It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 13

Raina Malik.finally broke silence- Why ? As much I have heard you don’t have any job and you having soon to be divorce case !
Sanskar angrily replied- Its none of your concern and don’t dare to come between HUSBAND AND WIFE.

It felt like slapped for SANSKAR to see his LOVE being insulted because of him.

It made Ragini to look at Sanskar direction with stunned face.

DP finally broke the silent – Sanskar what you did years before is unforgivable but now seeing you repenting and divorcing this illmanered girl I am ready to forgive you and accept back .

Sanskar look at his father at once for hopeful face but then hearding his meaningful conditions his face became disgusting look .

Aadarsh angrily – Dad what are you saying!
Sanskar clench his fist and replied back – I repeat whatever is it between me and MY WIFE . and Dad I loved if you forgiven me at my repentance not to see at again a business deal getting hands on SR INDUSTRY AM I right Dad!!??!!.
Dp felt again failed. How could he forget that Sanskar know him like anything. But what about him losing his own son because of this family!
Swara felt continuous gaze of few people which effortlessly ignored .
Sara come forward and said pointing to Swara – If you and Sanskar are getting divorce then will you give MINE FIANCE BACK !!
Omkar ,Raina , Anuradha, Dp left stunned at her demand .while Aadarsh couldn’t hold back his surprised face it same with Arnav ,Arjun, Laksh and other side Ragini is totally shocked at her audocity .
Sanskar angrily shouted -HOW DARE YOU !!
But Sara is just staring at Swara who staring back but with burning fire and unspoken emotions which terrified Sara to look other side ..
Swara see her difficulty to even gaze her back which give her sadistic pleasure as she smirk and said coldly – “MINE FIANCE ” I see but what if “MINE FIANCE ” don’t want to live with a women who spent her three years in MENTAL ASYLUM Miss MALIK! And I don’t give f**k who wanted to live with whom !
Swara lean back and give wicked smirk at SARA who taken aback with totally shocked while others are too shocked .

It take all of them to compose from the shocks and accusations.

ASR finally broke his authority voice and glint anger – Mrs Anuradha Malik if your drama is done then open the will of DADA ji for which we all here .

Anuradha composing herself – This is the file and it states that he wanted his business to give his grandchildren.

Arnav took it and the file .
Arnav – That’s it ! It is just part 45% of Malik property but what about this palace .? It doesn’t mentioned in this WILL!

Raina Malik.retorted – this palace belongs to Omkar not to your Dadaji .

” Tsk tsk Raina ji isn’t you should knowing that each and every pie of MALIK business belonged to the heirs of MALIK even this palace. As much your weird jewellery too !” Came a perfect shock giving reply of ARJUN GADODIA who was until now silent .

It made Raina totally shocked.

Anuradha close her eyes repenting even giving this orphan boy giving shrlter and here he was conspiracy against them.

Omkar – So what then actual heir of MALIK industry is my daughter these both my so called son left this place and business ten years before and this SUJATA daughter declared dead nine years before!
Arnav and laksh stiffened while Swara look emotionlessly at Omkar Malik.
Arjun chuckle mockingly- oh you should be knowing Minister Omkar Malik after having in politics past 30 years that whatever happened the real heir of any family’s will the son if they have and here you have two son acc. To indian law ..

“And there is no way you can planned to give access of MALIK property to Your would be SON – IN- LAW Mr AADARSH MAHESHWARI am I right Arjun Sir ” completed Aarohi Gupta coning inside .

Arjun look impressed and give a nod to Aarohi while Aarohi just smile inreturn .
Khushi give Aarohi look not – so – bad- entry – heroine.

Sara snapped- Who the hell are you!!

Arjun said with twinkling eyes – My Assistant Miss Aarohi Gupta any problems!
Sara clench her fist – very much ! Because we are not here to get unnecessary crowd .
Arjun retorted with glinting anger – She is important to me and If you tried to insult her then I don’t leave you its simply a warning for you SARA MALIK!
Sara -as if I afraid of it Arjun Gadodia bring it on !
Arjun whisper – very soon …
Before Sara could say Omkar stopped her saying anything .
Aarohi look at Arjun totally shocked at his open affection but then she sees Swara who have smirk at her face making her totally confused.
Anuradha seems tired of all this so she come to Swara directly point – I want to clear the debts if you are ready !
Swara lean back crossing her legs with coldness and emotionless eyes – I  am ready to do anything clear the every debts which you and your son and your favorite daughter in law spend on me but then there will be nothing left . I will make it clear once and last even you die or your family destroyed .
Samrat just see the depth of heartless and ruthless in Swara talk who is talking about her own family dead like another business could she !!?
ASR shockingly whisper- debts !?
Arjun who heard him said silently- yes. Your dadi played with Swara to make her come back to india by asking her to give one thing for the food and shelter she provide!
Laksh in disbelief- How could she ??
Arnav give scowling at Arjun – yoi knew about Swara being alive dammit!!
Arjun said in helpless- yes but I will tell you later .
Arnav greethed teeth  – fine
Anuradha took a deep breathe – YOU HAVE TO LIVE HERE FOR ONE MONTH AND DO AS I SAY then you are free!
“What the f**k !” It was Arnav who is now feeling like straggling his own grandmother with his bare hands.
Ragini who can’t able to say anything else getting shocked by the decisions of everyone.think ” I have to do something for godsake Swara can’t live here then what about plan!!!”
Ragini – but why are you saying like this Dadi I mean Swara and here then what about wedding of Aadarsh and Sara for which everyone is waiting last few years .
Everyone surprise by Ragini interference which no have expected while Swara stood up at her place seeing her Khushi,Samrat,Aarohi stood on their places making everyone stunned at her aroma of dominance.
Swara -DEAL !Mrs. Malik .her tone was as dangerous as it can be .
Swara turn to walk out but stopped hearding unexpected.
“Why are your eyes are blue?it was black right !” Sara said out loud past few minutes she was just gazing at Swara in shocked still not understanding.
Swara turned to look at Sara then when everyone saw her eyes it made a pindead dropped silence.

nobody have ever notice because Swara always wear shades or frames or lens but today she forgotten .
“ITS NONE OF YOUR blo*dy CONCERN MISS MALIK ” came nonemotional reply of  SWARA and turned to left while .
Khushi have twp choice either stopped and heard their next conversation or followed Swara who is in anger and danger mood . She decided ……..she left .
Samrat stopped seeing khushi going behind Swara he know he shouldn’t believed that Girl but then he seem convince because today Swara retorted back other then.him very weird.
Sanskar said looking at DP and AADARSH -I am going back but still I will try until you two forgive me.
Samrat ,Arjun,Arnav,Laksh,Ragini was in disbelief.
Aadarsh – Good and how much you try I will never forgive criminal like you !!
Sanskar moved out giving last glance at everyone with Samrat.
Arjun give Hatred glare at Sara who give the same feeling while holding Hand of Aarohi who is disturbed by all this but then she know that ROSHANI DI MURDERER IS gazing at her.
Khushi wrote last line of her today journey and frown thinking about whatever happened at the palace and in all that she have to come back with auto how could Miss Swara can be so rude not even giving lift to her .But then she think at her journalist mode.

Why Miss Swara hate her own grandmother, father,brothers and step mother? But step mother is oblivious and step sister too!She can hate them but why her blood related ones?

Why Miss Swara wanted me to trapped Mr ASR  in love or even lust?what she will get?

Why Miss Swara blackmail Laksh sir to marry Ragini?and why so suddenly?

Why Miss Swara living with Sanskar Sir who is murder of her own mother ?whem she so love a. Lot her mother!

Why Miss Swara agreed to divorce her husband this easily and important if they are living with each other past eight years as Husband and wife then why this sudden divorce?

Why Miss Swara not at all give care or even spare a glance at Sanskar and treat him like stranger!? Being marriage they both live separately and live as they both don’t exist for each other?

Why Miss Swara agreed for the conditions of her grandmother? So easily!

And Miss Swara eyes was black color !!oh god then what mystery behind Blue eyes??

Aaahhhhh!!!!its so complicated but I am Khushi Gupta and i know how to solve the complications and make it simple. Well I got the title pf my journey!!


A smile came on her lips and Khushi knew who will be her target and then simple !!
Arnav eyed at the luggage as he have to go back to Mumbai and then business trip next week after bridal launch show .

Can he go back after knowing that Swara is not save here and in one month whatever happened it will just cause Swara life !

But Swara not even acknowledged him and trying to destroyed his business !!

And last her behavior and coldness what about that !!

At last He CAN’T leave his Shona no matter what . he will not make them to hurt Shona that’s it but ……….if he know that damage already done years back .

Arjun knock the door and Arnav stiffened .
Swara is sitting in garden with her laptop when she heard footsteps as she look up to find Aadarsh staring her like eternity.Sanskar who was on phone come out of mansion while talking.

Aadarsh said softly – I need to talk.please!
Swara close her laptop and stood infront -what is it?
Aadarsh kneel dowm in front of her .
Aadarsh -Will you marry me.Swara please I beg you !
Swara gaze at him then at Sanskar who stood silently – NO
Sanskar look at her immediately with shocked.
Aadarsh couldn’t believed and smile spread on his face he stood up was about to hug Swara when she put her palm in between them .
Swara continued- as much I will crave to get pleasure from opposite s*x in one month you can fulfill it right and from my thinking marriage is unnecessary stuff you could get me in your bed easily which you wanted ten years before right Mr Aadarsh Maheshwari?!
Aadarsh couldn’t breathe hearding all that his eyes took in distrust as he step back and quietly left.
Swara just smirk and sat back while Sanskar sat infront of her.
Swara said quietly- enjoyed the show as you see this was my way when…
“Stop . Don’t!” Sanskar hissed angrily not wanting heard again the same thing .
Swara shook her head while smirk -Its truth which you alone know and silently taking it .
Sanskar clemch his fist disguised- I did what you said !!Put on the act of Divorce and resignation both now you do what you promised !
Swara couldn’t help but feel helpless as his stubbornness was much more then anything – Why ?
Sanskar bang his fist on table and said dangerously his eyes are red with madness- I want name now!
” RAMUSINGH ,old gardner of palace”swara told while her hands are clutched at her dress.
Sanskar nodded and left but said making her look at him shocked – I have got one name and now I will find out each and every one behind it and no one will alive . as my word’s in one month you will do what you want and I will do what I wanted past eight years!
Swara was totally pale at his word’s. And trying hard to composed herself after waiting of past eight years of blo*dy stubborn he is finally he got the name and now she knew no one will be alive .and She can’t help it .

Ragini pace here and there trying hard to supress her anger then two arms wrapped her from behind making her squik .
“I am sorry babes i don’t even have any idea that dad was thinking about marriage and this sudden engagement! You don’t worry I will talk to Dad and tell him that I will only marry you” said Sanskar making Ragini smile through tears as she moved back and hugged him tightly.
Ragini – I trust you Sanskar .
Sanskar smile -thanks babes and I promised you will know that I will never break your trust.
Ragini nodded and said -I have to go otherwise everyone will suspect me its been late.
Sanskar nodded and kiss her hungrily.
As Ragini left. Sanskar was about to move out from the garden of SHEESAHAL but stopped hearding melody sweet voice making himself lost in another word .
Sanskar turned to see girl in pink suit looking every bit of princess Swara as she said with frown – Secret affair is very dangerous.
Sanskar who was lost came back to sense – listen …errgg what’s your name ..I forget ….
Swara deepen the frown – Swara ! Mr Sanskar .
Sanskar – its difficult name you see I think I should call you ….
Swara – there is no need to call me anything beside you are cheating on Sara by having affair with Ragini.
Sanskar signed and said cutely- stop it softy !!now you are over acting..
Swara lips curled into smile and then laughing hard she said – I am sorry Dracula but you and your affairs are too much !! See this time you are in grave trap.
Sanskar just pulled his softy in his arms and said silently – you know what Softy this time I am serious about Ragini really!
Swara couldn’t help but her Dracula back and said – fine I am with you and second thing you came back to meet me after whole six months!!
Sanskar pulled out of hug and playfully smile- So my softy choco pie missed her Dracula huh? He said pulling her cheeks while she just walk up towards her room where they both sat silently near pool having hot sweet coffee made by Swara but then she heard footsteps coming.
Swara smile and called out – Devil you don’t need invitation.
Arjun walk in with left coffee made by Swara settling another side of swara he sipped .
Sanskar grinned – How are Arjii ??
Arjun frown- stop it with your Arjii and what is it man you just flown away for six blo*dy months and now you are here having coffee like president but difference is that by hiding from all the family.
Swara – let it be Devil and not now we should celebrate for Dracula engagement.
Arjun mutter – Ofcource but what about he having affair with Ragini !
Both Sanskar and Swara give shocked face at Arjun.
Swara shockingly- how do you know?
Arjun just shrugged off and said – i know but seriously swara i don’t care you know what relationship we both share as she treat me like servant and I still trying to make her understand that I am her brother.
Sanskar – hey dude she will understand and yaa I am serious about Ragini .I love Ragini too much.
Arjun look at small pic of all of them Arnav smiling and hugging Swara with Laksh and he holding her hands and Sanskar leaning over Ragini with Aadarsh gazing at Swara and Sara clutching his hand .

Isn’t they were happy then what went wrong ? Or say who went wrong ?

PRECAP – some more past
Ragini step back not able to breathe- Why you killed Roshani ?
As he step close to her and whisper- Because I want Swara Malik dead and now you will kill her . if …..don’t want to revealed that where were you in this last few years .
A laughter made Ragini to fall on her knees with sobbed coming out of her mouth.

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