distant and cold made Arnav face drained out of color.
Arnav snapped- she’s your mother too swara !! And Mom death is nothing related with you ! Why can’t you understand dammit !!!
Swara smirked – yeah that’s why the old lady lost her life to saving the ass of her shitty husband and  sacrificing her daughter as lamp !
Arnav is totally shocked at her words and the fact that she is talking about our mom!
Swara shook her head as her voice was too much distant – Shocked Mr Raizada hearding it ! Your Mother was too good and lovely but in her life her husband was her god and everything even blind madness! Which ironically she called her love ! Love the same word which she used to prove herself that she can go to any extent and she did MRS SUJATA MALIK prooved her love called shit to her husband by killing herself and destroying the precious relationship of a daughter and mother ! That women was crap.

The voice of slapped echoed on the cliff.and harsh breath of ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA with outrageous face and burning disguise in his eyes looking straight to blue eyes women who he slapped hard made him realized what he did in disbelief.

He stepped backed ……not in world he would have a thought to scratch his little sister and here he slapped her.

But he didn’t felt worst because this women deserved it.

And he said something which he never in world anyone even himself could believed he would said.

“I wish you would have never be in our life.and never be alive SWARA”
Hurt that’s what Arnav gone through but more then that realization drawn him that how he blinded his love for this so called sister of his.

And when he saw her face it didn’t have tinge of Pain,anger or even ashamed. The coldness of her face and the emptiness in her eyes made him shattered.

Sanskar look at the confused and curious faces of everyone.
Sanskar finally said – the five are mine and Swara kids…well Suraj is eldest one he is 17 ,then Ria is 16 she is one year younger then Suraj and Sameer – sanju are twins non indentical they are nibe years old and pari is youngest one seven years old. Suraj,Ria ,Sameer and Sanju are adopted and Pari is mine and Swara daughter. But it didn’t make any difference for me and Swara. And i will not like if anyone of you behaved with them any worse.
The tone of Sanskar was totally protective towards kids.
Laksh,Sara ,Mira ,Ragini,Aadarsh  andArjun didn’t say anything. Well for now its enough for them.
Samrat gaze around ask – where is Gupta sister’s? Didn’t saw them from yesterday!
It made everyday alert ,well its true both sisters are nowhere to be seen.
Laksh – I will ask Arnav Bhai!
” i saw him going out Laksh ” mira said .
Laksh nodded – fine then i call him and ask .Mira tommorow Aarav is coming abd he don’t know anything about his mom.
Mira eyes went wide – what ?
Laksh finally told her that Arnav and he don’t wanted Aarav to get hope or something until you come out of coma .so he think that his mother is dead.and it is for his good.
Mira tears fall – buy he is my baby.and now he would be seven years old ! God he don’t know about me !
Mira was about to hugged Laksh who.was sitting beside her on grass stopped by laksh hands on her arm.
It made Mira confused while others who were watching them carefully didn’t interrupt.
Laksh said silently-Mira i know you are struggling in emotions but we need to take care about our boundaries. I am married to Ragini and i will not take it granted .I am sorry mira but you need to understand that now we should behave as friends or just father and mother of Aarav.
As he stood up and walk out from lawn area leaving shocked  people.
No body have ever expected Laksh this side ,well he never loses cool and specially when it comes to Mira who is someone’s he always felt guilty destroying her life.but today he made something clear that he is not the same Laksh anymore who take all bulshit silently.specially any emotional reckless.
Ragini felt her heart beat raised unexpectedly ,something change but what ? Is laksh expecting their marriage life to be work? If yes then what she will do ? She need to go back from where she came !its impossible for her tp stay even if she wished for.
Aadarsh – Well i think Sanskar you should introduced us with kids if you are comfortable. And tomorrow is the ending rituals so the media and all VVIP would be here ,it would be good if the kids shouldn’t be here.
Samrat said- i will take care of it.and Sanskar…we have ..
Samrat turned to only see sanskar urgently took his mobile and started calling with totally tense posture.
Sanskar tried calling as his thought just “is she ok?”
As they both stand in silence the drops of water fell from his eyes corner and he soon realized that his eyes are turned red and the tears of hurts and pains made their way.

Swara look at his tears and next she just said – Don’t waste them on no one like me Mr Raizada .these are too precious to be waste.

And that’s when Arnav realized his shona is died years before and the women in front of him is just heartless women.

It hurt him damm much and then he blinded in rage grabbed Swara arms screamed -“YOU ARE MURDERER WHO KILLED MY SHONA !!!! WHY blo*dy WOMEN WHY!!!!!'”

As he pushed her hard on ground he didn’t notice the shivering body of that womem nor her hiccups ,her trembling lips and her folding her knees to her chest  shutting her eyes closed dead ,whimpering continuously-“no …no…don’t.. .am…not..that..girl..please…my………navbhai..please…sir…..DON’T TOUCH ME PLEASE …i begged….you…NAV BHAI !!!!LUCKY !!!!……stop…it…aaaaahhhhhhhh”!!!!!!!!
That whimpering turned into screamed her pleading begging everything started growing more historical because of the touch she didn’t realized that its her Nav bhai who is trying to make her awake from her panicked attack as it turned more historical and soon her breathing swallowed and she passed out in arnav arms who is numb and shaken after seeing what just happened.Not believing what just happened to Swara.his blankness was out when the phone vibrant near his hand its Swara mobile. He fastly received it.
“Where are you?Are you …alright??” The voice Of Sanskar who is totally concerns to the death came from opposite side.
Arnav with shaking breathe said clutching the mobile- She  fainted…and..don’t know.. What..happened suddenly.. And..

But the call was already disconnected ..just the voice of Arnav.

And it didn’t take more then fifteen minutes when the white Mercedes with reckless speed stopped infront of  numb Arnav and fainted Swara.
Pushing the car door SANSKAR MAHESHWARI who saw the all this with wounded rage and next he pushed hard Arnav and lifted Swara in his arms.Samrat who came with him saw Swara his face was anger but when he saw Arnav standing numb staring Swara he know that Arnav is in shocked.
Samrat walk upto him and shook him with force that Arnav come back to sense as he whisper-“what happened to my shona ?why she is crying?? …tell me dammit !!!!what the f**k she is not opening her eyes !!!!
Samrat eyes are moist seeing the vulnerable Arnav .
Sanskar didn’t wait for a second making swara lieing on back seat .he shouted in rage -“SAMRAT !!! Where the hell are you doing !!! Hold HER now !!!!fast !!!
Samrat run past Arnav and settled himself on back seat holding swara head on his lap trying to wake het up.
Sanskar settled on driving seat and zoomed off the car in impossible speed.
Arnav who was standing like statue and run towards hia car and followed them as soon as possible.

Ria sat beside suraj at the balcony as he was like always gazing at door to wait for Hottie.
Ria smile- you know hottie would have work ! She can be late ,lets go for dinner.
Suraj shook his head in denial ,if he is with Hottie he would dinner with her !and he is stubborn about it.its his habit last eight year .he still remember when he was nine year old and first time in his life someone has feed him moral and it was Hottie who herself didn’t ate for two days but feed him.
Ria – hey Bro stop with your thoughts! And tell me what are you thinking …any girl?
Suraj smile at his sister ,she is just one year younger with him but always behave like pari !!
Suraj signed with his hand that he is thinking about when this Ria radio will shut up !
Ria mouth dropped open and next Ria was chasing Laughing Suraj !!
Ria shouting- you Suraj the donkey let me tell you who is radio!!
Few minutes later Ria and Suraj fell on couch laughing hard looking each other .
Laksh who was passing from their saw all that didn’t help but smile fondly. As the memories of his and Swara teasing and chasing flashed in his mind making his heart sink.
“Ria sis and suraj bro are always like this !” Laksh look down to the Sameer who is eating chips.
Laksh smile and kneels down- but what about you? Is my friend is also too naughty !
Sameer grins sweetly- Oh Magacian Lucky you really don’t know i am biggest prankster from five of us but Hottie always get me!
Laksh laugh but then his thought struck and he ask – Who’s Hottie? Sameer .
Ria and Suraj who noticed them and heard about it .
Ria interrupted- We called Sammei as Hottie!
“oh!” Laksh couldn’t say anymore something is wrong, if Swara and Sanskar adopted the kids then why didn’t call them “mom” or “dad” .but he shouldn’t interrogate them.
Suraj signed Sameer to go with ria to Hottie room as they both nodded and left.
While Laksh didn’t understand a think.
Laksh confused- why are signing them?
Suraj smile at him and pulled out his mobile and type something on it.and give it to Laksh.

“Hi..i am Suraj Maheshwari and i know you as Famous designer Lucky sir . about signing my hands ,i can’t speak and don’t care about it ,my family is everything to me and their love is too much to look for this flaw.”
Laksh read somewhere he can see himself in Suraj the same sense and carefree him ,Suraj lovea his family. And somewhere he really started feeling protective for this boy.
Laksh hand his mobile back and ask suddenly- Will you come for football tomorrow morning with me?
Suraj is surprise because whenever he told someone about his inabilities can’t speak thenhe always got sympathy look apart from his family. No ever tried to freind him ever.
Laksh smile and said – well for starters i am your Mamu(uncle) this means your hottie brother. And i will make sure that next time i start learning to communicate with you easily
Suraj was shocked he didn’t know that hottie have brothers. And so much cool dude.and he really liked him.but he needed hottie permission so he write it in mobile.and Laksh read and understand.
Laksh -thats okay.
“blo*dy HECK ROBIN bring the water now !!!! ” shout of Sanskar from hall made everyone in palace bring out from the lawn .
Aadarsh and Arjun who just came from lawn with Sara ,Mira and Ragini look shocked Sanskar coming inside the palace with unconscious Swara lifting in his arms with rage and dead look.
Begin him Samrat and Arnav on toes.
Misha too came out running with Ria ,3S and pari as they all shocked to see Swara state.
Laksh was the one who came lastly and didn’t even expected this.
“What happened to Swara ??”
” How this happened Sanskar !!”
“Is she hurt?”

Sanskar ignored their question simply took Glass water from Robin.
Sanskar angrily shouted -Samrat bring the injection and medicine !!!!now you Fool!!!
Samrat who already gone came out with horror look stammer- Sanskar !! Injection and Medicine stocks are out i have saw in her bags its not their not even i have spares !!!.
Sanskar was totally looks utterly utterly broken ,a man in agonizing pain,as he panickly look at Swara unconscious body ,shaking his breathe he sprinkled some water on her face anticipated coming worst.

As Swara eyes are opening slowly ,steadily.

All signed in releif but only Sanskar and Samrat know what is coming!!

Samrat turned towards Misha – Take kids upstairs Misha now !
Misha is surprised at the tone of Samrat which is totally rough.

But one look at devastated face of Sanskar she did it.Suraj ,Ria look at each other teary eyes but walk with Misha holding hands of Sameer ,Sanju and Pari who are too quiet.

Aadarsh didn’t know why but he remembered yesterday before morning where Swara fell on her knees screaming and shivering and now this.
Laksh couldn’t help but look at totally his both siblings one is half unconscious and another is in shocked!!he is so concerns ,what gey wrong in some time.

Sanskar lifted Swara in her half contious state and made his way towards her old room as he made her lied .she is trying to breathe..

Samrat stand outside of room with tears he had already called his man to bring the injection and medicine as soon as possible buy it can’t be here before Morning he just wished she be in unconscious. Don’t opened her eyes tonight.

Laksh,Sara,Ragini and Mira are totally confused.while Arnav still getting over with it.and Arjun is somewhat getting the happened but not fully.
Aadarsh – Arnav what happened will you tell now ?
Before Arnav could say they all heard screaming of Swara and run towards the room where Samrat was already standing at door edge pale as ghost and what they saw they were shaken to the hell.

Swara closed her  eyes tigthly  drowsy breathing harshly when she felt familiar touch she grasped Sanskar hands harshly screaming- THEY ARE KILLING ME !!!STOP THEM PLEASE I BEG YOU SIR STOP THEM PLEASE PLEASE …. He will take my …sister ….no…no.please..(in meantime Swara started hitting and throwing her legs ,shooking her head in no…) I will ….do….it…please..sir…’t……type..of..girl…..its..hurting .please..please take away that…secret…its..burning… Ahhhhhhhh…….please…huh…hhhhuuuhh……i ….am..not…whore…i…….shona….shona…navbhai…shona…no…please..please..let…he… sir…aaaaaahhhhhhh….
…you..misunderstood me…please..don’t touch me…no..don’t……me..please….please…ahhhhhhhh….please……………”and it goes on again her screaming pleading her breathing… Her..hands continuously pulling Sanskar to her and beating his chest with her fist ,her legs are jerking in air continously throwing trying to get out from there her head are shaking “no”…. She is covered with sweating… Pulling pushing the hell out of it.
And Sanskar just staring at her holding her tightly ,silently taking all  her  hitting.
After ..four hours her screaming went slow and whimpering… Her face is now wet with sweats…

“… Please…sanskar…please..don’t..’t leave…me..please….” Atlast swara passed out mumering last words as whisper.
But Sanskar heard it and past eight years he is hearding it .this is what make. Him to go all the hell for her…her words and plead to him..his angel is struggling with her demons and he will help her and be with her by hook or crook..his own eyes are teary but he have stopped crying.. Because she never cried ..even in this conditions….
Sanskar was about to go and take towel to clean her sweats when his hands held firmly by her .he sit back gazing her beautiful face ,.
“I….i..san….” Her sleepy words and tiring voice made him frown. She never did this after passing out she never spoken in sleep.
Sanskar lean and kiss her forhead whispering lovingly- “sleep desert rose..”
His tears dropped on her cheek making her whimper in her sleep.


As soon as Sanskar moved out of room he saw the peoples standing shocked and hurt .
Sara angrily shouted -What the hell was that !!!!what have you done with swara !!!
Sanskar hissed back- Stop with your nonsense, my wife is sleeping if because of anyone of you her sleep disturb i will get you all hell to see .

Aa they all silently walk downstairs..

And then without any warning Sanskar launched the punched on Arnav making him fallen back..

It came as blow.
Sanskar spoke deadly – Did you be any chance touch Swara !

Arnav is now fully aware what’s happening and next he punched back on Sanskar burning in rage – What you did with my sister dammit!!!!

“She was in brutal house for two years ,isn’t? ” the whisper of SARA MALIK

Made Sanskar and Arjun snapped their heads at her with shocked.

“Pleaasseee response !”

And the cover image is of Suraj .

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