It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) Chapter 9


Samrat couldn’t help but be frustrated by.this so.called boring party it been he was here as he was about to look for escape when his Mobile ring when he saw caller ID a smile spread on his face.Samrat accepted call with damm excitement- hey Beautiful how are you ?…..hmm I am grat …yeah …..what you think where I am struck like always between my Angry boss ans duffer saint – friend !………Hey I am not in Venice …sorry for not telling GIRLFRIEND but its emergency beside you were busy for your sports camp that’s it ……….I am in INDIA ,Lucknow for month then we all would be back ……WHAT !!!!! NO YOU’RE NOT COMING HERE !!! Hey listen (but the call was already disconnected)

Samrat look at his mobile sweating as he mutter ” you are Samrat dixit if SHE came here and By any chance Swara and Sanskar got to know that it was you behind which they can easily guess you are DEAD !!!!! Shit what I have done !!! And what do you think SHE would be alone Noway then HE would also accompanied HER !!!!! Freak goddd i am gone !!”
” Samrat ji it is your old habbit or you always blame at God ! Came a sweet and confuse voice of khushi dressed in yellow anarkali suit
Samrat look at her stunned by the beauty but then came bacl to sense – khushi hi it’s just whenever I am in problems I will do this but what are you doing here in this party ?
Khushi shift uncomfortable then say – I am here to meet Miss SaRa Malik for whom treatment my sister actually came and I am sorry to say but your that boss can’t say anything awful about Roshani di !! Isn’t she have her own siblings then she would have known what meant by loss !!
Samrat clench his fist in anger as he barked – Don’t you dare to say anything about Swara and second thing you should know Swara never LIES so whatever it Hurt’s you but it would be truth that Your Roshani would be dead and you Miss Khushi without knowing Swara how could you judge her you disgust me ! Never Dare you to come to me!
Samrat left angrily leaving shocked Khushi at his outburst.
Khushi couldn’t believed that Samrat can be so angry for that heartless women what’s the name “SWARA” .

Sanskar sipped the vine as his moving around when his eyes stopped at yellow draped figure he know that she know he was here after nine years he is going to see her strange he not at all feeling any type of emotion at this level it made him chuckle . If anybody knew him well then he had been in shocked finding SANSKAR MAHESHWARI not at all having emotions for RAGINI GADODIA .who is standing beside her brother it is totally out that they both still didn’t acknowledged each other still .
Aarohi look at her still they are in car in the middle of nowhere.
Aarohi – How did you know about Roshani death??!

Swara smirk said simply – you seems surprise Miss Aarohi .
Aarohi angrily shouted – yes because other then me there is no one knows about Roshani death!!!
In a second Aarohi relieased what she has done !! She confessed her crime. Shit !!!
Swara – I know and knew that too you are working for Roshani murderer .
Aarohi totally taken aback but then she known how to deal withit.
Aarohi – if you knew then you would have send me behind bars but you stay quite that means you have something’s in mind .

Swara said coldly – Trap this man in your web and too in one week otherwise think your self behind the bars .saying this she kept the picture down and walk out of car while Aarohi look around her eyes went seeing they were surrounding by more ten cars and it was deadly trapped for her .
When Aarohi look everyone left her hand pick up the envelope as she opened first thing there was check of $ 1,00,000 which made her went speechless and then her eyes fall on men pic ,” f**k!!!”

“How are you brother!” Arnav heard her voice making his worst mood to become worsted as he turned to acknowledged Sara Malik standing infront of him with Glass of vine giving meaning look.
ASR give her deadly look as.he replied back in rage – A.S.R women’s like you called be that not any brother as I have just one sister and I am not related with any whore daughter.
Sara laugh and shook her head – Arnie my dear brother how many times Anger just made people weak nothing else when you are living with Your long alive sister SWARA MALIK!and having new interest in KHUSHI GUPTA .
Arnav look on shocked but then compoding himself he angrily barked – so you knew about Swara being alive too.

Sara chuckle – you are funny Arnie bhai I came to know two days before when she stepped in LUCKNOW yoi know Swara and this city have special relationship but I am looking forward to meet my lovely sister and would be sister-in-law.
Arnav grabbed her shoulder making her hiss in pain as he threaten- one step towards Khushi and you are gone dammit!!its ASR word’s.
As he pushed her and walk out while Sara wipe lone tear escape from her eye .
” your brother have lovely way to show affection to his step sister “Sara stiffened hearding SANSKAR voice a taunt in his voice.
Sara look at him with disgust eyes – How dare you to heard our conversation blo*dy GANGSTER !

Sanskar shrugged off as he said simply- You should then stopped interfering in my life . I know few days before you have made that Interview to make joke of me infront of international television.
Sara looked confused – Are you lost it !! I don’t care a living shit about you !just get it and that interview I don’t even know about it .
” It was me you blo*dy Gangster !” Came ASR angry voice from Sara behind making Sanskar look at him back hatred.

ASR – And I will not leave a stone left to destroyed every bit of you ,even your existence Sanskar.
Sanskar clench his fist as his face hardened- You have to stop all this Arnav don’t forget what you did before nine years you are still breathing because of my mercy.
ASR Step forwards – Arnav Singh Raizada never live in mercy and you know why are you breathing just because of Swara I always knew in disappeared of Swara you are behind it stop your shitty nonsense and spoke out what had happened with Swara Right Now.
Sara spoke fimly – So he was behind Swara disappeared I should have known but I don’t understand the great brother why are you so curious to know about her well if I should remind you’re the one who chose HER above Swara breaking Swara’s trust.

Arnav closed his eyes in regrets while Sanskar broken the glass in his hand as his hand was bleeding while Sara is totally wanted to stop all because her plan to finished Aadarsh will be mishap in their fight .
Sanskar said dangerously- YOU KNOW WHAT ARNAV you wanted to know what happened to ….YOUR SISTER SWARA MALIK let me tell you That GIRL is dead .
Arnav and Sara look at him confused.
Sanskar see his bleeding blood.and said quietly – DEAD yes dead that young 18 year SWARA MALIK is dead and the women you are looking at that entrance is …
Both Arnav and Sara turned to look at SWARA who is coming inside with many bodyguards while Omkar And Raina Malik ,,Durga Prasad ,AADARSH MAHSHWARI are totally shocked seeing Swara .

” IS MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ! MY WIFE ”as Sanskar finished his words well shouted next second a punch launch on his face making him fall on ground whole crowd Watched ASR punching and kicking ROCKS TAR SANKY while SARA MALIK stood pale horrified.
Ragini ,Laksh , Arjun ,Adarsh are totally froze at very second . Khushi look shocked seeing Arnavjii beating Sanskar ji . Samrat runs towards them with anxious seeing his friend not at all fighting back getting hurt by ASR.
Omkar Malik was totally rooted at the spot at the revelation while same with Raina ,Dp .
Aadarsh went still not at all getting to know what to do as he saw Swara still alive and then hearding being married with Sanskar is totally made him not able to breath as his knee give up he crashed on ground.
Swara look all this and then walk towards party organizer who is standing with bathed breath seeing all scene.

Swara said in business tone – PARTY is over and next thing one word out from this party then you will not able to breath at all get it.I need this place free.right now.
Party nodded immediately knowing well the power of this few minutes all left the party only few waiters were there and remaining Malik family and Maheshwari .
Swara walk towards them where Arnav is now holded by Samrat and Khushi while Sanskar is still lying trying to compose heis totally hurted by punches amd kicks.All pairs eyes went on Swara observing HER.
Swara move towards bar took two cold.waters from the fearing waiter .and turned towards Samrat -Take it said in ordered tone .
Samrat silently took it and handed one bottle to ASR and another to Sanskar making him sit on one chair .

Swara walk towards Omkar Malik look at him with no emotion just coldness and emptiness.
Swara – Hello Mr Malik I am here as your Mother Mrs Anuradha Malik ask me to clear the debt of expenses which your family spended on me .
Omkar still in shocks – you are alive ,! HOW !

Swara – We will meet tommorow at your palace infront of your mother .
And she was about to go when stopped and turn said in business tone – Mr Dixit I want TGE project improvement file in hour .and she walkout not at once giving glimpse at Hurted Sanskar or Totally stunned her brothers or her step sister rage eyes or Aadarsh hatred eyes or Ragini numb face or Arjun oitrage at being again feeling betrayed or Omkar malik moist eyes and trembling hands or DP stupfied face .or.Raina.Malik disgust face

In our life there was one point when we felt like that sometimes death would be easy then facing worst dream of life that happened with all of them.


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