It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 36

It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 35

Sanskar laugh dryly – You destroyed not only Swara but me.

And then whole police station heard a loud gunshot voice.and scream.

Fear of death passed from her eyes as she saw sanskar laughing insanely shooting the bullet just inches beside her,her scream was most violent she ever heard herself. But the man infront of her have nothing to fear ,when she gaze at him she could only saw a destroyed man.who have nothing to loose anymore. SUJATA MALIK OR SAY SUJATA SINGH RAIZADA FOR THE FIRST TIME REGRET IN HER LIFE.

REVENGE ,that’s what she always wanted from that OMKAR MALIK but she never thought that this one game plan made not only A DESTROYED OMKAR MALIK BUT MANY MORE LIFE’S.

Sanskar have saw the emotions in that old lady face but most was something,he could easily not understand that because she have the expression like SWARA.

” ,i love him that much to destroy anyone ,he always told me that i am mad to love him,he told me that i only can get scars from him,he told me that he lied to me each and everything, it was just a bet for him which he have made with his brother Omkar ,but you know i love his one lie too much when he told me he loves me and care for me..”Sujata Singh Raizada didn’t acknowledged the stunned look of Sanskar,she was in her own illusion to even say something finally opening that stone heart ,she couldn’t bring herself to stop those tears and her lips curled into smile when she thought about him,Dushyant Malik.she continued as her voice turned emotional “i was happy when he call me after one year,he told me he is coming to meet my family with his brother, you know i was dressed for him in his favourite color of saree,blue.i don’t even think for once why he is coming after he told me he don’t love cousin Raina was too their with me ,she have unconditional glow on her face which i don’t even understand ,i was too busy to groom for my love.then all the hopes crashed ,i got the news he is dead,i was dead too .I have gone to kill myself when i got to know that accident happened because of OMKAR MALIK,i learnt this from Anuradha maa,she knew about me and Dushyant,she wanted to take revenge from that OMKAR MALIK,i too wanted it,and i decided to marry him ,i did,i got to know my Raina ,my sister is in love with that man,it burned me from inside, i manipulated my sister against him,i give birth to his children and even my sister too give birth to a baby,i pretend to be good infront of him and his children, i loathed those four malik’s heir,i knew they were my parts too but they disgust me,each and every second i breathe to destroyed OMKAR MALIK,and then time came which i was waiting his children became young ,in that age where someone have capacity to love with all the passion and desire.I made his both son against him,i made Swara to be always low from Sara,I made Sara to hate Swara,I made Omkar malik to love Sara more than other kids,because i always knew Sara can be manipulated easily like my sister and her mother.then next plan was executed too Arnav lost his baby by Mira,Laksh broken too by Ragini,Sara was sent to mental asylum ,All was going smoothly even Aadarsh  tried to force Swara but nothing could happened, then i got hold of one information which made everything easy,Zain Gupta,getting in sucide and his brother Zes and his sisters Roshani,Aarohi and Khushi seeking for revenge from Malik’s, i got it .That Sucide was just because of Sara but Sara was already destroyed. so i made it that Boy was dead because of Swara and her closed friend. Swara was last target after three children destruction of Omkar Malik,i tried hard to make her destroyed but nothing help then i got to know from your father,That you are in love with Swara,and your father don’t approved of it,he wanted Swara to be out from your life because Aadarsh wanted Swara more then anything, his lust was powering him,i knew i got so many targets easily i took help of your father and Zes in kidnapping of Swara then sending her to brotel house, where she became hunger of many mens,all was done.Omkar Malik destroyed completely but then Everything went wrong when i come to know brothers kids Christian and Misha became orphan and they needed me,they were my life normalcy and my brother helpled to get revenge,so i have to get in accident drama,i was off to Australia and there i made my brother business rise ,human s*x racket, i became Mary, and Misha and Christian were now my kids and they got into business in two years,but then i got to know four babies disappearing ,two non identical twins who were infant and two eight years boy and girl.they were demanded and then you came into the picture. Sanskar Maheshwari.”

Sanskar was all but frozen on the spot if he was insane for his love then this blo*dy women was nothing but destroyer of love.his face went cold getting knew in which length she can go.

Sujata chuckle painly – you did think i need doctor but you know after Dushyant my soul died,i was just living with this lifeless body.but now i am regretting for one thing in my life, that i can’t make Swara fall for you,i shouldn’t have damage her this much.if you want you can kill me ,because what i wanted i got it.peace and satisfaction of destroying Omkar Malik.

Sanskar got up and stared at her with cold glare as he said – You know Dushyant Malik was going to tell you about he was in love with my Maa,Annapurna Singh,your bestfriend of college. When he called you my Maa was too beside him in that same car and in that accident he died in my maa arms.with content smile. And took promise from my mother to live happily.

SUJATA MALIK breathe stopped ,her lungs were burning with betrayal and guilt ,the pain was again their.

“No ..this is not true ,you are lying!please tell me you are Lying Sanskar!” Sujata begged in disbelief,What she done for her love,it was never her.

Sanskar felt pity seeing this old woman with so remorseful and hurting looks ,he finally told the truth which he got to know from his mother diary,which she left for him.

Sanskar said slowly – My maa told me to apologized from her And Dushyant uncle, it was never you Sujata their was difference between my maa and your expressing love,where my maa wanted to tie knot between me and your daughter .and where you were busy in destroying your own blood.

Sujata Malik was all but numb,she couldn’t feel anything. Her eyes were now dried with tears because now her heart was bleeding.

Sanskar finally said – you know i don’t need to kill you for destroying my love and my friends because now you will your this life with guilt and hurt .and getting out fr that illusion which you made.

And then he glance at SUJATA MALIK last who was now sitting like a dead body the same way which he found SWARA eight years ago.

It is beginning of the darkness for SUJATA MALIK which she have gifted her daughter once.


Arnav look at her fingers were fudging with her dress continuously. She was getting nervous ,they are here from past ten minutes and she don’t even say a word.

Arnav finally open his mouth to say – Khushi..whatever happened in these few days was unexpected and shocks. And- before He could say anything more,Khushi stopped him .
Khushi – Will you be able to forget that because of my brother your Sister was gone to hell.and somewhere i was too responsible.tell me Arnavji and i will do whatever you said,i promise.
Arnav clench fist and his,eyes turned red hearding it all again and again, like hell he could forget this.his anger exploded making each and every person in cafe to taken aback. Throwing the cup he shouted.loosing his all control.
“ENOUGH…KHUSHI GUPTA,i am not her to discussed that damm disaster which your family pulled over my sister soul and for that you will never be forgiven do you get!!'”Arnav was totally empowered by his anger and hatred when he yelled at the lady of his interest, not even regretted for what he said.
Khushi eyes turned moist and as she tried to stop those tears nothing happened, and last the embarrassment between this much people. It was taking all her patience out.
Arnav continued but this time with controlled and cold voice- Listen Miss Gupta whatever happened in all these days and where you and your family came into picture, i think its time that your family leave.

He stood wearing back his shades with his ASR persoma he once glance at Khushi and turned leave but heard her calling him.

Khushi whisper- what about us ?Mr Raizada you don’t even told me ,what i do with this heart which is damm beating for you .

Arnav stiffened hearding but then reluctantly he question her back – then what i do ,accepting and being selfish for this things between us ,will just give me more guilt.what you want living life in guilt you and me both this .

Khushi agreed because somewhere things gotten too much in between them,and the guilt of Swara life and their revenge game even worst her involvement in Swara destruction can never live them in peace.

And then they both were walking out towards the SUV with sadness and emptiness in thier heart ,which were longing for each other,what they name this love which were out from revenge.

Swara stand in the beauty of Palace garden and the most soothing place.having a peace inside was the last thing she wanted from here,taking out the packet of cigarette ,she took one and lighting it .smoke and calm herself. Its been years and smoking is something she can’t stop ,not she do regularly but very often. And being parent of five kids and CEO of SR industry, she couldn’t bring herself becoming regular smoker.she walk to the swing and sat ,smoking and gazing deep sunset.
“Smoking is injurious to health Miss Swara Malik!” Swara knew who is here giving bullshit of she look at Sanskar who is now perfectly healthy and ready for the day ,as usual handsome. She shook her head and look away smoking.

Sanskar who returned from meeting that shitty women,was going to enter the palace when he saw her smoking and sitting alone in her favourite spot of palace. How he wanted to ignore her but knowing he is doing this from past eight years he silently walk to her and give her his remark which she called “bullshit”.
Sanskar sat beside her ,not knowing what to say or discuss they are finally separated from everything.
They sat their just like that ,swara smoking and Sanskar closing his eyes savouring the moment.

” When you got to know you are in love ,Sanskar?”she asked knowing fully that this is the only thing which she loathed from her existence. Love.
He smile and surprise both hearding her,finally she got the time to talk about his love.after eight years. Well something is really change after getting her here in this same palace.
“When you told me you are going to marry Aadarsh,Swara !” He told her but he noticed how surprised she is listening this.he continued “i was restless and deep down jealous that you can’t be mine then in all this i never understand that i was in love .”
There was again a deep silence inbetween them.
Swara stood up and trash the remaining cigeratte stick.she glance at him who was just staring forever.
“What are you going to do after leaving this place?” She ask getting a glimpse of hurt and anger in that eyes  .
“Don’t worry Swara i have give up on you and after leaving this place ,i will never cross your path.” He told her serious and very much honestly
He have given up and he can’t stand more to get hurt ,his heart can’t survive ,and he knew he finally that for loving her he don’t need her.

She have saw determination and hurt in those eyes and somewhere pain in side her but she don’t dare to think about all that.

“Have a good life Sanskar,and take care.” She wished him ,first time after they met because somewhere she knew that he too have destroyed himself with her in this eight years.if she have suffered then he too longed and get struggle .turning she walk slowly but her inside stopped her and again turned to look at him whose eyes were moist with the amount of pain and hurt ,and his lips are curled into bitter smile.
“Bye Swara,and try to get the peace and life which you never got because of those who you trusted with your life.” His words were like cold water which she got hitted and then she saw him going away from her,but for the first time she don’t understand why there is so much suffocation in this air which she never felt before.and not only she realize her own eyes were moist again.

Sara packed her luggage and viza,passport.after checking everything she came out of her room with luggage moving out of this palace, when she bumped with someone. Not someone but Sanskar.

Sanskar who was about to get away stopped seeing her luggage .

Sara told him- “Sorry .” and was about to move when he stopped her holding her wrist.

Sara look up surprise – What ?
Sanskar angrily- Where are you in this time ?its midnight and you are running away!!
Sara was now stunned seeing the angry Sanskar and well concern Sanskar whom she never saw after her school.
Sara – I am not running away Sanskar,its not your concern so please get are No one to me.
Sanskar withdrew his hold, she is right he is no one to these family.

Sanskar – yeah you are right.but then you should know one thing you are Malik’s daughter who is famous and have fame in this city,people know you well then how could you go in this time.

Sanskar knew he was being fool because she can go anywhere with the hundreds of guards but he don’t want her leave.that’s it.

Sara stopped herself from arguing when she realized, he is Sanskar who could do anything if he wanted anything, and now he wanted to stopped her but why? She can never understand this guy ! He was her once ex fiancé and now her sister ex husband but in all this she never saw his happiness .he always do what he want but what about his happiness?

Sara kept her luggage and move towards living room knowing well Sanskar is behind her,getting herself comfortable on sofa she waited for him to settled down.He sat beside her in huge silence.

Sara – What is it Sanskar?if you are here to talk about the dreeds what i have done against Swara then i think it should be Swara talking about this not you!

Sanskar chuckle dryly hearding her angry and guilty voice.

Sara look at him now totally confused! What is wrong with him!

Sanskar –  I am not here for the past Sara,i know it can never be change or heal ,and about you being culprit, i asure as much you have done crimes you have got punishment of that too.being called mad and send in mental asylum of six years of your life then getting a glimpse of death by your brother is too much to take.and lastly getting betrayed by your own mother is the last straw of punishment. And about Swara,she have already forgiven you otherwise she was not at save you that day getting best doctors from Mumbai to make alive.

Sara eyes were having tears thinking all the past,its painfully and shattering, she too have lost everything in that.

Sanskar – I want to ask you something, i know we can never trust each other  and we never have trusted each other,but this time i want to place a mere civility between us.

Sara – but why me Sanskar?Where i know, we both were never meant to look each other. Now what changed?

Sanskar smile- we both Sara.and you are her sister ,her special have her reflection.i know its me being selfish but i can’t breathe without seeing her and you have her glimpse.I want to date you Sara.

Sara gasped in shocked hearding it,she nevet in millions times expected this coming to her,but this time she stopped herself from voicing out anything, she wanted to listen him.Because dating her will only give him more wounds which she don’t want for this broken man.

Sanskat continued- i have thought alot about this relationship, and i know i wanted to move on.if you are thinking i am going to take your advantage or any type revenge then please free to kick me Sara*he chuckle on his own saying while Sara was not at all getting to what say* i know its impossible for me to forget,heck i can’t even think of that but i don’t want to feel that pain and restless again when she was not their with me ,i wanted support Sara,because now i can’t be like this. i have never shared this but i wanted to be honest with you,.

Sara don’t even able to think straight but hearding his strong and determined voice and the small lone tears of hid which he wiped as soon as possible, she couldn’t think anything else ,she too knew she like Sanskar years before,and always thought about him but the circumstances was different then and now when she could see,she know they can have any future but her heart is not ready to again take her sister place.not again.

Sara- No Sanskar,I can be your friend but not your partner,and i can’t give you pain by reminding Swara each second of life to you just looking at me.Sorry.

Sanskar nodded in understanding. And ask – Can i leave you where you wanted to go friend?

Sara smile and nodded,and they both know their friendship will be the great start.

Soon They both left while Sara told him she is going to New jersy for the job she applied of University Sports coach and he told her to live their in his penthouse forcefully,and he have a concert soon their.
Mira knock the door of Laksh room,not getting response she slowly open it to see Laksh sleeping beside Arav.her face lit up but she heard someone footsteps as she turned to saw Ragini standing beside her with smile. A genuine smile. She silently close the door leaving father-son in peaceful slumber,hugging each other.

Both women walk towards terrace where the night breeze was soothing and relaxing. As they sat in silence,they both realized hard that they were connected to Laksh in many ways,if one is mother of his child then other is his ex wife and one what to say.

Ragini getting composed said- Mira,I am not holding grudes with you.we were friends and somewhere connected to Laksh before all the destruction, and now you are his som mother and i am his ex wife.But in all this i never realized i snatched your husband. I am sorry.

Mira laugh making Ragini too chuckle they both know they are trapped very much.

Mira -you forget to count your brother Ragini.

Her painful tone and Ragini moist eyes was enough to realized how they were lost everything. In this revenge.
Mira smiling sadly – i lost eight years of my life Ragini being coma and most importantly i missed my baby every little thing,his first time saying a word ,his first step,his first day at know i have promised myself that i will not my child without his mother like me but it all went wrong ,just because of dreeds i did against Swara.

Ragini didn’t stopped her ,if she look at the past each and every person got punished by god in all way.just because they were reason of Swara Malik destruction. Where Swara did hard by saving her enemy if it is Samrat,Sara or Mira,strange.

Ragini – I don’t know what to say in this matter Mira,but I’ll advice if you go back to your son and…laksh it would be right thing to do.

She know this is too say other than done.and she is breaking from inside.

Mira – Don’t be stupid Ragini and don’t you dare to pull the sacrifing drama,you and Laksh love each other,and I or Laksh are not possible. Never.and about Arav i can meet him,its not necessary that i have to be with Laksh.

Ragini look at her shocked and somewhat relief. But more then her Laksh was stunned seeing both women’s discussing about his life and priority. He was hiding behind the pillar ,he was awake and heard Mira and Ragini on door,so he know he have eavesdropping because he can’t trust Mira, if she tried to harm Ragini but now when he heard everything, he don’t know what to make,Mira is changed and Ragini is agreed to get me and Mira together, is she blo*dy insane!!! How dare she but then he knew they were now divorced!! And this he have to get Ragini making his,for always!!after all he can’t be get heartbreak again in his love life ,where he have already saw his sister declined the love of Sanskar and his brother declining the love of Khushi in thier guilt ,yeah he have heard it ,he was too in that cafe with Arav and he knew what happened. And here his love is also declining him!!WHAT THE HELL!!

Ragini -No Mira ,I don’t know about you but Laksh and I can never be together! I have to be with Arjun bhai and we both need each other.and most important I can never be Laksh because in our relationship their is no TRUST,.I have broken it and it can never be regain.and about Love it doesn’t matter anymore because Love destroyed everyone and we too have gone through destruction.

Mira wipe her tears ,nodding where Ragini determination was clear.

Laksh heard her ,but her logic was right and he f**kING DON’T CARE NOW !!he love her he is craving for her and he have to woo her back He need his Ragini back.and this was his determination!!He left from their.

Swara heard knocking loudly as she watched the time its 2am and she is not getting sleep because of her usual nightmare, so she was working in Laptop .shutting the laptop she open her door ,only to pushed by LAKSH!!
She signed not at all understanding what he is doing here,before she could say or barked she heard him”Close the door and listen to me please ,!”she heard him pleading her like this whenever he get into trouble ten years before and he always come up to her to take advice.But she is not that girl anymore.
“Get lost Mr Raizada ,now !” Her cold voice was something now Laksh is used ,so he avoid it and sat on recliner beside her laptop putting the two coffee mug on table.

Swara saw the adamant Lucky not the usual Laksh,and she defiantly knew she can’t win this behavior of him.So she shut the door and sat infront of him.
“What?” She asked taking the coffee mug and finally feeling relax.

Laksh saw her Looking at him seriously and he open his mouth to say -” please do anything To again Make Ragini my wife ,please!!!”

Swara spit out the coffee in shocked and don’t even stop bothering to say – WHAT THE F-!!

Laksh grin sheepishly and turn away to carry on with coffee leaving Swara to jaw dropped in shocked.

Swara finally came out of the shocked and exclaimed- is i am any priest to make you marry each time or what !!

Laksh shrugged and said – err..because of you ,we both married after all the equation between us then in my stupidity i ask the divorce and we are now divorce, so please i beg you to do anything please and ,,,,,,

Swara was now amused and … ask – And what ?

Laksh gritted his teeth because however Swara changed she can’t stopped her blackmailing habbit and especially with him.

“And I promised i will give you whatever you want!” Laksh completed knowing fully well he is trapped but anything for his love.If he have to trap in Lioness den he is ready.he thought gulping the remained fear.

Swara smirk because she definatly knew she got Laksh Singh Raizada promise.and somewhere she knew it had been years she have done some fun.Well she have to think about others activities inspite of her past and now when everything is finished she can do it.

Swara – ok ,and most importantly i am getting new launched Austin Martin and a whole closet of business outfit design by Laksh Singh Raizada,isn’t !

Laksh eyes went wide not because her being ready or what she ask for but the playful Swara which he finally saw glimpse,but he is not mad to open mouth and point it.


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