It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) Chapter 11


Morning 10 AM
” your service for SR industry as MD is over as being CEO of SR industry I am firing you and you will get your resignation letter tomorrow morning with the cheque and other thing with that DIVORCE papers . I have enough of it with you Miss Malik .I have enough.” 



The word’s were not going out of Sanskar mind as he re – read the papers his own hand shaking with disbelief and he couldn’t stop his eyes being moist AS he walk towards his cupboard and then he pick out white designer Scarf . his tears made the way .
“If it hurts so much then what in tge hell you are divorcing Swara” He heard Samrat voice who was standing at door with breakfast, he had locked the door but having spare key with Samrat no privacy he can ever get.
Sanskar wiped tears and give sad smile – You will never knock my door right you and your behavior.
” Stop with your “I AM IGNORANT” crap !! And you can’t hide your tears Sanskar from me !!its hurt damm much when you make yourself distant from only person you belonged past eight years !!”shouted Samrat in anger .
Sanskar chuckle hollow humour as his tears can’t able to stop -“You know what it was never I in this eight years. Isn’t oblivious it was always you and HER .and I am tired with all this nonsense I can’t be ignorant Samrat you are right because this blo*dy HEART is in grave pain !!”
Samrat didn’t react he had heard his frustration last night he had heard when Sanskar confess that he can’t stand the sight of Samrat being close to Swara but Samrat know better about Sanskar it is not about Samrat being close Swara it is also another thing.
Samrat walk upto Sanskar and made him sit as he sat beside him .
Samrat -What is it Sanskar ! Please tell me I know you and I know your and Swara relationship it can never end on any DHS destruction or my closeness with Swara . you were with her past damm eight years !!EIGHT YEARS and your marriage is not this weak that you will finished it. I know you both behave as strangers and I know it too you care for her and I know she too look for you but never show it . I have saw her heartless or ruthless nature and many times I felt like shouting on her but you were always there for her in every decision of her ,you given her identity and your company then how could you this easily snatched everything from Swara and you always there for her even you can feel her breathe and
“I fall in LOVE with her ” confessed Sanskar looking down at white scarf .
Samrat didn’t understand anything. As he said – What you mean by that you already love Swara right then what !
Sanskar shool his head – I fell in LOVE with Her long ago but I realized it yesterday in party. You know it just take one moment to know you fall hard too hard in LOVE. And this love destroyed your every existence . I already destroyed once and I can’t do it AGAIN.
Samrat look at him in disbelief – You were never in love with Swara and then this love less marriage and what yesterday ??Wait a second you loved someone else before !!!!! I am going mad and I just want truth !!!
Sanskar just staring at scarf not at all listening Samrat .
Sanskar startled by his shout then he said – nothing just go and collect divorce papers please.
Samrat knew he is dismissed but what he heard it made him crazy this was truth he never bother to see that it was not love but now when Sanskar love Swara then what’s wrong and what he meant by destruction!!!
” madam ji are you looking for someone? ” Swara heard guard asking her as she turned to look at old Singh uncle (guard) she know he didn’t recognize her but she don’t even care when she herself don’t know what she is .
Swara look around of DHS DANCE ACAMEDY AUDITORIUM .yes she was in DHS building .
Swara – No You can go back to work and don’t disturbed me !
Guard look at her shocked this much coldness as he give disapproval look and walk out leaving Swara alone.
Swara walk around when her gaze fall on the central stage that same stage as move towards the central stage . she heard coughing sound from her behind she turned to come face to face ASR who is stand his hands in his pocket looking all business man from every sight.
Arnav move towards her and stand infront of her .
Swara give him cold look -What ?
Arnav smile little – your nose gone little red again and I know you forgotten to take medicine of winter . careless shona !?
Swara touch her nose then look up at him – they are not and Its SAMMIE Mr Raizada !!
Arnav give her amused look – still stubborn !
Swara – yes any problem and ..
She stopped seeing what she was doing and it made her shocked how easily ASR had involved her in Small fight like ten years before. She turned to get the hell out of here.
Arnav – As you are not having any job will you join my company Miss Sammie?
He was smiling knowing too well her refusal but he wanted to listen her voice , he came to DHS just to feel his mother soul after what happened yesterday it shook him but when he saw her here it made him all to go hug her but the fact that what she have yesterday and nine years before stopped his move and he just trying to talk to her .
Swara give him no emotional look and said coldly – You should think about your the person who is in coma in your mansion from past nine years not about me.
Arnav stiffened in anger – you know you learnt damm good to speak venom more like Raina Malik .
And he walk out leaving Swara whose eyes turned soft looking his retreating figure as she murmur-” And I learned to destroyed them who even think to destroyed you ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA OR SAY ARNAV MALIK”
Her phone ringed she accepted it.
On phone …
Swara – I am busy .speak fast.
Caller – Hottie I know but what I heard you are gotten fired from MD post and getting divorce . what a breaking news my boyfriend given me well I have already booked my flight to come and bang the party after all now I can search suitable life partner for my rockster .
Swara – Samrat told you well good and do what you want I don’t have time to spare for you.
Caller – yeah I too don’t have but I need to tell you that my sports camp rocked and I am the beaten everyone in swimming and running .so like a good girl say ” congrats” hurry up.
Swara shook her head in irritation- fine congrats so will go end the call or I blocked your number.
Caller shouted dramatically- you will not dare hottie !!! And i am coming India directly to see TAJ MAHAL in few days with my friend’s and yaa HE is fine And having fun .
Swara – bye.
Call ended .
Swara look at her mobile and murmur “PAGAL” (mad). Her lips curled into soft SMILE.

Behind pillars ARNAV standing shocked with open mouth seeing and hearding (only swara reply) but the smile made his whole existence shocked after like eternity he saw his little sister part .
Precap – Anuradha Malik telling past and Sanskar signing divorce paper’s

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  18. hey are u on wattpad or anyone then share your username.
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