It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( color of change love and revenge ) chapter 21


I am back with another chapter guys!!! But you all are disappointed me by your response is my this season is so bore !!!/please don’t say yes!!! Fine i will not bore you now by my bak bak here lets start chapter!!!

“Owee! Shit its paining!” He murmer as he slowly open his eyes finally coming back to reality as he observed he is in white room surrounded by machines plugged with body and oxygen mask and his right hand is not moving.
“Welcome back Mr Arjun Gadodia!” Dr Singh greeted him coming inside with a nurse and holding file.

Arjun narrowed his eyes in anger as he snapped- its AG for you Doc!
Dr Singh smile dropped but then he ask in formally- how are you feeling now young man?
Arjun tried to sit but winced in pain “aahh” as dr Singh and Nurse helped him to sit comfortably.

Arjun – thanks and yes feeling like trapped. Will you tell me what’s wrong with me …and clearly!!
Before Dr Singh could say anything door opened as Ragini standing thier with moist eyes and happily faced .
Dr Singh – please Miss Ragini you are not allowed now !
Ragini ignored Dr and directly went to Arjun and hugged him lightly carefully not pressurizing his wounds.
Arjun stiff but then feeling wetness on hospital gown he caress her hair with his left hand continously whispering- i am fine now .hey relax sweetheart …sshh ladoo relax sister.
Ragini sobbing hard .

Arjun glance at smiling faces of Dr and nurse making him more mad.
Arjun said in stony voice- dr explain me what happened to me and move out please.
Dr singh is now totally angry with this young man as he said – injured your right hand and can’t able to use it for two months and you need rest and not to stress.
Arjun – what about discharge ?
Ragini frowned – you are going to be here for next one week !!!
Arjun is now pissed off as he snapped- i will decide this Miss Gadodia and now you can be get away ! And Dr prepared my discharge papers this evening and i am not at all ready for any freaking argument.
Dr singh mutter “devil god ! Stubborn young man!” And nodding his head with nurse.
While Ragini shook her head knowing how much Arjun HATED hospital and doctors from childhood!!
Ragini sat on stool and stared him who is now relax after doctor moved out.
Arjun while closed his eyes – stop staring me Miss Gadodia!and tell me how much time i am here in this bed!

Ragini whisper emotional- Are you ok Arjun bhai please tell me ?
Arjun nodded and said – now tell me !
Ragini signed – last 15 hours you are unconscious and outside Laksh,Arnav,Sanskar,Sara,Mira and Aadarsh are waiting to meet you .
“And lioness …i mean swara didn’t she is outside ?” His voice was so much vulnerable and shattered that Ragini tears escaped seeing her brother so much asking for that one person whom everyone blaming for his this condition and that SHE for once didn’t came here to even glance at him ! It made her more hatred for that swara taking this much importance in her brother life still.
Ragini mutter – no Arjun bhai Miss Swara Malik is too busy in her own to come here!
Arjun closed his wiped the silent tear and leaned back ordering-Ragini i wanted to be alone for sometime.

Ragini clench her fist seeing her brother this much hurt .
Ragini – Arjun bhai everyone is waiting to meet you once please just for sometime.
Arjun nodded and looked outside of window at the bright morning blue sky.
Ragini moved out while Arjun couldn’t help to stop his burning tears.
He never cried.
No , he have cried but just once for his thinking his lioness is not alive .
Now he is devastated ,words of Misha is still ringing his ears.
His lioness…in that… Bo-…no he can’t dare to take that hell name !!
He is not thinking that Swara didn’t came to see him! He really don’t care about it ! If he even died in that blo*dy fire it doesn’t matter because his heart died totally just by getting to know that his lioness had been died at every second in that hell.he can’t came over to think of that . he really wanted to hug his best friend ,ask her to scream ,to shout take out all the outburst but please be the same lioness again. But now when he came to know what had happened to his lioness he can’t able to breathe ,he don’t have guts to even look at her eyes for once! He failed to protect his everything .
He failed.
He failed his lionesa trust.
He failed to protect his lioness dignity.
He failed to be true friend of his lioness.
He failed and now he know his lioness is not alive anymore ,its just dead living body as named “SWARA MALIK” .

“You ok dude?” Arjun glance up to see SANSKAR standing infront of him with tired face and red eyes.
Arjun stammer – i am fine.
Sanskar noticed Arjun red teary eye and shattered look.- i never know that great Arjun is still fear with hospital !! Hmm i got to know that you have already given doctor singh angry look and..
“Is there is any chance to get my dead lioness back Sanskar?” Arjun vulnerable voice made Sanskar jerk off .
Sanskar stared hard at Arjun for a minute .
No one exchange a word for few minutes.
That silent told it all.
Sanskar stood up and said in hard voice – get well soon.
And he left without for once saying anything.
Arjun look at retreating figure of sanskar, and he got the answer.

Lioness or even Swara Malik is dead that women is just dead living body with still name of “AKIRA”

Misha walk inside the GOMTI SADAN to be greeted by Ria and 3S having fun in pool side area and then pari is sitting with Samrat eating ice cream.
Samrat look at her – hey you back ! How is everything their?
Misha said grim – yes ,all is ok ! And they are alloted new apartment.but where is Sanskar boss ?
Samrat signal her to go hall as he too come their.Misha nodded and moved to hall.
After some time Samrat came.
Samrat – you know Lawyer AG ,he is hospitalized because of accident happened yesterday SHEESHMAHAL .
Misha shocked – What are you saying!!
Samrat – i got to know from Sanskar he is still in hospital and thank god he is safe now its happened due to shortcircuit and his whole room fire.
Misha couldn’t help but felt like broken ! How the hell this happened only yesterday she have talked to Arjun boss and now he is in hospital. But she need to control herself.

“Hottie ! Suraj bro is splashing water on me !!” Samrat and Misha heard pari shout and calling Swara.well when she came?

They both went to pool side where Swara is on call and wiping pari face.
Swara on phone -“…i don’t give f**k to about Ahmed’s company just cancelled the deal Mark ,….so what Mark! I am not scared with their blo*dy warning if they wanted fight in court then their are welcome because Sammie know how to destroy every piece of enemies!… Email me every details now !”
As she cut the call .
Pari said grinning- hottie you were like eating Mark uncle!
Swara shook her head and said – you are now clean Pari ans time for your milk !
Pari pout and Swara signed- don’t even think of it !you are not getting away with milk !
Pari pouted more with her hands pleading- please don’t do this with me my hottie you are hot then sun !!
Ria ,Suraj ,Sameer and Sanju who came out of pool heard pari and burst out laughing even Misha and Samrat joined them laughing.
Swara just said – come now Pari!
Pari look at god and shout in dramatic mode – why god ?? Why you are doing this with me ! I am so small and that milk glass is so big! Please say hottie not to do this with me!
Sameer and Sanju look at each other then laughing shouted together- shut up pari!!!
Pari humped .
All laugh hard at her reaction. Misha who was laughing gaze at Swara who again got busy in her mobile with emotionless face not at all bothering anything like always .Misha eyes turned moist just thinking about what have been Swara suffered in that hell for two long years !
Swara stood up ordering – you all moved to dining area and then pack your stuff after that.
All are confused.
Swara continued- you all are moving to palace .Samrat and Miss Raichand be ready for shift .
Swara left without a word more .and no body not even expected. It was always like this.
Samrat cheerfully- Milky shake time kiddoo!!!!
“Why god You destroyed this women ? this women who is so much means to everyone is damage beyond repair”thought Misha Raichand wiping her tears.
Swara was going out of mansion only to come across with SANSKAR who was sitting on car bumper gazing at revolver holding in his hand.
Swara just glance and again started walking when his voice froze at her.
” Mistress huh! That’s what you said to Aadarsh bhai right My wife”his voice coated with burning rage and worst anger.
Swara turned to have detached look and coldness.
Sanskar jump out of car bumper walk up to her and stand infront of her gazing her with burning rage as he whisper – you will not stop right ! How many times i have to scream that YOU ARE NOT MY MISTRESS BUT MY WIFE!
Swara said coldly – SIR by marrying a s*l*u*t didn’t change my appearance and i am telling what is truth  . if you are forgetton then i may remind you that you bought a pr*stitute women name “AKIRA” and made her mistress for five months and then order her to sign marriage papers and give condition for her freedom to give you a baby .which i have fulfilled years before but still i am here and SIR you ask me divorce like you are asking your WIFE but i am WHORE who slept with 80mens and very much experienced.
People said death can be painful but for him his love is the painful thing in the world .he died each moment hearding her cutting words years before he even slapped her ,did everything to stop her and her word’s and in one edge she killed her dracula his love with her words and act that now he didn’t feel love for her but madness for her and this much madness that he will go to any extent to break all the ice around her dead heart .and he is doing this last eight years slowly.and now he will reply her because now is the time to break her another ice.

Sanskar chuckle painly as he grabbed her waist and whisper – I know this wifey and even learned it so you don’t need to remind me.but you should see that past eight years i am your only physical desire and everything. I have marked you from past eight years ,each night you begged for my mercy and it will be only me you begged until last breathe. No one else.
He left her and turned to go leaving shocked Swara on his madness word’s .
“Arjun got to know everything about you ” he whispered and left inside.but once turned to glance at her who for once reflect pain which immediately covered with emotionaless look.
Arnav find himself infront of commisioner of police at outskirts of city with Laksh and Aadarsh staring hardly at the four dead bodies of the people who were once was his family .
Police commisioner sympathy – I am sorry ASR for your loss ,it is accident as we got to know that your father The  party Leader Omkar Malik was coming to hospital with his wife and mother when the drunk truck driver crashed the car.
Arnav look at him with wounded eyes as he said – its ok Commisioner We would be ok ,we would like to know when we can get the bodies to complete the rituals of their.
Police officer look at ASR and understand why people called him ruthless shrewd business his emotions are always in check and never show his weakness. He nodded and left .
Arnav signed and walk towards Laksh who was like him staring the dead bodies while Aadrash talking with Commisioner talking about robbers who killed DP uncle and controlling everything about media.

Laksh felt Arnav bhai hand on his shoulder .he look at him and then again gaze on white cloths totally  covered bodies.
Laksh whisper – isn’t strange the accident was exactly how it happened ten years before with mom.the same way she died .
Arnav nodded said in mechanic way – we have to clear the media issue and inform remaing all back to hospital. Lets leave Aadarsh is here to take care of Police.
Laksh – YOU really love HER more than anything because its so easy to guess who did this when we were yeaterday blaming her in hospital.
” If SHE did this then their would be any reason and don’t ever speak this matter again Laksh remember only what police said !”Aadarsh voice was clear which made Laksh astonished of how much SWARA is possession of everyone for LOVE AND HATRED and no one will ever give her a one scratch if she even killed whole world.this is what she is a girl who cage everyone inside her with golden heart and charming nature ,a angel that now became heartless women .but have the same effects .laksh look at both men who don’t have one hurt about getting orphaned including him.but more worried to close the case just SWARA should be safe.and if he have option to choose his dead family justice by telling police about real killer or safe his HEART .
He will defiantly choose his HEART.because for him his HEART is his SWARA his little sister same way as his Arnav bhai.but he know his possession have no bounds with Swara.he adored Swara more than anyone.
Laksh finally- you both be here and handle media. I will take care of everyone in hospital.
Conferming both of them that he is with them.

Sara gaze at the news constantly sipping coffee sitting beside Mira who is somewhat composed herself. Sara look around Arjun discharged from hospital and sitting with them in living area having not at all bothering look about this ,Laksh is busy in his designs sitting at dining area,Arnav with Aadarsh discussing about last rituals of next day when the dead bodies of dad,mom,dadi,and Dp uncle will be brought. Ragini is taking care of dinner and especially for Arjun meal.Sara checked herself she don’t even feeling at all hurt somewhat pain but it fad away because she know how much these four people somewhere their all life this way.
“We are back at this palace bf!!!its so big !!!” The excited voice RIA MAHESHWARI made all the heads turned towards entrance .

There stood SURAJ , RIA , SAMEER ,SANJU AND PARI with grinning and excitement expression looking all around the palace.

Sara , Mira ,Arnav ,Laksh Aadarsh and Ragini are confused seeing these two teenager kids with two small boys  and one angelic girl who somewhat looked familiar to them.

But Arjun know more than these kids even know each other.after a benefit of having efficient employee Misha.

Suraj look at all the people staring them he smile a little and look behind for Samrat or Misha. But no one was there.he frown then shook Ria who is smiling sheepily feeling so much but her eyes on handsome mens !!!!who are damm hot and s*xy !!! Looking at Arnav she is feeling like faint at the spot.
Suraj hit his head with palm at her daze sister then he tried to shook pari whp was staring Arjun like yummy icecream !!!god his sister’s!!! And last option his brothers and then he saw Sameer looking at dining table area where Laksh is sitting with chocolate pastry then suraj signed and finally he felt Sanju tapping his hand and he smile that one siblings is here in sense.
Sanju said aloud grinning – Suraj bro that (Sara)Girl is soo cute !!! Will she become my friend and then i can offer her my toys.
Suraj felt like smashing his head on wall !!! His siblings can make him go insane.

Sara who just heard the small boy talk laughed but not only she others too smiled.
Ragini came forward and ask – hmm will i know whom you came to meet kids?

“THEY ARE HERE TO LIVE RAGINI!” voice of Sanskar boomed all over the palace .

Sara more confused – but whose kids are they Sanskar ?

Sanskar replied proudly -MY KIDS !

It made all stunned .
Mira to come towards them – Sanskar bhai your kids ? What do you mean ?

Sanskar replied calmly- i will tell everything after sometimes. (Looking at the kids) you all go upstairs where were you yesterday before and Suraj take care of it.
Suraj signed ok and started moving forward .but when he turned no one was following him.

Arnav look at shying teenager girl ,well he know about his charm but never thought to see this much effect on a teenager kid.he clear throat.
Ria hesitant smile shyly – err..hello I am Ria Maheshwari and i am your big fan ASR…you are best businessman
Arnav said huskily- Hi..Ria and thanks for compliment.
Ria felt her knees weak at his voice as she was about say anything Suraj hold her wrist and dragged her to stairs then.moved towards Sanju.

Sanju grinning – you are so cute like pari teddy bear .Will you be my special friend?
Sara smiling at the small kid – your name ?
Sanju shouting- Sanju Maheshwari ,if you became my friend i will share my toys with you even suraj bro special skates!!promise?
Sara just pulled his cheek laughing- you are damm sweetheart Sanju and i am more like to be your friend well special friend.
Sanju jumping happily – yippie!!!! But what is your name ?
Sara kissing his cheek- Sara Malik.
Before sanju started shying at the kiss Suraj dragged him from their .and makr him stand beside Ria giving them signed towards upstairs who silently moved upstairs still glancing both Arnav and Sara.
Suraj look towards Sameer as he walk up to him.
Laksh look at the  small boy who is staring the pastries like his life dependent on that making him chuckle. He give the plate to him.
Sameer take immediately saying- you are best dude ! But how you know that i wanted that ?
Laksh chuckling- have some magical Powers your name?
Sameer muching pastries said – Sameer Maheshwari..and your magician?
Laksh chuckling – Laksh but call me whatever you wanted!
Sameer grinning- sure Lucky magician.
Suraj tap his head and sameer grinning at them moved towards upstairs. Suraj finally signing look for dramabaaz!!!
Arjun stared at small version of Swara looking totally looking like angel.
Pari said dramatically – oh my prince charming where were you !!!leaving me  your princess!!! And this wound !!who tried to hurt you my prince !!?? I will heal you my Prince with my snowbeauty kiss !!!
And before Pari jumped on Arjun ,she pulled away by with firm hold as she shouted-“hottie !!!! Leave me my prince charming is hurt !!!”
And SWARA who was now taken pari in her arms couldn’t help but smile little at her ,how her small doll can feel her touch from blind eyes.
Suraj took Pari in his arms signing Hottie  that he will take care of this dramabaaz.
While Pari still shouting- “don’t worry my prince charming i will kiss you soon don’t go anywhere!!”
Sanju and Sameer said together-shut up pari!’
And they five left .
Then all Hall busrt into laughter .a huge hard laughing.
Swara look around glancing at laughing faces of all but didn’t even bothering she walk towards dining table fetch water.
But they all are laughing hard.
Laksh who was controlling his laugh ,laugh more seeing Arjun stunned face.
Aadarsh commented laughing- i never know AG can even flushed by small little girl!
Sara joining him- i agree Aadarsh look prince charming ia harmed !!
Arnav said chuckling- well princess is upstairs we have to get her back to kiss prince !
Ragini laughing- no no !! not to worry Arnav prince charming will get his kiss tommorow for sure !!hahahaha.
Mira grinning meschiviously – look at your face prince charming ypu ate flushed !!!hahaha
Sanskar said atlast laughing- Pari is like this only dramabaaz but i never know this much craziness and you lawyer you are flushing like hell!
Arjun look here and their his cheeks are too red .
Laksh commented laughing – i don’t think that anyone would have made this devil this much flushed!!
Swara signed and walk out while everyone stopped at the track watching HER again leaving from happy moment.

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