It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) Chapter 8


Arjun held her hand – you are heartless business woman and ruthless in terms of plans .this is what makes me feel disgusted of myself. If..
Swara cutted him between – I can never be healed ARJUN but I need to prevent any one from this wound.
Arjun nodded – Night bussissnes party is held and all are coming even MALIK which we wanted.
Swara – I should leave.
Arjun finally spoke – Aarohi is fainted and Khushi is still in daze.
Swara – so what ?saying this she got in car and zoom off.
Arjun look at the retreating car think -” so much change but what happened Lioness that your color of love change in to revenge I will find it soon. ”


Swara look at the invitation card of tonight party as she read it once her eyes fall on word ” Yellow color dress ” and then that card was dumb in dustbin . she walk up towards her closet and pick out black business outfit. She was about to get inside of washroom to change when she heard knock on door she glance at door then walk towards WASHROOM WITH DRESS.
Half an hour ASR still standing outside of his sister room and like she went to deaf ears as if some employed have saw this man waiting patiently outside one women room they have gone mad because ASR never wait ,one minute wait and you are fired.this is what ASR is !!! But here standing outside of SWARA MALIK ROOM he is just simple brother he console him by this chant repeatedly.
Laksh who came towards ASR wearing yellow t-shirt and jeans looking all hot and handsome stand beside him silently.
After five minutes of silence.

ASR grumpy- stubborn have some limits !
Well Laksh smile little at this statement making ASR more frustated.
ASR snapped- What !
Laksh said while chuckling- MALIK’S TRAITS
ASR look totally displeased but remain silent because he knows its truth.
Laksh said with unnerved emotions- Could we get her back again BHAI?
Arnav take sharp breath its nine years he called him bhai making him know that something are changing just in her present his SHONA .
ARNAV moved little closed to LAKSH and said with firm voice- She is just angry and little stubborn isn’t you say that its in our traits ??!!!
Both share smile while in next second door opened making them stunned at women who not any angle look their SHONA just face same while her persona give powerful and very Arrogant appeared business women .

Swara give them one glance with no emotion and then said in clipped tone – MOVE.
ASR and LAKSH automatically moved aside at her tone making them taken aback while she walk past not at all effected once.
Arnav Singh Raizada have enough because when he said he have ENOUGH then its really for him ENOUGH.
Laksh didn’t need to say anything because now he know that his bhai will not leave any stone left to get every about Swara and he have to find out about RAGINI GADODIA coming back reason.
If Khushi have though that morning news about her Roshani di can be the worst news ever then she was wrong as now her another sister is missing from evening while last time checking towards she bumped with someone lightly but whe she look at person her blood boiled like JALEBI FRY !!! That same women who given them news of ROSHANI DI DEATH standing infront of her .
Swara look at this chit of girl who is glaring her .
Khushi angrily – You you how dare you said like this about my Roshani di !??!!!! She is not dead I know and you I never known that Roshani di have befriended like you other-
” Another word and you would be regretting like hell to ever come in my way MISS GUPTA “snapping her Swara left while Khushi totally taken aback didn’t dare to find her voice again because she have saw that ANGER more to say OUTRAGE made her stop at very instance.
Ragini saw all this with frown while her mind can’t settled at once this SWARA is totally became danger Queen what made her like but whatever happened nine years before only broken her totally which take more year only to settled herself again but looking like she not at all settled or broken but HEARTLESS ANIMAL well like Arjun bhai called her HEARTLESS COLD LIONESSES waiting for her prey to tore the last bit with her nails .
She need to first see her plans but not at all ignored this changed and danger Swara .
” Miss Gadodia if you over to study New and old Swara Malik then can we move for tonight party ” ARNJUN angrily barked at Ragini who wore Yellow Saree looking again elegant and purely goddess while Arjun wore Yellow scarf on his white suite looking more then delecious to eat .
Ragini look shocked then sadly – hmm
Arjun give her angry look and move out while Ragini simply follow him.
Sanakar finally wore yellow suite on white shirt gotten ready for tonight when he look behind still lazily eating Lucknow speacial barfi (sweet) of full plate sitting on couch and wearing headphones listening high music of his own SAMRAT totally made it clear he is NOT coming for party .
Samskar towards him removing headphones getting frustrated look of him – I said you to go get ready why the hell are you not listening me Samrat ?
Samrat shrugged and said – I don’t want to go simple and pleased I can’t bear tag of being assumed Swara boyfriend or fiance if I be with her and when I stand with you I tag as GAY !! So please !!
Sanskar give him STOP-LYING-LOOK .
Samrat finally tell him truth – I fought with Swara in office and I am not going to talk to her thats it.
Sanskar shook his head “not again ” and moved towards his closest to take out one yellow shirt and jeans and give it to him while said calmly- I want my friend to be ready and give me company whatever people said I don’t care and secondly don’t fight with anyone when that person is so much matters to you saying this he left the room.while Samrat signed helplessly.
Samrat think -” then what are doing dude Swara matters you so much and you don’t even look at her .(as his eyes fall on his mobile which have recent message from Swara written ” reach at party venue in 20 minutes Mr Dixit – Sammie M.) And this my heartless boss show so much attitude that she don’t care but lastly message me while not even glimpse if ever anything I said to her !!!! Errrrhhhhgghh what I do with them GOD!!!!”
She look at herself in mirror wearing yellow s*xy gown she look.every bit SARA MALIK .oh how much she love herself and him .
As her eyes clash through mirror Sara got one thought how much Her own eyes look same as Her STEP SISTER SWARA MALIK .
Just then two mascular arms hugged her from behind as he kissed her cheek -” thinking about me baby ?”
Sara laugh a mocking laugh making AADARSH to step back while she turns and spoke- No my dear fiance I am thinking about my eyes .
Aadarsh look at her shocked then it turned into rage as he mumbled -” I am waiting outside ” and he left.
Sara chuckle evilly as she whisper- STILL EFFECTED BY JUST SIMPLE THING! not good my so not dear fiance .tch tch Aadarsh your chapter is over tonight but with some Malik style!! Again past will repeat but this time there will be no SWARA MALIK but SARA MALIK. and note that not to save you but to destroyed you every bit.
Swara silently look outside when car stopped nowhere of road in dark night as she look at driver seat she heard voice.
” destination came SAMMIE ” came a voice of Aarohi Gupta and continue with hilarious laugh ” and you are very much kidnapped!! ”
Precap – party all night

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