It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 38

Chapter 37

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Sanskar stood outside of HER room,doors were closed and doctors were operating her still no results, he have all the way travelled from New Jersey then ordered his guards to get kids back as soon as possible, he don’t know what happened suddenly, all he heard from Samrat that SHE NEEDS was enough and now when he came two hours before the situation was more then worse,his own breathing started breaking. All he knew that again she broken but this time her SAMMIE M. persona shattered into pieces ,she don’t left with any pieces he knew that ,he don’t have to know this by looking at her because he was the one who have made her to wear SAMMIE M.   identity so she can just breathe ,after which state he have found her eight years before he know she wanted to cover herself ,she didn’t trust anyone ,

she didn’t have tears left in her ,and her face was as dead as deadperson.But now everything is finished he can sense the ache in his bleeding heart,He couldn’t help but feel that piece by piece he is again started shattering ,its so funny the pain was again their he was again feeling difficult in breathing like everytime she tried to stop breathing, he have told SHE IS HIS DEATH,and she was shocked but he was beyond the shocked when this realization hit her hard .the first time when he saw her nervous breakdown. He don’t have guts to remind that memory.He is terrified and after that it was a point for him that he love A WRONG WOMEN,who is too broken and lifeless to see his love.He is remembered when he was going away from HER two days before ,before the “talk ” he did with Sara.SHE have called him in HER THIS SAME ROOM ,to have last TALK between them.The same talk which changed his direction in life in few moments her one statement made him to give up completely.


Swara saw Sanskar coming inside the room.

Sanskar – What you want to talk ?

He didn’t wanted to heard her cutting words which pained ,he have decided to given up but some thing in him stopping still begging for her to come back that hope was not ready to give ,nor that heart which is now bleeding in too damm pain.that no one can see it.

Swara – Fall out from that love.and start new life with some one deserved you.

Sanskar head jerked hearding her ,that anger was again coming all over .and the cold demour too.

Sanskar – You are no one to decide and why the blo*dy hell you are even worried Miss Malik ?Its my heart and my love and you are no one to stopped me loving you ,did you hear it !

Swara didn’t say or replied him angrily ,she walk up to the window and seeing the darkness of the night she shook her head.

Sanskar come behind her and whisper brokenly- Why are you worried Swara if i love you or not ,you never were before then why now ?

Swara chuckle lightly hearding him and then she turned to tell him.

“Did you know why I am still alive ,its not because of any miracle or my wish to take revenge and lastly to look after my Pari,because i know you would be a great father unlike mine or your father,but I am still not wanting to die because You will stopped breathing. It doesn’t mean That LOVE is somewhere in me,No .It is because you would be die and that was what i have too realized yesterday when you were taking those heavy breathing and wanting to give up on your life because you thought i am no more, you are the one who accepted this Akira ,who made her again capable to stand on her own,who give her everything i mean it everything so that she can again breathe after the painful past I have gone through.

You did all this because of the love you have for me,But you know why I did let you do this all because  I have given up on me ,for me I was died the day when i saw my own mother pushing me inside the room of hungry animals,the very moment I died,and when I felt you doing all this I know you don’t want my body , You wanted something which in me don’t even alive,MY SOUL AND HEART,I am proud of my dead heart,its been stabbed ,cheated,broken,burned but still working. Isn’t great! But until I have felt your feeling towards me .And that moment my pride on my dead heart too gone,You wanted my dead heart and it pained me again like hell.and I tried to give you but it was not in me anymore. I wanted to smile ,laugh ,live but nothing was coming in me.They killed me.Sanskar,and I don’t even have peace after it. Give up on me will you ?

Sanskar was totally burning in rage hearding her but he was now not in this ,he ask unexpected -What will you do IF I MOVE ON FROM MY LOVE ? Tell me SWARA ?

Swara don’t understand it -“What do you mean ?”

Sanskar – IF I MOVE ON FROM YOU AND EMBRACE A NEW LIFE WILL YOU DO THE SAME ? I know in me you always find the past which you never got the chance to forget but Now i am saying will you GIVE UP ON THE PAST ?

Swara was speechless ,she never know this is coming all over her ,she can bet on her life he is dead serious.

Swara ask in disbelief- How you could think of me forget that past which is nothing but became my today’s existence!!

Sanskar – CONDITIONS IS SIMPLE SWARA  ,you fulfill your side of  bargain and i will do what you told !Give the promise of giving up and come out of past ,start a new life ,and i will do the same ,start living life and i will start forgetting that their was any Swara in my life because now I too have enough Swara.We have talk about this from past eight years ,YOU ARE STUBBORN THEM I AM now ball are in your court.

“i agree ” it was like forever Swara finally choked out those words he have made the most cruel decesion of her life forgetting the past where she have gone through the hell ,she can never forget it but she will do it ,because she can’t take someone life because of her and he is one of them.She can see he is dying in his love and shattering himself.She don’t want it anymore because he is someone who Was the one after screwing her life he tried to shape it too.And she can never forget.

“Deal Miss Malik nice meeting you”

And all she heard was shutting of door and he left.

And then Sanskar met Sara in the hallway and offered her again for their relationship and then left to New Jersey.

Flashback ends ………

Doctors come out of room making all them aware ,Arnav was the one who ask -How is she ?

Doctors signed and said sadly – I am sorry Mr Raizada but patienthas her third mild attack and this time it is worse ,her heartbeat is stopping slowly and like she is giving up on herself and don’t wanted to co operate with us,we had  tried our level best but She is not responding  ,Am sorry but if she is giving up ,we can’t do anymore. She is now conscious and constantly asking for “pari” ,whoever she is ,i think that person only can give her hope to live.She don’t have time left ,we have to operate her in half an hour.please make her understand.

Doctor went aside with another doctors for disscussing the operation.the whole best team of doctors are here from India and America with Swara personal doctor.

Arnav stood shocked he didn’t expect this ,his whole face turned white ,his breathing turned harsh as he choked out words painfully-“NO SHE CAN’T LEAVE ME AGAIN !!!”

Arjun was frozen on the spot ,his wholr mind turned blank ,”she is doing this purposely and he knew it,she deliberately wanted to again leave so that he live in hell,no she can’t live him ,he will make her stopped going away from him,whatever it cost !!!and then it strucked “PARI !!!yes her daughter!!!”

Arjun look around like madman then he shouted on SAMRAT – Where is Pari ??? Get her now !!!!you fool!!!

Aarohi was totally shocked seeing Arjun totally lost himself like he choking to death!!

Aarohi come near to Arjun – She will be fine !!nothing will happened to her, she is brave ,we all know that !!

Arjun defeatingly hugged Aarohi his eyes were shedding the unsaid pain he is going. Aarohi hold and felt the tears on her shoulder, she didn’t say anything just hugged him tightly, she do have some idea what Swara meant to him.

Samrat who waa losing himself heard Arjun and run upstairs to bring PARI ,yes he is agreeing Arjun,Pari can bring his Friend that arrogant and heartless woman back whom he love like insane !!!he have accepted it longway and now he knew he will be gone mad if anything happened to her !!!

Roshani Gupta run behind her in totally worried if he did anything stupid she knew he love Swara and was totally insane for her,she kneq it.and knew one more thing he will not being himself right now!!she have to take care of him.

Khushi sat beside Arnav – She needed you ,stop being weak Arnavji ,please for Swara sake !

Arnav heard but didn’t say anything he was too shocked !!his whole form is stiffened.with pain and too much pain .and then his anger erupted ”HOW DARE YOU SWARA TO AGAIN THINK OF LEAVING ME !!YOU CAN’T DAMMIT !!!ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA WILL NOT LET THIS HAPPENED “” his mind commanded him right away and he turned to see Khushi hurt look and he said – SHE WILL LIVE ,KHUSHI !

And Khushi Gupta knew ASR is back and nothing can make his sister to leave him again ,no one Even is she is too wanted !!

Sanskar was standing at the same spot, he didn’t loose his calm but his heart have already torned away.his eyes are dry without any tears because his heart is crying and cutting him inside, the pain is unbearable but he is still rooted on the spot.His love is giving up on herself and he didn’t have any power to get her back,because now this moment he is dying too.She have made him dead by the thought of giving up on her life.he now knew one thing “”Never allow someone to be your priority while allowing yourself to be their option.”and he have made that mistake. He HATED himself for making him feel so much helpless and vulnerable !!and he hated the reason too.

Sanskar walk towards the window of HER room,as he gaze at her Lying form his eyes started moisten and hands trembling he whisper slowly as his pain started coming out in a deep word’s-My heart feels like it’s torn in two,
Why can’t I just be with you?
Everyday another tear,
Everyday a lot more fear. 
I want to hold you in my arms,
I want to keep you safe from harm.
I act like things are all okay,
But I really want to run away.
I act like things are all alright,
But always end up in a fight.
I cry more tears than I can count;
Why won’t they just let me out?
I tell myself these things won’t stay,
But I don’t think they’ll go away.

Sanskar saw her in her bed lifeless and then he knew she is now too weak to gathered herself. And this time he can’t do anything.
“Her first love name was SANSKAR” he froze hearding his daughter PARI voice.and then he saw his daughter clutching one small diary and her teary face ..
Pari come to him not knowing that her these words not made her father shocked but all her Uncle’s and Aunties who were beyond the shocked.

Laksh who just came from talking to the doctors and well threatening them to do anything possible to make his sister alive heard this small girl word’s, and then he saw the small diary ,and then it hit him hard a realization drawn on him he run towards her and snatched that diary while pari was pushed towards Sanskar who protect her from fall.

Sanskar and Arjun together shouted -LAKSH!!

Ragini come towards Pari ask worriedly- You ok pari ?

Pari nodded but Laksh was looking at Pari with concern ..

Arnav angrily- WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU DAMMIT !!are you freaking lost it !!snatching diary from small kid and pushing her !!she would have fallen !!

Laksh said guilty- Pari i am sorry,its just diary is not of your use.

Sanskar look down pari who is glaring Laksh .

Sanskar – Why you said that pari ?what first love ?and whom you are talking?

Laksh immediately said before pari could say – nothing and pari lets go you have to meet your mom.come!

Laksh hold pari palm and started moving but pari snatched her hand from him ,pushing it roughly.


Laksh – Pari please don’t shout ,and your mother conditions is critical, cooperate with us !

Pari – Not before I finished something.

Pari was totally stubborn like her mother!! Laksh got at once but what she is going to do after knowing what’s written in this diary will broke many people here.

Arjun -What is it Pari that important from Swara life for you ?

Pari – Some facts Arjun uncle which i have to tell ,*looking at Sanskar * You were Sara aunties first love Dad ,isn’t?

Sara who was stood beside Meera looked shocked at Pari’s words.while Sanskar was now totally confused.

Pari continued – My Mom knew about it,she knew her sister loving you from past ten years and the fact that because of your love my mom separate from many people. If not you have came in my mom life then your dad wouldn’t have kidnapped mom,nor your brother tried to hurt mom.Somewhere your family is too involved with her own family in this hurting of her life.Her sister wouldn’t have jealous of her ,!!And because your sister My mom’s brother wouldn’t have gone through too much,their would have been other way for Sujata Malik to take revenge from grandpa ! Not at the cost of my mom’s life ,And now again you played Dad !!What are you !! If you claim to be Mom’s Hero then i am sorry Dad but you are her life’s biggest villain.

Sanskar stumbled back totally shaken to the core his daughter is accusing him for her mother conditions!! His love condition!! He killed his love !!?she is accusing HIM!!!

Laksh – Pari stop it!!

Pari -No Laksh uncle this man needed reality check after whatever is written in that diary deep down you too know HE IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MY MOM CONDITIONS!! HIS FAMILY IS RESPONSIBLE FOR IT!!and you ,Arnav uncle and Arjun uncle were too hurt because of HIS SISTER !!

Arnav and Arjun didn’t know what to  do!Whatever Pari have accused Sanskar was truth but Sanskar is the only one who get back Swara.and Pari don’t know.

Samrat -Pari whatever you are saying-before he could say Sanskar stopped him by signaling.

Sanskar ask painfully-So you think i am her villain Pari then Please give me the punishment but fisrt go inside talk to her ,ask her to come back and then she can too give me her punishment.

Pari – I don’t want her to live.

No one say anything !!!it was shocked beyond limit.

Sanskar fell on his knee and helplessly ask ,now he was not in a state to say anything more,he have broken completely today- please pari ,please don’t say this ,listen …i am sorry …i accept it I am the biggest mistake in Swara but please don’t say this !! She have to live *he held her shoulder tightly and screamed *  SHE CAN’T GIVE UP DO YOU UNDERSTAND !!! YOU HAVE TO BRING HER BACK PARI !!!i begged you !!!please i am sorry !!i will do whatever you say !!please !!

Pari were in tears seeing her father misery but her mother gone through hell and she will not let that happened again, never .

Pari said hopelessly- what she will do by getting alive again only to hurt herself from beyond any extent!! She is living a dead life only breathing then why ?? You know I WISH YOU WERE NEVER CAME IN HER LIFE ,I HAVE NEVER CAME IN HER LIFE ,*looking at everyone*NO ONE WOULD HAVE BEEN IN HER LIFE ,I WISH SHE WOULD HAVE BORN LIKE ORPHAN IT WAS BETTER THEN THIS HURT ,THIS FAMILY.She can never live when she just facing her past every second of her life, you dad,me,Ria di,Suraj bhai,Sameer bhai,Sanju bhai,Samrat uncle ,Arnav uncle, Laksh uncle, Arjun uncle, Khushi aunty,Aarohi Aunty, Sara aunty,Meera Aunty, Roshani Aunty, and Grandpa !!!we all are her past parts and it is the truth ,she can never come out of her hurt,my mom is dead a long ago its just her body dad.

That small girl ,a part of Swara ,open the biggest truth of their lives ,they all Swara worst past and they can’t denied it .

Pari whisper looking at her dad painful eyes – i wish she forget us.

Everyone was taken aback hearding PARI but all her words were truth venom,which was too deep cutting poison.The shame,guilt and regret was in every faces.

Suddenly Sanskar jerked up hearding Pari last word and one memory came back to him.



Swara have her first nervous breakdown after getting too past events in her head ,and the incident happened in office today it was her first and one man tried to hug which made her again live those memory.

After operating Swara,Doctors came out to only met Helpless and vulnerable Sanskar who was totally shocked by this.

Sanskar – is she fine??

Senoir Doctor- Mr Maheshwari after what you told about your wife mental state and her past to me ,This women have taken too much cruelty from her own family and no one in this state of mind can live .The only thought would be coming to her will be Her past and the thought of sucide.And what can i see soon she will give up on herself ,even one hurt came to her again.

Sanskar frozen on the spt,his face turned cold hearding it.

Senior Doctor- I advise you one thing  Mr Maheshwari even i know this is not legal but you see I have gone through some criminal cases where they were given high dosed of drugged to forget their identity, and live decently ,you can too make this arrangement for your wife ,because after being a mother of baby and even having the beautiful life she is not living.

Sanskar saif angrily-no ,she don’t need this drug ,she have gone through drug and what happened with her it was worse then anything i will not make her go through this again, I will make sure she again start hoping and living life.

Doctor – As you wish Mr Maheshwari ,as per our team will cooperate with you.

••••••••••••••FLASHBACK END••••••


Sanskar have remembered everything about what Doctor have said to him and now the words of Pari ,he don’t know what to make of it,and now he don’t care !!HE WANT HER TO BE ALIVE THAT’S IT !!

Sanskar stood up and ask coldly- I will do what you have Pari ,Now go inside and talk with Swara.

Not only Pari but all the people their are shocked by hearding Sanskar !!


Pari – Huh??what you will do dad ??

Sanskar said the truth and making decision of HER LIFE AGAIN- I will complete your wish,You wanted your mother happiness which lied without anyone of us then you will get it,Go talk to your Mother one last time because after this you will never can talk to her as a daughter even if you wished for .

Pari saw the truth and determination in her father face ,and she knew he fulfilled his words everytime .And what he say she trust him truly,So she nodded.

Pari turned but said -Don’t back off Dad at your words !

Sanskar said honestly- I will not .

The Conversation between both Father and daughter shook the soul of everyone, this is unbelievable and they are seeing it.And what they was true ,PARI IS DEFINATLY SWARA AND SANSKAR PART ,A STUBBORN TO DEATH.

After Pari walked inside the room.

Arjun was the one who broke the dead silence-What do you mean Sanskar ?

Sanskar saw the confused and hurt faces of Everyone,nothing will be same anymore. Nothing.

Laksh said frustrated -I am not understanding Sanskar what you meant !Look Pari have gotten hold of Swara ten years old diary where Swara have written the incident of her life ,but it was stopped before nine years ,So Pari don’t know what you did for Swara ,Just go and explain her .Stop being foolish!!

Sanskar chuckle dryly- Pari is right laksh ,what Swara got from me or us ,it was always pain and nothing.And beside that girl wanted her Mother life back not just her breathe.

Omkar Malik who still silent saw that Young man coming towards him.

Sanskar -Uncle Can i get your permission for this last say in your daughter life.*turning to Arnav * your too Arnav in your sister life just for the sake of this eight years *looking at Arjun * you too Arjun in your bestfriend life.

Samrat – Sanskar what are you talking about?? Please tell us !!

Sanskar taking a deep signed explained about what doctor adivesed him six years before ,everything. He knew by giving Swara life his heartbeat is humping fast ,he knew he did it,he have crossed the path of insanity in her LOVE.And he HATE for this !!SHE IS COWARD TO GIVING UP ON HER LIFE ,she don’t think for him and wanted to leave this world then he is going to give her new world where their will be existence of SANSKAR MAHESHWARI TO YOU SWARA !!he promised to himself.

Ragini said in disbelief- you are not in sense Sanskar !!!you can’t do this to her !!you can’t take her memory ,her life identity from her ,her existence!! No !!Laksh say something!!!

Laksh was mum ,he was not listening Ragini but seeing the madness of SANSKAR ,he don’t have audacity to even stopped him.Because he is gone insane for his sister.How could he do this ,If this is love then SANSKAR have won the battle, he love Swara more then anyone here.

Arnav glance at Laksh whose expression was mirroring his thought ,Yes THIS IS BEYOND THE MADNESS ,he is nothing infront of this man,if he love his sister that much to get her back by even snatching from his so called mother life and declaring death ten years before then this man is more then anything!! And now he just felt a deep proud towards this man,he can go to any lenth for his sister he have get this.NOW FOR SURE.

Arjun wiped his corner tears ,and said painly -You are mad for her Sanskar !you would have knew now.What’s this love where you wiped down the memories of your own.

Sanskar didn’t say anything. He was just waiting to get the reply.

Khushi was in tears by now and same with every women present their ,Aarohi ,Ragini,Meera,Sara and Roshani these have saw the deep emotions for that one women inside the room on these men’s faces,they got to knew one “SWARA IS LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD ,no matter happened with her in past !because she have taken the hearts of these man.”

“Do it.” It was Omkar Malik who declared the decision of him and everyone their.he have never given anything to his daughter but now he giving her life biggest gift !freeing from every relationship and emotions, everything.

Meanwhile inside the room…

Pari walked to her mom who was lying conscious – mumma?

Swara whose whole body was in pain ,tried to open her eyes to look at her daughter  she didn’t able to see her clearly.because of high dose medicine and injection.

“Pari..i am sorry..i..” Swara tried hard but she can’t able to say anything.

Pari immediately held Swara hand and sobbed – please mumma don’t leave ,please i am sorry for that call please mumma please !!don’t leave your Pari !!

“Hey…pri…princess……di..didn’t..’t….…more…,….not…lea…leaving….you…..alone….i…..ha…have…given…a……big……family….. and….y…you..have….your….dad…pari….your……sibl…siblings…. love…them…pari…..that’s… what….i…want….this……you…..are….not…….me….pari….and….you…will..never…will….” Swara completed her words choking with emotions.but she don’t know her daughter will not let her give up on herself this easily!!

Pari said with grave serious voice- No mumma ,I am you and I will became like you cold and heartess if you left .or worse I will too followed you.

Swara closed her painly ,the voice is same and emotions too !!!”Sanskar!!” She have her father part in her !!

Pari knew she have won the battle- “take your option mumma either choose me or death”

And then pari hugged Swara who have lost the battle because the fear of loosing Pari is too much.Pari was hugging her mumma last time knewing well she is not going to meet her soon,she  is sobbing hard ,tears were not stopping from. her !

Then Pari heard Swara sweet whisper- Promise me you will be yourself Pari,the same bubbly ,cheerful and drmamaqueen who love her siblings and dad too much and annoyed her mumma to hell!!promise me.

Pari nodded crying unstintingly ,while Swara felt weird seeing Pari crying this much but she thought that it would be about her lying lifeless but little did she have knew what exactly going to happened with her then she have done something!


After five hours…

Doctor announced- operation is successful *signing* and she have given those drugs in her system at high dose Mr Maheshwari ,her mind is too weak now but she will never going to remembered anything even she see you all but now it will be Good she take plenty of rest.

Just relief was their not happiness ,nothing.

Arnav saw his assistant /his college buddy Aman Bahl coming with worried look.

Aman- ASR  you have called me urgently? What’s the matter ?is Swara fine?

Arnav look at everyone and then Aman and then rest was the history.


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