It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 3 ( Change color of love and revenge ) Chapter 10


As he packed the last shirt in luggage bag his packing is finished to leave the Lucknow city at next morning as he walk up to the lawn joining serveral rooms of gomti Sadan in Midnight he sat at one of the chair then silently laid staring at stars not blinking at all.when his phone ringed he look at Caller he seem somewhat surprise.
“Yes Aman.?” As he accepted the call but what he heard next made him jump on his foot greething his teeth finally he ask.again to confirmed it ” is it true ?!…Call the board meeting tommorow.evening I am coming back yes I will informed him .”as he cut the call his anger was not at all in checked after whatever happened today he can’t breathe for one second as he marched towards ASR room .
Arnav was silently sitting on bed with his palm covering his face when he heard door as he looked up to find Laksh in immense anger .
Arnav suddenly alarmed -” What is it lucky?”
Laksh who came there after talking with Amam was about to shout about the grave issue when he heard “LUCKY ” he look shocked, is it a shocking day or what !!!because he is becoming more them anger .
Laksh angrily – Sorry to disturbed your much needed self – loathing time for your that Girl who married to a gangster but now if you can come back to be my brother or atleast CEO of AR fashion house then we have serious issues.
Arnav stunned at the anger of Laksh but something telling him to not control this situation in anger.
ASR told – close the door I am.taking video conference.
Laksh finally signed in relief that he still not lost his Bhai and about Swara he would be damm if she dare to come close bhai now she have enough of her somewhere he though after getting her alive he can get his sister but what she did was unbearable getting married to that blo*dy Gangster was the last straw for getting clear that he hate SWARA THE SO CALLED MAHESHWARI from every bit.
Laksh was about to close the door but stopped by the other end of force .there stood Arjun Gadodia with anger eye and hardened face and laksh easily know that he too got to know about issue.
Arnav was not at all pleased to see Arjun this time but seeing his face he can easily observed that matter was somewhat grave .
Arjun stepped in as he turn to laksh and said – you Got aman message.
Laksh nodded and without wasting time.he explained – Bhai as you from three someone constantly buying the stocks of AR fashion house and Malik – Maheahwari Law forum which was just on small scale so that matter didn’t seem too big to told us by anyone Aman was singly handly looking after the matter that who was buying the stocks and shares of other members of board group but before Aman could even enquire that someone buyed the half share of both the company in overnight and now As you have 50% share of AR fashion then another whole 50% share was buyed by someone which you had distributed in 10% each board member And same happened with law forum Like you Arjun had 45% in the company and 5% is of mine but then another someone had buyed it .but still we didn’t got any company who buyed it.
Arnav look totally drained out of color a worried lines seem to cover his face then he turned towards Arjun who is in rage -“Who ?”
Arjun clench his fist before replying -” SAMMIE M. AS WE SAY MRS SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI ”
Laksh have not suppose to heard tgat name again for more shocked but here it was.
Arnav Singh Raizada finally felt the huge being humiliated then he spoke- We all have to leave for Mumbai next morning.
There was no anger in Arnav word’s but huge pained amd betrayed by his own sister AGAIN like past .
Arjun spoke firmly – This is what she have done nine years ago blo*dy betrayed Right!
Laksh just nod .
Arjun stormed out of the room same with Laksh while Arnav sat with thud on bed being a feeling the same thing which happened nine years before blo*dy betrayal.

Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re
Dilon ki mohabbat ko baandhe kyun
Haaye re
Daayre daayre daayre daayre
Why do boundaries limit the love of hearts?
Sara sobbed again while clutching the small bedsheet with dear heart sitting in one of hiccuping continuously her face totally drenched in tears when.she felt her dad hugging her like anything as she look up only to realize that her Dad is more hurt in all these.
Omkar patted Sara head – sshh my princes you need to stop crying instead you should just forget everything .
Sara look totally shocked jerking off her dad arms.she stood up still clutching the blanket and retorted in anger – You are out of your mind dad but I am not first what happened in past it was not at all SWARA fault but today after knowing well that’s my sister married to that man was utter disbelief to anyone and knowing too well that Swara can never do anything without her consent I am sure that blo*dy gangsters have forced her in this marriage but its enough I will make everything possible to take my Swara from this misery and.tomorrow She is coming but I will make sure that Dog SANSKAR don’t dare to touch .
Omkar shake her shouting – They are MARRIED!!! And there is no way you cam do anything in all this forget tommorow you will not dare to talk to that girl because marrying that bastard is make it simple where she stand in front of us and I will not allowed her ever.
Saying Omkar walkout of room leaving Fullyburning in rage SARA.
Hain kyun faasley darmiyaan le ke
Aaye re
Hain kyun faasley darmiyaan le ke
Aaye re
Daayre daayre daayre daayre
Why have boundaries brought distances?

Aadarsh look at his writch watch its 1 am and he standing infront of Gomti Sadan he didn’t able to resist himself to see her to again look into her eyes to again feel that he is alive and to again take that what’s his . yes SWARA MALIK is his possession and only his.but the.words are not getting out of his mind .that shitty sound..
These few words made.his hands to stopped and back off whatever his feeling is for her he can’t stepped in that purity of marriage this is only thing which he learnd from his father and mother relationship. But he still can’t believed that she married SANSKAR how could she !!!how dare she even breathe in that same.air.with him after what happened and what she did he should have known her betrayal and her running away then being alive not informing anyone and the most shocking thing getting married to that gangster.he is here just to see her once and getting much needed answer that’s it nothing else. Just nothing else.
As he walk inside he was totally unexpected to confront RAGINI sitting alone in living area gazing at nothing.
Aadarsh stood infront of her and said – Which room is of SWARA ?
Ragini starlted then composing her self pointed it while then sat silently.
Aadarsh didn’t bother to have a word with her knowing too well like him her life is now shattered again years before.

Aadarsh stood infront of ” their” room and have knocked taking a deep breathe but he know his palms are.shivering just feeling content of her seeing her again.
Few.minutes and door opened Standing Swara in her still party outfit and seriousness face.she didn’t seem to surprise or anything. As she move inside the thing was clear help your self to come or get lost.
Aadarsh make a move but shaken from the core of not finding anything in those big doe expressive eyes.
Swara sat at one couch having drink and study the file as if Aadarsh never existed.
Aadarsh clear his throat and said – Hi How are you ?
Swara mumbled coldly – five minutes then get out of my room.
Aadarsh taken aback but then.sat infront of her amd said -Where were you these year’?
Swara said nothing.
Aadarsh tried – Why you married to ….,,,he can.never complete his question as much he wanted.
Swara again said nothing.
Adarsh felt frustrated and angry – Is your blo*dy husband told you not to respond your ex fiance huh!!!
Swara closed the file and place it infront of Aadarsh danger tone -“take it its your present for being engaged ”
Aadarsh was froze hearding well knowing this never came out then how cam she knows as he pick up the file and read it next his.whole body was shaking in rage and anger as he shot a angry glare towards Swara who just stood towards door and said clipped tone – OUT OF MY room .
Aadarsh strode towarda her was about to grabbed her arm whem Samrat stood.inbetween them exactly and turn to look at Swara who don’t have any emotion nor any fear of being touch but he know her panic attack.
Samrat pushed Aadarsh saying firmly- Stay.Away. from.her
Aadarsh angrily shouted -WHO THE blo*dy HELL ARE YOU ?
Samrat – Not need to explain you just get lost .
Aadarsh shouted – Like hell that shitty b*t*h trapped whole industry in her name which was mine and I need amswer !!!how dare you Swara!!! Betrayal is your nature I should have known.
By now because of Aadarsh shouting Ragini.,Laksh,,Arnav ,,Khushi ,,Aarohi ,,Arjun,,And SANSKAR were there .
Swara held Samrat hand and.said quietly-Move aside Samrat.
Samrat moved because he knew this tone that she don’t need amy Help but his instinct are kicking him .
Swara smirk – Don’t like the gift !
Adarsh clench his fist – I am holding myself not slap the shit out of you !! How dare you do this !!Are you not human!!
Arjun moved towards Aadarsh silently took the file whicj Aadarsh give him reluctant
As Arjun read it he is totally dumbfounded and then he was too feeling the rage inside him.
Arnav ask -What’s written in it Arjun ?
Arjun said with greethed teety – the DHS “DEVHARSHRANJAN HIGH SCHOOL” is going to destroy and in that place whatever SR industrial Managing Director wanted would be done .
Except Khushi , Aarohi And Samrat . All are totally shocked at looking towards Swara.
Sanskar stepped forward and snatched the file reading it twice while Ragini eyes went red .Arnav was having dark and grave expression ,Laksh was trying his best to stopped himself from yelling ,Arjun can’t even believed but his whole body is shooking in anger.Aadarsh starring at Swara with murderous glare.
Swara who was.about to turned away and walk.looking in her mobile with nothing expression heard what made her stopped at the dead track while her eyes went wide and her mobile loosen the hold and break on floor.
“SR industry have gotten very much rise under your Shade but Sammie now you don’t need to be part of it . your service for SR industry as MD is over as being CEO of SR industry I am firing you and you will get your resignation letter tomorrow morning with the cheque and other thing with that DIVORCE papers . I have enough of it with you Miss Malik .I have enough.” The decision was made Sanskar not for once regret it or even have pain on it because today she crossed all boundaries of humanity and feeling to crash it.
There no one say a word but Samrat was not at believed in his ear .
Samrat -Are you lost it Sanskar for just one building you are firing Swara who is controlling your company from past eight years and what the hell is wrong with you divorce I mean past eight you both never thought of it amd all of sudden just because of these papers .
And next What Samskar did was unexpected he slapped Samrat and shouted angrily.
Sanskar -‘ ” Shut up just shut up Samrat that is not any building for me.!!!in that building my Mom grave is made and like that Sharmistha kaki and ….Sujata ma grave is made .their soul exist their my mom exist their and this women the so called Swara today crossed all the blo*dy limit I tolerate it for past eight years her every nonsense and everything from the start when from no where she met me after two years of my leaving India in Venice then her asking for marrying me then shoving off like I never existed and them what having a panic attacks which I never got any blo*dy reason that why if any blo*dy man even shake her hand how can she get nervous breakdown after somewhere she stopped evem conversing me getting you and then what you became a messenger in husband and wife relationship. I being as patient, I being as husband who try not to show insecurity by seeing you with my wife and last never tried to force to talk to me and became like stranger given.her much needed space just because of blo*dy mistake of mine that I AM THE REASON OF SUJATA MALIK DEATH AND.MY VERY OWN SISTER BEING IN COMA .past nine years.but this is last thing she did to make me feel disguised of herself.

Kaanch ke woh khwaab naazuk the humare saare
Chhoone se hi tootne lage
Mannaton mein umar bhar ka sath jinka manga
Humsafar woh chhootne lage
All our dreams of glass were sensitive
They started breaking just by touch
For whose company I prayed for life,
Those comapnions started separating

Samrat became silent not only he but all were not at all stabling the outburst of Sanskar .
” If you all have your entrainment. Then OUT and Mr dixit you will collect and give the files for resignation and divorce.” As Swara said in coldy voice there was again no emotions which they all saw just one of “Surprise” and nothing else now.
Heartless that all the hearts said while everyone give pity look towards Swara for being this harsh what like nothing even happened face made them to turn and walkout leaving Swara alone .
In hall
Sanskar -Aadarsh bhai I will make sure this contract doesn’t valid and make sure that DHS come again under DAD name.
Aadarsh not reluctantly.
Sanskar moved infront of Arnav -I willmake sure your company shares comes back to yoi as same for Arjun.And Arjun if you don’t mind to get legal papers handle.
Arjun – I will do it .
Sanskar -Samrat we are going back to Venice in three days.
Samrat nodded and said -What about Tge project?
Sanskar – it doesn’t settled still.
Samrat- no for we have to stop for one month its minor project .
Sanskar – we will see it.
Sanskar walk towards his room wiping the continues moistness in his eyes while other didn’t seem to say anything.

Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re
Na marna munasib
Jiya bhi naa jaaye re haye re
Dying doesn’t seem reasonable
I am unable to live as well
Daayre daayre daayre daayre

Aarohi was still in the room of Swara figding nervously.
Swara – out!
Aarohi – listen I am here to say that still you wanted that work to be done of trapping HIM?
Swara smirk- Yes Miss Aarohi and now you have to win HIS trust otherwise.. You better know and now out.
” what you both are talking ” said khushi coming inside with frown.
Aarohi jumb out of skin while Swara simply signal Khushi to close the door .
Swara – You both sister’s have good skilled of acting one act as most honest person and another most stupid am I right Journalist KHUSHI .
Khushi totally taken abacl and Aarohi too shock by information.
Swara – I know about you before coming here and now you need to do two things and you will get what wanted !
Khushi finaly-What ?
Swara – Khushi you have to make sure what are you doing make fall in love or lust ASR for you and Aarohi you know whom .and by that Khushi you will get my interview for which you are craving and Aarohi youhave already gotten money.

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