it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 6


Swara was looking at some files just then she heard a click voice looking Khushi who is observing everything..
Swara – Khushi it’s been six hours we were working just take break..
Khushi nodded..
Swara just then get the call excuseing herself she left to balcony..
In balconies..
Swara – What???
Arjun – you say what.. You call me and ask me and your so called brother to wait in cabin.. And saying what?? Are you alright!!
Swara took deep breath – I forgot… I will meet you both tommorow..
Arnav look Arjun and signal him to give the mobile..
Swara – listen I..
Arnav- Miss Malik you are not only one to have work just come to my office otherwise we both don’t have any problem to come to your place!!
Swara immediately – no!!! I mean I am coming saying this she cut the call…
Turn back to Khushi.. -we are leaving for Ar office.. Just take the important files..
Khushi nodded and started taking the files!!
Swara – Khushi you also go to dadii and take her sign on these documents..
Khushi – but how will you go?
Swara – don’t worry you take my car I have my transport…
Saying this she left from there..

Ar office…
Aman was talking with two employees coming outside but stopped at the track and other too what they saw was breathtaking for them…
Swara was black jeans and black tee wearing taking out helmet and her other hand was on mobile… Her bike which she brought from Venice “Benelli TnT 25 is the Italian brand’s only single cylinder motorcycle” …..and Swara’s favourite bike
Swara look at the tall buildings with smirk “my bhai office “uttered… And moves inside the office leaving bike in middle

“Crash ”
Screah “”””

Swara stopped on her track listening the sound and turned to witness the seen which made her face in anger.. Clenching her fist ready to punch that bastard who crashed her bike with his red sport car…

Listening the sound Arnav, Arjun, Ragini along with another staff came out…

Sanskar said loudly coming out of car – Aman (ASR pa) who the blo*dy vulture park the bike in middle of parking spot and look my car god scratch I am going to sue that person… That second hand bike…

Aman gulped.. Looking tge seen and was about to say..
Swara roared in anger -You bastard jerk How dare you to crash my bike saying this Swara come to him and Sanskar turned to listen any else..
But when there eyes met everything was frozen..
Sanskar was the who comes out of trance- so it’s your bike or I say garbage!!
Swara – enough you bastard…Aman who the hell he is!!
Aman stammered -..leader of ASR musical theatre….
Sanskar – and hero of the Mumbai anything else!!
Swara was now fuming in anger looking at the watch man who was holding the lighter she grabbed it and pushed Sanskar aside…. Open the petrol cab she moved back taking some space throw the lightening lighter inside and the car blast…
All expression was in horror everyone was safe and were standing at some distance but seen was nothing less than nightmare…
Arjun and Arnav was in shocked…
Sanskar look at her and turning Swara towards him slapped her hard making Swara fall on ground…
Now everyone gasp..
Arnav have enough of all this.. He march towards them as Arjun too in anger!!!
Arnav -What the hell!!!! Swara and Sanskar in my cabin now!!!
Swara who stands with help of Arjun looks Sanskar and give a tight slap and kick on his stomach make him fall… Arjun shouted -enough…!!!
Sanskar- you blo*dy…
Arnav look at sanskar – don’t!! Said in threatening tone..
Swara – you are bastard.. And..
Arjun – just shut the hell Swara!!
Ragini comes to Sanskar – let’s go inside…

In ASR cabin.. Swara open the door with bang fuming in Anger…..
Arnav moves inside – you OK?
Swara shouted – What the blo*dy hell Arnav bhai in which angle I am looking you OK.. That cheap bastard a jerk crash my bike.. Slapped me and I am OK… No one dare to touch Swara Malik and that man of butch slapped… He don’t know what he did and I am going to make that bastard life hell!!!!
Arnav was now looking at his baby sister keenly he was also angry on Sanskar for daring to slap his sister but stopped at next second when his sister make him feel hell by slapping and kicking him… So he can say Matter is solves but not for his sister and another thing is she is calling him “Arnav bhai ” so how can he not listen his sister anger words!!!
Arnav walk to her and make her sit on cozy sofa and settled beside her.. Giving glass of water – take this!!
Swara silently take it!! Gulped down..
Arnav – Why are you angry?
Swara shout – are you lost it Bhai!!! You know why I am angry!!!
Arnav – just say reality because Swara Malik is My sister and I know her every foul mood… I am also Malik right..
Swara was now cool down and said – Mr Raizada… It’s just control your staff…
“again Swara Malik on track thought Arnav..
Arnav – few minutes before you were calling me Bhai and now what happened!!!
Swara – it’s just mistake …forget it!!!
Arnav grabbed her shoulder -What the hell Swara you are my sister why are you so hell bent to forget our relationship!!!it doesn’t meant to you…
Swara – No… We don’t share any relationship… Everything is finished… And you have to accept it Mr Raizada!!!
Arnav free her and move to his chair… Leaning peaceful close his eyes.. Just then they hear a knock..
Arnav bark – come in!!
Khushi come inside slowly and look at both of them..
Swara – Khushi just start the discussion with Mr Raizada about shares… I am coming I have to make some calls..
Khushi nodded and sit opposite of Arnav… Swara left the cabin taking last look of his brother who has closed his eyes.. In anger…
Khushi – Arnav ji… Voh..
Arnav open eyes and look at Khushi – whatever file it is Khushi give me I signed…
Khushi give him the files …..and Arnav signed them…
Khushi taking files – Arnav ji we all see up and down in relationships but we should not leave the hope !!!We should try every time..
Arnav – I am not leaving hope Khushi and never leave I know Swara is just angry on me…. And one day her anger will vanished.. I know..
Khushi – yeah..
Arnav – will you come with me tonight for dinner…
Khushi taken aback…
Arnav seeing her expression – don’t think wrong I just wanted to go somewhere… I don’t want dadii just tolerated my anger in house as my mind is off so can you come with me..!!
Khushi smile and nodded…
Arnav – OK I will pick you up at 8pm and yes I also wanted to know about Swara everything…
Khushi nodded…

In medical are of Ar office..
Sanskar -aahh (painful voice)
Arjun looks at his brother – you are such a jerk!!
Ragini – but Arjun who was that lady??
Sanskar yells -whoever that girl was I am not going to leave her!!! She have to payback!! Whisper in dangerous tone…
Arjun -stop it Sanskar you are not going to do anything against her… And about that slap it was you who crash her bike… You slapped her first and about payback!!! She’s not any simple model who you can play “Swara Malik ” her name is something which makes you feel hell!!
Sanskar smirk – my sweet ex brother who will hell that time will say!!
Arjun signed and left from there.. Ragini goes to Arjun…
Swara was passing from medical room when she bumped someone.. -can’t you see!!!
Sanskar- Now you will tell how to watch Miss bike!!
Swara fumes in anger – How’s is stomach area said in mocking tone…
Sanskar smirk – I am fine what about your cheek.. It looks so red… Paining right saying this he left from there..
Swara turned to look at retreating figure “‘I will not spare you bastard you dare to mock on me slap me you just see jerk how I will bent you on my knees you jerk really you will payback for this slap very much “‘though Swara clenching her fist!!

Precap – second fight, …..and truth!!!

Credit to: Aryna

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