it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 9

ASR musical theatre..
Sanskar -Mahi we should leave now and about Malik family they will payback soon!!!
Khushi – I know Yuvaraj I trust you whatever their families did with our they should go to hell !!!!I am with you Now just tell me what I have to do…
Sanskar -I am say.. -..
Just then he gets the call

Sanskar -hello..
Aarohi – hell… Hello.. (I have already written in pricious episode what Aarohi say)
Sanskar listening it and said – just go along with it!! Saying this he cuts the call..
Sanskar smile devilishly and said -let’s see now What you all do one by one Malik, Maheshwari and Gadodia will see their end!!!
Khushi smirk -yeah.. But Yuvaraj we are waiting for last fifteen years..
Sanskar -don’t worry Mahi only one month this ASR musical play will bring many destructive bomb blasts for this so called families Malik, Gadodias and Maheshwari… No one can think of it.. No one you just carry with your schedule but also start making fall for you… That Arnav Malik..
Khushi -OK.. I should leave..
Sanskar nodded.. And they both left from there..

Arjun – Well.. Maya will be here in next eight hours… But you see one thing who ever wanted to kill you or Arnav is known every movement of your…
Swara thinks.. Just then she hear banging sound..

Arjun open the door only to see Arnav holding Ragini there..
Arnav just pushed RAGINI inside and grabbed Arjun collor -How dare you to touch mine Khushi!!!
Arjun, Swara, Ragini -whatt!!
Arjun jerks off his hand -Are you lost it!!!
Arnav pushed Arjun – Not me.. You lost it..
Ragini shouts – ASR you are misunderstanding everthings !!!

Arjun looks at her -you told him!!!
Ragini -I wanted to share my pain with anyone!!
Arjun -Bravo.. So for sharing your pain you choose a short tempered erupted volcano guy!!! You idiots!!!
Arnav roared -How dare you!!!!
Swara have enough of it so shouted -Arnav bhai stop it Now!!!!!
Arnav look at her and silent clenching his fist moved towards couch and settled down..
Arjun and Ragini look at her..
Swara -I am not going to give any invites you both too settle down.. Now!!!
Arnav -Swara I want answers!!
Swara – You know what bhai you are really stubborn… But now not going behind any girl past.. You should concentrate about your business… And.. (before she could say again door bell rings) Swara open the door and Laksh moves inside pushing Swara
Laksh -that is not my baby how could any woman can preganant by a mere friendly hug Swara!!! That Aarohi is a lier!!

Swara -Laksh..
Arjun grabbed Laksh give a blow of punch which make Laksh pass out…
Ragini shouts -Laksh!!!!!!!
Arnav grabbed Arjun and pushed him aside
Swara was now burning in Anger… Looking at everyone ……just then she

gets one mms …so she moved aside from there leaving there fight.. Club
Ragini sprinkled some water on Laksh.. He slowly open eyes -“Ragini.. Ragini you here.. I.. I am sorry.. Ouch ”
Arjun -you bastard!!!
Arnav -dammit just stopped otherwise this time I will punch you…!!!!
Arjun – just show it!!!
Arnav -you really want it..
Laksh -Why you both are fighting and Arjun why you punch me!!!
Arjun -you wanna know after making Aarohi pregnant!!! You blo*dy…
Laksh -you insane I didn’t touch her!!!
Arnav -and who is talking after sleeping with Khushi… You are expecting to free your girl!!
Arjun -you didn’t know anything… Arnav..
Laksh – but you know everything.. Then how the hell you are thinking that I will do anything with Aaarohi!!!

Arnav -if he have done also… I will support him after all it’s payback time!!!
Ragini -Arjun had not slept with Khushi!!!!!
Arnav stopped at the Track and look at Ragini !!-you are saying truth… Then what you said in club..
Ragini -you didn’t listen it fully…
Laksh -you were gone club with ASR!! Wow you really moved on!!!
Ragini – So What is it with you if I go club or company any person in Night
Laksh shouted -RAGINI!!!!
Arjun -Why the hell you are shouting after sleeping and making baby with Aaarohi!!!
Laksh -I didn’t..
Arnav silently moved aside from this matter and sit silently on couch but then he sees around Swara was there… So he moved to study room..
Ragini – if you don’t then how she get pregnant!!!

Laksh -do hell with her preganacy… I just said yes for marriage because I get to know you were with Arjun last time.. And I thought.. You again leaving me…
Ragini look at him..
Arjun -then why the hell she saying it your baby!!!
Laksh -I have gone to confront her but she was not say anything… I also ask who is father of baby!!! I swear bhai Arjun I am not father of any baby!!!
Arnav and Swara come from study room..
Swara with stern voice – if you all tom and Jerry show is over then I don’t want to listen any voice for next few minutes… Other wise I will throw that person to store room for whole night!!
Everyone settled down on couch…
Swara – Kundra industrial is destroying Malik, Gadodia and Maheshwari construction bussiness!!
Arjun- what!!
Swara – yeah…and Now if you all personal problems is more important than family business you can go!!

Swara – listen then Kundra industrial people is moving like cancer in our industrial… I have find out in Gadodias there are more then 20 people from Kundra industrial… In Maheshwari there are 30 people… And in Malik there are 10people they are leaking the information and very soon their will be solding board in front of Maheshwaris and Gadodias construction… As because Now Malik construction is safe!!!
Ragini – I should talk to Aadarsh bhai.. About this..
Swara – we will do that… Now listen you all love birds who are involved in this scandal “Mrs Roshani Maheshwari “, Aarohi Khurana, “Khushi Maheshwari “and mastermind behind all this Sanskar Gadodia… Or I should say Yuvaraj Sanskar Kundra!!! And her recent girlfriend Mahi Kundra who also known as Khushi Maheshwari!!!
Arnav, Arjun, Laksh and Ragini was understatement of shocked!!
Swara give them files -these are proof and yaa one recent vidio clip..

PRECAP -second fight!!!

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  1. awesome…..if sanky’s mom s kushi’s badi ma then they are siblinga right???its awesome aryna

    1. Hehehe! Shan i’m also thinking that. I mean if they are siblings then how can they be in relationship . Bt we forgot one thing that its ARYNA’s ff nd nothing happens simply in her ff. There will also be a complicated reason behind their so called relationship. Nd wt the f**k! I mean there sanky mahi roshni nd arohi are on the verge of destroying everyone nd here arjun asr lucky nd ragini are in fighting for their love. Wt a shit! Hope so that now the lioness SWARA will come with a blast or a B.O.O.M!!!

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