it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 4


Scene shift of Ar office India..
“Good morning Ragini ”
Good Morning Rags ”
Good morning mam ”
Ragini was just smiling the employees of AR.. But her whole concentration was on her after sometime she passes to ASR cabin.. Which was empty.. “strange “Ragini call one employee..
Ragini -Where is ASR??
Employees – Mam ASR is out of town.. For some meeting..
Ragini sign in relief.. – OK you go…
Aarohi was also came.. And message Ragini to come to her cabin.. In five minutes..

In Aarohi cabin…
Ragini – what happened??
Aarohi – Khushi is coming back
Said smiling..
Ragini jump excitedly -Whatt!!
Aarohi – what you thought my plan was superb.. I get to know that Khushi is coming back here India with some Malik company as a meeting I think she don’t know about your accident.. But plan was full proof.. Who ever in our family contacts with Khushi should have told us!!
Ragini made sad face – yeah it’s six years she has gone and after that Laksh didn’t look at me and because of this I have to act as spoil brat..!!!
Aarohi placed her hand on shoulder – don’t worry.. And you know Khushi loves us it was just a mistake.. She will forgive us….
Ragini nodded.. – I am going for shoot otherwise ASR got any idea then it will be my last day on earth.. Said dramatically..
Aarohi smile – you go I have to go through some files..


Laksh – not bad Sanskar you get recover in one day only!! Said surprise..

Sanskar smirked – What you thought I wanted to tolerate you and hospital sticky smile for two weeks.. I am just little tired.. And now I am going to my fantasy…

Laksh – your girlfriend ‘s!!
Sanskar – Nope my wife..
Laksh – it’s not “wife” it’s your theartre group..
Sanskar dreaming – but it’s more than theartre act.. You know doctor.. I love my Dream little too much in this world after my love of my life me.. Second number is occupied by my theatre production…

Laksh – I am just glad you do something other than flirting..
Sanskar laugh – and I am also glad you do everything other than Ragini..

Laksh smile vanished and move from Sanskar’s room..
Sanskar smile devilishly – again Devdas return in doctor…
Sanskar call his friend cum girl friend..
Sanskar in flirts tone -hey baby.. How’s everything their in Natarang (theatre place)..
Girl – everything is fine Sanskar but when you are coming.. And how are you?? Your wound??
Sanskar smirked – I am fine Kusum (girl name) baby.. And I am coming in half an hour then you adore me however you want..
Kusum -OK baby… Bye and I love you..
Sanskar carelessly – yeah I know.. Call ended. “foolish girl ”

Sanskar take his sweatshirt and lower and sports shoes in bag and grabbing his sportcar keys he moved out the gadodia mansion.. But stopped seeing outhouse putting his bag inside the car he pulled out his mobile from jeans and call his loved ones…

On phone..
Sanskar – Hii
Caller – Who??
Sanskar smile vanished.. -it’s Yuvaraj .!!
There was complete silence..
Sanskar – Mahi Mahi… Are you there ??Mahi.. But phone call was already cut.. Sanskar eyes was moist.. He silently slide out the sim card and trash it in Dustin… Wiping his tears rush to car and race his car…

Shekhar was passing through Laksh room but stopped listening his voice…

Laksh shouted -What the blo*dy hell I know that accident was done by Ragini and Aarohi… I said I want proof.. Why don’t you understand bastard.. My brother life was on stake.. You swine I am not giving you money just like that.. You are a detective.. Top detective of Delhi.. And you can’t solve one case I make you bring in Mumbai not to hear your filthy voice.. Just get this I wanted to know who is helping Ragini Maheshwari and Aarohi Khurana.. That’s it!! Said Laksh splitting anger!!

Shekhar silently moved from there… Didn’t say anything… He goes to study room and lock the door… Closing his eyes…
Arjun – Dad why don’t you believe… ..
Shekhar slapped Arjun… And shouted – not a word…!! Arjun from now I am not your any Dad get this… And you (looking at Sanskar) you are just a orphan don’t you dare to involve in family matters.. Get…
Laksh – Dad whatever.. Was just a mistake.. And also we were..
Sharmistha shouted – don’t you dare Laksh to again take theses both sides and you (Sanskar) just stay away from Arjun… And Laksh….
Shekhar shouted – Arjun packs your bags you are going to boarding in America and Laksh you are leaving for Delhi for your further studies you got admission in medical college… And you (Sanskar) just going to stay in outhouse from now ….if I saw you near this mansion just prepare to go to your orphanage Just get this!!
Sanskar nodded helpless said ” sorry Mr gadodia ”
Arjun and Laksh left the place immediately… In anger
Sharmistha fall on sofa with thud and Shekhar break down completely..
Flashback ends..
Shekhar eyes teary – because of those people I broken my sweet family.. My wife… My three son…. Everything got shattered in one day…

After 16hours …international airport..
Arnav, Arjun, Khushi, and Anuradha Malik landed to india…
Khushi look at Arjun who was looking at the surrounding silently she slides her hand in his.. Arjun looks at her.. And smile -Khush I am fine…..
Khushi also smiled..
Anuradha Malik was on call..

Arnav was discussing with Aman.. Just then his gaze move to Khushi.. Who was laughing with Arjun.. He smiled.. And thinking ” . He was feeling bad for her…..she can’t speak she has sensitive Mutism in this people afraid of talking to their love ones stranger is far away dadii has told him that Khushi never talks to anyone she herself didn’t listen her voice only Swara listen her sometime.. It was so much hurting him he wanted to listen his name from her mouth… Her melodious voice
But he knows he have to be patience which is last thing ASR know in this world!! “”
And then his trance broken by his dadii who was busy in scolding her granddaughter for not coming with us…
Dadii – let’s go Arnav this Swara never change always annoy me..
Arjun comes there – offo dadii you know n Swara don’t like to come India.. Then why we annoy her..
Khushi nodded with him..
Dadii – look Arnav Swara’s gang always be with her side..
Arnav – don’t worry now I am here right… Always on your side..
Dadii smile.. And move towards car..
Arnav – Why she didn’t come?? Said angrily..
Arjun smirk – Swara Malik already landed at India before six hours with her private speedy jet…
Khushi look at him shockingly.. Arnav was now surprise..
Arjun – don’t be shocked I also don’t know about this before five minutes.. I got the message of her pilot.. She already landed but not here she had gone to Rajasthan for some deal… On land.. Said angrily
Arnav – and alone?? (anger was all written his face)
Arjun gritted his teeth – I am also thinking same..
Khushi was worried.. Just then she gets the call..
Arjun and Arnav look at her mobile..
Khushi accept the call.. But Arjun puts it on speaker..
Swara – Khushi listen I am in India and fine thing I have some important work in Jaipur so take care of Dadi I will return in three days.. And Arjun I know you get to know and also you would be angry with your new angry partner.. But I have ten bodyguards so welcome to Mumbai to you all “‘call ended..

Arnav – What the!!! She does this always!!! Said in anger looking at Arjun and Khushi… Why not she was his sister dammit!!!

Arjun was also in anger – I am also wanted to smack her head somewhere.. Oh god… This girl.. Let it be I am going to security guard.. Of her and send some more gaurds in Jaipur..I will catch you later in
Arjun left with another SUV ..

Arnav was in anger and then he looked Khushi.. Who was looking worried.. Said in calm tone – let’s leave.. You have anyone in India.. Or you are coming with me.. As Swara is not here..
Khushi look at him said in stammer – I.. Ha… Ve… Ho.. Me…
Arnav was lost in her stammered voice which is sounding him melodiously wait a minute when ASR started loving stammering… Composing himself..
“come I will drop you ”
Khushi said hesitate – my car.. Has.. Came..
Arnav was now hell angry that who the hell send the car for her..
Arnav in rude tone- whose car it is??
Khushi hesistatly – it’s.. My sister car… I should leave.. Thank you.. Saying this she took her bag and leave from there… Well said running but stopped and turned with smiles said “I will come tomorrow office Arnavji.. Good night “she goes to car left..
Arnav smile and muttered good night pagal… Just then he got message.. He opened it..
” my so called brother.. Your meds are in your red bag.. Old medicine was been expired so eat it.. And use your mind in your daily used things – Swara Malik ”
Arnav- What the! ….then he smiled said ‘ you really care about me so much Swara… Some times witch and some time angel.. Not bad you totally gone on me “he also left in his black SUV..
Swara turned after texting Arnav.. With smile and then make rough face.. Look at two men’s who were sitting in front of her with torn clothes and bleeding forhead tied in rope with chair.. Besides them five guards were standing with guns..
Swara walk to them taking gun with her men’s.. Asked in threatening tone – speak up bastards …who sent you two at airport.. Otherwise you two don’t know how much I love to torcher anyone..
” please mam believe us.. We just get the call and envelopes in our place.. In which 10 crore was there with this photo and details that he is going to land in India.. “said first sharp shooter..
Another fast shooter – mam with your photo was sent us before one hour and then 50 crore ammout was sent in our bank account and two airflight tickets immediately yesterday from Istanbul to India ”

Swara smirk – you both know one thing that person was very much clever but in all these you two will get punished by me for trying to kill my brother my Arnav bhai… And me too.. Saying this she shoot them on their forehead..
Swara turned to go saying – clean the dust and this thing didn’t disclose infront of Arjun.. And prepare my jet for Mumbai… She moved from there

After some time she reached Jaipur one of the best palace… Moving towards her room.. Finally lying on bed. She looked at ceiling..said -Who the hell that person.. Which is behind my and Arnav bhai life.. What rivalry that person have with us.. I know Evey rival of mine and Arnav bhai.. And mostly are finished.. Than whom.. That person is so much sharp then me.. No clues… No proof.. Ones I get that person I will love to chop That person forty times like that person tried to kill me and bhai…think Swara Malik… Think.. ”


Durga Prasad Maheshwari was looking at some files in his study room when he heard knock.. He looked at person…… Aadarsh comes inside…
Dp – what happened Aadarsh??
Aadarsh – Dad.. Khushi is back to India..
Dp angry.. But said in Stern voice – say roshani beta to prepare guest room for her
Aadarsh look at him astounished …-roshani? But dad you don’t like her and Khushi..
Dp – Roshani is like my daughter who always annoy me try to make me smile but that Khushi make my life hell I ashamed to call her daughter.. If you, Ragini, Aarohi wanted to make her live in this house so do it but I don’t want that she liv here for many days!!
Aarohi come there.. Hearding everything – uncle.. It’s almost 6years why don’t you forgive her…
Dp – you both can leave..
Aarohi and Aadarsh helpless moved from there..
Aarohi – bhai… It was RAGINI mistake and Khushi.. Is getting punished..
Aadarsh – and because of Khushi only we are not saying anything… She given us promise me and..
Ragini also came there -Laksh…
Aadarsh – I just wanted my Khushi and dad became like before and I don’t care whatever you both do.. I know you both are up to made dad and Khushi together.. So do it immediately.. Said in anger..
Ragini – bhai I will make everything.. I also wanted Laksh and you both like before.. You moved on but I know you hate me..
Aadarsh – if you know then do your drama.. Don’t show your actions to me saying this he left from there…
Aarohi and Ragini look at each other helplessly….they listen car sounds.. Both with broad smile runs towards gate to open..
Khushi look at them with smiles and tears..
Ragini hugged her – how are Khushi.. I missed you so much!!!
Khushi was in tears.. Said – I miss you too..
Aarohi -and me ???
Khushi hug her -you too!!!!

Ap comes there looking at Khushi she just runs to wards and hugs her tightly.. With tears – my Khushi.. How are my doll….!!
Khushi hug her back – maa I miss you too much.. But dad.. Saying this she broke the hug looking at Dp who was standing at distance.. With anger..
Khushi look down.. Aadarsh and Roshani came there with Dp..
Roshani shout -khushiii?!!!!!!!!
Khushi didn’t react..
Roshani looking at her father in law said – what dad why are staring her like lion.. You know n only I love that glaring at me not anyone.. So don’t dare to give that glare anyone…
Dp look at her shook his head and moved from there..
Roshani laugh… Ragini, Aadarsh, Aarohi were joined in laugh.. Ap just smile.. Khushi jaw dropped looking at seen… Then she can remind what Roshani gadodia is!!!! Like her crazy..

Roshani runs toher -khushiiiii!!!
Khushi smile – Bhabhi! How are you..
Roshani stop at her track listening “Bhabhi “shocked..
Roshani just hug her.. And said – I am fine and you..
Khushi – fine.. Like always.. (looking at Ap) Mom I am tired….
Ap smile – come Roshani has arranged your room..
Khushi -thanks Bhabhi..
Ap and Khushi left from there..
Roshani looking at Ragini.. Said – you know what RAGINI you did it!!! You changed our Khushi totally.. Which Khushi only knows one word to call me “””Rooo “””” Now she calling me Bhabhi… I hate you!!!! Saying this she left from there..
Ragini was shocked by the outburst of Roshani..
Aadarsh – just do something.. Otherwise I don’t know about dad but Roshani will do something with you Ragini!! Saying this he left from there…
Ragini and Aarohi look at each other…

Precap – AR office… New boss and leader of ASR musical theatre.. Fight!!!!

Credit to: Aryna

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