it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 7

Scene shift of Maheshwaris mansion

Aadarsh walk to his room looking for his mobile but stopped at the track seeing his wife talking someone secretly.. He himself behind the door to heard…

Roshani on phone – look I am doing whatever you are saying Mr Kundra, yes I am here finding that file from past six months but Durga Prasad Maheshwari is ruff nuts to crack.. But now seems like he is trusting me you will get that file but for that you have to come infront of me!!! ……no I don’t listen its simple deal if you want that file then I will give you face to face…. OK just give me one month..!! Call ended.. Roshani grinned..
Aadarsh eyes was wet looking at his wife betrayal …Now he get to know why she was so desperate to marry him… He left from there grabbing his car keys and jacket…
Scene shift of AR office..
Swara comes back to Arnav cabin looking at Arnav and Arjun talking something and Khushi already left taking leave..
Swara entering – Any important discussion??
Arjun and Arnav look at her… And stopped talking..
Arjun – you tell me what was that??
Swara – What?
Arjun – Evening show!!!
Swara smirk and settled down beside Arjun – fun is going to begin….(turning to Arnav) I want Musical theatre and casting department of your company Mr raizada..
Arnav – but you having shares them why??
Swara – it’s not your business I just remind you according to contract I can take any two company of your in your Ar industry and I have chosen…
Arjun – but why Musical theatre?? Looking at her doubting..
Swara – just to settle score…
Arnav – you are talking about Morning incident and Sanskar Gadodia is leader of Musical theatre!!! That’s why..
Swara – you are smart ASR!!
Arjun – listen I know you will not listen me but Sanskar is not name of any rabbits he is lion!!!
Swara – Stop praising your so called brother…
Arjun – so you collected his details..
Swara careless – yeah just get to know he is your brother but I don’t care..
Arnav – Whatever you have to do.. Do but in months there is Show.. From Musical international.. And ASR musical theatre in it..
Swara – so it will win..
Knock knock!!!!!
ASR -come in!!
Aarohi come inside.. Look at ASR – sir actua-(before she could say her words struck in her throat looking at Arjun shockingly)
Arjun smile devilishly – hello Miss Khurana..
Arnav and Swara look at Arjun then at Aarohi.. Observing pain in their eyes..
Arnav clear his throat getting attention – Miss Khurana where were u I don’t know that I have given you any leave?? (said sarcastic)
Aarohi come out shock and said -ASR.. I wanted leave for one week.. As I am not feeling well..
ASR- May I know why??!!!!!
Aarohi – Woh I.. Having food poisoning.. So..
Arjun – Why don’t you resign your job!!!
Swara was now observing Aarohi very keenly looking at her actions.. But remain silent..
Aarohi shouted – No.. I want this job… I just..
Arnav – look Miss Khurana I am not here for any charity.. So if you want do your job without any leavev or resign it!!
Aarohi – Sorry ASR.. I am not taking any leave.. (her eyes was moist)
Arjun smirk – and your New job Miss Aarohi Khurana report to my as Pa from tommorow morning sharp 8 o’clock !!!get it..
Aarohi look at him with wide eyes..
Arnav – as Mr Arjun is our company legal adviser so you have to take care of him… I don’t want any mistakes of your otherwise you will be fired.. Now go!!
Aarohi was just in shocked and started moving…
Swara – Aarohi…
Aarohi stop and turned..
Swara smile genuinely – Congrats… How many days..

Arjun and Arnav was dumbfounded… Arjun was pale looking at Swara horror ……Aarohi gone numb..

Swara – Well I must baby will be going to going to get beautiful eyes like her mother… But you are very strong woman after being pregnant you are working its aprciating… But if you want to take care of your self you can join Malik industrial.. And you will get leave and salary for the time of preganacy.. (turning to Arnav) I have read your contract FILe for employees Mr Raizada… I think there is this rule is mension for pregnant women… (Now looking at Aarohi ) tell me how many days??
Aarohi stammered – two and half months… (looking at Arjun)
Arnav was in shocked.. But then composing himself – you should have taken leave Miss Khurana..!! Because I am not here to look after pregnant women.. I will tell Aman you get your payment and medical leave done …
Aarohi nodded in hesistatly and move towards door but stopped at Swara Voice..
Swara – When you are going to Marry!!??
Aarohi – never…whisper underneath.. And left from there
Now there was silence spread between Swara ,Arjun and Arnav..
Arjun was broken completely he silently stare at the door from where she left…
Swara -Arj –
Arjun was left from there before she could say leaving siblings alone..
Arnav – You know that before!!!
It was more than statement then question…
Swara’s mobile started ringing.. She looked at Arnav and said – Deal is done Mr Raizada.. Sheshmahal is all yours… Good evening.. Said in bussiness tone and left from there..
Arnav bang the table making his hand hurts.. He was in foul mood..
Ragini – Sanskar why you bring me here?? Said angrily
Sanskar -What is wrong with you I thought you will be happy meeting with Laksh!!
Ragini – listen Sanskar you are my friend so just stay in your limits and next time if you want to spend time with me then call me!!! Walking away from Sanskar
Sanskar look at her and held her hand making her jerk said angrily – You are not any princess who can do anything and said anything… Laksh loves you and you …like always walk away… It is this only then I wish you were under that chandelier not me!!!
Ragini screaming -Yes it was not you then Laksh Gadodia planned had finished… His wish had been approved… I would have dead!!!!
Sanskar look at her shocked…
Ragini was in tears – shock right I was also shock when Arjun tell me.. That man wanted to kill so that Khushi Maheshwari would be safe her love would be safe!!!!! And in that Aarohi Khurana is totally involved with Laksh Maheshwari!!!
Sanskar look shocking… He looked at his friend and in one swift pulled her in hug… Unknown to them two pairs of eyes was watching them with jealousy and another one in evil smile…
Khushi walk to her room looking at old pics then silently moved to take shower… After coming out she check her email or message… Then she gets ASR message.. ” hav to postpone the dinner plans having dinner meeting -Arnav “…she off the mobile and walk to balcony looking at whole city.. Drifting off herself to past…

Six years before
Khushi look at Dp with tears -Dad I didn’t know.. Ragini and her friend was not with me . I swear dad I never gone there I don’t know how!!
Dp- enough!!!! Khushi you told us that you will always be the orphan… How could you make our reputation ruined not only you even that Arjun You both were in that room… Taking bears!!!
Khushi folds her hand -dad believe me please.. It was just misunderstanding you listen me I ….
Dp – I don’t want to listen anything just get lost from my house.. Now!!!
Ap – but where she’ll go ??at this time please she our Khushi…
Dp- if anyone gone against then that person can also leave!!!
Ragini who was looking at Down said – then I will also leave this house dad..
Making Dp to stop on track… And turned to look at his daughter -Ragini!!
Ragini – yes Dad I will leave this house with Khushi.. I mean it!! Looking straight at his father face..
Dp – Stop it Ragini for this girl… You are arguing with me!!! This cheap girl if I haven’t looked at with my eyes then.. ..and if I am not wrong you ,Laksh was also there!!!
Aadarsh – Dad first listen to Khushi…
Dp- No!!!! This cheap girl have made jokes of our emotions… I can’t believe… I found her there in that pr*stitute street!!! And because of her Ragini also gonna there finding her!!!
Ragini – dad Voh…
Khushi runs from there outside… And next day fly to Venice..
Flashback ends…….
Khushi took deep breath – I just came back to complete some unfinished work then you don’t have to look at me Mr Durga Prasad Maheshwari… And don’t have to give your surname to… I will be call as.. No once my work is over then I never return back here…
Laksh look at Sanskar and Ragini hugging each other with anger and jealous full eyes… Walking towards back to hospital didn’t give another glance said to himself “like always Ragini you never acknowledge me only you play with my so called brothers then why you think that I didn’t feel possessive towards Khushi only she’s the one who before six years was always supoerted me not like you to make me joke with Arjun!!!

Sanskar – let’s go Ragini…
Ragini nodded but stopped.. And said – Sanskar you go I want some answers..
Sanskar – but..
Ragini – no.. U just go I will be alright..
Sanskar – I will wait here..
Ragini – no you go..
Sanskar give up and left from there… Ragini look at the hospital and walk inside..

Swara speeding the car speed following Arjun car saying -stop the car dammit Arjun!!!
Arjun was heart broken completely his car was in full speed not thinking just the memories of Aarohi with him was flashing in his mind ””
Flashback before six years…
Arjun – Aarohi listen to me… That’s was not true..
Aarohi was in tears…
Arjun – it was just misunderstanding.. Khushi and I was trapped there mistakly …
Aarohi – I don’t care Mr Arjun Gadodia.. Get one thing you and me can never be together I hate you!!! More I loved you now I hate you…
Arjun grabbed her arms but Aarohi slapped him – just leave me you womanizer!!!
Arjun left that moment – I get it… In our relationship there was no trust… I am sorry Miss Aarohi Khurana… I will never return into your life just be happy… With your misunderstanding …I am leaving for America… As per wish of Dad!!! Saying he left from there
Flashback ends………….
Arjun eyes was red after two hours he halted his car near jungle… Swara who was following him stopping car runs towards him… Making him out of the car…
Swara angry shook him – What the hell dammit!!!Arjun Gadodia come out of your heart break…
Arjun looks at her and laugh painfully.. Tears were in his eyes… He was empty.. -you know Swara Malik I am failed.. That woman was right I am not worth of any love… Saying he fell on his knees.. Hugging Swara from her waist Swara felt her jeans was wet but she didn’t care she comes to his level and hugged him… -Arjun please don’t this to yourself …she was never meant for you…
Arjun was crying – Swara I love her truly… I came back to make her mine.. I am madly in love with her what not I have done I did hard work only to give her everything which she is not gotten in that Maheshwari house.. I thought I will take her from here I known that she loves me… Laksh was just her crush but I trust her blindly but how can I suppose her to wait for me… She told me in our last meet that she hate me and now also she said.. She hates me again why Swara why me is there no one who loves me !! I am not worth of it… I am womanizer Swara I am not… I am not I am not womanizer Swara..
He was repeating himself …
Swara look at her best friend who is broken down completely she knows what happened before coming from here in office she had witnessed the scene between Arjun and Aarohi..
Flashback in office…
Aarohi ran from there Arjun who was chasing her shouting her name to stopped but she was just running… Away from him because she still don’t know what to say him she don’t want to confront by him she don’t wanted him to know that she still holds feelings for him because now Laksh is everything for her
Arjun shouted -Aarohi listen to me you have to stop you can’t run away from me just like that.. Aarohi!!! Aaarohi!!!
They both ran through the empty corridor of Ar office but not paying any head to his calls she ran to get away from him. Alas the chase games to end as he Aarohi was by Arjun as she entered her cabin and before she could shut the door. He barged in trapping her between the door and himself, caging between the arms.

Arjun looks at her with his hurtful eyes a sea of pain as he questions her – tell me Aarohi what you want from life!!! Are you happy with Laksh and with this pregnancy??? Have you really moved on forgetting what we share? Don’t I hold any place in your life anymore?? Did you ever truly even love me? ”
Aarohi who till now kept looking at floor like most interesting patterns looked up meeting his with her brown smokey eyes-“look Arjun I am happy now with Laksh. Now he is going to be my husband and I.. I love him. I have moved on life.,so stop harassing me and leave me alone!!”””though her mind was mess up now her heart was bleeding but didn’t show her outside expression ,she spoke with such confidence that her internal battle was masked off…
He left her once again she said that type of word first womanizer and now harassing me but with steady voice asked -“Aarohi.. What about me Aarohi? What is My place in your life now OR I don’t have any part in your life now?! “losing his calm and patience..
Aarohi took a deep breath as she answered him -“No.. Now you don’t have any place in my life… You don’t have any importance in my life!! You are my past. A past I want to forget get away from, so much as to the shadow of it never comes in my present and future. You never share your problem with me but laksh does. Laksh is more than good what you are Arjun! You can never be Laksh and he made a special place for himself whom you couldn’t nor you could ever. Now Laksh is truth of my life so give me some peace… “she said all in confidence Arjun hearts was pearsed.. He is nothing her now and Laksh is everything for her… Tears were rolling from both the eyes .
Arjun suddenly felt pain replaced by rage he spatted- Thanks a lot for your words would be Mrs Aarohi Laksh Gadodia I am not gonna forget these words of yours. The way you broke my heart today, one day it be you as lonely as me with everyone around you except the one you want and than you will understand what I felt!!! I hate you Aarohi!!! I Hate Every Minutes had spent with you!!!! “””
With giving her one last look he left from there leaving shattering Aarohi who fell on knees. …
Swara has witteness everything gone back to Arjun who grabbed his car keys and drive in rage..
Flashback ends….

Swara – Arjun please I am with you right your Sammie is with you please stop worrying about her she moved on… Now it is you who should moved on!!!
Arjun looks at her – Sammie… How can she…. Sammie I wanted to go from here.. Please.. I don’t want to be here anymore…
Swara pull out her mobile – Mr Dixit make ready my chopper for Lucknow Now!!!
Swara look at him -Come with me Arjun..
Arjun silently go with her…

Ragini bang the door of Laksh cabin…
Ragini – so Dr Laksh Gadodia I am alive isn’t it you are feeling so much worst look I have came by myself tool out the knife and cut me or stabbed me!!! Shouted at the top of her voice!!!
Laksh who was silently listening it. …look at her and said – Will you not congratulate me Ragini I am going to marry with Aaarohi… Said smirking..
Ragini look at him dumbstruck…
Laksh – please go and get ready for tommorow I am going to come to your house with mom and dad well they are very happy even your parents too.
Ragini was broken completely tears were continuously coming out …- I love you Laksh and congrats… Saying this she left from there..
Laksh shocked looking at her retreating figure said – but we are not meant to be!!! Said crying…

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