It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 20

Chapter 19

Mira wiped her tears and when she turned there was standing the whole group.

They all gazed each other some with old wounds,some with new revelation, some with misunderstanding, some with love, some with revenge but HER EYES HELD NOTHING.,

Omkar Malik who just came there couldn’t help but suddenly felt his kids still can be his again, he don’t know why but Sujata words he remembered years again ..
“Whatever come but our kids would be together they are not made for drift but stay for each other .”
He still wished that nothing have happened years back ,still his wife his Sujata would be alive,his son his  Arnav’s baby would have alived,his daughter Sara have never gone to mental asylum, his laksh have never hate him for his mother death and his kids would have been here with him happily ever after .

But all destroyed.shattered.everything .why that girl didn’t died when she born !why god given me this daughter who destroyed everything.

“Thinking about me Mr Malik” Omkar Malik heard Swara Malik cold stony voice standing infront of him with a smirk and hard look devoid of any emotions.

Omkar Malik clench his fist angrily and snapped- Yes and you should know what ! That you are bad omen who destroyed my family ,from the start of your life you have destroyed Swara ! First by taking my Sujata away for two years in coma and then trying to kill your own brother Arnav baby killed which happened ,making my both son’s against me ,because of you my Sujata is not with me, my sweet daughter Sara gone to Mental asylum because you mixed drugs in her meals and then what running away from the wedding which was your mother dream ! I just wished no one get daughter like ,infact anyone is could without child .if that child is you.
“DAD!!!” Sara screamed in fear

As Omkar Malik finsihed shouting angrily his breathing became he was about to faint when Arnav and Laksh supported him.while Sara too run .
Arnav barked – f**k !!! Someone Give me glass of water hurry!!!! Dad you ok !!
Sanskar hurriedly pass him the glass of water while Arnav look at his concerned face with guilt.
“Dr its emergency Bade papa breathing is swallowing please come fast” Aadarsh made harsh call to doctor.
Laksh panickly-  lets take Dad inside ,Sara go and bring warm water .
Sara – yaa and she run inside her tears spillling out roughly.
Sanskar ,Laksh ,Arnav take Omkar Malik inside totally freakout in concerned ,Ragini too run and followed Sara to help her while Arjun moved towards studyroom to bring bp medicine for Omkar uncle  ,Aadarsh was shouting on doctor for come quickly. Khushi,Aarohi ,Samrat,Misha,Mira moved too behind them to see Omkar Malik.

Swara look all these then not caring moved towards living area there she saw Anuradha Malik panicking, Raina Malik in full tears .but Swara just moved on and finally reached the pool side  of the servant quarters which is now in good condition as she saw Ria,Pari,3S were sitting in her new and small room for a while having chatting and laughing completely oblivious what happened downstairs.

Ria saw Swara standing and looking them with silent gaze .

Ria – Hottie come here join us please! Pretty please.
Swara moves towards them and sit beside pari who smilingly snuggle into Swara lap jumping.

Swara caress small pari hair gently.

Suraj signed asking where is Samrat and Misha?
Swara avoid him and order silently- you all look tired lets go out for dinner.
Ria,pari,Suraj,Sameer and Sanju suddenly know very much they have not to argue anything.
Swara – sit here I will send Samrat to take you all out.
Five nodded.
“He is fine now but i am sorry to say Mr Maheshwari  that Mr Malik is not at all taking care of himself and his cardiac attack is taking dangerous turn ,try to make him feel stress free and happy otherwise we can’t say because he need proper care!” As Dr finished Aadarsh quietly nodded and then Dr left.
Arnav harshly dropped on his knee feeling exhausted while Sanskar supported him quickly.

Sanskar – hey Arnav OMKAR uncle will be alright.
Arnav voice is too shaken – i can’t lose my dad too Sanskar i can’t.
Laksh – how ? All this is too much what ww are doing? We all know what happened years before but now what ! We can’t get what we lost but atleast we can have our dad with us.
Sara wiped her tears and agreed with Laksh – i am willing with laksh ,we can’t be back as we were past but can try for atleast please .
Arjun – fine then i think we need to forget the unforgettable past.isn’t easy Miss Malik?
Aadarsh signed and said – Arjun Sara and Laksh are right and no one wanted to  harm bade papa(omkar uncle) so we have to move on!
Ragini frustrating- Aadarsh we all can do that but what about Swara ! Omkar uncle don’t wanted her .

Mira – Ragini ! Whatever happened is past and Swara doing is past same with you and Sanskar bhai !and you can’t blame her when i am not saying anything!
Aarohi finally said –  i shouldn’t interfare but if you all can’t bear each other then try to pretend it can help here like you all do infront of media.
Arnav said irritatingly- miss Gupta you are right you should not interfare and please if you ,and your so curious sister can move out .
Aarohi glare him while Khushi gasp hearding Arnavji voice like this much distant .
“Nice.idea Miss Gupta” said Swara moving towarda them.and continued ” now you can go and Mr dixit book table in restaurant quick”
Samrat took second then getting for whom she is saying he quickly left upstairs with Misha behind him surprising him.
Anuradha Malik said in angry tone – Arnav,Laksh,Arjun,Ragini,Sara,Aadarsh ,Sanskar i wanted to clear something that you all here for just one month and just for this marriage and after that you all free so could you all stop making my son Omkar sick !
Raina Malik shouted – it is because this blo*dy girl!!! This Swara bad omen made my husband to be on bed just throw her outside !!!
Anuradha malik – Raina calm down and i am repeating again i don’t want this blaming game again !!!
Arnav – fine for dad .

Laksh – i am ready just for dad.
Sanskar nodded – okay .
Arjun – i will try.
Sara – i want my dad back for that i am can do anything dadi.
Ragini – i zip up my mouth my sweet dadi.
Mira – i am ready dadi.
Anuradha Malik look at Swara who still silently looking nothing.
Anuradha Malik – What about you Swara the princess?
Swara smirk stepping towards Omkar Malik gazing at his sleeping form for a second spoke roughly- I will make sure next time Mr Malik can’t able to wake up again ! Is that ok  mother of dieing Son Mrs Anuradha Malik.
Voices of shocked and gasp echoed shook in corridors.
Swara just smirking giving cold glare said – One month Mrs Anuradha Malik and i will destroyed your this so perfect family which i would have done ten years .
And then she walk away leaving shocked faces who froze on thier spots not believing.
Raina malik – this Swara is becoming too much headache !!!
Omkar Malik – then what we do now today because of my drama ,i have nearly stopped that happily type get together again planting hate for them each other !
Anuradha Malik – don’t think too much , swara can’t do anything but right now our main concern is Arnav,Arjun and Sanskar we have to by anyhow took over their control in our hand ! This Malik business everything is in debt and we have just one month to get back everything before bank sold ever thin even our cloths .
Omkar shook his head – i can’t believed we are bankrupt!
Raina Malik – but just for one month more than Sara will be wife of Sanskar  and have Maheshwari share and then Arnav ,Laksh ,Mira would be in our control while we will remove Aadarsh,Arjun,Ragini from our road .they will die very soon.
Omkar Malik – hmm …but what about Swara she is too much dangerous .
Anuradha Malik laugh evilly- Om son she is my very precious Granddaughter and for her this time death would be special. Very special.
Sanskar finally saw HER standing near terrace having her usual glass of wine and lost look.he have made sure Ria,pari and 3S go back gomti sadan with Samrat and Misha safely. And he know she would be known this by now .

“Too Cold isn’t?” Swara voice echoed making Sanskar shook his head she didn’t even turned but she know that he is here like he can do this.
” India season still are same as much this city but you and i are not same !” Sanskar stand beside her gazing at moon.
Swara still not moving her from moon spoke-” you got everything you wanted and the conditions are over .why don’t you leave me ? Putting a dirt like me in your life from past eight years can’t change anything ”
Sanskar face hardened with immense rage as he grabbed her arms roughly -DON’T !! You are my WIFE !! MINE !!!
Swara shook her head as she said sternly- That’s rich coming from you SANSKAR i am your wife . don’t forget the fact that eight years BEFORE for one and half year i sleeping around for money.

Swara word’s again givr new wounds to Sanskar it is not first time he is hearding her venomous,heartless words but still it bruised his heart make it bleed more .he losen his gripped and step back.
But Swara didn’t care as she continued- either you don’t have any self respect left in you or you are impotence bastard for calling a sl*t as your WIFE .

“SWARA!!!” His rage ful scream was nothing new to her as he pushed her hard on the wall pinning her between him and wall breathing harshly as he said -“HOW DARE YOU ! Don’t forget what you are of mine !!!! My wife did you understand and next thing i don’t even f**king care that whom you slept or not !!! Because it would have hurted me years before because that time i was your DRACULLA.and for me you were SOFTY but as i reminded you that both were dead now !!you killed it. And now i am not less any monster for you so don’t you dare !!”
Swara pushed him hard but he tightened his hold -you are really a bastard who want whore until now !! I am not any princess of Malik just a whore !! And now your damm conditions is fulfilled i have given birth to your baby PARI years and now you can see her . now what the f**k you want SIR?
Sanskar stilled hearing all this it is too shocked for him that she still wanted to leave go back to that botheral house form where…..he saw her. But he is not same anymore as before !
Sanskar chuckle kissing her lips roughly- you know what WIFEY just try to left then next time that SARA MALIK will be there ….”botheral house” what’s say!
Swara look at him shocked as she whisper- you will not.
Sanskar laugh beastly – i will Swara my wife because you should know that i am not any more humanity but a merciless underworld gangster king and yes you have got a gift my WIFE.
Swara looked frightened .Sanskar left her and in no time returned without leaving her eyes he drown on his knees painfully and brought a box before him.
Swara took the box silently but when she her face drained of any color with frozen on the spot,her whole body is shivering and next that box waa thrown aside by totally shivering in fear swara.

Sanskar smile a little because now he will make sure slowly the ice around her heart melt for that now he will try REVENGE IN WORST WAY because for her more than love revenge will help her to come back to him.
Swara clutch her dress staring wide eyes at Sanskar eyes still frightened.
Swara breathlessly- What the f**k is this!!!!
Sanskar smiles took the box infront of her and open there was BLOOD COVERED HEART .
Sanskar chuckle dryly- your gift my wife your first gift from me “MY FATHER’S HEART ” that same father who kidnapped you marriage day and sell you in brothel house. Am i right wifey?

Swara is shaking in disbelief . she thought he will never find out or if he found he will never kill his father.but he did.
Sanskar throw that box and said cunningly- very soon my wife you will get manymore .

A start of revenge for you my wife said Sanskar before leaving Swara with disbelief look and the box holding on her hand containing DP heart .

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