It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 37


Gadodia mansion…

Sitting with all of them in dining table and hearing their voices and laughing.. Teasing.. All this was making Swara Malik to think another time about her plan.. Well she just had forgotten about all this few days.. She was genuinely happy with Sanskar and everyone.. She even thought that Sanskar would have some reason to kill Vikrant.. But then last night.. It was Mr Dixit.. Who again made her think about revenge.. Well… PORWAL are not so much smart then her… They use Vikrant Singh Rajput and Amar Singh Rajput name.. But not knowing that.. These both names are very much part of her life.. They both Nani Mom and Kavitha di were here send by Ravindra Nana saab.. Only to use me for their plan.. They came here to take me with them and that bastard Mr Dixit was double crossed her.. Telling me that Kavitha is Vikrant Singh Rajput fiance made her temper in high level.. Well she wanted to kill that time.. This Mr Dixit for saying word against my dead husband.. But I have to shown them that there plan is working.. And last night in three she is back with every proof against PORWAL.. Well none knows about death of Vikrant Singh Rajput… And no one knows that Amar Singh Rajput is small eight years boy.. Whom she adores.. Again her mind went to her dead husband memory how she loss this very day.. The day she wanted to start their relationship.. No one knows that Vikrant was the only person who help her in swaragini palace.. Against his monster father.. Against his b*t*h mother.. How he tried everything to make her leave that hell…and then she met him again before eight years.. And..

“Swara Swara.. Come to earth “said Aarohi with teasing.. Eyeing at Sanskar.. Who just staring at Swara with his heated gaze..

Laksh rolled his eyes.. Seeing all this and the pain in Swara eyes.. So he said – Swara why don’t you come with me for bike racing.. In evening you will enjoy….

Ragini didn’t seem to pleased by Laksh.. It’s different.. First she never saw him talking with Swara casually and now he asking her out.. Well impressed!!
Swara – No.. I just have some recording..
Arnav was surprised – so you are not leaving your career..?? Well it’s good..
Swara – actually I thought to take break from bussiness.. And .
Just the word came from her mouth all choked their food.. Not believing what the hell is wrong with Swara Malik..
Khushi coughing – You OK.. Swara?
Swara didn’t say anything let alone to talk she again started thinking about.. Her plan..
Arjun smirk looking a Confused Swara Malik.. But then he also thought about conversation between him ,Laksh and Sanskar.. What we have got to know from Laksh seems like Sanskar known it from very start day.. But he didn’t try to justify himself… Nothing.. And he walk away saying ” whatever she wants let her do “well if Sanskar is out of mind he is sure then because letting Swara Malik do anything means destruction.. And he have to made his SAMMIE understand that.. She should ask once.. But looking at her face she seems to convincing herself to take revenge..
Shekhar gadodia – So Swara ready for party..
Before she could say Arjun interuppted.. – Dad I am thinking why don’t we cancel this party..
What the!! Was only word come out of ASR mouth and nothing less everyone was looking at Arjun with disbelief..
Arjun continue shoving off their reaction.. – Sammie you yourself think about it.. This party would be just show off and I want my best friend enjoy this day not like past working in laptop.. Or trying to be happy in that formal parties… Am I right Sammie!! Said with smirk..

Swara know she is deadly trap in her manipulative devil plan..

Khushi who seems agreed added to much displeased Swara – ..Arjun…is right.. I mean Swara you are just always tried to be happy and smile because of dadii sake in those parties why don’t we celebrate your birthday differently..

Ragini – yes if these parties didn’t bring a beautiful smile on my sister face then what’s the use..!!

Laksh couldn’t stop but smile seeing the cold war between Arjun and Swara.. Then he look at Sanskar who didn’t saying a word just gazing Swara.. So he just added fuel.. Which will only provoke Swara Malik anger – So what about picnic.. ..well say road trip to the Ujjain.. Rajasthan..
For seven days it would be fun..
And that’s it.. Like Swara Malik will burst into flames of fire ….her eyes were showing rage of anger ,disguise… She clenched water tightly so much tightly… To stop herself shouting at them…

Aaarohi lastly said – then if everyone wanted this we would cancel this party but it would be embarrassing.. I mean how will guest react..??
Arnav who was just staring at his sister very carefully saw that rage of anger which gifted to him also by god.. And Now if something wrong with his sister.. And everyone is provoking her anger then he have to stop all..
Arnav – Swara what you think about all the plan..
Swara rage was the moving slowly high.. Peak.. Her hand tightly on glass more.. She is looking down not to make them see her eyes which is filled with Anger..
Arnav again ask – Swara..
Now everyone looking at Swara.. Arjun and Laksh know Swara Malik is in rage.. Which they wanted her outburst in front of Sanskar.. To make her out of all this revenge.. While others are looking confused..
Sharmistha who was sitting beside swara felt her stiffness.. She said – Arnav.. Swara didn’t saying anything because she knows you all made great plan..
Arnav – oh.. Yaa.. Then party I will talk to Aman..
Sanskar look at Swara hand on glass clenching tightly.. He stood up suddenly.. Answering everyone curious eyes – I have video conferencing.. I will join you guys in two hours.. Saying this he left the place glancing at Swara.. Who is now looking straight in his. Eyes but he ignored it.. And walk to his room..
Shekhar – Arnav let it be we will look after party..
Arjun – but dad..
Shekhar – no it’s alright.. Me and your mom will get little bit change.. And you guys have fun.
All smiles.. Except one who is just filled with rage.. Everyone started going to arrange for road trip..
Swara hand is covered with pool of blood which seems not to bother.. No one has saw.. Other than Sharmistha who look at her shock..
Sharmistha just held her hand and pulling her to the room..
Sharmistha shouted angrily closing door behind her – Are you lost it Swara!!!
Swara shouted angrily back – Yes because of your Sanskar.. That bastard who killed my husband and now showing his love!!!… And Arjun, Laksh who are bent to provoke my anger…!!! WHAT I DO.. IT WAS YOU WHO ASKED ME TO COME HERE AND TAKE REVENGE!!!! blo*dy hell I damm love that bastard sanskar.. It is piercing my heart.. I can’t tolerate to think about giving him any pain and taking about destroying.. It’s looking immposible for me!!!
Sharmistha walk to closet and taking out the first box she sit beside swara grabbing her started picking out glass which piercing in her skin..
“sshh “”hissed swara in pain..
Sharmistha sooth her by caressing her hair and said – You know Swara.. Whom I love the most in my family..
Swara didn’t say anything.. Just looking down seeing her hand..
Sharmistha continue – SANSKAR
Swara look up shock -what!! But then why you ask me to take revenge on him.. Do whatever I want giving proof against him..
Sharmistha smile just continue her talk lefting her queries -..Sanskar was the one who make me feel like mother.. Arjun and Laksh were always their Dad favourite.. I didn’t even bother.. At some point I thought my family didn’t need me because Shekhar was looking after his business too busy and my sons.. They become mature before the time spending hours in their own world or moving for hostel and I just wasted my time in kitty parties and shopping which I never liked in my life but for taking out of my mind from loniless I have to become like all types of Rich woman.. But somewhere I was craving for my family.. I thought that somewhere I failed that my family only running after money and success my kids Arjun and Laksh they don’t even have time for each other.. Well I can’t blame.. Whatever they wanted they were from Shekhar without a second thought.. And Shekhar like a good father fullfiled there wished but where was me..??I don’t know..
Swara look on not seems to what she said..
Sharmistha smile – then you what happened.. Like my cravings finished.. For love.. God sent me ten years of Sanskar.. Who was nothing more than stubborn.. Headed.. He is different.. And difficult.. When he joined our family.. None bother to much about.. Thinking like Arjun and Laksh he will also be in his world but no.. He is not at all like Arjun and Laksh.. Which make me to look after him.. I just laughed at his antics.. He was become reason of my smile.. He didn’t like chef food.. He order me to cook food. …feed him.. Make him done his homework.. He always bother me and then he talk about you. . .every night before sleeping.. He always told me about you.. Your whereabouts.. Your living ever thing.. I always wanted to meet you.. Because I saw my Sanskar love you unconditionally.. He never hided anything from me.. He always teased me.. By calling ex mom.., Mrs Gadodia.. But from heart he loves me more than his own mother.. He always did.. He was stubborn to go after you in Sydney bussiness school..I always miss him but seeing happy.. By looking after you.. Or satisfied that you are happy.. His face glow with hapinness.. And then his going behind you University.. You know when I listen you completed your unversity I wanted to come to you ask your hand for My Sanskar…but.. He stopped me saying that you wanted to fulfill your dreams.. And so was he.. Starting his business on his real mother surname.. He did hard work but didn’t fail to look after you.. And then what I listen from him.. Make me feel worse.. My sanskar was broken completely.. After hearding about your marriage.. With Vikrant.. He shouted, screamed, cried.. For one year he gone to depression.. Wanted to finish himself.. Said wiping her tears
Swara frozen on the spot.. Her eyes was just giving her tears.. Like she is feeling his pain.. His cried.. His worse experience.. His heartbreak..
Sharmistha – but that time I make him understand that what is meant for you it will come to you.. But if not then think it was never yours.. He likes madden his mind.. And heart to these line so he just make his way out of you for two years.. He became silent.. That time all the relationship started breaking between Arjun, Laksh, Aarohi, Khushi, Ragini.. And Sanskar he just didn’t bother to look for anyone his whole world crashed into pieces..he was shattered….and damage was done I don’t know how to console him.. So I did what was best.. Send him to London.. To extend his business.. And he came back after two years on this day. But gone to Rajasthan for some deal and their.. He killed your husband.. Swara.. And he get back to me.. He didn’t tell me the reason but just said what he did..and walk inside his room.. I don’t know what to do.. I have always known that Sanskar destroy his or our family enemies very brutly But killing your husband.. I didn’t get it.. That time I don’t thought to talk about murdering.. Your husband just ask him to get information about you.. That how are you… He was afraid but I ask him or say moreover order him.. He did.. And then he came to know about your marriage is hided from world only your dadii known about it.. …and you didn’t seem bothered.. You were taking care of Amar who was just two years.. And your dadii also supported you.. He didn’t understand your way.. How you seem not to be broken.. !! He was scared if you did something wrong.. But then after one year he listen that you were with Arjun and Khushi.. And link with Laksh.. He was happy that you were surrounded by his brother.. And his friend.. So he just kept check on you….
Swara was numb.. What she supposed to say.. She didn’t know.. She is speechless by this bastard behavior!!
Sharmistha – when I met you before one year in that charity function I told you everything including that lie I wanted to rid of sanskar.. Which was immposible.. Well I wanted you to come to my son.. I wanted life to give him fair chance.. Which I did by making you come to India by your own way.. And after three months I saw you in India which was something I can’t tell you.. I saw spark of happiness in Sanskar eyes..and sadness too.. He threatened you.. Whatever did only to send you back.. But I was proud of you that you were just stubborn as my son.. And this made me elated.. I wanted you to know my son closer.. But that accident it just made my son memory loss.. And you sending to London.. But I did everything to get back his memory that’s I ask you to be in public.. And with the help of that doctor treated him.. He get back his memory and u.. But now it is upto you.. To punish.. Him.. Destroy him.. Or.. Love him….
She had done the bandage and left Swara Malik in a deep thinking..
Sharmistha comes out of room only to get ASR looking straight in her eyes.. And asking – why you playing with fire auntie..??
Sharmistha smile – sometimes fire only finished another fire son.. Not any cold water.. Saying this she left from there.. Leaving amused Arnav.. Well he heard all that… He walk inside the room.. To see his sister lost face..
Arnav – So my birthday girl ready for leaving..
Swara look at him and then run throwing herself in her brother arms.. Sobbing uncontrollably.. She is frustrated.. From everyone everything..
Arnav didn’t move just held her tightly.. Soothing her.. Saying sweet nothings just.. Listening her cries.. He don’t have any questions towards his Swara and nor he is interested. Because somewhere.. He is angry on her for marriage and with Vikrant Singh Rajput.. It boils his anger.. But then all the things. He knows there would be reason and he don’t want to come to conclusions.. Directly..

Sanskar was looking outside of his window.. Looking nothing just wanting to forget that eyes whom haunted him his whole life.. Today he saw same anger, disgust towards him through her eyes.. He knows she wanted him to look at her eyes.. Wanting him to know the truth.. But he also saw confusion in her eyes… For his love.. His trust.. Whatever it is.. He just wanted her to not think all this and stress herself ..he heard knock.
“come in “..
Aarohi walk inside.. Asking him – I have cancelled all the meetings for one week but there would be any emergency manager is there and Dad also said he will go office for one week.. She was saying all this..
And Sanskar he was just lost looking outside.. She is facing his back.. She stopped she didn’t even heard his “yes ” also.. She walk beside him..
Aarohi – Hey buddy you OK?
Sanskar smile listening.. Her calling him “buddy ” after so much time..
Sanskar smile and pulled her into side hug – I am totally perfect …babes!!!
Aarohi smile and said – stop being drama queen like RAGINI and spit out Sanskar you know.. You can have me always beside you as your best friend!!
Sanskar nodded acknowledges that his friends knew him too much..he just said – nothing just remembering our old days.. I was always jerk.. Not to spend time with you all and always runaway from you all.. Being Casanova!!
Aarohi pushed him – Hell!!! Sanskar Kundra are you lost it or what!! You were the best person in our life who always look after who even didn’t thought once to give his life for us.. And talking about old days.. You were with me, Ragini and Laksh in this six years when we misses badly Arjun and Khushi.. How you annoyed ASR.. How you did your best in musical theatre play…how you always drops me and Ragini in night.. Like a responsible man.. For us.. How you pull Laksh leg!!! Made us always laugh, smile by your antics and singing.. So stop being emotional drama fool!! get it!!
Sanskar laugh and hugged her tightly.. Thinking ” I was always like this…I always just saw Swara.. And her whereabouts.. I never care about my brothers.. My family.. I always preferred Swara more than anyone.. I think.. Yeah I should take some break from Swara.. It will just help me and her to understand the situation.. And less the confusion about her and mine feeling.. “…


Arjun and Laksh looking at each other and the three cars.. Renault, Austin Martin and a latest sports car..
Laksh – so three cars..?? I mean we can have two Renault what does it makes sense of three for road trip??
Arjun smirk – What you think my brother there are three people who are too much egoistic.. That of Sanskar.. In which I think Ragini and Khushi going to enjoy well they prefer this car I am sure!! Then Austin Martin.. It is of ASR who always preferred to drive his own car and specially when he love cars!! And if I am not wrong then Aarohi is going to have thrilled by going with Arnav.. And the last but not the least.. This sport car which came from Venice few days before.. Of Swara Malik who will not in the state to go with Sanskar ….and with Arnav.. She don’t believe in her Bhai driving skill so she prefers to drive by her own!!
Laksh look at his brother shock – you indeed a best lawyer..
Arjun laugh – I know..
Laksh – but whom you are going to sit??
Arjun – let’s see..

After preparing everything. Food water.. Map.. An all.. Ragini, Khushi and Aarohi smile.. Putting all this in Renault car… They look at two another car…
Khushi – guy’s where we are going to sit?
Sanskar had already settled in Renault driving seat.. Talking with his manager manager…. Where Arnav was giving last instructions to Aman.. About party.. And calling him back for anything..
Laksh and Arjun were standing aside talking about something..
Swara walk out look at everyone.. Ready for road trip.. Then her gaze goes on the sinful handsome hunk who was not at all please to look at her.. Hell!!! Not again Swara.. Just stay away from him.. And don’t look at him..”.I am just thinking that this road trip can give me some time to think about it.. “walking towards her sports car she checked everything and her traveling bag.. Well HP has done everything perfect.
Arjun – So everyone decided where you wanted to settle down..
Ragini, Aarohi and Khushi made their way to Sanskar car.. Much to displeased for Arjun, Laksh, Arnav.. And Sanskar was smirking at them.. Just then Sanskar saw Swara talking on phone.. Smiling.. Widely he thought to ignore but then his eyes has its own mind.. Who is gazing her from top to bottom wearing a skinny jeans and tee and jacket.. Making her hair in braid looking stunning.. He just wanted to grab her ravish her but then he suppress his desire knowing about his resolution.. To give it break!!
Well Laksh was not at all going to leave without Ragini in the trip so he settled beside Sanskar in his seat.. Leaving Arjun who was looking at both brother and sister car..
Swara saw him approaching her car and she knows what have to do!! She locked the car gate and glare him.. A clear picture that you-are-not-allowed
Arnav saw this and said – hey Arjun can you come with me.. I have to discuss about bussiness..
Arjun nodded moving towards Arnav and settled with his car..
Swara was sitting alone everyone was looking at her but seems like she don’t even bother because only she knows how much space she wanted this time..she was about to start the engine when Sharmistha come to her side window.. And give her one box.. And left..
Everyone was confused.. But then didn’t thought to much..
Car started and journey too!!


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