It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 37

chapter 36

Swara – ok ,and most importantly i am getting new launched Austin Martin and a whole closet of business outfit design by Laksh Singh Raizada,isn’t !

Laksh eyes went wide not because her being ready or what she ask for but the playful Swara which he finally saw glimpse,but he is not mad to open mouth and point it.

Laksh sip his coffee eyeing his sister curiously because he can see she is in her own thoughts, its like years they have talk normally even like siblings. He missed her too much,but scars are deep and they need to heal slowly.

Suddenly his mind went to the damage before ten years,Swara is the only one who suffered from hell,his inside burned in ashes just the thought of it then how.his sister survived in that hell,he can never forgive himself to not protect his sister dignity and her soul.She is damage beyond the repair, and he can see that.

Laksh ask her in self loathing tone – “Why you still helping me ?”

Swara stopped sipping her coffee,she knew what he meant and what’s up in mind ,something which she can tell,he is blaming himself for her destruction.

“Don’t do this to yourself Laksh ,you were never have protected me when you too were trapped by Mrs Sujata Malik,I know you never wanted anything happened ,even i too but what’s done is done.try to get over it.” Her reply made him furious, and he remembered his brother word’s “She think she don’t deserved anything!”, and he can see that now,his brother was right .She hated herself and even worse hate her own existence.but he somewhat knew that his anger can’t help him.

” Will you tell me how you survived.their and how you came out of that place “his voice was calm but his inside was torn ,and his breathing was too hard,he don’t have guts to heard anything from her even the imagination is like a nightmare, but he have to strong for his sister ,he have survived without her in past ten years but now he wanted her with him.he saw how her face held the deadly emotions and the eyes were dead like ice.her whole body went stiff like she is some manicure ,he never saw her like this ,never.

” leave Laksh,”her voice was too cold and harsh ,and when her eyes met his face ,he can never bring himself to breath she was pained in more ruthless he ever know ,his eyes were moist seeing the pain in her face and he throw the mug shattering into pieces ,his whole body is shaking in helpless and.merciless conditions know one have thought.

Swara don’t even flinched because now conditions is much more then a casual talk ,she can’t console him because her sisterly love have been dead with that old Swara death,she is not Swara Malik too because that Self loving and confident girl was snatched by her own mother ,She is just Akira,who was once pr*stitute and Now Sammie M. who only knew to get her work done heartless and ruthlessly. She have killed her own woman heart to feel anything, she is devastated .And she accepted it.

“I wanted you to get the treatment from psychologist ,that’s why i made you met Christian not knowing that he is half step brothers of us who is here to destroy dad .I know we have not at all talked about whatever happened two days before, I wanted to talk Swara .” his voice is totally stern and adamant ,he is not going to take.shit.she know that,for.sure but she know too he is buying time to take.out her suffering of past few years, it is not going to change but only break this man infront of her.

“I don’t wanted to talk Laksh,leave.” Swara told him coldly but before she could say even more door was knocked making both Laksh and Swara come out of the deep emotions and past.

Laksh stood up and walk to open door not before wiping his eyes which he felt miserably, but then he was not surprised seeing Arnav bhai and Dad standing with serious look .He stepped aside making them to.come inside.

Swara saw another two man whom eyes just staring her ,she know something is defiantly is not settled and then she saw something Her namesake family is standing and behaving that they were planning to.come and talk with her in this time.

“What do you all want,don’t beat around the bush!?”her voice was business tone clipped and calculative.

Omkar Malik softened seeing His small daughter in her ruthless way,her own mother made her this way and mostly his.neglecting done this with her.

Swara saw all three man glancing each other .and then she knew she was tricked.

Arnav saw the realization dawning on Swara but then he told her truth-” you are right ,I have send Laksh here to distract for sometime so that we can buy time to talk with you something.

Swara give accused glace towards Laksh who was not at all affected but then she too composed herself.

Swara said coldly- then Talk.

They saw coming back of business woman but they needed their successful.

Omkar Malik sat infront of her and.said – WE ARE SHIFTING TO MUMBAI.

Swara – Then shift Mr.Malik.I don’t understand why are you announcing this to me.I don’t care.

Arnav knew he have to win over her and he have to play in his real way.

“Its Because you are too coming with us Miss Malik,and I am.not going to give you choice,itd fact.We all are shifting and leaving this city, this place and before you say about not following the ORDERS then listen my sweet sister I will not hesitate to get the rights on Pari and other kids.So don’t challenge Arnav Singh Raizada.” His each words were screaming arrogant and ruthless ASR which Swara never came infront ,and she was shocked at his audacity but then she composed herself.

Swara smirk – I don’t think so,because you are no one to my kids and specially Kids right are given to Sanskar .and most importantly I am no more Malik but Sammie new identity. So for all stop being foolish ASR.

But her smirk vanished when someone thrown the contract papers copy infront of her ,on which she signed at afternoon. She raised her head to see Arjun smirking devilishly, and now she is more then sure the game is really not on her side.When  one devil -genius Lawyer and ruthless-shrewd businessmen are together. And she can smell the politics too where she have politician father and then the last straw is done.

Arjun smile.devilishly as he spoke – You know Swara sometimes over confidence can lead you wrong,Well for clearity you have sign those papers in which Pari and others kids rights goes to Arnav and then when Laksh was distracting you with his incomplete love story,I have easily hacked your laptop and bring out your real identity details even very much things like your passport, marriage certificate and last is Your divorce papers ,.Isn’t i am best too.

Swara clench her fist giving the cold glare to Arjun.but then ASR spoke in his usual arrogance.

“And now I made it clear,If you want your loverboy Sanskar image to be ok and have kids with him without any blast of you both marriage then silently come with us.And last not least you would be good human to forgive each and every bastard but not I am,I will give a second to kill those gupta siblings, Dear sister Sara,or the  ex lover Meera and the great Ragini even who were behind bars.So silently do what you are told little sister!” said ASR,not at all giving the glimpse of caring Arnav but all she saw possessive ASR.

Swara signed and mostly shook her head in disbelief ,then her head turn to her father who was still silent after the announcement.

Omkar Malik softly said – Come with us Swara,Now i don’t have power to lose anything more.Everything is going to be alright maybe not today but eventually.

She didn’t argued more because her father explained something which she never wanted to understand. That she needs to loose those impossible nightmare behind her but its not possible. It will never.

“Okay.” She said quietly taking back her laptop to see its still hacked or she can work.ignoring them and dismissal way.
Laksh said lastly -Swara I and Ragini can never be together. Because she was someone who was involved in that game of Meera and Sara.

Swara didn’t bother to say anything more.

Laksh and Omkar Malik left them .While Arjun and Arnav were still their but now busy in their mobile.

Swara raise her head and said -Get lost you both.

Arnav and Arjun saw her angry look but they have more work to care .

Arnav – pack your bags little sister we are flying to Mumbai.

And he left leaving Swara signed in defeat.

Arjun who was still thier saw her defeated face and most importantly her body shivering slightly. Who no one noticed.

“Why all this planning Arjun?” She ask him with a little voice.

Arjun shook his head feeling guilty for doing this to her but he have to !

Arjun – We can’t wait forever to get back my lioness knowing she is dead ,so why not we start afresh.

Swara – i get it, Is HE is coming too?

Arjun see her with surprise asking for Sanskar but he have to tell her the truth,she have rights to know.

“Sanskar left the country and gone with Sara to New Jersey, he have message me three hours before.” She heard him but she don’t know why she was feeling empty from inside.

“He left me finally, congrats Swara Malik.” She said to herself forgetting that Arjun was still their who was now stunned.

“So she affected by Sanskar leaving her ,its interesting!” His lawyer mind was on work.but he have to give some time on that.

Her mobile beeped making her attention to go on the text ,and she was surprised seeing the words,

“Its not over ,Zalima – Sanskar.”

She whisper in disbelief “Zalima ?”

And Arjun chuckle mentally having peeked on text what Sanskar have send this stubborn lady ,Seriously she is Zalima ,well means …”Cruel”or “Atrocious” , Not bad Sanskar.

Sanskar put his mobile ,switching off.after sending a very harsh text to Miss Swara Malik.He is informed by Arnav about their plans and well say a forced plan on Swara and he is not at all interfering in this.He is not going to be with her it doesn’t mean she can do anything, And his eyes is always on her.he turned to see Sara looking out of window. Its his sudden decision to be with Sara because if not for Swara ,their was only Sara in his life.He would not have been burned this much but its fate.and when Swara don’t feel anything for him  ,after all the efforts he have given up and very much seem to move hurt but let’s say start afresh if he can’t get love then he can get piece right.

“Sanskar i am hungry !!Man your staff are lazy bums !!” There he heard Sara Malik back on track ,!!whom he know well enough to survive with.Something he know that Sara is like him ,all straightforward and not too arrogant but a big b*t*h ! Like he is !

And then their was start of new phase in Sanskar Maheshwari life ,but fate have more to do for him.

“You couldn’t be possibly thinking that !” Aarohi shouted on Khushi

Khushi – I am done here Aarohi di ,and going to London will be good experience for my career.

Aarohi – What about Mumbai Khush ,you can have career their too and i will miss you !!

Khushi hugged her teary Sister ,how she spell her that she have thought to take break from everything even a species name ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA. He have told her they can’t be together and she have accepted it.but still its hurt too damm much.

Roshani who have came after making sure kids are boarded safety for London ,saw her both sisters hugging each and crying.

“Let her go Aaroo ,she needed to go out and we all have to start afresh right.All this revenge and hatred game made us suffocated its been months that we have each other ,right.” Samrat who came inside behind Roshani was totally blow away seeing his both sisters crying in each other arms.Well he has not gone to London getting trxt from Sanskar about him going to London after New Jersey, he didn’t ask much about Sanskar travel knowing well they are not the same page anymore.

His sisters look at him surprised.

He smile sheepily – I thought to get some time with you three.And Khushi try to come soon from your London job!

And then he was attacked by his sisters hugged and cries!!!Gosh he missed them like hell!!

LONDON , in car…

“We are back to beginning?” Shouted eight years old Sameer Maheshwari to his siblings who were silently sitting on their seats.

Ria Maheshwari saw anger tears in Sameer eyes and accustion.they were on the way back to university boarding and they all were too much silent to say something.

Ria – Sameer what is it bro ?

Sameer look at his elder sister in disbelief and then he shouted angrily- Ria di we are again going to send in hostel away from everyone ,and you are asking what is it !!!

Sanju – Sameer ,i know you are angry but we all know Rockstar is busy and hottie is always busy !

Pari ,Suraj who were not interrupted them ,was now have their full attention on Sanju words.

Pari finally said – Quit the acting Sanju we are no more in front of those people and Miss Ria ,You know what Sameer is talking about !

All head were turned to formal voice of Pari ,a seven years old girl who is the daughter of Swara and Sanskar.

Suraj signed saying lets talk about it other time but Every eyes were on PARI who was totally changed.

Ria – Pari why are you talking like this ?

Pari smile and said – Nothing Miss Ria you see my both parents have done enough of charity on you four from past eight years and now when all reality is opened i think you people should get treated the way you are.

The tone of hatred and venom was visible in Pari voice making four of them shocked to bits.They can easily saw the indifference in Pari face and her tone was totally same as her mother and her expression is same as her father.

Suraj closed his and look away ,he knew what’s wrong ,thier Pari have saw the same thing which hottie have saw years breaking of trust from their own family ,before he knew about everything but he never reacted,but this was beyond the limits.Their Pari have saw the breaking of trust and most importantly the reason of Swara Malik state.And that was hatred of pari towards them because of being the part of Hottie painful past.

Sameer – Pari are you alright !!Don’t forget we are brother and sister !!

Pari shook her head angrily – No ,you all are no one to me !!

And then pari shouted on driver who was hearding the little children with stunned!

Pari ordered in her own angry voice – Give call to My Mother Swara Malik Now.

Driver was now taken aback by this sweet looking girl but her one look was totally make him to obey the order .

3S and Ria was totally blown out at this attitude of Pari.

Pari held the mobile ,she knew her mother number because of the business card she gave her once.

Dialing the number pari waited for her mother to accept the call while Ria and 3 S were totally silent seeing this new pari.

On phone

“Yes..Sammie M. speaking !” Pari heard her mother voice .


Swara was packing her bag after  the heated argument with Arnav but nothing affected. She still is not convinced to live with them.she heard Samrat knocking the door.

Samrat -You are ready ?

Swara cross her arms and order – Go back to Venice and make sure Company’s all the main controlling branch would be now in Mumbai,India. I have talked to Mark and he have already started .And give me report about kids.

Samrat signed in relief seeing that he still have his job ,and mostly his stubborn and heartless boss.Something after so much look quite normal.

Samrat saluated -Yes Mam !

Swara shook her head and was about to say something when her Mobile ring ,as she saw the caller id ,its from London but who ?

As she accepted the call sternly.

On phone ….

Swara said coldly – Yes…Sammie M. speaking !

Samrat roll his eyes seeing the arrogant boss of his back but he kept quite.

“I want to live with my Mother and father ,not their charities cases,is it too much to ask ?” said Pari angrily.

Swara froze on the spot hearding HER DAUGHTER COLD AND ANGER VOICE,something is wrong she can easily smell ,her Pari is not sounding like herself. No  ,It can’t be possible Her daughter is speaking like her !!!Noway in hell she is going to make it happened!!

Swara sl*ttered clutching the mobile….princess..?

Pari eyes were filled with angry tears and she heard her mother first time broken voice .She is now feeling the pain which her mother would have been feeling for years.

Pari spoke arrogantly- I have told ,what i want and i am ok but if you want me to be ok in future then call me near you ….MAA.

And the call ended .

Swara fall on her knees ,her tears were dripping like acid.She is breaking again but this she will not handle it ,and now she know ONLY HE can stop her from totally shattering into pieces. And she realized for the first HIS place in her life and she MISS HIM.

“Sanskar you have to be in London now,Swara needs you.” Samrat have called SANSKAR MAHESHWARI on the spot and give the straight information, seeing this broken doll ,he didn’t dare to thought for once asking he know if something can effects her badly its only her own part “PARI”.

Swara was not in sense ,her whole body was shaking and then she knew she was engulfed in darkness again .last she heard her brother shouting ” WHAT THE HELL DAMMIT !!! Call the doctors now Laksh !!!”

Precap – Sanskar saw her in hospital bed and then he knew she is now too weak to gathered herself. And this time he can’t do anything.
“Her first love name was SANSKAR” he froze hearding his daughter PARI voice.and then he saw his daughter clutching one small diary and her teary face .

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