It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 (change love and revenge) chapter 35

Chapter 34

” You are crying !”
Swara heard Arnav disbelief voice and saw shocked faces of Arnav,Arjun,Samrat,Laksh ,Ragini and Roshani.

Swara touch her cheek feeling warm water drops ,wiping them softly she gaze her finger with mixed emotions of hurt and betrayal. She step forward and don’t even bothering a second she burst into hospital room startling HIM and Doctor who were now at safe distance.

As SWARA EYES FINALLY CAUGHT HIS EYES,who was shocked more then anything blink his eyes in disbelief.

Dr Kavitha who didn’t understand this lady problem told outloud and angrily – Excause me Miss your room is in  other direction and you are in wrong place disturbing my patient and friend.

Swara snapped her head at doctor ditection and said in burning rage – GET OUT ,IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE DISTROY AT NEXT EXTEND.

Kavitha was taken aback in fear ,sweats form on her forhead being in ac room,as she tried to look from those burning blue eyes.but then she saw Sanskar whose eyes were fixed on this lady making her fill with anger.

Kavitha getting all her strength said – No I am not going anywhere, and you are no one to threatened me ,do you understand .

Swara shouted coldly – MR DIXIT !!MR DIXIT !!

Samrat wad in no minute was inside with confused Arnav,Arjun ,Laksh,Ragini and Roshani.

Samrat confused and still in disbelief ask – What Swara?


Kavitha eyes widened in horror as she immediately runaway from their .

Swara eyes immediately went to HIS EYES who was still staring at her.

Arnav silently said – We will wait for you two outside .

And getting signal all left them alone .

Sanskar averted his eyes finally coming back to shocking tears of that blue eyes.He turned and sat on bed making her not to see his own moist eyes as he finally broke that toughest silent.

Sanskar ask – You are Miss Swara Malik ,i know you but i don’t understand your reason of coming here like this and threatening my friend Miss Malik.

“Sanskar !” He rooted on spot hearding his only name which he never from past ten years other then when they slept with each other. He still couldn’t believed she have tears in her eyes and now his name is all just making him think it is just dream.a painful dream.He dare to turn to face Her whose eyes were just staring him and nothing just him.Isn’t he wanted to heard his name from her past ten years without any forceful thing or wanted to make her loose her grief by trying to make her tears free from her eyes but now when the moment he saw her eyes going red with tears his heart broke again like never before her pain made his eyes turning red ,and tears slipped from his eyes too.

She have already saw him again breaking ,but this time she was not going to stop .because she need him to stop all this.

“Why are you hurting me Sanskar ?” Her eyes don’t even stopped those tears but she tried to mask her emotions.She is hurt deeply.

Sanskar ask back with same pain same hurt – then what are you doing Swara ? Because you are hurting me ten folds more.

Swara clench her fist in bitterness as she snapped – Then what i supposed to do ? Forget everything and move on like nothing ever happened ?Huh !!WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND I AM pr*stitute FOR f**kINGSAKE !!!!JUST STOP TRYING TO MAKE ME FEEL FOR YOU !!!

He flinch at her words as always wanted to shout her stop saying herself this dirty word but he too knew this time came to clear everything between them which they never say in past eight years.

Swara continued with raging voice – WHY CAN’T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT MOVE ON FROM ME !!! I CAN NEVER LOVE YOU !all this forgetting drama and trying to make me feel anything is just hurting me Sanskar!!!This little jealous game or even trying to act cool will only suffocating me !!

Sanskar grabbed her arms as she again get on dangerous nerves of his ,coming closer to her ,touching her little nose with his ,he whisper – I know but what can i do when i can’t get peace in any other arms of another women but you , how could i move! I can’t because this bleeding heart made. me selfish.Only you just you Swara.

Swara pushed him hard – I can only give best f**k you which is what i lernt from that place  ,and dead heart with you what i am giving you past eight blo*dy years.

Sanskar loose his grip and ask her in helpless voice- then why blo*dy hell you have tears in your eyes and this much pain for me.

Swara eyes were not stopping to shed tears but she clench her fist shouting – BECAUSE YOU AGAIN SAVE ME FROM DEATH ,YOU AGAIN MADE MY DEAD BODY ALIVE,and when you were hugging that doctor your palms were bleeding because of the fist you were giving pressure punishing yourself for even giving me hurt ,you saw me outside of this know what hurts more you were someone who destroying himself from inside because of that blo*dy love you have for me.

Sanskar face turned into anger – What did you said ? My love is not cheap that you abuse it Miss Swara Malik.And for loving i don’t need your pity on me.Even I don’t need to love you,I know my love is one sided and you can never love me but that Doesn’t mean you will harm yourself or tried to do it,I will save you hundred more time because you know what,you are not MY LIFE but DEATH OF ME.If your breathing even stopped ,I will be died i don’t how could this happened with me but you blo*dy CONTROL MY DEATH SWARA MALIK.

Swara froze hearding that trying to voice out any word but failed miserably.

Sanskar grabbed her face and said harshly- You should know why i did this little shit drama,because you wanted to leave me right.And i did this not to create any type feeling for me in you but clear your way to leave me without any blo*dy guilt.

Swara eyes turned wide not believing but then she heard him.

“I made all the arrangements ,all the SR industry papers are now on your name each and every peny of it.You can go anywhere you wanted I will never tried to come infront of you this is promise for my love. You wanted to leave right then leave nobody in this world ever knew that you and i were once married .And I will not hurt myself too Miss Swara Malik so don’t even felt guilty and pity for me because i have my family ,my kids and my friends to live for them.” Each word of his was venom and harsh ,his eyes was reflecting that pain which no one can assume ,SANSKAR MAHESHWARI finally give up on his love and he don’t even felt anything just numbness was there.

Pushing Swara he walk back to the bed and sat.

Swara whisper – i don’t deserve you ,.

Sanskar smile bitterly – Yes,you are right You don’t deserved me Swara.I want to take rest please leave.

Swara nodded and was about to go but stopped saying- I Forgive you.

And left leaving shattered Sanskar ,forever.

They all heard it ,everything of their convo ,they heard it .

And Swara knew this.She knew from the accused eyes of them to her.

Ragini come to her and said – Lets go ,you need rest too Swara.

Swara – I want to go back to palace, Tell doctor to give my discharge papers.
And then walk away not even for once tried to gaze in their eyes.

Arnav shouted – SWARA WAIT.

Swara stopped hearding and then she look at Arnav Singh Raizada was standing infront of her with hurt gaze as he spoken each word making Swara stumbled in devastated state.

“You know i never ask anything from that god but today and from this moment I will prey to that god in my every breathe ,ONE DAY YOU FALL IN LOVE ONCE FOR SURE ,and you cried but never get him ,your heart bleed for that man which was until now dead,you couldn’t stand with that Man anychance but your this dead heart make you suffer each and every second of your breathe, to get his glimpse. You cry this much for him that your tears were not enough and your heart started bleeding. I will prey Swara ,surely.”

Swara didn’t met his gaze and turned to walk away not even saying a word to him.nothing.

Arnav watch his sister scratch SWARA MALIK retreating figure ,he didn’t felt that this women is by any chance his sister. He have now believed that his sister is dead.

“Bhai why you say something this harsh for Our Swara?” Laksh ask still not believed that his brother have said something to their Sister.

Arnav chuckle dryly – didn’t you heard her Laksh,she don’t deserve anyone. Afterall she is became so much superior that our lives will be in her hands.All this started from her,whatever she wanted that only happened she didn’t even care if we stay alive or what.She knew each and every person who destroyed her but she don’t even think us this much capable to tell us.My Shona was not at all alive,this Swara Malik proved it .

Arjun knock the door as she finally opened it.

Swara – You want anything ?

Arjun took out the envelope and said – this is agreement where you will not have any rights on Pari or any kid in future, Sanskar wanted you to sign it.

Swara didn’t heard any sarcasm or hurt in his voice ,she nodded and took the envelope and pen,signing it she give him .before she could say Arjun was gone.

Sanskar sign the papers and handover to Samrat and said – All the arrangements should be best and they are my kids ,so their would be no compromise Samrat.

Samrat – I will take care of it,and they all are already boarded for flight with Roshani ,I needed their too,So i should leave but when are you coming ?

Sanskar look outside of hospital window where everything dawn in darkness ,he told – very soon,take care of them Samrat.

Samrat said before going- I am sorry again for everything Sanskar.

Sanskar nodded and said – you should leave.

Khushi smile seeing interview letter from London best journalist Company. As she walked dreamily seeing something finally good in her life after getting her siblings ,her happiness knew no bond.

“You should carefully walk !” Khushi stop hearding ASR husky voice making her shiver down.

They need to talk which they both are trying to runaway. She mask her pain and love in that smile turning to him.She needed this calms- composer-best-attitude.

ASR eyes knew exactly how much that hazel eyes are in confusion and pain,he don’t need to know by her ,just her eyes told her all emotions.

Khushi – i know that.but you are being caring towards me.

Arnav – Yeah ,can we go outside and talk which we both know we have to.

Khushi – Ok.

And they were then walking together outside of palace.

If Aarohi saw her sister going with ASR ,she knew something is going from the moment they both met.She knew her sister is in love but what about ASR,she can’t trust him with her sister.

“His heartbeat will stop if anything happened to Khushi” Arjun told her standing beside her, observing each and every emotions of this beautiful and Charming lady,knowing well his heart betrayed him and gone to her.

Aarohi startled but then calm in next moment.

Aarohi – So you think ASR is in love with Khushi.

Arjun smile – Its fact,And You never need to worry when it comes to your sister Arnav will go to any extent.

Aarohi – How can you trust ASR this much when you both can’t stand each other.

Arjun chuckle – I am still don’t like him much but knew him well enough to trust.Aarohi we both have saw each other and know everything about each other from childhood.

Aarohi -Well then i trust you in this matter.

Arjun chuckle- Trusting me is a big thing .

Aarohi whisper- I know but i.can’t make my heart understand it .

And walk away while Arjun face was now stunned at her confession.

Did she just told him …..that she loves him!!!.

SUJATA MALIK sat on the chair with her handcuff and hard look of hatred ,sitting inside the waiting room after hearding that someone is here to meet her from her closed ones is all making her angry to death.

Finally she heard footsteps inside the dark room and then her eyes raised to see that so called “closed ones ” face.

“YOU!” The disbelief and surprise look was all SUJATA MALIK had on her face seeing the familiar face of HIM,but why he is here she don’t understand.

” How are you feeling ex Mother in law!”voice of sarcasm of SANSKAR MAHESHWARI made SUJATA MALIK come back to sense.

Sujata angrily shouted – What the hell are you doing here NOW !!!After all whatever you planned it happened right !! you betrayer !!!you cheated on me !!!

Sanskar smirk – Why ,what you thought i will love to help you in your game ! You wanted RIA , SURAJ ,SAMEER AND SANJU in exchange of SWARA eight years before from but i betrayed you that time , not only i got Swara but those four kids .

Sujata – then why are you here again! Huh !! You knew from past eight years i am underground just because of that blo*dy girl who not only made me run all over the countries but too stopped my all broteral house business!! And then you who is helping me from past eight years to be hidden!! I can’t understand you ! What you want from me that you were going against to that girl !!

Sanskar leaned on the chair signing as he said with mad glint in his eyes to the old women infront of her – “You are Swara’s weakness and my strength! You know why i was supporting you because To find you Swara needed my power and help ,and i wanted Swara.I make this game to play longer,Where Swara was finding you like mad ,I was trying hard to make Swara fall for me.But you know nothing happened! just nothing! Swara don’t have bit feeling for me! Just have pity towards me for loving her .Not only that I have made Swara to come India ,made everything possible to make her come to me and then i had you to come back but nothing worked!! You damaged Swara more than anything Sujata Malik”

Sujata gasp hearding all that,she was shocked beyond limits,she never saw this much madness and possession  !! This man was totally inasane for Swara Malik !!!

Sanskar chuckle at shocked face as he said breaking her shocked trance.

“Yes i am insane for your daughter Swara ,more than anything. And i am the one who stolen that pendrive in which their was proof against you and for which Swara came to India,I was the one who informed you and Anuradha Malik about Pendrive,i knew Anuradha Malik call Swara to come back to India and also knew Aadarsh tried to Kill Roshani gupta,but i have made sure Roshani gupta should be  alive,I knew about Samrat dixit too who was Zes , i knew about Misha being your daughter and I was the one who made everyone to be back where past begins that SHEESHMAHAL,I was the one who gave all clues to Swara about you and every Malik woman.everything i did  ,i was four times ahead from you all Malik’s! Not only that I have made many drama about saving Swara from death,like yesterday where I again make Swara to see the death closely but then again saved her,but all that are wasted Your daughter Swara is still not having anything for me !!!” His voice was now harsh like animal and face was red with insane rage ,making Sujata to gulped down her fear where she was now scared with this man.

Sanskar closed his eyes breathing heavily and then open with determination as he said – Swara is still not out from that damm hell of two years ,where you have thrown her,you being her mother became a nightmare for her,Everything about you is not forgetting by her,you know when i met Swara ,she was blind, if i wanted ,i would have made her eyes black but somewhere i wanted Swara to come out from you ,and i told doctors to give her blue eyes .Where when she see herself in mirrors ,she never think about you.But my every approach failed, even after eight years i have made her meet her family and even killed my father but nothing is effecting her.i have given her divorce so that she can even treat me like friend but nothing ,i have even snatched the rights from her being mother by taking kids custody,she don’t even react,you know what she told me ‘She don’t deserve me “!; Now I am here to ask you ,her mother, her destroyer,her killer,her nightmare,her everything, To tell me how to get your daughter out from you.

If Sujata have been shocked by his every action then now she is totally rooted on the spot,.

Sanakar shouted angrily -TELL ME!!

Sujata shudder at his look ,finally she got her voice – I don’t know.

Sanskar laugh dryly – You destroyed not only Swara but me.

And then whole police station heard a loud gunshot voice.and scream.

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