It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 20

AADARSH tried once again his dad mobile which is still ringing but no respect totally exhausted after whatever happened yesterday .he decided he have to itself go to check when he got message from his dad.
“Urgent meeting in Capetown and can’t able to reach for one week -DP”
Aadarsh felt weird dad never behaved this way as he was about to call office to enquiry when his eyes caught Swara going out wearing tracks and Bluetooth plugged in her ears.
Swara Malik never goes to exercise then this !! She is changed and what happened yesterday is beyond anything. He saw time 4am this early he hurriedly left behind from lawn outside of palace.totally forgotten about DP disappearance.

swara run as much as possible on the lone roads of city in this cold .voices of past piercing her ears like always.

“Swara run away they will not leave you.please swara go .swara runaway!!swaraaaa!!!!!”




She stopped abruptly dropping herself on her knees in middle of nowhere.covering her ears hardly with her palms trying to stopped those voices.

“NOOOO…STOP !!!DAMMIT STOP IT!!!!she shouted painfully.

She felt strange, cold hand touching her arms making her jerked out in fear as her eyes went wide in fear,and cold …tooo cold in fear.jerking those hands hard she stepped back immediately.

Aadarsh look at her stunned he can’t understand what happened to her.before few minutes she was running like killing herself then fall on her knees shouting ,screaming behaving crazy and then this much fear and shivering of his touch where he just wanted to comfort her.

Swara took a minute analysis the situation and composing herself.
Swara sternly- What blo*dy f**k you were think to do!
Aadarsh – ok?  please tell me you are sweating hard.
Swara greethed her teeth and snapped- none of your concern!
Aadarsh – Swara alright i will not force you come please i think you need rest.lets go back.
Swara – its old cheap trick to get me in your bed first showing care then f**k me hard right ! Mr Maheshwari!looking like whole family have same traits.
Aadarsh stunned at her words and then angrily he glared at her – what the heck you are talking! Think before opening your mouth!
Swara smirk -why ? Well i can understand you didn’t got my taste but your brother got to f**k me right! Oh don’t worry go and ask your brother he can share his mistress with his loving brother.
Aadarsh froze at the word’s “mistress” while swara left the place with smirk.
Samrat signed seeing the kids are still sleeping. As he walk out hall he finally got time for himself .sudden he heard guitar playing he know it is Sanskar but he don’t want to go to him and talk whatever happened yesterday is too much.
He saw there is no messages or even a call from swara.he missing her after all its him habit to see her first thing in morning past few years which he like.he open the photographs and scroll down staring lost in thought.
” You are making your simple life complicated Samrat by staring HER pics .”Samrat turned to see Sanskar coming with his guitar and chuckling.
Samrat hesitant- no..i was just like that.
Sanskar signed and said simply- you know i am your friend and i know you too well.It is not mistake that you fallen for HER ,this hard.She is very easy to love.
Samrat was thrown out shocked- you knew then why you never said me anything!
Sanskar shrugged and sat beside him.
Samrat – listen i know you both are not in good terms from starting and now divorce but please don’t ever think that i will try to close to Swara please dude .because You and Swara both treat me like family and trust me which i can never betrayed.
Sanskar know how much his friend honest towards and good at hearts .
Sanskar – if i ask you something to promise me samrat ,will you give me ?
Samrat nodded immediately- you don’t have to ask even Sanskar.
Sanskar take a deep breathe and said – if ..if anything happen to me ! You will take SWARA and kids back to Venice. Take my place in thier life and specially try to be always understand SWARA as always you have did.promise me.
Samrat shockingly stood up then shouted- Are you gone insane !! How can ever think of it !!! If it anything happen to you firsr it will pasa through me !!!
Sanskar hugged Samrat – but please Samrat promise me !please i beg you!
Samrat stare at him astonished then finally said – i promise.
Sanskar heard laughing voices of Ria and pari.
Samrat – look like they five are again on something.
Sanskar chuckle – hmm like always but where Misha ?
Samrat – Misha …she have to left hurriedly for Venice last because her apartment building caught into fire .she needed their for paper works.
Sanskar worriedly- is she ok?
Samrat – yeah alright.
“Arjun sir as we have inquired all past records file on name of ” Akira”women link with Sanskar Maheshwari there is something we got it.”Arjun heard Misha Raichand his undercover informer report for which he send her to ROMANIA hastily last night without anyone acknowledged and whom he had made Sanskar manager getting every move of him and Swara.

Arjun gripped hard on mobile anticipated that the worst is coming in his way.-” go on Misha!”

Misha hesitant but then said strongly – boss Sanskar Maheshwari gave 2crore to get call girl for him eight years before to a man name Ashanto whi sell most highest pr*stitute in whole Asia business. and as per information Akira is one of most famous and popular pr*stitute eight years before and ……..then news came that Akira is bought by man and never seen again.
Arjun felt his whole world is getting shattered no….no….please…god….
Misha breakingly whisper -boss Akira photo i have sent you and..boss Akira spent two years in brothel house .
And she cutted the call sobbing loudly. Misha never cried this much but seeing the photo her breakdown  as she whisper – i am sorry swara.

Past ….eight years before
Misha Raichand is one of the excellent and best detective ! And that time she got her first call from Arjun Gadodia one of famous lawyer who was taking over law forums and becoming strongest lawyer of India.she can’t believed her luck.

Law Forums office

Misha look at young man who is charming and hot as hell but she know how to cover her emotions its her profession.
Arjun greeted her and said – i don’t want to talk indirectly Miss Raichand , the work is personal and for that you will get as much money you wanted and freedom to work as per yourself but i want your time and loyalty ,i will not at take betrayal !
Misha knew one thing he is wounded tiger so she silently nodded.
Arjun continued- work is personal and i don’t know how much time it will take! You have to be manager of newly Rockstar Sanskar Maheshwari “Sanky” and win his trust as much you can and have eye on him and informed me every little move !
Misha interrupted- he is your enemy?
Arjun smile devilishly- No Miss Misha he is someone who have a precious thing of mine.
Misha was now totally confused. But then Arjun forwarded an photograph of a beautiful angelic girl.
Misha said – she is damm beautiful ! Is she is your gf whom Sanskar Maheshwari snatched?
Arjun laugh and said – more than any girlfriend or wife or family. She is my everything my lioness my best friend Swara whom i….thought.. Dead…but she is alive and with Sanskar.i want to know what’s happening inbetween them .
Misha look at him wondered that this girl meant so much to him.
Misha – but sir you can easily meet with them then why me?
Arjun closed his eyes as pain,guilt and restless everything came over him,he confessed – i don’t deserved to see her .when she has needed me i was not there for her and now Sanskar is with her i know she is safe with him but i want to be more careful this time.and i have once promise her to take care of her brothers. And see them.
Misha is stunned but she is more aww with this good hearted man .
Misha – i will do my best sir.
Arjun smile- i know Misha because i pick up the best.
And they both laughed knowing its starting of their new friendship.

Two days after in venice.Misha was now Sanskar manager but she have to do everything to get his trust.and she took one step at a time with carefully.
Three years and Sanskar treat het like his sister and smile, laugh with her ,and she met with Samrat Dixit who became her annoying friend.but she never got to see “Swara” .and that night when she got drunk ,Sanskar and Samrat seeing her safety bring her to the mansion.

When her eyes opened she got the most paining headache and then there was asperine and juice .she silently took it .as her senses back cursing herself she got out of the room to search for anybody and she don’t know when walked towards terrace its still midnight but there she saw a someone standing in this cold .she thought to ask so moving forward she saw that its a girl standing silently.
“Excuse me will you tell me where is Samrat or Sanskar boss?” Misha ask.
When the girl turned to face Misha shocked to find finally Swara for which she is here.
Swara give a cold stare and said – GET LOST
Misha was taken aback by this harshness .
Swara took her Mobile and call -“there is some garbage at terrace Mr Dixit .few minutes you got to clean it!”
Misha mouth hanged opened at this much rudeness!!!!
And next Samrat came running there first look at Swara then Misha – you are up. Lets go i can drop you back to your apartment.
Swara again turned and not at all bothering to say anything.

And that was the time Misha Raichand come across Swara Malik and nothing changed but Misha started replying back giving sarcastic tone.

She felt like family. She met with small little Ria eight years old playing with Sanskar guitar with her brother Suraj who is quite. She met with two junior lovely twins sameer and sanju sitting with Sanskar trying to play drums and she saw a small babycot where a small baby girl is sleeping peacefully.

Misha turned to Samrat – whose kids are they?
Samrat shrugged off – don’t know but just know one thing they are sanskar and swara life whom you met at terrace, she is sanskar wife.
Misha look shocked – what!!
Samrat chuckle- you see no one can say looking both of them .i met them three years before when you too came here for manager interview and sanskar introduced me to them that girl playing guitar her name is Ria and beside her brother Suraj and then twins Sameer and Sanju they four are adopted i just know this.
Misha nodded quitely and then ask – and this sleeping angel ?
Samrat smile – she is pari Sanskar and Swara own daughter .
Misha kiss the small doll – she looks like angel from heaven.

Misha saw Swara appearing from terrace and giving one glance walk out.
Misha whisper to Samrat – is she some heartless monster?

~~~~past ended~~~~

Misha wiped her tears thinking what have gone over on Swara in those months! And then she can somewhat figure out the relationship of Swara and Sanskar,Swara aloofness and ruthless behavior.and her thought went to Arjun Sir don’t know how will he cope up with this piece of information.
Misha walk out of police station giving tight slapped to that bastard who was part in that whore business.
Arnav sat on dining table ignorant to all just trying conversation with Omkar Malik.
Same goes with Laksh ,Sara,Mira.
Ragini is quite while Aadarsh just staring at Swara hardly!!!
Anuradha Malik and Raina are too pleased with happening but seeing Swara just silently sitting busy in her mobile and not touching food make them more angry.
Anuradha Malik – Where is Arjun Swara the princess?
All heas turned instantly towards them.
Swara didn’t glance at her just spoke – Robin call remaining people for breakfast.
Robin servant nodded and moved out.
No one say knowing that nobody wanted to tame lioness.
Raina try to divert the topic- Aadarsh where is Dpji?
Swara stiffen little then composed her self.
………just for you..
…..he given heart of his father …
…he killed his father……

“HELP HELP!!!! THERE IS FIRE IN ARJUN SIR ROOM!!!!” screaming of Robin .

All looked horrified!!! As they all run towards Arjun room direction only to see whole corridors of that part in fire,all curtains are burning there is no glimpse of Arjun.
Ragini shouted frueghtened -ARJUNN BHAII!!!!!
As she was about to jump in that fire when laksh hold her hard .while he himself was totally shaken.
Arnav shouted -blo*dy f**k !!!!call the security team now.!!!!
As Arnav and Aadarsh look at each other nodding they jump in fire while Mira totally frozen clutch Sara hand tightly praying ,tears were continuously coming.Sara herself was shock not knowing what to say.
All waited when after few moment Arnav and Aadarsh appeared supporting unconscious Arjun .
Sanskar running reached hospital corridors where Arnav,laksh ,Aadarsh ,are totally controlling the situation while Mira and Ragini are sobbing hard.sara is trying to support them .he saw doctor came out of ICU ,he rushed to him.
Sanskar worriedly- Is he alright??!?
Dr Singh – Mr Arjun is fine underobservation because of fire his lung filled with smoke it was good that he covered his face with cloth otherwise he can’t be here .but..his hand got fracture and it will take more two months to be back.
Ragini teary asked – can..i meet him Dr?
Dr Singh – Miss …i am sorry but before slipping into unconscious he just taken some miss “SWARA ” name and told to be meet her excause me please.
This made everyone around to realized that Swara is missing.
Sanskar turned to Mira and ask- How did this happened?? And you all ok ???
Mira hugged him crying- Bhai ..don’t know how …fire caught whole corridor and Arjun room.and then  Aadarsh bhai and Arnav saved Arjun .I am scared bhai this is not good yesterday it was Omkar uncle and now Arjun.
Sara – it is short circuit according to security which caught fire.
Laksh hesitate – there is something i got to know..
Arnav -What?
Laksh look at Arnav and said – before fire incident Robin has saw one servant doing something with wires of  electronic board of that corridor side and…..SWARA was one who told that servant to do it.
Sanskar look shocked .
Arnav – I can’t believe it !!!Swara cam never do this !!? Never.
Mira barked angrily- Stop It Arnav with this “SWARA IS NOT WRONG AND INNOCENT” first because of her we lost Sujata Auntie ,yesterday Omkar uncle got attack and now Arjun !!!! She blo*dy tried to take life of Arjun!!!! And still you are blind in love of your sister!!!! Who even tried to killed your unborn baby!!!!
Arnav stumbled back .but then he move towards ICU window and stared at Arjun unconscious state as his tone softly came -“Do you really think for once Swara will do anything to Arjun. Is it so possible for you all to blame Swara for everything. ”
Arnav turned his eyes are mist with ubshed tears he pointed to Sara and said – What you think Sara ? But before that dammit just remember when you got first punched on your face from the rival boxer ,it was Swara who jumped inside the ring and slapped that boxer fot which she got suspended from school! And one more punishment of Dad ,Dadi and Raina Auntie!
Sara eyes turned moist remembered each moment whenever Swara always tried to protect getting in trouble.
Arnav look at Mira said – for Swara you were like her sister ,she respect you more than anything and always tried to make Laksh to accept your love but you said She is murderer right!!
At the sarcastic tone Mira mouth shut knowing it is truth.
Arnav hold Laksh hand – You wanted Swara innocence Laksh? We three were tiger’s!! Right everything for each other and know inside and out then do you really blame Swara?.
Laksh tears escape as he hugged his brother tightly -” i don’t know bhai what to think or not!!! Swara is not like before anymore!!! Can’t you see it !!”
Arnav felt silent .laksh stared him for any answer!!
Ragini said sternly- Stop blaming Swara Malik you all!!!
It made all of them stunned seeing Ragini Defining Swara.especially Sanskar he know the depth of Ragini hatred towards Swara.
Ragini – don’t look at me like that !! I just know that whatever worst happened SWARA MALIK WILL NEVER KILL ARJUN.they are friends beyond life can go to any extent for each other selflessly !!! But it didn’t mean i don’t hate Swara.
Ragini sat silently on bench making everyone signed because Ragini is someone who will never be behind to take out all hatred towards Swara and when she is saying this that means this is something.
Sara spoke – i will bring coffee for you all.
Aadarsh who was still silently hearding all that stand and said – come i will help you.
Sara reluctantly agreed and went with him.
Mira was still sobbing when she felt Laksh hugging her silently she buried her head on his chest sobbing .

Ragini eyes turned red seeing them close !!!clenching her fist she walk out and stand near large window .
“You are in so much love with Laksh still!” Sanskar said standing beside her .
Ragini wiped her tears – same case with you ! Still in love with Swara !how great!.
Sanskar chuckle dryly  ignoring her words he said – Don’t you see if you gotten chance to get Laksh  ,why are you wasting it!
Ragini- i am surprised you are saying this when thay women who is in my husband arms is your sister.
Sanskar shrugged- I didn’t told you to harm my sister right! And beside you have to think about Laksh kid “Aarav” whose mother is Mira,my sister.
Ragini shook her head – i  exhausted Sanskar beside this love thing is bullshit .i  am no longer teenager Ragini and now my priority are those for which i am back after years back.
Sanskar saw determine face of Ragini just whisper- best of luck.and Arjum would be fine.
Ragini smile and hugged him .which he hugged her comfortably.
But what they not saw is Laksh gazing them and heard all of it!! And somewhere his heart is hurting damm much.
Whole room is now destroyed burnt and shattered .She gaze around as she walk towards window and saw broken window and having blood dripping .she know it is of that person who was here to killed Arjun.then her eyes fall on locket written Z&S.stylishly.
She took it and walk out of room saw Aarohi and Khushi standing opposite side with holding gun pointing on head of trapped Omkar Malik,Anuradha Malik,Raina Malik
They three are tied on arms chair and fifteen bodyguard surrounding them.
Khushi ask – What now Swara ?
Swara who was staring locket glance at three of them who are spitting fire with their eyes and mouth are taped.
Swara said coldly – open their mouth!
Aarohi hatredly scrached that tape from Anuradha Malik mouth.then Omkar and Raina Malik.
Omkar -How dare you swara !!! Leave us !!! I will make you go worst !!!
Swara took one arm chair infront of them – Isn’t You have already did ten yeara before my good daddy! By the help of your suitable wife you drugged me right .
Khushi and Aarohi are shocked but kept silent.
Raina whisper anguished- How you know!!??
Swara – simple second wife of my daddy where was you three sent me getting money exchange of me .there some are more powerful. And i got all to know whay i wanted i know.
Anuradha Malik- what do you mean we sent you! We asked Durga prasad to kill you after kidnapping from temple because you were the most weakness of all our children and we can’t handle it.!!
Swara – and again you did right the same thing which you did years before back !! Again planned Arjun murder trapping me ! Am i right Raina Malik.
Raina Malik shockingly looked at Swara then closes her eyes.
Swara stood and walk to one of guard – make their death as truck accident (glancing at three them) same way which they did ten years before they killed sujata malik thinking i am still in car they make very possible to crashed the car.


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