It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 35

That Night party was blasted.. And then Arjun have to settle the employees he ask manger to arrange board meeting on Monday… Till then he will get time to handle Media.. And about clients ASR, Aarohi look at them… Ragini is taking care of scared Khushi.. While Laksh was trying to talk with factories workers who have stopped work getting this peice of information!!! And that two parasite are gone back to mansion much to everyone hatred. Well he would not going to leave them!! Just then he gets Maya call.
On phone
Maya – Sir nothing is against them… We can’t do.. I have checked record finding about any weakness is last thing our team is not able to find about them..
Arjun close his eyes said – leave it!!!
Call ended..
Arjun – Who the hell these both parasite are!!!
And next he got Sanskar message coming back.. Well it is last thing he wanted disturbing his brother and Sammie!! And He knows his brother have ask full report from that manner.. Woah in one day they both parasite has make us show this much problem.. I have to do something worse with them…
Next day …..evening..
Living area Kalavati and Kavitha was disscusing something with Shekhar and Sharmistha… And then Arjun, Aarohi, Ragini, Laksh ,Arnav and Khushi coming in.. As this morning they have to visit SHANTIVAN for all the work and meeting..

Kalavati – KHUSHI Gupta.. Stop right there…

Making everyone more angry she said again…

Shekhar look at his children faces and he can bet that they are not in condition to talk other than doing murder.. But he also know Kalavati maa is upto something which he not able to stop.. Well Sharmistha is like she understands what he is thinking by silence….
Kavitha smirk – dadii… Don’t you think this KHUSHI Gupta should be dead by workers for distrusting Dp uncle.. Some are thinking she only would have killed him!!

All were shocked looking at them no body thought she will say like this.

Ragini shouted – you blo*dy swine!! How dare you say something like this.

ASR – Enough of you both… Khushi pack your stuff we are leaving Now!!

Khushi just nodded and moved towards the room… But stopped looking at Shekhar helpless face… And turned – No we are not and why we go anywhere when these both are here much to everyone annoyance!!


Arjun – I think Dad you should ask your guest leave Now!!!

Kalavati and Kavitha taken aback by Arjun gesture which was murderous glare..

Sharmistha – Kalavati maa I will ask driver to leave you to directly village..

Kalavati and Kavitha was shocked listening Sharmistha.. But they know if they didn’t leave… They all will kill them..

Kalavati – Kavitha pack the stuff..
Kavitha nodded and moved in.. Sanskar who came there leaving Swara in her penthouse before two hours as her wish.. Heard everything.. And was boiling in anger..

Sanskar – So you are Kalavati PORWAL!! The so called share holder of our company…

Everyone was shocked seeing Sanskar who was not less than tornado.. And they all can guess Why!!!

Laksh – let it be Sanskar.. These both are now leaving atleast..

Kalavati – we are not leaving… We are shifting to outhouse..

Sanskar was now fuming in anger – old lady why the hell you want me to shot you this second!!!

Kavitha walk inside – yeah now orphans like you will threaten us.. blo*dy orphan ….like this KHUSHI.. You were also living under mercy of Gadodia and Maheshwari family.. And your tone.. Is not at all please..

Ragini – they are not orphan you witch you are one of that… And the one parasite who only knows to get information of famous people and come to them.. To look for money ..

Kavitha – How dare you… You daughter of whore!!

In next moment Kavitha was slapped hard by Khushi…

Kalavati grabbed Kavitha arms and said – dare you touch your filthy hand on my granddaughter… You blo*dy orphan..

That’s it Aarohi has pushed her hard on sofa that her foot twisted and she yelled out in pain while Kavitha was in floor..

Shekhar and Sharmistha have enough of these both so he call security and moved inside.. Leaving them on his children mercy..

Arnav, Arjun, Laksh was enjoying the scene.. From behind not disturbing them.. As Sanskar was on shouting at servants to pack their stuff Now!!!

Ragini smirk – you two villagers have guts to say something all of us.. blo*dy villagers!!
Aarohi laugh – these both have irritated US too much.. And now by kicking them out.. It will be grateful..
Khushi smile – no.. Kick them to the whore area.. I think they love that..
Arnav – yeah.. Every time they relate US with them..
Laksh – let’s take car and we all will go to see these two to the pr*stitute colony..
Arjun – let’s go..

Kalavati and Kavitha look at them horror…
Kalavati – are you all lost it!!! Aahhh… Her pain was too much.. Her eyes were moist.. Kavitha painly look at her dadii.. And said – listen you all rich headed.. Just move away from us.. Otherwise I don’t what I will do in next second..

Kavitha stood up and walk to Kalavati looking at her foot..
Silence was spread for some time.. While our six were thinking ” Drama queen “!!!

Swara Malik walk inside the Mansion seeing everyone standing.. With anger face and then her eyes fall on two people.. Who were sitting on couch..

NANI MOM!!!!!!!! shouted Swara Malik at her top of the voice making everyone starlted…
And next moment Swara run towards Kalavati and Kavitha.. Kneeling down infront of Kalavati she take her blessing and then hugged her tightly… Kalavati smile and said -you are killing me Cara!! But Swara hugged her more tightly…Kavitha was looking at them happily..
But the other people were rooted at death seeing Swara Malik too much excited and hugging that parasite.. They still were thinking its a worse dream.. But then next what they heard make them out of blue!!

Swara broke the hug with smile and some tears.. Holding Kalavati hand – Nani Mom why you didn’t call me last few months I was living hell.. How much I missed you and your scolding!!!
And then turning to Kavitha she hugged her.. And saying – dii… I missed you!!!
Kavitha hug her back smiling – I miss you too my Cara..

Sanskar has enough of this nonsense so he said in loud voice – Swara!!!

Swara look at him and then others.. – Guys.. Hii..she is my Nani Mom and Katty Di.. (turned to Kalavati and Kavitha) they are my friends and now like my family.. But what you two are doing here.. And where is Nana.saab…( Kalavati husband) why you both didn’t call… How much I tried even I ask Mr Dixit to visit California… But he said that you both are in world..!! And Nana saab he likes everytime cracking billions of deal… Said laughing… Kalavati and Kavitha smile..

Kalavati – Cara (Swara) we are here as your Nana saab is family friend of Gadodia family so thought to visit them and getting no information about was just worried me.. So I thought to extend the time staying here.. But yesterday your news..

Swara look down – Sorry Nani Mom.. It was just happened like this without your concern but whatever you decide I will be stick to that..

Kavitha – Cara.. Can we both too have talk.. Said fake anger..
Swara laugh – offcource my Katty di nothing is important then you!!

Shocked would be understatement… Seeing the hapinness on Swara Malik face.. Everyone was now looking at each other….

Swara just them notice her Nani Mom is holding her feet..
Swara said panicking – Nani mom.. What’s wrong!!!
Kalavati – don’t worry Cara.. (Swara) is just I lost my balance.. And my foot twisted..

Swara shouted angrily – What!!!! You should have told me first.. And I am here like fool blabbering…( turning towards Laksh) Laksh can you come and check.. She have already restricted to walk.. And Nani mom would never.. Listen..

Laksh was just looking at Ragini and others.. Then his eyes fall on his parents who were also seeing everything.. Sharmistha gesture him to go..
Laksh – Swara.. It’s just a sprain.. She use warm water.. For relief.. Said in Stern voice..
Swara stood up.. Said to servants bring warm water ..

Swara – Dr Laksh Gadodia.. I think you have taken oath to look up for patients.. Then what’s wrong with you.. Said in too much anger…

After making sure that Kalavati pain is OK.. She take her to the room and ask Kavitha to come her leaving her Nani Mom rest..

Swara said smiling – Thanks SHEKHAR UNCLE. And Sharmistha auntie.. Katty di told me that you both have take care of them it means alot to me..

Shekhar and Sharmistha look at each other shock but just nodded..

All were still in living room digesting the shock..

Arnav – Swara from where Mrs PORWAL become your Nani.. I didn’t remember..
Swara smile – Arnav bhai.. Dadii and Nani Mom are best friends.. So when Dadii was in coma.. I went to Nani mom only she was the person who made me independent.. And responsible and dadii known about her.. But not this that five years I was with her in her bungalow.. They are world of mine.. And you know of all the people I truly love and respect Nani mom..
Kavitha look all of them with smirk.. Seeing their shocked face…
Swara gets the message..
Swara – Katty di.. I have to go now you take care of Nani Mom and I will come tomorrow..
Kavitha nodded and hugged her..
Swara was walking out but stopped.. And turn..
Kavitha – What happened Cara?
Swara – nothing di… Ragini
Ragini look at her but her face was still in shocked..
Swara – why you all are looking me like ghost.. And second thing you all are too much silence.. It’s not at all digest able…I will come tomorrow.. Bye.. Saying this she walk disappointed…she knows that everyone forgot..
In Sanskar room..
Arjun – Nani Mom… I mean why the blo*dy hell.. That parasite play with us.. Knowing we all are close to Sammie and what if Sammie comes to know about their doing..
Laksh – yeah today only I saw how much she became when I refused to treat that parasite!!
Arnav – it was planned.. They both have planned all this but Why!!
Sanskar – I don’t care.. But I have to tell everything to Swara..
All nodded..
Swara was sipping her coffee wearing nightwear…looking at moon.. Just then Mr Dixit call came..
On phone.
Swara – speak up Mr Dixit..
Mr Dixit – Mam.. Mrs Kalavati PORWAL and Kavitha PORWAL are here for you.. As Kavitha PORWAL fiance younger brother is interested in you…actually obbessed for they are here to make you agree for marriage..
Swara smile devilishly – marriage.. OK.. And who are that obbessed?
Mr Dixit – Amar Singh Rajput.. He is illegal son of Siddharth Singh Rajput.. And mam his elder brother Vikrant Singh Rajput legal son Siddharth Singh Rajput and Meera Singh Rajput can do anything for his younger brother.. And even he wants you… But as. Mistr-…. So they ask Mrs Kalavati PORWAL to get you..

Swara laugh and said – where are these lovely brothers??

Mr Dixit gulp his fear knowing Swara Malik laugh and her mind.. – they are gone to LUCKHNOW… For death anniversary of Siddharth Singh Rajput.. And Meera Singh Rajput..
Swara – death anniversary.. Send me every detail and confirm my meeting with Ravindra PORWAL for next week..
Mr Dixit – but Mam he is busy is in South Africa.. For some deals.. And it will cast one month..
Swara said in bussiness tone – Meeting Mr Dixit.. And it should be happening next week only.. Saying this she cuts the call..
Swara was laughing looking photos of Amar and Vikrant Singh Rajput.. Saying – Well well… After eighteen years again we are meeting Vikrant Singh Rajput.. But this time I will be powerful enough to destroy you and your so called brother.. And then walking inside the living room.. She thought about Kavitha and Kalavati PORWAL… Well they both really needed lessons.. Thinking all these she switched on the channel all are boring. Throwing the remote… She frown on her boyfriend ,brother, sister and friends …really they didn’t care to tell her anything.. About these both ladies if they tell her then she wouldn’t be late to dig out the information about Rajput man’s!! And now for their punishment… I am going to make them shout out what Kalavati and Kavitha had did in the party ….and in mansion ..tommorow would be fun.. And this time not my Prince Charming know about what plans is coming in my mind… For that I have to sleep.. But tommorow is… How could everyone forgot my birthday!!! I hate them!!

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