It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) chapter 12


Anuradha Malik move inside the SHEESAHAL on her feet  as Omkar Malik And Raina Malik make frustrated face while Sara give arrogant look towards Her own grandmother who just ignored them while Dp support her to sit on sofa while Aadarsh handed the glass of water .
After few second….

Anuradha Malik – DP told me.about all the happening here it is good that my granddaughter Swara is coming back while My grandsons Arnav and Laksh is too here back .and when they three come here I don’t want any talk about the happening or fight .
Omkar Malik said angrily – But Maa what about Swara being married to that Man.who taken my first wife live . I will never forgive Swara and what else she first runaway ten years before then being alive she never come last she gone ahead married to that Bastard !!
Anuradha equally retorded – I know but still she is granddaughter of this family and most important thing Sanskar ia going to divorce swara so there is no problems to accept her back.
Omkar ,Raina ,DP and.Sara.look shocked .
Aadarsh – yes its truth last I was gone too meet Swara and then .
He told everything what happened last night which made everyone shocked.
DP angrily – How dare She to think of  destroyed  DHS and snatching Business of Maheshwari and Malik .
Raina –  It would have happened after all that girl was always greedy because of her my own daughter was in Mental assylum and she is back like bad omen.
Anuradha shouted -Raina !! Don’t forget that she is my granddaughter whom you are talking.
Omkar -Who tried to destroyed the Building in which her own mother grave is there.!! It would be good if you maa not at all tried to get her in this palace back ! Otherwise I will leave this place with my wife and daughter.
All were shocked .

Anuradha Malik -Omkar she is your daughter!!
Omkar Malik – She is dead for ten years before and I don’t wanted to make her alive.

… ………………………….
Arjun sat inside his car after being ready to leave for Sheeshmahal He was just about to live when his phone beep the message as he saw what made him shocked to the core SMILE FACE OF SWARA as he gaze continuously in disbelief then he read the message ” SHONA IS NOT DEAD JUST HIDE -ASR”
Message was for Arjun that they have to find the truth and for that the first person he know whom to target as he was about to start the engine when he saw Ragini walking outside the Gomtisadan and stopping rickshaw in hard afternoon with sun well he just ignored it and zoomed off but something stopped him in front of her as he opened the passanger seat of his audi in front of her Ragini look surprise but silently obeyed.muttering thanks Sir.
Arjun laugh  mockingly – I don’t mind to help my servants oh sorry I mean employees.
Ragini look down immediately tears came out when memory passed on her.
That sounds same which she said him.

“I don’t mind to help my servants oh I mean my Sara friend’s”

That was she and her arrogance which made it all impossible to ever get forgiveness from her own brother.
Samrat was totally in daze looking the artechure of SHEESAHAL he never saw anything like this ever before it was totally outstanding and marveling.
Sanskar stopped the car infront of entrance of palace where many servants were standing to welcome them .
Samrat totally in awe – is this any Museum’s?
Sanskar whisper absently- Here I saw her first time she was most beautiful bride in the whole world .
Samrat now more confused-“Swara?”
Sanskar still in daze –  yes .
Samrat eyes popped out hearing it .-” you meant to say you first saw Swara in bridal dress !!!”
Sanskar come back to sense realized what he had blurted out .
Sanskar – lets go !
Samrat again knew discussion over .

Swara come back to her room in gomti sadan when she heard knock she stopped and turned to see Laksh standing with serious look and file in his hand.
Swara sat on couch picking up her mobile to check for mails .
Laksh moved inside and sat infront of her keeping the file on table .
Laksh – read and sign it .
Swara silently pick up and read after few minutes she kept it back without bothering to see even Laksh.while in all this laksh tried to get any expression but none just coldness.
Laksh – As you now known then sign it!
Swara said coldly- Why will I hear your order Mr Raizada !?
Laksh signed and said – I know you don’t hear orders but now you should already knew that on SHEESHMAHAL or any Malik property there will be no shares of yours !
Swara – What will I get MR RAIZADA?
Laksh look at her angrily- What you want because I want you to be distance from bhai and I will make it sure !
Swara smirk – simple and very much easy thing in world for you to do and then I will not Only sign on these papers but never come to your brother or your path .
Laksh didn’t hope this but somewhere he wanted Swara to fight for property or even for bhai he wanted her to live with them . he wanted his sister back at any cost it doesn’t mater if she is betrayers, greedy, selfish, mean or cruel heartless but still she is his sister and he wanted her back. But hearding her easily agreed on some of her conditions it angered him. Tothe core of his heart.
Laksh – what is it ?
Swara – MARRY RAGINI GADODIA by force or by drama it is upto you and if you are thinking to back out then heard it too your brother company have deal with international company on bridal launch at next week see it would be so easy to give the copy of designs to your rival company and if you are how I got it too then you will be. Late don’t forget before your company AR bridal show it would be your rival show in six day so think it soon till evening and night you should married man witj your lady Ragini .
Swara look at laksh dead pale face and taking her mobile and car keys she walked out.
While coming out she looked at Hiding Khushi who give her shocked look.
Khushi – how could you do this to your own brother???
Swara smirk – you are journalist and so know about getting this small shocks and now come with me .
Khushi – where?
Swara – SHEESHMAHAL ,don’t you wanted to write about the today more drama at that place !!!
And then Khushi was in tow with Swara.

” Ramu singh why you are sitting here and who is looking after Garden?” ask Sujata Malik who after two years of coma wake up with miracle after giving birth to her triplets its been long time 18 years before.
Ramusingh the famous gardner told -” Malik sahiba “chotte malik” ordered us to not interfere .
Sujata shook her head smiling said gently -You and look after Shona room attached garden .
Ramu Singh happily walked out .
Sujata soon was standing looking seriously how her elder son ARNAV is so became mature and like it was yesterday when she told her six year of Arnav to controls his anger and find peace in plants and now he is cutting the plants with careful and gentle way.
18 years of Arnav sensed his mother from behind and smile -Mom you see you can join me !
Sujata laugh and teased- noway if you started your angry daggers on me !
Arnav give annoying look to his mom – please mom !!not again and now my is settled down as you my mom and my plants are always there for me.
Sujata look amazed at her child the movr beside him .Arnav was about to cut the rose with prickles when Sujata stopped him.
Arnav -Mom these prickles will tear someone fingers and for that I have to removed these roses.
Sujata smile -No Arnav its not right you for being saved from prickles giving punishment to rose and it is not Right.
Arnav – What do you mean ?
But before that Ramu singh came running and telling Shona bitiya is not opening door.
Arnav hurriedly ran inside while Sujata to followed him .
Arnav shouted worriedly-Shona opened the door dammit !!! SHONA !!!Can’t you hear Shona !! I will break the door sh-….
He cant able to finished as the door opened revealing Laksh standing smiling beside SWARA WEARING BRIDAL DRESS looking every bit of beauty of rose.
Sujata eyes filled with the fact that her small daughter became big too soon.
Arnav come near Swara and Laksh – What is this Shona and lucky?I mean shona you look princess my doll but why..
Swara smile widely hugging Arnav – thank you thanks yooouu Nav bhai and I knew it you approved this dress see lucky I have told you !! You are best designer and after one week you are joineing the college that’s it.
Laksh laugh with moist eyes – of course Shona madam and you are the one who made my designed breathtaking and you look beautiful my doll !!
Swara look all of them confused at their moist – why you all are crying !!Am I looking dynan ( witch) ?
Sujata , Arnav and Laksh laugh hard at her innocent gesture.
” No lionesses it just that your look make us feel we have to find groom for you ” came a teasing reply of Arjun entering inside the room while Arnav just rolled his eyes but Laksh and Arjun hifi .and Sujata shook her head at their teasings on her doll ! After they three love her insanely.
Sujata – ok you three boys no more pulling of legs of my doll and I am sending your snacks.
Sujata left towards the kitchen but stiffnened seeing the scene infront of her . OMKARmalik is kissing Raina Malik .and she just have to turned around feeling hurt and dejected after Raina is second wife of Omkar who give her own milk to Sujata children’s like mother and care for them like anything .
Sujata cough making them aware .
Omkar – oh … Sujata come.
Sujata give fake smile while Raina washed her hand which was covered in turmeric.
Omkar – I wanted to talk something important to you as you see our both daughters is now 18 and in malik’s family this is the age of Daughter marriage and in evening groom’s families is coming to see Sara and Swara.

Sujata – but They are just kids ! And they just passed out from school !!
Raina -Sujata don’t worry I know our daughters will obey us and if they wanted they can study after marriage.
Sujata – but!!
“Sujata decision is made and Raina is right . and in our family we don’t keep daughter’s more then this age well they became burden” came firm voice of Anuradha Malik.
Sujata signed dejectedly but what they all not saw SWARA MALIK standing at the end of kitchen hearding everything and that was start of the first step of destruction of one innocent soul .
Swara walk inside the corridor’s when she saw Sara coming towards her Ragini laughing at something.
Sara – Swara you are looking pale ?what’s wrong?
Before Swara could say .
Ragini- Let it be Sara Swara and her mood’s are more difficult then any pregnant woman.
Swara said smiling fakly – no Sara I am fine its just Dadi and Dad decided for our marriage.
Sara look cool – So what Swara I don’t mind after all we are not going to anybody and I don’t have any problems!
Swara lool shocked- but what about our career and a independent life outside this palace.
Ragini- Swara are you out of your mind why Sara need to think about any career or anything and we have everything so we should silently obey the elders.
As Sara and Ragini walked away but then Ragini come back to Swara .
Ragini -Listen stop worrying and whatever it is we all are with you and Sara right !
Swara smile and hugged Ragini .


Grooms families were there and settled down. After knowing about all this Arnav ,Laksh and Arjun were in grim mode as they not at all expected all this !!!

Ragini was going towards the Sara room to check if she was ready or not when one hand pulled her inside the room with jerk as she loook up at horror to find her boyfriend giving her intense look.
“You look s*xy babes!” said Sanskar smirking.
Ragini look at him shocked- What are you doing here. ?
Sanskar  – I am here to get my kiss which you have dropped last night babes!?
Ragini- but. How you entered here in palace I mean you are just a gangster then how you here!!
Sanskar laugh- well baby only you know my reality of killing people and doing bad boy image but You should known truth I am from MAHESHWARI family the youngest son!!
Ragini froze on the spot then coming back to sense – So you here for the alliances?
Sanskar give her chased kissed on her Lip’s and murmur breathless- no babes I am here for bro alliance with your friend ……..SWARA weird name. !now give my kiss
Aadarsh give lopseded smile to Swara who look down shying while Arnav , Laksh and Arjun are satisfied with Aadarsh appearance while not much with Sanskar who seem careless and busy in oogling at Ragini.while Sara stare at Sanskar with smile.
DP – Anuradha ji if not problem we can engage them today then fixed good date for marriage of these two pairs.
This made Sanskar look shocked at DP.
Omkar – yaaa sure.
Aadarsh smiling exchanged ring with Swara while Sanskar forcedly exchange ringh with shy Sara. Ragini was burning in rage standing beside Sara.

Back to present
As Anuradha come back to present after hearding the servant telling about SHONA BITIYA came .
” finally time came to meet you SWARA !”

Anradha came inhall seeing HER elder grandson Arnav standing beside Laksh her another grandson, Arjun sitting on one couch with arrogance while Ragini fidgeting in nervous as She saw SANSKAR standing with his same age man and then Sara standing with Aadarsh while Omkar and Dp still.having anger face and Raina asking Seevants to go out then her eyes fall on two women one is stranger but another is fire and she knew it well but how !! This is something she still don’t know!

Anuradha took the seat the simple gesture to settled everyone.
Anuradha look at Samrat and Khushi direction saying in firm voice -I thought it was family get together?!
Sanskar said calmly – He is Samrat and he lived with me from eight years like my family.
Samrat smile and sat beside Sanskar while Anuradha Malik gaze at khushi said – YOU?
Laksh – She is khushi employed .
Anuradha Malik – So she is not allowed here in family gathering.
Arnav look towards Khushi – Khushi you and have walk in garden.
Khushi helpless moved towards the door when felt Swara hand on her wrist.
Swara give Cold look towards Anuradha Malik and said in dangerous tone – For the correction Mrs Anuradha Malik this is not any shitty family whatever and then  I am here to clear youe debts and go so stop with your blo*dy nonsense and come to direct business and give your filthy gaze on Miss Gupta.
Khushi knew she was totally frozen on the spot afrer hearding each words of Swara and then seeing mostly anger and shocked face she silently settled beside Swara who seem oblivious with thier looks.

Anuradha Malik look totally in rage -Dont forget Swara I am your have to respect me and other elders if you have any bit percent of Sujata upbringing.
“STOP ! another word about mine mother then you your whole family will at road with not so much respect Mrs Malik” each words of Swara came out as threatening and dangerous as could making Anuradha,Omkar,Raina,Sara Malik’s taken aback while Arnav ,Laksh ,Ragini,Arjun,Samrat,khushi and SANSKAR, are shocked at her angered face.
Swara said Quitly – If you and your this blo*dy meeting is over then I don’t have my whole day !
Raina Malik.finally broke the silence- Why ? As much I have heard you don’t have any job and you having soon to be divorce case !
Sanskar angrily replied- Its none of your concern and don’t dare to come between HUSBAND AND WIFE.

It felt like slapped for SANSKAR to see his LOVE being insulted because of him.

It made Ragini to look at Sanskar direction with stunned face.

.precap -Aadarsh -Will you marry me.Swara please I beg you !
Swara gaze at him then at Sanskar who stood silently – NO
Sanskar look at her immediately with shocked.

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