It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 41

Swara – i am not dream.

Arnav and Arjun who were sitting beside her,just glance and stare and WHAT THE f**k !!!!!

They jump on the sofa and stared at HER HARD !!!! With jaw dropped and wide eyes.They were prepared to face vulnerable or even more cold hearted women in this morning but this IS blo*dy UNEXPECTED!!

Arnav immediately touch her forhead lightly ask worried way – You have fever ,or any attack ??

Arjun too agreed with Arnav and panicked said – I think ,yesterday all that shit made her shocked more then anything, I am totally worried Arnav is she losing her mentality??

Arnav – dammit ,we need call those blo*dy doctors ,what they did with her !!!I am going to skin them alive !!

Arjun – literally that old f**ker !!!I am not going to leave him !!

“SHUTTTT UPPPP!!!!!!!” screaming the hell out of Swara stood up fuming!!!

While Both Arnav and Arjun stumbled back im stunned and scared.

Robin who was coming with coffee still in shocked ,hearding the lioness scream he fallen with coffee.

Swara was breathing fire ,her whole face turned red with anger !

Swara pointing both Arnav and Arjun – YOU BOTH SITDOWN QUIETLY NOW !

And they both didn’t take second to obey it.

Swara turned towards Robin and ordered – YOU STAND UP AND GET ME COFFEE NOW!

Robin run away with tray like cat ,he is literally thinking to go back village ,this palace is filled Wild animals!

Finally calming herself ,Swara sat infront of them on glass table .

Next ten minutes no body dare to open mouth ,while Robin like sheep serve their coffee and left.

Swara said calmly while having her coffee getting feeling of heavenly – Why you both react like mad?

Still Arnav and Arjun were in shocked and scare to say something.

Arjun explained to Swara – you are having soft look on your face ,you are dressing like your old self ,you are not sounding like SWARA MALIK that’s it .

“Oh” came her reply ,which is full embarassed ,Swara smile sheepily and look here their .

Arjun and Arnav saw her this change with more shocked look .

Swara bit her lowee lip trying to not smile at their shocked face then said ,-well..i just…i mean. ..we have..thought… to..give..chance.. I..

Arnav and Arjun knew at that moment what she is talking, Arnav like gentleman for once in his life said – Swara I will talk to you after sometime.

He is her brother for godsake!!!

But Arjun was still their ,and He is NOT her brother but her devil .

Arjun smirking ask- So Swara what were you saying ?

Swara now wanted to come in her god damm icequeen way but knewing the situation she is totally trapped ! “i will not leave Maheshwari!!!”her thoughts were totally going that way !

Swara stammering – err..well..Arjun..that..

And Arjun can’t control more then it ,he was laughing hard like anything while Swara runaway from their after becoming total version of tomato !

Arjun think ” finally that stupid madlover made her to live again, they are both meant to be each other seeing both are stubborn to hell!”

Swara who was now.finally out of that awkward situation sit on dining area and knew she have to eat something because her stomach is aching now .She saw Laksh coming and silently sitting beside her with no Ragini.She get it but didn’t disturbed him and took toast to eat.

Laksh whisper brokenly- She left.
Swara replied back – she is b*t*h.
Laksh – I love her.
Swara -i hate her.
Laksh – then why you helped me to marry her ?
Swara – because you were literally wanted that b*t*h from childhood!
Laksh -So you knew it!
Swara – from the moment when you didn’t slapped her for ruining my life ,insitead kiss!what was that “my sister is my heart then you are my heartbeat”, heartbeat my foot!

Swara – simply ,because that b*t*h call me accidentally or say intentionally to let me hear it .
Laksh repeated honestly-She is b*t*h.but still i love her !
Swara – you are creepy!
Laksh – then you are mystery!
Swara – you love that b*t*h!who hate me to destroyed my factory!
Laksh -you forgiven that madman !who manipulate your own daughter!
Swara -he is sorry for it!

Laksh -then she is sorry for it too!
Swara -you are comparing b*t*h to Sanskar!how disgusting!
Laksh- because they both are alike!don’t forget they both are possessive about you and me !
Swara -you are right and annoying!
Laksh -I am your brother and happy for you !to see your smile back.
Swara – and I am your sister and very much happy for me that b*t*h is not here !
Laksh -You are heartless!
Swara -You are Mean!

” and you both are going to get my scolding “said Arnav sitting infront of them ,with Arjun both are amused at their great argument.

Arnav -Seriously what you both are 5?
Swara shrugged saying- he is worried for that b*t*h!
Laksh replied back- and she is forgiven that(Sanskar)idiot for using Pari!

Swara – If you are worried for Pari then you should know that b*t*h too used Pari for getting you!so level equal!
Laksh -fine you won but i still love that b*t*h only!
Swara grinning- I am too good you see!and beside don’t even dare to think anyone is going to help you to get your great love!

Arnav interrupted- Swara he love her !Shouldn’t he decide whom he love!

Swara – but…

Arjun – Swara you should know we three have given our heart to those women who are responsible for your ruining life !

Swara was now shocked.

Arnav – But seeing you now moving on, what do you think we should do?isn’t you and Sanskar forgiven that Samrat !

Laksh smile seeing both Arnav and Arjun taking right decision.

Swara said in annoyance- So you both too love Sara and Meera ,In no way in hell i am.going to tolerate these three vamp near me!

“WHAT THE!!” it was reaction of three of them.

Laksh- Swara what do you mean ,who told you that?Mira and Sara?

Swara -What? Isn’t they are whom you both love right.

Arjun – Swara please for god sake don’t be totally idiot ! I thought you are smart enough to know it .

Swara shrugged- listen i only saw you being close with Sara and Arnav bhai with Mira then what i say wrong?

Arnav groaned in frustration !His sister is totally idiot about Love !he got it!

Laksh smirk – you know Swara you are really one smart women in company of Sanskar!

Swara who was now totally frustrated with their what the hell look ,said – Where is dad ?

Laksh – he is gone to Delhi for some conference and would directly come Mumbai !

Swara – that’s ok ,and you three listen carefully ,all this love language and whatever is not my cup of tea ,besides i have work which is my boyfriend and first husband !Because other then it ,I have only saw love which Sanskar do !And that’s also like Revenge ,so don’t come to me to expect that i am ready for those three vamp!

She stood up and walk away while all three mouths were hang open.

Arjun -where is that Sanskar !!!

Robin -Sir ,He is still sleeping.

Arnav -strange that man don’t sleep this much.
Arjun winking at both Arnav and Laksh said – it was long night for him,can’t you see your sister and understand.

Laksh and Arnav both look away totally embarrassing while Arjun was really enjoying these three siblings embarrassment !

“Aahh” grasping his head ,he open his eyes ,god its feeling terrible pain in his head ,like earth is coming. He look around then heard typing sound from pool side ,taking support of bed he stood and walk towards the sound, as he closed he saw a very much normal scene.His Swara working in laptop with utter concentration and that made his pain to flew out of window.

“You look handsome!” He heard her ,stunned because he was so concentrated to gazing her that he didn’t notice her looking him up and smiling.

Sanskar came sat beside her – and you look precious.

Swara chuckle – again new nickname?

Sanskar shrugged off saying-you are worth of every name precious.

Swara shook her head and kept laptop beside her and look straight in his intense eyes – tell me something about you ?

Sanskar confused- huh ? Madam you live with me from past eight years even you were the girl who knew me past twelve years ,then what you wanted to know about.

Swara give sad smile .

Swara – I just know you are man who love me more then anything in his life ,well actually more then his life because his life is in my every breathe, I just knew you are the man who is proud of me ,admire me,let me even give the feel on of being mother,you are the man who just knew my every wish is his,you are stubborn just like me ,you are the man who turned world upside down to get me in India ,and to let me face my past ,and I just know you are the man whose happiness lies with me and…let me think yeah you like actions movies, your another part is your career which you enjoyed, and you love eating Samrat cookfood,your favourite drink is scotch and you like to drink it with Samrat ,you are silent type man and you are best son your mother can get,you love your mother and respect, and that’s the reason you always look at me as your mother shadow, and ….you like to have breakfast with me and you like when i call your name ,that’s it.

Sanskar was shocked would be understatement ,his precious knew everything about him more then him which left him shocked ,he just grabbed her nape and kisa her senselessly.

After the intense kiss both look at each other heavenly.

Sanskar -you knew more then enough of me Swara.and why this sudden queries?

Taking her in his arms ,they both lied on recliner. ,she was lying on him breathing his smell.

Swara mumbled sadly – i don’t know love !
Sanskar smile at her and kiss her hair ,tightly hugging her – hmm that’s different case ,you know love Swara more then anyone here ,more then me.
Swara look up ,with surprised look.
Sanskar again giving her mindnumbing kiss said – you don’t believe me ?
Swara -I believe you more then anyone, but this time you are wrong! I never love anyone and how much i am drawn to my own meseries to see your love ,i just saw your love nothing else.
Sanskar-I will tell you soon,but now you just let free your self love,to live again.and that would be fine for me.
Swara just feel blessed to get him and the realization is too overwhelming ,that let her tears freely flow.
Sanskar washimself feeling like living dream,finally he is getting what was his but still they have to walk long but this time he have her in his arms,he whisper- i love you precious.
“And i believe you with us”swara said immediately.

Swara then remember morning incident on breakfast table and ask – you know Arnav bhai ,Laksh and Arjun love those three b*t*hes!i can’t believed it !

Sanskar look confused at ” three b*t*hes”well he knew Ragini is still in Swara hit list but he thought she have don’t problem with Aarohi and Khushi !

Sanskar – Swara but i thought we have forgiven Samrat right !

Now Swara was frustrated ,that time it was Arnav bhai and now Sanskar too.

Swara stood up angrily – I thought you would be my side but thanks for clearing Mr Maheshwari ! How could you compare Samrat with those b*t*hes Sara,Mira and Ragini.Samrat have regretted and made up for what he did but you!!

Giving angry glare she walk outwhile Sanskar jaw dropped at the realizations ,she didn’t absorb that whom her brother and best friend is in love !its….innocent.. And he was laughing then because now he is proud of himself for crossing all the madness ,and result is right infront of his eyes ,Swara is letting free Shona from her cage ,he always knew that her soul was not dead but trapped but now he have let it free,and now he is going to make her live again.

First he needed to talk with the three mens whose his wife have made shocked in daylight because of her misconception!

” wife” and here he forgotten they are now divorced !?!

Pari is now quietly sitting in garden and having tears ,she felt someone beside her as she turned to see Suraj bro smiling at her.

Pari – i am sorry.
“You should be !” Pari eyes turned wide hearding her mother voice and then she her mother on laptop screen which Suraj was holding.

Pari cried more and more while Suraj look at Swara and signed her to stopped her please !
Swara smile her son is like her ,always forgiving and taking care of their family.

Swara- one more tear and i will not come to take you!
Pari stopped crying at the second.
Pari – I miss you and sorry.
Swara- i know but don’t worry we will talk about all that when we both sit to get you drink,fine!
Swara smirk- YESS DRAMABAAZ!!!
Both Pari and Suraj look surprise at Swara behavior.
Swara- don’t you both too start is just i am your mom too!now pari go inside and ask my other kids to come,i have to see them too.
Pari nodded. and run inside the RAIZADA MANSION.
Now only Suraj and Swara left.

Suraj was just smiling at Swara but Swara face is serious.
Swara- When were you going to tell me about your heartbreak!
Suraj smile vanished with shocked then broken look.
Suraj signed that it was just infatuation .
Swara – Were you want to suffer in those darkness of one sided love?
Suraj eyes turned moist and pain was clearly evident. He signed that he tried hard not to fall for that girl but he fail miserably.
Swara eyes were now moist,she don’t have in her to see another Sanskar .
Swara- love is heaven Suraj but it hurt like hell.and by your look you have fallen deeply .please tell me about your feeling and what have gone should know i am always their for you my son.

Suraj is overwhelming with feeling of happiness and pain,his mother is with him,he thought that no onewill know he is going heartbreak but his mom is magician who always get everything about him.then he told her how he met girl in London university, and became friends, he felt good in her company, and he have never saw someone to not give pity on his incapable of saying anything ,but she did ,she always see me as like you Mom,with proud, but soon his feeling started grew more then friends he tried to stopped this feeling but he failed and that his love won,he thought he was attracted to her but no ,he was wrong when he came back to Venice he was feeling pain and sad,he tried to avoid and her so on but nothing work only his pain increase ten times more and then when he gone back to London he have settled his heart to not spoiled her life,because she don’t deserved someone like him,but what shocked him more when hr got to she is with just to jealous her ex boyfriend and she came to tell him sorry and ask him to be friends,he agreed smiling but what hurt more he can never tell her his feeling.and now he is just feeling emptiness.

Swara closed her eyes ,her own existence shook seeing the same pain which she saw on Sanskar,Arnav,Laksh,Arjun,Samrat.

Is it what this is called love !

Suraj smile sadly signing that he is fine and its okay.
But Swara have more plan.
Swara- name the girl !
Suraj smile dropped he knew his mother and he signed no !
Swara said coldly- I said tell me that girl name Suraj and if you not i can knew by any other way and listen you are going back to London and woo your girl ,if not then confessed your feeling ,i want my fighter Suraj Maheshwari not this heartbroken boy,understand it.And if ypu didn’t then i will not leave a second to destroyed that girl life now its your choice.
Suraj is horrified now,he knew the choice and he can’t let his mother do anything to his love !Noway!
He signed to Swara if she rejected then .
Swara smile that he agreed, He is Sanskar son only, nothing can happened to their love!
Swara- then you knew that at some time you have to realize that some people can live in your heart not in your life.

And Suraj just blew kiss to his hottie,she is the best mother in the world who understand him.
Swara wiped her tears chuckling at his antics – Now Romeo go and pack your bags and always knew I am with you.
Suraj nodded signing happily always.
Finally Ria and Sanju ,Sameer too came running with Pari .and Swara signal to Suraj to go.and Suraj with smile and spark in his eyes.
Ria confusing- Where this Suraj bhai gone ?

Swara – Well he have to fly back London and Miss Ria I should tell me about your new interest !
Ria and other who were surprise to know Suraj is going back to London was now again Shocked with Hottie soft and calm look.
Ria- What Hottie?
Swara- That you wanted to participate in biking race competition which is held in Mumbai itself !
Ria shockingly- How you know?
Swara- I am your Mom you idiot girl and knew how much you love biking, so don’t think too much i filled your form and you are participating in it .
Ria jumping in happiness- What!!
Swara smile-Yes!
Ria – but..hottie..
Swara – Your bike is already in garage go and see it Darling!
Ria just have tears in her eyes and chanting- I love you hottie!!!!
Swara grinning- I love you too silly now go!!
Ria kissing on laptop screen run towards garage while Swara look at the three angry potatoes of her ,she laugh at their antics .
Swara – Ok i know tell me the prize of your spying!

Well she have got to know everything by her three spy agents only !
Sanju ,Sameer and Pari grinning meschivously and Swara cough hard seeing these three pranksters !
Khushi walk towards upstairs of and stopped feeling quite warm,she look beside to see ASR room and she stepped inside ,and let her tears freed ,after getting away from everyone trying to keep up with this fake smile she feel tired and mostly heartbreak ,she missed him like hell!

If she were not so naive and not let Swara life destroyed!
If she were not so blind in revenge and pain of her brother death!

Then somewhere she have gotten Arnavji love but all she got his hatred.He hate her and think her as his biggest mistake of his life.

She sat on bed and caress it sheets ,as her words came out which.she was denying -” i love you Arnavji!”

Precap – after 3 years

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