It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 36


Birthday and the truth…

Morning.. Swara Malik is standing infront of Seashore.. Mermerizing by the beauty of sea.. Its a quiet and peaceful… Which she always like..
” feeling lonely without me lioness “ask her best friend Arjun standing beside her..
She smiled at him.. – Not at all devil ….I was expecting you to come… Here.. You are late…
Arjun smirk and look at her face – you know when storm comes before that there is strange peace and calm…
Swara laugh hollow and said -what’s the catch? Mr philosopher..
Arjun smile devilishly – catch is simple Sammie you are Storm and no more you are calm which is so much out of your nature.. ..
Swara look at him and said with surprise – You know devil Now I am 100percent sure no one can know me more than you know me…
Arjun – and you know why I am your best friend because you are that cubicle which …
Swara finished him – you love to solve.. I know..
Arjun ask straight – Why you come to India.. Swara..??
Swara didn’t say anything..
Arjun ask her again – Why you came to India before eight months..!!!
Swara close her eyes listening the sound of waves..
Arjun – Swara…!!!
Swara turned to him – it’s my birthday Arjun.. You didn’t wish me!!
Arjun said in no non sense tone – I want my answer Now..!!
Swara – I will give you your answer.. But will you wish me first!!
Arjun laugh sarcastically and grabbed her arms and said – which women celebrate her birthday on her husband death day!!! Mrs Swara Malik Rajput… Wife of late Vikrant Singh Rajput.. Shouted at his top of voice…
Swara didn’t react nor deny..
Arjun angrily gritting his teeth – All planned.. A perfect revenge.. Right.. Sammie.. Using everyone. …..what you thought I will didn’t get anything.. You will fool everyone.. All these months..
Swara smirk – So.. You know what Arjun.. Tell me why are you here when you everything about me..!!
Arjun – because whatever happens I know My Sammie will never do anything which destroys everything every relationship.. Because before Swara Malik Rajput…you are Swara Malik.. Who live for Relationships!!! And Now I am seeing Swara Malik not any widow of Vikrant Singh Rajput!!
Swara barked – No I am Mrs Vikrant Singh Rajput!!!… I am no more Swara Malik…
Arjun smirk – stop lying to yourself dammit!! Otherwise you will die in this suffocation..
Swara pushed him away.. And shouted – I will Destroy Sanskar Kundra… Listen carefully and do whatever you want Arjun Gadodia!! Saying this she started going towards her car.. When she heard Arjun only to froze..
Arjun – We will see.. Swara Malik.. Fiance of Sanskar Kundra.. We will see.. Today in party you love him more than your this revenge!!
But Swara left from there..
Arjun clench his fist tightly in anger.. He can’t believe what he got to know after getting information of one year.. He have doubts on Swara from the day she decided to come back India before eight months just for the deal of Arnav and then on names of her real mother.. But he knows one thing about her which she also don’t know about her that Swara Malik never live in her past ….then talking about her real mother is nonsense but when she got to know she breakdown which was not her real plans… Plan was simple just get back on Sanskar.. Destroy Sanskar Kundra.. And when she came to know about his memory loss she left India only to wait for his memory back.. And in that time she started to look after RAICHAND and Omkar Malik which was not her concern.. But when she is here.. Again with Sanskar memory back.. Then this romance drama but unfortunately she fallen hard for Sanskar which she herself don’t know.. How!!!…..

Arjun Gadodia laugh.. And said – Yeh pyar Nahi Aasan Bas Itna Samaghlige ek Aag ka Dariye hai aur Doob ke Jaana hai…. Ab we will see Swara Malik what you choose Revenge or love..
Arjun walk to his car and whisper – and now another mastermind with Swara…

Gadodia mansion..
It’s too much cheerful and crowded because of Sanskar Kundra who is hell bent to make Gadodia mansion as fairy castle for his princess.. Birthday..
Ragini look at everyone with pout thinking ” today is my birthday also after all I am Swara twin sister but no one thought to even wish me… Huh!!!… ” Her eyes fall on everyone.. Arnav is shouting on Aman for Pineapple cake… He mistaken order chocolates cake which Swara hated it… Then she see Khushi who is instructing all cooking staff to make Italian food which Swara love it.. But with some desi food.. Not so spicy… And then Aarohi is on phone calling every guest and inviting specialy….

Sharmistha smile look at Ragini pouted face – Arre Ragini you didn’t seem busy?
Ragini said in loud voice – Mom it’s my birthday too!!! But no one thought to even wish me!!!
Sanskar, Khushi, Aarohi, Arnav look at her with wide eyes and open mouth..
Shekhar laugh – what Ragini we are here.. Then How could we forget our daughter birthday.. Hmm..
Ragini still sad – no mom and dad let it be.. I am OK its just I am missing dad (Durga Prasad Maheshwari) saying this she walk out of mansion..
Everyone look at each other with guilt… Seeing they left Ragini.. And she is hurted by their ignorance..

Outside of mansion gardens..

Ragini look at plants sadly missing her Dad more than anyone…

Swara who came there only to find sad sister of her.. Which is too much out of her nature.. She is still disturb by Arjun but she don’t give damm to this now… She walk and sit beside her..

Ragini look Swara but then look away..
Swara didn’t say anything.. But then.. She stood and walk to her car.. Ragini is confused she see every action of her.. Then she saw Swara coming with guitar….and again Sat besides her.. And said – it’s my birthday present for my beautiful sister..
Ragini look at her astonishing by something which she didn’t expect by Swara..
Swara started playing guitar and closes her eyes sing.. -Re yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere..
Yahin marna aur jeena..
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena..
She looked at Ragini with sad smile.. And sing.. -Yahin doobe din mere
Yahin hote hain savere..
Yahin marna aur jeena..
Yahin Mandir aur Madeena..

Sanskar, Aarohi, Khushi, Arnav.. Come out only to witness which was shocked… Arjun also came there.. In few minutes walking out from his car… He saw something unusual which he knows that Swara Malik is confused…
Swara continue.. Her eyes are moist.. Ragini eyes are also moist.. -“Teri Galiyan, galiyan teri galliyan
Mujhko bhaavein galliyan teri galiyan

Swara remember her Dadii and her thoughts how she always taught her to believe in love not in revenge..
Ragini remember her dad.. His scolding his support.. His over protective nature.. His always seeing hapinness for her.. She put her head on Swara shoulder.. Swara also keep her head on her.. And sing -Teri galiyan, galiyan teri galiyan
Yun hi tadpaavein galiyan teri galiyan

Arnav eyes is moist thinking about his Nani and her taking care of him.. Being in hunger and feeding him.. How he miss her.. He never thought one day he would be without her and now just his sister and his love is there as his family.. His dadii.. How he couldn’t get any time with her but now he knows only god write fate not us.. He hold Khushi hands.. Whose tears were continuously coming thinking about everyone who comes in her life and goes from there leaving her orphan.. She misses her Amma.. Her babuji… Her mom (sanskar mom)… Who treated her like family… And then her dad (Durga Prasad Maheshwari) who was everything for her.. Who gone without a word.. She misses him.. His laugh.. His pranks with her against Aadarsh bhai.. She misses her that time she hugged Arnav tightly..

Aarohi look at both sisters and thinking how only these people are left with her as family.. She never saw her parents only Dp uncle was everything for her.. Then KHUSHI.. And. Aadarsh bhai.. Laksh was the one who understands her and Arnav was the one who encourage her.. Ragini was the one who brings smiles on her face… And then (she looked at Arjun) her love who is everything for her.. If he was not there then she would have destroyed her life… Like miracle Arjun understand her dellimma he look at her and smiled little like reassuring her.. That he always there for her..

Laksh who comes out of outhouse listening Swara singing felt tears coming from his eyes he walk to them only to find his Ragini eyes are with tears.. And he knows that she misses Dp uncle.. He hold her hand.. Ragini turn to him and hugged from waist tightly.. He caress her hair… And look at Swara who has closed her eyes and playing guitar…

Kalavati, Kavitha,sharmistha,shekhar..come out of mansion listening song..
Kalavati PORWAL was shocked to see Swara tears which she never saw.. She was about to go to her but stopped by Kavitha.. Who herself was somewhere knows that Swara is disturbed…and in pain..

Swara continue her song -“Tu meri, neendon mein sota hai
(Swara think about her time spent with Sanskar.. In LUCKHNOW how he gone to any extents only to find out truth… But then she thought about her marriage..)
Tu mere ashkon mein rota hai
(she thought about how he take care of her.. Love her without any betrayal.. He trusted her.. How he took her to his mother home.. How he made love to her … he touch her soul.. Then she remembered Vikrant screaming in pain..)

Sargoshi si hai khayalon mein

( she thought about sanskar announced their marriage.. Finishing Omkar Malik and Raichand just to save her..not telling her about his diagnosis… Not making her sympathy for him.. Not pressuring her to love him asking her to leave if she want.. Never asking anything in their relationship.. Then she remembered Vikrant begging for his life infront of sanskar.. How kill Vikrant brutly he didn’t thought for one second about… Killing her husband in this day.. On her birthday before six years.. At the same place Mumbai.. How could he??? )
Tu na ho phir bhi tu hota hai

Swara open her eyes only to see Sanskar tell him everything.. She knows they don’t need any word to talk. …their eyes are open book.. And she wanted him to know how much she disgusted him!!!… Hated him!!! Infact wanted to destroy him!!!

Hai silaa..
Sanskar look at her eyes.. Which she wanted..

Tu mere..
Dard ka..
Mere dil ki duaayein hain
Teri galiyan, galliyan teri galiyan

Sanskar smile and walk to her taking the guitar with him he sang last stanza with her looking straight in her eyes -“”Mujhko bhaave galliyan teri galiyan
Teri galiyan galiyan teri galiyan
Yun hi tadpaavein galliyan teri galiyan
Yun hi tadpaavein galiyan teri galiyan””

Silence spread to the whole mansion..

Sharmistha finally break the silence- everyone come have breakfast.. Hurry up..

Kalavati started walking inside..

Swara shouted standing -Nani Mom!!
Kalavati stop and turned..
Swara smirk – Nana saab is missing you and his daughter with your favorite employee Mr Dixit.. In central jail of Capetown.. Why don’t you pack your stuff as police should be coming for you both in some time.. And happy journey.. Saying this she walk inside giving deadly glare to Kalavati and Kavitha but stopped beside Kavitha – and you Miss Kavitha PORWAL.. You love to destroy parties with some DVD.. I also love if you see your latest video of supplies drug in your grandfather factory.. Which has gone so much famous..
Kalavati and Kavitha are numb.. Blankly staring at Swara Malik.. Who just smirk and walk inside the mansion..

Arnav Singh Raizada just watch Swara Malik.. Not even know what her sister made of… One time she is all emotional and second time she is lioness how could she be like this changing her Shades.. But one thing he is seeing in his sister gesture that she is in confusion.. Something she wanted to clarify.. And so with all that he walk inside the mansion not without smirking at cold faces with fear of the both parasite…

Ragini devilish grin seeing both parasite …Is increasing only to burst into laughter joining Aarohi and Khushi….

Laksh smile devilishly and then walk inside the mansion but stopped by Arjun smirk and the spark in his eyes only to get clear that he knows everything.. Well he don’t care..
Arjun – outhouse.. Now..
Laksh nodded and walk with him.. Which was not unnoticed by Sanskar..

A biiggg sorry for late updates because of some internet problem.. So guys here I am.. Enjoy your ff …..
Your friend…. Aryna

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