It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 40

Chapter 39
She is Swara Malik and is called a clever observer ,her business was not gone heights without any efforts, she was named as Shark of business world and when it comes to people she observed them carefully,

If she said Old Swara is dead then it is dead with her non sence ,her innocent, her naviety and most important her blind trust .

And when her own daughter stepped inside her room where she was lying because of her third nervousbreakdown .But the problem is she have thought that its because of her phone call.Or it said she was manipulated by her OWN father and her blo*dy step sister to thought as it.


In her morning coffee ,SUGAR was mixed basically when everyone knew that She is DIABETIC like her elder brother .a family gene problem.

She was abesent minded with her daughter call to notice ,but the second call ended she have got it all her whole body was practically drowning ,she knew the instant ITS HIS ANOTHER PLAN ,and she did the little favour by putting show of her pain and making Samrat to call HIM AND TELL HIM SHE NEEDED HIM.

DOCTORS WERE BRIBED as she knew better of him ,the whole bunch of blo*dy doctors were bribed by HIM. But she played better she was given injection to get back her normal self ,and played her cards ,well given ten times more to those doctors and force them to tell her conditions is worsing and she is giving up.But with more efforts ,She knew HE just wanted to be with her again. And here she made him to shocked by doctors fake reports ,she was wide awake inside her room lying and closing her eyes,and listening each and every commotion of outside ,and she knew HE AGAIN PLAN BUT THIS TIME WITH STAKE OF THEIR DAUGHTER ,and she was thankful to him ,he didn’t dare to manipulate thier daughter but given this job to her blo*dy step sister Sara ! Otherwise she wouldn’t have thought once before punishing him in most worse way ,stopping her breathe to let HIM DIED .

She got it when her daughter step inside her room and she was shocked at her daughter cold behavior ,well she was her own blood ,but then she let her do what she wanted ,for once letting her free and see if she ever left her daughter where she will lead her self and she was right ,she saw her own naivety and innocence in her face.Oh Her Pari, the same old of herself.her own eyes turned moist !

After all like ages,she saw doctors coming inside telling her ,her so called family decision to give her drugs, they can’t change! She told them to leave her and give them directions to wards pool side and make urgents call telling mark to arrange her flight and most importantly make sure their will not be.any link between HER AND SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ,all should be done ,no one should know about this .

Now the drugs would be given,people would be moved on , starting of life will come ,BUT NOT FOR HER .it would be him. ,He have to get from this love its making many life at stake.and mostly now it involved her Daughter in it.

she knew he was the one who make RAGINI involves in thier life.

she knew he was the one who made deal with MRS SUJATA MALIK.

she knew he was the one who made every plan ,each moves to get her fallen in love with him.

After eight years of his tried he came up with this ,their past ,her past ,her palace ,her family ,her darkness to make her fallen in love with him.

And it didn’t made her feel anything towards him then he joined her destroyer to make her fallen in love with him.

LOVE ,she got it …..a strong emotions but He don’t know she is incapable of loving someone. Because she is not even living its breathe.and it always will be.


Sanskar look at her last glance then smile ,because she is going to try .try to live again, try to love again and he would be their for her ,always. She think she is just living lifelessly and is heartless but He knew she has most beautiful heart he have ever know ,She is special.

She is not heartless… And he can even tell her but he stopped himself.He didn’t love her for what she was ten years before ,he love her for what she became after ten years ,he love her the way she is.

He love her when she have been so innocent.

He love when she have been so vulnerable.

He love her when she can’t see the world from her eyes.

He love her when she open her eyes to see him first not world.

He love when she stopped being vulnerable and made her self strong women.

He love her when after any anxiety attack she come to him to find solace.

He love her when she smile with their kids.

He love her when she challenge him.

He love her not because she is the women whom his mother choose for him but he love her because he have never needed to see another women beyond her.

Its his fate and stubbornness and he don’t care now ,he just wants her to be happy with him,and he will try his last breathe.She is his biggest weakness ,she is his death ,she can’t be his strength he knew it .But he don’t care .He didn’t know how to live without her because he never have to ,he can go to any extent to just get her ,he knew the moment he fallen in love that his one sided love will only lead him to death but the realization hit him hard knowing that death is when she will stopped breathing, his destiny has left him with her ,and he have crossed the limits of wrong or right ages before.

Turning he saw her gazing outside of window ,she always did it when she think about her wounds and her past ,His fate is so mocked him ,it was never any guy that he have to fight for her ,it was her mother ,she never admit it but Her mother made her what she is ,not wanting to live ,he knew it is hard to fight with mother love but he is not going to bend down.


Sanskar was sitting along with Arnav and Laksh ,Omkar Malik have gone out for some fresh air .

While Arjun have gone to take Swara .

Arnav look at Sanskar who is silently gazing at food.doing nothing.

Arnav silently said – Eat it ,i have saw you even didn’t take anything past 48hours .

Sanskar chuckle – funny ,you were the one who wanted me to die amd now you are being my wellwisher.

Arnav shook his head and gaze at the food in his plate which is untouched too ,he said – I finally understand you Sanskar.

Sanskar head snapped as he look at Arnav vulnerable voice ,he said in disbelief – Arnav you …didn’t..

This time Arnav chuckle but painly – Isn’t it hard to love someone and not able to get ,but don’t worry in my case their is no Swara but A Girl who destroyed my own sister life .I know She loves me to ,but their can be no happy ending in my love story.She too understand it and breaking from inside ,like me.

Sanskar was now shocked ,he knew its his mistake and he is now realizing the gravity of situation before now he was blind with his own madness but now when the blinds removed he is seeing his own reflection in Arnav ,he knew all along that Arnav is falling for wrong woman ,Khushi …the same women who is responsible for Swara situation too and knowing Arnav that how much Swara meant to him,he should have stopped this .but looking at sadness he realized it is too late.

Sanskar look away ashamed of his doing ,he whisper – I ..I am.sorry Arnav…

Arnav – Don’t be Sanskar ,it was fate and look where it left me .but you know i learned something from Khushi …Smile and no one will see you how broken you are from inside .But I can’t smile right it was never meant for me …So i do what i am best ,ignorant and Arrogant.

Sanskar couldn’t help but smile ,because he can totally understand Arnav plight he is used to go through it .

Swara walked inside at the same time when she heard her brother last word’s ,beside her Arjun who is so much calm and composed.She is not understanding Arjun plight ,he haven’t said or done.anything from past one week ,he is not even like existing what have gotten into him.

She sat opposite of Arnav and Sanskar while Arjun too take seat beside.

Silently they all started eating but Swara eyes were remain on Sanskar who is taking each moral ,her face shows nothing ,like her inside .

But soon Sanskar eyes snapped after eating tenth moral, HOW COULD HE DIDN’T RECOGNIZED ,his eyes were now dazy but his mind still working he saw Swara gazing him.hard and he got the answer.He saw her eyes were having guilt but victorious look.

Robert came.inside the palace with one business suit wearing man in his 60s.

Robert – Arjun Sir ,Mr Dhanraj have came.

This made everyone confused except Arjun.

Arjun – Invite him here with respect.

Robert nodded and left while three of them look at him for explanation.

Arjun clear his throat and explained – Well he is my old client and wanted to buy this palace ,I apologized to you all but Omkar uncle have strictly stopped me to anything to anyone. He wanted to sold this palace.

No one said.anything ,this place is.nightmare for everyone but Arnav and Arjun were not aware of the happening of other two .

Sanskar whose mind have started being blank ,he knew that thing started its work.Swara face was now showing expection look ,her face is showing eagerness and what not they were interrupted by deep voice.

“Mr AG nice meeting you and Mr ASR what a pleasant surprise and Rockstar is too here ,” said Mr Dhanraj politely while Arjun stood up to shake hand and ask formally to seat ,Arnav and Sanskar too formally shook their hand and then.Mr Dhanraj turned to face Swara who is seated and his eyes narrowed and then he smirk.

Swara who got message from Mark.didn’t notice Mr Dhanraj face and get busy messaging Mark to renovate the Mansion of Sanskar in Venice and their should not be any evidence to link with her.

Mr Dhanraj smirking said to Arjun eyeing at Swara who was still busy in message -Mr AG i didn’t know you were too like me .

Arjun look at him startled – Excause me.!

While Arnav and Sanskar was now confused .

Mr Dhanraj smirking said – oh common AG you don’t have to hide it from me. I were too their where you are moving now a days ,its been while i have tasted her ,she is something and I am sure you have gotten it .But i have reputation not to take her to my mansion .

Arnav eyes were blooding red ,he snapped dangerously -Do you know who she….

Mr Dhanraj said cutting him – Offcource Akira ,and now i see where the international sl*t have really choose diamond ASR.

Mr Dhanraj walk up to Swara who was barking order at Mark .Mr Dhanraj extended his hand out saying – Hi,how are you been sweetheart ?

Swara heard it ,she first look at hand covered with coat then she raise her head to look at the face.




“Sir please ,i am.not that type of woman ,please leave me …you are misunderstood me please ….i beg you…sir..please…sir ……marriage… I ….am.going… To…marry…sir..please.” Her eyes were all teary ,her cloths were too minimal as nothing to cover her..which she wore forcefully.but still she have hope.its her third day in this place and were already gone through rape then beaten like dirt now seeing old age man.she begging to help her.

Old man said dangerous – stop with your drama sl*t you are here to pleasure, i have given damm money to get to taste now come here and stop winning!

Swara pushed him hard and screamed -“DON’T TOUCH ME !! MY BROTHER WILL KILL YOU!!! Nav bhai will not leave you not Arjun !!!stay away you bastard !!!”

Old man held her wrist and slapped her across the face ,she can’t fight back she was too weak for it,not getting food and beaten through hell ,she don’t have power.

Old man slapped her twice and then gripped her throat tightly -shh..sweetheart ,if you still not stop.your blo*dy act you will repent ,it would be rough and you know i love s*e*x ….and no one is going to save you from me sweetheart ,just cooperate with it would be fun…

Swara eyes were all red teary ,her whole existence were shaking, she was again going to get same…

And that night her soul ripped again and again…
But it was just beginning

Flashback ends…

Mr Dhanraj – you know sweetheart you were the only sl*t ,i have ever come across who was best in bed ,you see *talking to Arjun and Arnav but his eyes were still on Swara ,if he had once turned to see them he didn’t have said next word* AG she was being so much innocent trapped girl ,she was shouting that her some Nav bhai or any Arjun will save her ,its been years but i never met girl like her again in my life.

Mr Dharaj smirk giving lustful glance numb Swara who is totally gone blank – You became more s*xy with time Akira ,finally you are out of your so called brother and that man …You know AG ,i have gone crazy in one night with she was everything to satisfy one man need in bed.but after that night she was sent to another country ,i have always came their to get her but Mary was not ready to let me keep her ,she have more plans with Akira.

Before he could understand he was thrown away by tight punch on his Face ,it was not from Arjun or Sanskar but from Arnav who was seething in burning rage ,his eyes have gone totally red ,his breathe is harsh .He is seeing red.

“Arnav stop !” Before Arnav punch that blo*dy man Arjun stopped him.

“Arjun you are not f**king serious!!” Arnav shouted in disbelief.

Mr Dhanraj gasped for air as the realization hit him hard ,he stammer- ARJUN!you…are…

Arjun smile devilishly – yes i am that man.

Sanskar who whole shaking terror hearding it all but before that he saw Her Pale look ,he have get back himself that thing is slowly spreading inside of him ,he took water jug and poured on himself to stay awake.but all went in vain ,he knew She would need him,but she herself done this ,f**k it !!! SHE MIXED THAT DRUG IN FOOD !! And he know once he lost consciousness ,then he would never remembered anything she played with him.his own stunt she reversed on him.and too only this day when one that Man came back,who is having history with her in broteral house !!He have to get doctor soon before he lost himself. He slowly walk away from their towards guest rooms allocated for doctor and that man ,he will show him hell. For now he trust Arjun and Arnav but not her.

Arjun stepped between Arnav and Mr Dhanraj and pushed Arnav saying calmly-“Stay away Arnav’

Arnav was beyond control and was about to punched Arjun to stop him whem he Swara struggling to stand he run towards his sister.

Arjun turned to Mr Dhanraj and said smiling devilishly giving him handkerchief to wipe his bleeding nose- Whatever happened here ,i.sure it will not come outside in any way Mr Dhanraj am I clear !

Mr Dhanraj growled- the deal is off ,i am not going to related with those mens who sole their house to women to earn money.

Swara who was sitting and gripping her brother hand ,as her life depending on it ,look up hearding it.

Arnav was about to pounce on that blo*dy bastard when Arjun pushed him back -“f**k you Arjun”

Arjun look at Mr Dhanraj ,straightened his collar and said casually – What your daughter will think ,what you do outside of your house Mr Dhanraj ?

Mr Dhanraj look sharply ,he angrily stated -Keep my daughter out of it !

Arjun smile devilishly said – then you too keep MY FAMILY out of this deal Mr Dhanraj ,and as a change you are going to be fifty percent partnership in this deal with Omkar uncle ,so.just stay as professional.and. don’t personal.

Mr Dhanraj said angrily- Fine ! But you stay away from my daughter !!

And he turned to left with glaring Arnav and lost Swara.

Arjun smile vanished at the second and he sat opposite of Swara ,taking out his mobile he called someone and said – Bittu I am sending you photograph i want this girl on your bed as soon as possible.

He cutted the call and look at them ,where both understand what it meant!he was not calm anymore nir his eyes which is turned blurry red,and he shaking from all the way.

Arnav now understand what Arjun is planning ,but Swara was horrified.

Swara shouted -No ! You can’t do this Arjun !!you can’t destroyed someone life because of me.!!!

Arjun look at her and smile bitterly – you still have heart Swara.which still have goodness inside but i am not as good as you are ,and i will not justify myself. I have not protected you lioness but you still have faith and hope in me.

Swara who was standing and look at the both men ,they were torned in most hurtful way.And can’t do anything to helped them.

Swara – it was my fate ,and i have accepted it hardly. I want you both to give something to me..

Arnav and Arjun knew at the instance ,what she want but they refused it.

Before Swara could say ,they walkaway. From their ,what they heard they can’t stand to see Swara and her terrified eyes which was showing the dead soul of her.the guilt can never empowered by any emotions anymore. And they both hardly love those women who were responsible for thier Shona death,they disgust them.!

Sanskar was now werge of breaking,he shouted on top of his rage -DO SOMETHING DAMMIT !! Took out those blo*dy drugs from my body!!

Doctor gulped down fear ,testing the blood in his body ,he saw.reports and said scarly- Sorry Mr Maheshwari but its too late ,amount of drugs is too much and its very strong ,sorry but you will soon FORGOT YOUR LIFE EVERY PART where recognized your family and their have only time until you are consciousness once you have closed your eyes you will never remembered anything Mr Maheshwari.

Sanskar laugh ,laugh ,just laugh until his face turned into angry blood tears ,he pushed away doctors hand and stand stumbling himself and walk out of room.

He saw Swara standing in the middle of hall of palace, his steps.was stambled but he composed himself he is staring at her like never before ,he said outloud in broken voice -YOU KNOW SWARA LOVING SOMEONE DIDN’T HURT THAT MUCH ,BUT LOVING WRONG WOMEN DID.

Swara who still terrified by the events ,her old wounds being ripped again ,came back to sense hearding his broken words.She knew he have figure it out .She knew she have betrayed him hard but she is not shamed of it.

She whisper – I betrayed you .

He whisper – I love you.

She saw him coming close to her ,so.close ,she knew she should pushed him but she saw the look.of vulnerability and plead in his eyes.

He whisper – “just once ,once let me love you one last time ,no revenge no past ,no future ,nothing ,but My Love please ,i beg you Akira ,just this once let me feel my desert rose inside you ,let me take.the dead of soul of Shona ,let me see my old friend softy in you ,just one last time let me make love to you.”

Teri Baahon Mein Jo Sakoon Tha Mila Main Dhoonda Bahut Tha Phir Na Mila The Peace I Got In Your Arms, I Tried To Find It But I Never Found It Again
She felt herself nodding without once thinking again but this time she saw herself in his eyes ,her innocent and vulnerable look in his eyes ,her pleading ,which she is seeing in his eyes ,she have not gotten justice but she will let him live his love ,she will feel his love today ,she wanted to him feel.her ,consumed her ,where no one have did ,she wanted to see what he will do the dead soul of her.
Duniya Chhoona Chaahe Mujhko Yun Jaise Unki Saari Ki Saari Main Duniya Dekhe Roop Mera Koi Na Jaane Bechari Main

The World Wants To Touch Me Such That I Am Completely Theirs The World Sees My Beauty Nobody Sees My Helplessness

He picked her up ,stumbling but treating her like proclain doll,gazing in her eyes with madness of his love ,he is living his moment last time amd.this time he didn’t hope anything from her ,he will forget everything ,but his heart will always recognized her ,and he will let his heart to give her ,he will make her alive in his love ,walking inside her room,where she only got nightmare of her mother ,he will make her love.closing door behind him,he saw locking it carefully.
Haaye Tooti Saari Ki Saari Main Tere Ishq Mein Hoi Awari Main Haaye Tooti Saari Ki Saari Main Tere Ishq Mein Hoi Awari Main

I Am Completely Broken I Have Become Vagabond In Your Love


She felt herself drawning in his eyes he was giving away all his love which she ever felt ,she felt herself teary ,at the pain of his broken heart,.

He let her lied on bed ,lovingly while lying himself beside ,breathing with her breathing ,and gazing in her teary eyes ,he whisper – my love ,you know you have most beautiful of soul ,i have ever saw.which i see from your eyes .

She close her ,seeing his intensity of love,how could someone like him love her this extent. She felt cupping her cheek with his palm ,softly ,she open her eyes to see his eyes gazing at her eyes ,he whisper lovingly- I Love You.
She whisper brokenly-but i am a girl who was put on price how could you love me?
He smile and kissed her forhead and whisper back – you are priceless to me.
Koi Shaam Bulaaye Koi Daam Lagaaye Main Bhi Upar Se Hansti Par Andar Se Haaye Kyun Dard Chupaye Baithi Hoon

Some Call Me Evening Some Put A Price For Me I Laugh From Outside But Inside Why Have I Hidden So Much Pain?
She is speechless, she raise her hand and caress his cheek and touch her lips with his ,he deepened the kiss ,his kiss was so pure,so much of love that her toes curled ,he every time kiss her like this but it’s first time she let her feel herself, she freed herself to let him take her everything. His hands removed her dress,her every pieces of cloth’s, and let him see all real her without any barriers.
She looked away feeling ashamed, seeing him gazing at her bare body which was covered with deep scar from waist to hip bone,she whisper -“how could you touch this body,shouldn’t it disgust you?”
He didn’t reply ,and went down to worshipped her scar with his lips,making her eyes wide in shocked, he whisper against her scar-“its most beautiful then my bleeding heart,its always reminds me how much i love you to beyond any limits “and he just worshipped her more and more,she moaned his name feeling to be in home again…


Kyun tu mujhse kehti hai Main khud hi bikhra hua
Why are you telling me? I myself am completely dispersed
He knew she reversed his own game plan by mixing those drugs in his food and she think she can make him forget everything especially HER,but she don’t know he have tried it ,he have gone through many drugs after every cutting words she blurt out and he can never comes at terms to forget her but at the moment he saw her terrified state and mostly her pale look,at once in his life he reminded of her Mother ,and now he got it ,she is needed to be treated he will set her free to get treated but tonight he will worshipped her like never before consumed her whole existence again and again ,and he realized it hard that this drug is too stron from any other ,he will never remembered her memory but his heart will,he kissed her waist more sensually ,his hands were every as possessive as it could, she was moaning like madlover,craving for his touch ,she was experienced in this ,but she never took initial because she always reminded of that hell and he have sensed it very first moment. And make sure not to remind of anything, but today he wanted her too involved ,he whisper brokenly-“touch me love please! ”

Haaye andar andar se toota main Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main Haaye andar andar se toota main Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main
I am broken from inside I am angry with myself in your love
Main jee bharke ro lun Teri baahon mein so lun Aa phir se mujhe mil Main tujhse ye bolun
Let me cry to my heart’s content Let me sleep in your arms I am asking you to Come and meet me again
She heard his plead making her shocked but then she promised him to let him all of her,she unbuttoned his shirt and peeled it off,taking his lips in sinful kiss ,she could her his moans ,she was just capitavated in his eyes,which were showing desire and love to her,she knew she was used to saw lust in the mens eyes and hunger in each move but this Man was always different, he is beast but for others because of her,in past eight years she is used to him,his presence and his protection, his warmth but at las he don’t deserved women like her .a mere sl*t.
Tu anmol thi Pal pal bolti thi Aisi chup tu laga ke gayi Saari khushiyaan kha ke gayi
You were priceless You used to speak every moment You are so silent Your silence has eaten my all happiness
Haaye andar andar se toota main Tere ishq mein khud hi se rootha main Haaye teri hoon saari ki saari main Par tere liye bazaari main
I am entirely yours But to you I am a thing of trade
His controlled have slipped at her response for the first time,He traced a finger down the centre of her rib cage until he reached her belly button. His hand spanned the breadth of her tiny waist ,As he placed feather kissed on her quivering stomach, he found the ties to hospital ,she was half naked in front of his desire eyes ,he pulled at the strings. After sliding the skirt off down her hips he disposed off with the tiny scrap of lace leaving her completely naked for his perusal.
As always her beauty never ceased to amaze him. He wanted her. All of her, not just her body, but her heart and soul and her mind. His Desert Rose.

He began to undress. It was exhilarating to watch her and simply enjoy the lush sight. The candlelight played lovingly over the curves and hollows of her body, touching and caressing with flickering light. His hands were gentle as they shaped her, moved over her, following the playful light. ‘Do you know how beautiful you are tome, love?’
She cradled his jaw between her palms and brought him closer. Her tongue darted out to trace the outline of his lips. ‘I have always wanted to do that.’ Swara whispered in a caressing tone,and was completely in daze ‘you have beautiful lips.’
His mouth came down on hers hot and avid. Her lips parted, eager for the kiss. His tongue sank deeply into the warm sanctuary of her mouth, and a groan escaped from his throat. Her fingers slipped into the crisp hair at the back of his head, holding it hard against hers, while she returned his kiss with equal ardour.They drank greedily of each other as his tongue explored the roof of her mouth and her tongue slid along tasting him.
Groaning, he released her mouth to bury his face in the hollow between her br*asts, to breathe of her fragrance. Arching her back, she urged his mouth toward an achingly aroused nipple. Murmuring her name thickly, his breath scalding her skin, he gladly gave her what she wanted. His mouth closed over the engorged bud, and she couldn’t help letting out a moan of delight. As he began to suckle, heat pooled in the pit of her stomach and she felt a sharp answering throb deep in her core.
His hand caressed her moist entrance, long, slow strokes even as his tongue laved the clenched bud soothingly.
The wild tumult that was building inside her was spiralling out of control and it was both terrifying and too exciting to be borne.

Swara shivered with pleasure, as she felt the double onslaught over her skin, leisurely, casually, as if he had all the time in the world to enjoy her body. She gasped as his tongue traced a wet line down her rib cage and dipped into her belly button and then without warning he dipped lower, the sensation nearly lifting her off the bed.
‘Sanskarr…!’ she gasped tugging at his hair in shock.
‘Relax ….Love,’ he murmured and holding her hips firmly he continued his ministrations.
Her hands tangled deeper into his hair, her head thrown back, her back arched, her br*asts jutting temptingly as she moved.

She made a sound, somewhere between a scream and a moan, and her fingers tightened in his hair as her body erupted into quake after quake. He pinned her hips, taking his time worshipping her body, heightening the pleasure in every possible way he knew.
As her eyes pleaded with him to take her, begged for his possession, Sanskar settled his body over hers. Felt her softness, her skin nearly melting under his. He thrust into her in swift stroke, deep and hard. Long strokes designed to drive them both out of their minds. Take them from the reality of the world into another of heat and fire and passion where nothing else mattered and she was wholly his.

Swara heard her own voice crying out, heard a sound in his throat as the flames engulfed them, as the world exploded around them leaving behind colours and lights and so much pleasure she could only lie there gasping for breath and staring up at his face. Wave after wave of pleasure shook her, an explosion of shocks, leaving her locked with him, sated, happy. Belonging.she don’t know how her heart started beating. She is feeling so much alive .
She wrapped her arms around him tightly as if she could keep him there, in the same skin with her, the same body while their hearts pounded frantically.
A little later, as their heartbeats slowed down, he rolled off her and drew the comforter over their bodies

A while later, Sanskar look at her wide awake still breathing heavily, like always. But it was another first time they are still beside each other.
“Will you forget everything tommorow?” Swara ask brokenly because she now understand ,his happiness is With,he,have prooved it,.
Sanskar look at her stunned and said – you have mixed high content of drugs in my,don’t doubts your capability love !
He chuckle but stopped seeing her eyes brimming tears ,he lean towards and take her in his arms ,ask “what’s wrong ,its ok i am not angry with you love ! Please don’t cry.”

But swara was now sobbing hard ,and hugged him Almighty saying – i am sorry,i am sorry ,i am sorry….she was chanting it again and again but Sanskar didn’t stopped its first time in all these years he is seeing the reflection of that little Shona,he let her cry as much she want.

She was breaking down completely with all the griefs,all the pain,but mostly because she was biggest fool who don’t understand this man love,he don’t love her love she knew it ,but he love her existence morethen anything, she mumered before his ear -“i am tired Sanskar,i am tired of those nightmares, my own mother sold me ,*clutching him hard* i can never moved on ,i became ice queen who don’t know the emotions and feeling but it never hurt me before, and now seeing your feelings towards me i wanted to ask that god why me ??? I was never mean ,or rude to anyone and never tried to do any work which cost this family reputation but why as bait of revenge they choose me ??you were too destroyed because of them ,they destroyed us ,Sanskar ,they killed us !!
Sanskar tears were too came out hearding her opening up to,she realized that they both were broken and she finally get it ,there was never i or me it was always “us”.
Sanskar whisper pleading-shh love,you don’t have to open up to me now ,we have whole life,and now when you realized it ,will you try on our relationship please ,?

Swara knew whatever she felt in those few hours of his love,she wanted to give her chance and to him ,but then something hit hard – ” but those drugs???”

Sanskar was now laughing -” don’t worry love ,i have made sure i got the tablet of antibiotics of that drugs before meeting ,like hell i will forget you !!

Swara too smile its like they were away from the problems… She knew sometimes things should let it go.

Sanskar ask her again- you didn’t told me your answer?
Swara keep straight face and said – i think a break can work…
Sanskar face fell in disappointment.she still wanted to go away !
“But not without any Zaalima!” She response meschivously ,she is feeling damm happy !!

Sanskar look at her open mouth then smirk and she knew what coming next ,another session of exhausted and blissful love.she is happy and he is too because finally their war of love death finished with each.

Arnav walk inside the palace next morning to see ,sleepless Arjun sitting on couch with morning coffee.
Arnav – Robert ,one black coffee !
Robert nodded and walk away but stopped by another cheerful voice.
Swara came down stairs with stretching her self and ask happily- for me too robert dude !
If Robert stambled on his feet because of morning shock he didn’t dare to say anything and left running inside Kitchen.
But two more people were shocked and their sleep was thrown out of window.
Swara walk downstairs in her shorts and casual Sanskar shirt,well Sanskar is sleeping because of all drugs and medicine effects but he didn’t slept until morning nor let Swara sleep.
Swara glance at Arnav and Arjun shocked faces and ask – What?
Arnav – Arjun deprive of sleep made me dream in morning !
Arjun – i am sharing same thoughts!
Swara shook her head and sit between them and made herself comfortable.

Swara – i am not dream!

Precap – 3 years leap

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  1. It’s so nice everything was beyond words .

  2. Wow beyond amazing its shocking n rocking too…jus no words yrr…love ur ff eagrly waiting fr nxt part update soon

  3. Simi

    Swasan r together ???
    Awesome update..

  4. lovely. I kind of love the bonding between Arjun Arnav and Swara. they are beautiful people. And I love Sanskar and Swara so much his madness for her and love and trust on her

  5. Namra

    It was just beyond the words… I’m literally not having any words to describe it dear… Please post the next part soon… can’t wait more for it… I know I sounds so demanding today, but what can I do if you writes so good… Please dear post it as soon as possible…

  6. awesome you always increase my excitement to read further
    post soon

  7. Canvasrocks786

    hey now pls don’t separate swasan due to those drugs. loved it. really interesting story.
    post next part soon. I will be waiting for it

  8. Ausum…i just luv u…mmmmuuuaaaahhhh…


    I love u ….. .i really do…….I’m a bigggggggggggggggggg fan of urs……today u made me cry,smile,laugh, n……….u know. ….i was just living in the chappy…….plz post next one soon…….
    I can’t remember if i had ererever comment on ff or not….if not then forgive me,cuz after reading i always went in another world…….bt i love all the seasons…….after a operationoperation of mine i started reading stories here….n ur story is just like drug to me……..pkz post soooooooooon.cuz i can’t stay away from this story for so long …..

  10. awesome now eagerly waiting read next part

  11. Prashasti7

    O aryna I love u soooooooooooooo much u made me soo happy today finally they are together the episode was mindblowing u always amaze me with Ur twist and turns u r such a incredible writer I really luv u soo much thanks alot for this wonderful union finally they r swasan now I hope they’ll not seperate now thanks alot dear

  12. Sanji

    i love u i love u so much aroo for this super duper thrilling exciting lovely chapter……..i think u already know that I’m a big fan of u… today i again fall in love with ur story like eternity…….
    todays swasan parts were beyond commentable…..what can i say?????
    u make cry with thrilling happiness today…..thank u for this…..INRIL has become my drugs nd i dont wanna get rid of it……so keep writting nd make people happy like me…..

  13. Sanji

    one more thing……..

    how can u select the perfect song for the scene always????

  14. pls not let sanskar forget swara pls

  15. AnuAnn

    Beyond words

  16. Superb

  17. just awesome. no words to describe howi felt after reading ur this ch.
    plz post the net part soon.

  18. Deeksha

    Awesome….!!!!! Awesome….!!!!! Awesome….!!!!!! Continue soon…!!!! Continue soon….!!!!! Continue soon…!!!!

  19. Awesome…. Amazing…..Song selection is too good……

  20. Akshiiii

    No words aryna fr u u r just spellbinding amazing fantabolous magnificent

  21. Praju

    Finally sanskar succeeded on bringing back his swara. … I’m in love with this episode…..

  22. Mica

    the story, the song.. omg!!!!! crying crying crying

  23. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Superrrr.. Loved it.. Finally,swasan are together.. Plz don’t separate them..It’s too good…Keep it up dear.. Plz post nxt part ASAP*puppy face
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  24. Omg what was that. Today u made me to cry. U are a wonderful excellent amazing writer.

  25. I’m really like it..awesome.. nice part…

  26. Please post nect part asap..please????????????

  27. Awesome I was a silent reader till now but can’t keep any more silence. Loved dis epi. Waiting 4 nxt part:-)

  28. Soujanya


  29. Y do I feel that sanskar ll forget swara…??

  30. Shifa96

    It’s awesome..update next part soon.

  31. crazy princess

    awesome update….. u left me speechless????? post nxt soooonnn….??????

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