it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 5

Raizada mansion is a mixture of modern and royal touch everything is screaming that palace belongs to the young bussiness tycoon Arnav Singh Raizada..
Swara smile think – Bhai your taste is replica of our grandfather Digvijay Malik.. After all you are Malik… Let’s go and meet with my so angry brother ..
Swara entered inside the mansion with tough face no emotions looking around..
“So your Rajasthan trip over Miss Malik “said ASR with greething his teeth stretched each words coming down towards Swara in three piece black suit…
Swara smirk – it was good trip and Mr Raizada where is Dadi I came to meet her..
Arnav look her angry – you are living here!! Right..
Swara – No… I am not comfortable here and I have my penthouse here.. And now if your queries are over… I want to meet my grandma!!
Arnav shouted – HP HP!!!
HP (elder servant) – yes sir..
Arnav – Where is dadii??
Hp – Sir..Mam has gone to meet her some friends before one hour.. She will be back in evening..
Arnav – go… (turned to Swara) anything else Miss Malik??
Swara – nothing.. Saying this she turned to go.. Pulling out her mobile.. Call.. Khushi..
Swara – Khushi come to my penthouse in half an hour.. Yes I am sending you address.. She left from there..
Arnav was clenching his fist tightly.. – Why dammit!!! She is still angry on me.. After all it’s my sister only stubbornness is in her blood!!! Malik!!!

Ragini walk to bar in famous pub of Mumbai wearing designer miniskirt.. Setted …
Ragini – one drink of….
“….red wine with two ice cubes “finished her order turned to look at her shocked face Arjun smirk..
Ragini – you??!!!
Arjun – how are you darling!!
Ragini gulped – listen Arjun whatever happens is between you and Aaarohi.. So don’t think to annoy me!!
Arjun – so you know… Not bad darling after she’s your sister.. But don’t worry I am not here to talk about Miss Aarohi Khurana…
Ragini turn to take glass – so what you want??
Arjun smile devilishly – nice birthday party..
Ragini cough hard… Look at him with horrible expression..
Arjun – careful darling.. After all you alive after that accident.. What will be that seen you under the chandelier and just then Sanskar pushed you to safe.. Wowed its like movies seen!! Said with smirk..
Ragini stammered – I… Don’t.. Know.. What are you saying..
Arjun – oh darling.. Whatever you are doing I know very well but you miss one thing..
Ragini was now pissed off with his attitude said angrily – What the hell you want to say!!!
Arjun – cool down darling.. You know you are doing big mistake by trusting my woman (Aarohi) as you know that chandelier was containing poison..
Ragini – say it clearly!
Arjun – simple that Chandler glasses was dipped in poison water.. If any one pieces come into your body then in next four you were dead!!.
Ragini sweating – but Sanskar is alive.. Then how.. And Laksh didn’t say anything!!
Arjun smirk – I should tell you Laksh loves Khushi so much.. And Aarohi hates you so much.. And you like stupid woman giving your life to your killers..
Ragini was now shocked.. And numb..
Ragini – but I heard from Aarohi and Laksh.. That Laksh is possessive about me!! And he..
Arjun was now pissed off – you know what you are so much innocence !!!
Ragini was in tears.. – Arjun please tell me everything..
Arjun looks at her – come with me.. You trust me..
Ragini – you trust me!
They both together said – No!
Arjun – I think you should come with me.. And I promise as gentle men to hand off from your s*xy body!!
Ragini – Now I agree..
They both went to Gadodia industrial..
Shekhar was in his cabin going through some files just then he heard knock he look at Arjun and Ragini was standing..
Shekhar stands said happily -Arjun beta… When..
Arjun said – please Dad don’t say me beta in public places how much I have to tell you this..!!!
Shekhar nodded and gesture them to take seats…
Arjun – Dad whatever you said me tell her too..
Ragini look them with confusion..
Shekhar nodded – it was planning of Aarohi and Laksh against you.. In this planning they have two profits first Aarohi will be free from you!!and second Laksh will make Khushi his by showing sympathy for you….
Ragini was beyond shocked!!!!
Arjun give her file.. Of hospital..
Ragini look at with tears showing that glasses containing poison.. – but sanskar!??
Arjun – Laksh treat him and destroy the report but Dad got the another copy from hospital.. Dad please you just stay away from the all theses now I am back… You know n how much possession is in Laksh for Khushi!!!
Shekhar – but he is My son..
Arjun – and I am his brother and you know what was the reason that you send me from here you can’t be lose.. It was your and mom sacrificed!!
Shekhar look at his Arjun proudly – you both go.. And Arjun where are you going to live???
Arjun smirk – to our outhouse after all I have some unfinished deal with my little Laksh!!
Shekhar shook his head..
Arjun leaves with Ragini.. Looking at her he knows where he should take right…

Mumbai seashore..
Laksh walk to Aarohi who was looking at ocean very keenly..
“Hey!”said Laksh settled beside her on rocks..
Aarohi smile – So you time to meet me! Well let it be good news Khushi is back!!
Laksh smile – I know I got the message of her boss Swara Malik that she landed India yesterday..
Aarohi look at him surprise – boss??
Laksh laugh slightly – yaa boss you know before six years when Khushi left the India I also went behind her but she didn’t talk to me so I get the number of her boss I never saw her but I felt that she’s very protective towards Khushi and I am glad for that… And after that I call her once in two three months to get to know how she’s!!
Aarohi – well impressed!! After what ever we did Ragini is still alive! And Khushi is also there..
Laksh was in deep thought..
Aarohi – hey I am asking you?
Laksh – Tell me you love me??
Aarohi was taken aback.. And stammered – no no..
Laksh smile – you love me right that’s why you are helping me to get Khushi back.. Every one thing that the possession for Khushi that I felt is Love but I know it never was love I never loved her but I want her to be safe if Ragini is dangerous for her I will protect her whatever it cost!!
Aarohi – yaa but that night is still mystery that why Khushi left us.. And now she’s completely changed!!
Laksh – the reason was RAGINI.. Only Ragini!!
Aarohi – so what are you going to do! Next?
Laksh – not more just make sure Ragini Maheshwari is out of the sight of Khushi that’s it!
Aarohi -fine..

ASR musical theatre “Natarang ”
“Kusum feel the music… What the hell Kusum “yelled Sanskar in frustration he was totally pissed off with this girl who can’t do one step properly.!!!
Kusum was taken aback by his shout.. And again tried to do.. But in all vain…
Sanskar- you know what!!! Just leave!!! Shouted at the top of the voice..
Kusum runs from there in tears…
Adi (Sanskar friend and troop members) -calm Sanskar..
Sanskar -What calm!!! I am just banging my head on stone look at these girls they can’t even do a simple step.. What will we do there is only one month is left for show!!!
Adi – don’t worry dude we will get any girl… And if you tell this to Aman (Asr pa) then he will help us in auditions for selecting any lead dancer against you…
Sanskar – well yes you are right I should ask Aman and in that way I will meet ASR he came back… Saying this sanskar take towels wiping his sweat wearing sweatshirt moves towards his sport car!!

“ASR.. Miss Malik has called to take appointment ..for meeting you “said Aman walking inside the cabin with ASR who came back from conference meeting..
Arnav stood on his way listening this thinking -what the!! Swara you are now getting on my nerves… She is My sister dammit and asking appointment to meet me.. “thinking all this he bang the cabin gate with frustration on the other hand Aman was starlted by his actions gulping his throat knowing what is coming for him.. And this time ASR wrath will be something worse!!!
Arjun was already in ASR cabin going through some files.. Well he was there before ten minutes after talking with Ragini and then she gonna for photoshoot downstairs of building so he directly come to his cabin with smirk looking the model and woman employed who were checking him…
Arnav look at him but without giving any glare he settled on his king leaghter chair.. Leaning peaceful ask -What occasions bring you in my cabin lawyer??
Arjun smirk – you forgot the deal raizada!! I am here to get what I want…
Arnav look at Aman -where is Miss Aarohi Khurana ?
Aman – Sir.. Miss Aarohi is out..
Arnav with rude tone -is this not working hours and I am paying her to work not charity call her and male sure she will be in office in next ten minutes!!
Aman nodded and left from there..
Arjun – oh so rude!
Arnav- whatever you want do it with her she will be your secretary.. As you were here legal adviser …of my company..
Arjun smirk – that’s sounds great… Then looking at file.. You are so much eager to know about Khushi Maheshwari!!
Arnav give him angrily glare taking the from him “Khushi bio data “file contains..
Arnav – stay out of it!!
Arjun – you know if this file was gone in the hand of your little sister then.. I don’t know next time you get the glance of Khushi or not…
Arnav narrowed his eyes -and why this is so?
Arjun – because she is very protective towards Khushi!!
Arnav smirk -then it will be fun because I will get Khushi and in all these my so called sister would be annoyed..
Arjun smile devilishly -didn’t you think you are underestimating your sister.. Didn’t forget that she’s Swara Malik and you are not with her last 14years and I was with her last 5years!!
Arnav – damm I know it.. But she is My sister!!

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