It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 39

Chapter 38


STUDY ROOM,ASR was standing near window while Sanskar,Laksh,Arjun ,Samrat ,Ragini,Sara ,Meera ,Khushi,Aarohi and Roshani were sitting on the chairs while a Bewildered Aman was standing on opposite end.

Aman -WHAT! ….ASR you couldn’t be kidding right !!…I mean SWARA MALIK is going to suffer from Memory loss soon and you want me to tell her She is my WHAT !!A FIANCE !!!

Arnav look at his panicking friend and shook his head.

Sanskar clench his fist hearing it but he stopped himself to give away anything.

Arjun -You see Swara will not have any memory about her past after she get consciousness but we want her to get the reason why she was here in this palace, you will tell her that She is your fiance and we all are your friends .

Aman -Ok fine .!

Sara -But why fiance ,I mean Arnav bhai we can tell Swara anything else too.

Arnav -No Sara ,Swara should not get any idea !and you see she was years before in that dirty place so it wouldn’t take any genius time that ……uhhmm so.she needed fiance ,A man.


Arnav -I know what you trying to yell but we have to be practical and get past on it.

Laksh -Yes Bhai is right Sanskar you should stop being jealousy king or what ! Swara have gone through too much ,and no body have idea what she suffered she didn’t even told you.

Sanskar was beyond furious now !!WHAT THE HELL THEY ARE GONE MAD !!

Ragini -Laksh why are you being this way ,You have to understand that Sanskar love Swara and hearding all this bullshit his.rage is practical!

Arjun – But Ragini the truth is truth !we can’t walk past on it ,and it doesn’t change anything !then.doesn’t mean we ignore it .but oblivious Sanskar is doing it and i think he have done the same in all this eight years with Swara ,isn’t?

Sanskar was speechless ,yes he was ignorant to Swara about this matter always and onlu sometimes acknowledged it !and that too be angrily but now that doesn’t care.

Mira – I think Arnav you should get any other plan i mean we can put Swara in orphanage for sometimes between the women’s where she can start living and she will be alright.

Sara -Yes I too agreed with Mira !

Ragini – Me too ,I mean you see This is lot better then anything .

Samrat -What do you think Sanskar ?

Sanskar – Err…I have already decided about Swara life ,I don’t think i more in it.Its not my place anymore.

Arnav ,Laksh ,And Arjun look at each other then Arnav said – I think we should decide it tommrow .and start the paper work of changing identity of Swara.

Aman – ok ,it will be done.

Sanskar have enough of this commotion he walk out filled with rage and jealousy ,and after some time Sara ,Ragini ,And then Mira too left .

Three hours after….

“ARE YOU MAD WHAT WERE YOU THINKING ,IF ARNAV OR ANYONE HAVE DOUBTED ON YOU THEN YOU WOULD HAVE GONE ” shouted Mira practically after walking in side the Maheshwari Mansion.

“then what he do.Mira see how he is in angry mode just hearding that Swara will get A Fiance ! That’s why i have did this much hard work to made a small diary and handed PARI innocently without her knowledge writing or say spicining more Swara history life !” said RAGINI with sarcastically comment.

“Shut up guys ! We all know Swara can’t be with any other guy ! Otherwise all the planning and Revenge would be out of window !” said SARA sitting across Ragini and Mira.


Pacining like angry lion ready to bounce on prey he look keenly at these three womens !

Sanskar sat on king type Sofa ,crossing his legs he said dangerously – You three know ,not to waste my time ! You threr know I want SWARA any how !and that’s why i involved in this dirty games of yours Ragini !but what i got !!that Arnav is planning to MINE swara other’s fiance and here like fool i am hearding you three rambling!

Ragini chuckle-Oh rockstar !!tsk tsk this much love for Swara its unbelievable! That you are ready to help three of us !

Sanskar smirk- Don’t test my Patience Ragini ,If not for I then you would have been still Nurse to this Sara !

All went silence …….

Sanskar took shampine and siped in one go ,and give glance at these women.and said – you see ,you three have no future ,but it us me who made your future bright beside knowing well ,you three are damage Swara ,this all game plan is just by me so that i get Swara do you understand and beside you three get the three mens you wanted just my help ! And now that Arnav is held bent to MINE SWARA another men fiance HOW DARE HE !!

Sara – We know Sanskar ,and we helpled you as much we can !but you have to supress your jealousy !Now you are sacrifice lover in sense of everyone but only we know that erasing Swara memory is you to get SWARA !

Mira -And now her memory is gone ,she didn’t remembered anything so first step is completed !and beside Swara is unconscious so we have plenty of time to turned the tables !

Sanskar nodded and said – but still Arnav is becoming a very much danger ! I don’t know if he tried any other story on Swara then he would be die !

Mira – you will not do anything !

Sanskar chuckle- Oh dear sister i can do any thing to get Swara ,this is just small sacrifice ! I WANT WHOLE OF SWARA ,HER BODY ,SOUL AND LOVE !

Ragini – I don’t understand What had gone wrong with Sanskar ,you are gone crazy for Swara !that you even used your daughter ,and then.manipulate everyone this much to make them.say yes for giving Swara those drugs !

Sanskar said with dangerous glint -YES I WILL GO TO ANY EXTENT TO GET HER YOU DON’T KNOW BUT I KNOW SWARA IS MY MADNESS! And you shouldn’t forget your own possession to get Laksh ! Isnt you are same women.who came running to me oops begging to me to help you to get Laksh and for that i have only made you to come back in Swara life as her security and then in Arjun life ! You are the same women who is to.waiting for Laksh past ten years !

Ragini step back sinking truth ,bitter truth.

Mira – Sanskar why are you getting so aggressive ,i mean relax Ragini just wanted to say we should be careful .and you could be in danger.

Sanskar – Mira if Not were i you would have still in coma because of Laksh giving you wrong injection! So don’t worry about me when you can’t save your own self.You can’t have Arnav and you are aggressive too right.

Sara – fine we should fighting and think next ,the deal is simple guys Swara should be beside Sanskar anyhow and GUPTAS should be out from our life’s ! Then only I and Mira can Arjun and Arnav.

Ragini – nothing can go wrong because Arnav have made it clear to Khushi to get out from the palace with her family.

Sanskar walk up to window looking at darkness ,he whisper-” so much to get you Swara ,what i do ! I have use my daughter and your health in this game of our and Not only i have made your brothers puppet but your enemies too in this game , WELL ITS NOT REVENGE ITS LOVE SWARA MALIK.


Morning …..PALACE …

Everyone stood outside of Swara room waiting for doctors who were inside checking on Swara.

Sara finally open her mouth to play another step of plan – Arnav bhai what you have thought about telling Swara ?

Arnav – the same which we talk yesterday ,I don’t think All of us are now anything for Swara ,so deal is done ,Aman would be her fiance.

Sanskar head snapped at this ,he was barely controlling his rage .

Sara nodded and then give knowing look at Mira and Ragini.

Ragini – Arnav we understand but it would be not strange that Guptas too would be here .

Khushi ,Aarohi ,Samrat and Roshani look at Ragini confusingly.

Arjun – What do you mean Ragini ?

Ragini – Arjun bhai , We are part of this family and business we know it and beside Gupta’s are just employees of our companies ,Swara shouldn’t think odd meeting them.If we are going to introduce as Aman family friends to her then what will she think to meet employees of our company.

Khushi ,Aarohi and Samrat look shocked hearding Ragini tone ,but this is the real RAGINI GADODIA .a mind gamer.

Sara – I too agree with it Arnav bhai.What do you think ?

Sanskar – Arnav i think Ragini is right .Beside now we should get over it ,Samrat understand ok ?

Samrat was now totally frozen on the spot he can’t recognized his friend or Ragino whom he met years before they are saying him.and his siblings to get out ,they are outsiders really !

Aarohi Gupta have enough of all this ,they are literary treated as jerk.

Aarohi – Fine Mr Maheshwari and Miss Gadodia you see we actually forgotten that this is not our place beside i and my siblings were actually here because Miss Swara Malik ,So i think we should leave now But after meeting with Miss Swara Malik ,and don’t worry we will actually tell her that we are employees not anything more.

Roshani held hand of fuming Aarohi while Khushi remembered Arnav’s word about getting out from his life. And Samrat is too shocked by thier behavior to say anything.

Before anyone could say something Doctors were out.

Omkar Malik – Doctor is my daughter fine ?

Doctor – Yes Mr Malik ,she is now alright. But she will need rest.

Mira – What about her memory Doctor ?

Doctor – She don’t remembered anything beside she is now wide all her.but no stress.

Doctor left with others doctors in the guest room.

Sanskar was about to go inside but.stopped by someone hand he turned to see Laksh.holding him.

Laksh – Aman should go inside first Sanskar.

Sanskar face turned with fury ,and his eyes were breathing fire but he stopped himself.and nodded.

Aman gave nod to Arnav and walk inside and behind him everyone went inside.

Swara was resting her head on headrest gazing deeply towards bright sun .when she heard footsteps she look up .but she was just staring at them.

Ragini was the first to break the silence- How are you now feeling Sammie ?

Ragini walk towards her close and was about to sit but stopped by Swara palm.

Swara gaze towards Pari.who was standing beside Sanskar .

Swara tone turned cold – Come here Pari.

And this made everyone shocked beyond understatement!!! SHE REMEMBERED EVERYTHING !!!

Pari walk towards her mother feeling happy but afraid listening her mother voice.she sat on bed beside Swara.

Swara coldly order – Give me diary which you got yesterday .

Pari didn’t waste any time to do what her mother said because her mother sounding scary to death now.

Swara took the diary then look at Suraj who was holding hands of Ria and Sameer while Sanju was holding hand of Ria they were at corner beside Samrat ,Khushi ,Aarohi.and Roshani.they all were standing far at corner.

Swara order – Mr Dixit get company jet ready and made sure you with your sisters and MY KIDS reach Mumbai ,In my elder Brother ASR Mansions .and call Mark with our company construction team to reach this place in two hour.I don’t repeat anything Mr Dixit !

Samrat was now totally in his PA mode hearding order while he was totally happy because Swara remembered him.

Samrat replied with happy tears – Everything will be taken care Sammie as you order.

Swara look at Suraj said softly- Take Pari with you ,I don’t want her to be more manipulated Suraj.

Suraj nodded and smile at his mother, he was so much rile us thinking his hottie will never remembered him and his pari is going away from him but now Hottie is here and she will of everything like always.

Swara turning at Pari afraid look said sternly – I want you to do what YOUR SURAJ BHAI SAID understand it Pari ,and don’t worry i will talk with you soon little girl.

Pari nodded totally gulping her fear her mother is on roll.she immediately run towards Suraj bhai and Samrat take kids away not before Sanju and Sameer kissed their mother cheeks while Ria hug her happily.

Roshani ,Khushi and Aarohi were still their and shocked .but they composed themselves.but they remembered how everyone treated them sometimes before .

Khushi – Swara i think we should leave and beside we are happy you are safe and healthy but we can’t take anymore help from you ,we can go by train .

Arnav look regretted hearding Khushi angry voice .and Arjun too couldn’t help but clench his fist in guilt.

Swara – I don’t like repeating my self Miss Gupta and don’t forget i am your still Employer.Miss Khushi Gupta you worked under MY BROTHER LAKSH ,so.beside i am your employer and Miss Aarohi Gupta you worked under MY BEST FRIEND ARJUN where My family is having 50℅ shares so basically here goes the go and don’t make me to force more ,i can do it too.

Khushi and Aarohi jaw dropped in shock while Roshani chuckle at her sisters ,And know well beside their bosses Swara is also someone to get done whatever she wanted.

Arjun , Arnav and Laksh were frozem hearding Swara addressing them as Brothers and Friend.

in all this Mira ,Sara and Ragini were still shock .it is unbelievable.

But Sanskar was calmly gazing at Swara beauty and smiling oh he missed her in 48hours.He know his planned is trashed because his Swara have figured out everything .but he don’t give damm ! World not end ,and he can go for another plan.So now he have to take his Swara filled whom he missed in two days .

After Gupta sisters left ,Swara lean back and close her eyes .HE is again in his mode ,staring at her.she don’t she open her eyes see those three women who can never improve by their plotting and planning.

Swara coldly(pointing Sara,Ragini and Mira) – What you three want?

All were literally taken aback.

Sara – What you mean-

Swara – don’t give bullshit Sara and open your damm mouth ,I have enough nonsense you play with my daughter mind which will cost you very much but now I don’t giving it importance ,I am asking you what do you want Sara.

Sara – ARJUN.

Arjun was fuming as he said – i never know i am wanted by Sara Malik.

Swara voice totally meant business – Sara ,Ragini and Mira ,i really don’t care what you three wanted ,I know you threee are f**ked up after all the happening amd trying to settled your future by wanting ASR,Laksh,AG. But don’t you think you should try another games and stay away from me !But too bad ,you three involved my daughter in this disgust want so the payback time. I am giving you three ,choice take it or i will choose for you three womens. JAIL OR GETTING OUT FROM THIS COUNTRY.

Sanskar couldn’t help but mentally chuckle at the pale faces of these three ,well so much cost to get involved in his love.

Ragini ,Sara and Mira were totally silent.but they knew the choice.

Swara smirk seeing the helpless faces- I get it ,Mr Bahl get the tickets and money i have kept it in the cupboard.

Aman who was shocked from all this heard Swara voice and did what she told.and handed to the three women.

Swara lean back and said emotionless- Mr Bahl do one more thing ,drop them to Airport and let me call later ,any type of clever move next time you three will only get option one.

Ragini who was staring at Laksh ,pleading from her eyes to stopped her ,didn’t get .Laksh diverted his eyes .He really fallen out of this blo*dy women love.

As they all left leaving Arnav ,Laksh ,Arjun ,Omkar Malik and Sanskar with Swara Lying on bed.

Omkar Malik saw his daughter closed her eyes and the Man’s staring at her ,the situation was thick air.And he silently left the room ,his daughter is safe that’s it.

Arnav sat on the couch while Laksh closed the door and sat on recliner .Arjun stand near french window of pool side while Sanskar leaning on wall opposite of Swara bed.

Silence was all they could heard ,nobody is going anywhere.

Swara open her eyes not hearding any scream or shout or even fight ,what she thought because everyone have figure it out that Sanskar is behind it.But all she saw them sitting or standing with lost look
Swara gaze at Sanskar and ask – Did you addicted to me ?

Sanskar taken aback at her sudden vulnerability ,he was caught off guard .but he told her truth – more then air to breathe .

Arnav -We should leave.

But Swara told them to stop.and ask again to Sanskar – Did you love me?

“YES !” his response was Imediate without any thinking only from his heart.

Arnav ,Laksh and Arjun were really worried at Her vulnerable voice while her face turned blank with each passing minute.

Swara at last ask – Do you trust me ?

Sanskar went silent ,and his silence give her answers.but then he said – you have broken me to beyond repair to trust you.and if you want i can start believing it will take time.

Swara smile with her face turned painful – You can do anything to make me fall in love with you Sanskar.

Sanskar knew what she’s talking about .He know she is not blind to see his plans , or his going to any extends to get het fall in love.

Swara glance at Arnav ,Laksh and Arjun who were just worried and astonished by Swara knowing Sanskar constant madness for her.

Swara said in lost tone – you want me to fall in love with you and I want to fall in death with my lifeless body ,strange.You can go to any extent to make me fall in love and I can go to any extent to drown in depth of darkness. You and I are stubborn to death.

Sanskar finally sat infront of her gazing her intensely – yes ,I see you have figured it out.You know I can’t give up on you and you can’t give up on death ,i too realized it.

Arnav finally interrupted – you both are insane, practical insane ! And some thing i have figured it out you both are made for each other , because stubborn is your both another name.

Laksh agreed shrugging – And I can see I should stopped Ragini ,Thanks you both because after leaving here past few weeks i can see that love and death have no boundaries ,Sorry Swara but this time i have to get her.

And he walk out leaving Swara shaking her head.

Arjun – you know what ,You both should stop this chasing game because i can see this is not getting anywhere.

Both Arnav and Arjun left them.

Sanskar – Can we talk patiently ?

Swara – We always did ,but it doesn’t go anywhere.

Sanskar held her hand and squeezed it softly – This is different, I am not anysoon exhausted to plan or do anything to make you fallen for ,i have given my eight years ,and i still give many more until my last breathe.You know when i fallen for you it was just start of my destruction ,and i am destroyed as much you.

Swara look at him shocked ,his confession is too much.but she finally felt defeated ,she have to defeat his madness is taking them and their life’s nowhere and now he is not only making their life’s but all other life’s too rollercoaster.

Swara said truth- i lose…

Sanskar now frozen on spot ,he stammer – ?

Swara gaze at his shocked eyes with her eyes defeated and repeated herself- i accepted my defeat, i can’t fight anymore .i still tell you that i feel nothing towards you but now i want you to make me fall for you ,hardly ,I have given up on me years before but now i am going to try ,willing to try .

Sanskar still not able to believed as he said seriously – don’t play game with me Swara ,i don’t believed you.

Swara said with cold voice – And I don’t love you.

Sanskar nodded ,- you are right we are not going anywhere and finally you laid down your weapons what you think because until now whatever happened it was my way now its your choice.

Swara – Can we have break .

Sanskar – what ?

Swara – I want break ,i want to go Paris ,and i want you to live with Arnav and others .If you considered my choice ,we can contact like we always did .i want time nothing else.

Sanskar breathe hitched but then his eyes saw her pleading and most needed emotions in her eyes ,first time she is asking something for herself from him.

Sanskar – how much time?

Swara – Your lucky no. ?

Sanskar look at her in disbelief – You want THREE YEARS !!

Swara nodded – Yes and you have given me choice.

Sanskar frown – i have never be away from in past eight years .

Swara said truthfully – i wanted myself to realized it ,how much you meant to me.

Sanskar said remembered some memories – I have tried this with you ,but nothing bothered you.Remember my two month world trip.

Swara – because that time i have not tried but now i will. Just last time because i can see you are really destroyed with me.And i know we both need break.from our feeling. And beside missing me you can have pari with you ,OUR DAUGHTER is always with you.

Sanskar was now understanding het ,she is right somewhere he was so much overwhelm with her trying ,in all these year she never did .

Sanskar – you can’t go alone !

Swara – you agreed .

Sanskar – you have ask something in all these years for your own ,and i can’t be harsh on it.

Swara – whom you wanted me to go with.

Sanskar – i…..I mean whom ever you wanted.but i will contact with every moment of you life.

Swara saw his sadness spreading all his eyes covering it with moistness.but there was something else too ” hope”.

Swara – I will talk with Roshani.

Sanskar was surprise ,he didn’t hide it too – Why , i mean i thought you will take Samrat or Arjun or any other brother of yours but why Roshani Gupta ?

Swara shrugged – just like that .

Sanskar nodded and then he saw doctors coming inside with nurses.

Sanskar said carely – take rest , i will make arrangements for your flight and everything .

Swara nodded with slight smile ,as he gaze her lovingly ,she didn’t have anything to gaze at him and like always he accepted it.finally he left the room .

Swara look at the doctor and order – Did you work what i have order !

Doctor nodded helplessly and said fearful tone – yes Miss Sammie ,that drugs were added and soon it will start working.

Swara said coldly – leave !

As they all left, Swara look again at the bright morning her thought were too dark ,to say anything.

If you only knew ….

How much

How often

How bad

I Hurt….you never have believed me to try …you are in so much in your love ,your madness, your destruction, your broken heart, and your shattering peices that you forgotten SANSKAR IT ALWAYS MORE WORST THEN SEEMS .

Her eyes stopped bein teary,it is only shown emptiness as she whisper – it was never any love or revenge to be defeated Sanskar ,it was just darkness… I have saw changing color of revenge and love but i am engulfed in emptiness of dark.


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