It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 34

AR Office..
Arnav was in his cabin busy in meeting for upcoming fashion show next week.. Just then he heard knock.. He was terrible pissed off.. As everyone knows not to disturb him during meetings and especially Aman.. He look up to see Aman worried face..
ASR barked – What is it Aman!!
Clients were taken aback by his anger but then who don’t know temper of ASR..
Aman – boss.. News channel.. Are showing interview..of Mr Kundra and Miss Malik..
Arnav turn to his clients – Mr Lalit shall we postpone this meeting..
Mr Lalit nodded looking at depth of matter – How about dinner meeting ASR..
Arnav – yeah.. Sure..
His clients exited with his pa..
Arnav look at Aman.. – switch on news channel..
Aman hurriedly switch it on.. And then Arnav look at the whole media crap.. But was happy listening his little sister replied..

News Update
Swara said in arrogant Swara Malik tone – Well first thing I am not related with Raichand family.. They were just a family friend.. And I am Swara Malik.. Owner MALIK empire.. Not any Shona RAICHAND.. I have to show up as Shona RAICHAND because some people have threatened me.. And because of police.. I have to stay with Raichand as ASR is my brother.. So that’s why and about Rockstar.. People can call me Shona but not link me with Raichand..
Then continue with Sanskar confession it made it clear that Swara Malik and Sanskar Kundra finally admitted their feelings..
Aman was shocked looking at screen but mostly by his boss behavior he thought.. He will get order to destroy Sanskar Kundra.. But nothing happened.. He will never understand his boss..
Arnav – Aman cancelled my all meeting and ask driver to ready my car..
Aman – but sir conference.. It is –
Arnav glare him – I made it clear right Aman Mathur..
Saying this he walk out to the office..
KGM office building..
Kalavati was hell annoyed with Aaarohi,Khushi,Ragini..disturbance.. She was sitting in conference hall going through recent files.. As the cabin was not ready.. She had already vomited tea twice.., have to run because of cockroach.. She handed old files.. And around thousands times Aarohi came with one after one problem.. And Kavitha she have to go for shower.. Because these annoying woman have bathed her in paint.. Totally drenched.. Now again they given her old file.. Well she is now have to show their places…Kalavati walk out of conference hall goes towards cafeteria.. As the lunch time has began..

Ragini was happy looking at interview of Swasan.. As well as Aarohi, Khushi Arjun..
Arjun – I have talked to Laksh he is joining us for lunch as well as Arnav..
Khushi – that’s great.. But guys its so much good to Swara and Sanskar together..
Arjun nodded – finally now someone is here to control this lioness..
“lioness can’t be controlled Arjun “said ASR walking inside as whole employee were shocked to see The ASR in employee Cafateria. ..
Arjun smirk – ASR join us after Sammie has given blast..
Ragini – but I love Sanskar support.. And marriage.. It’s going to be rocking!!
Aarohi – control RAGINI…
Laksh said coming – my wife and control.. You are dreaming Aarohi.. Finally setting beside RAGINI getting smack on his chest..
Arnav – tell me about Parasites??
Aarohi look at Ragini, Khushi and Arjun and started telling him just getting laugh..
Laksh – you three girls made their first day last day!!
Arjun – that’s why I didn’t interfere.
Arnav – parasite literally packing her stuff..

Kalavati look at them with anger.. But then she clapped to get everyone attention..
All look at her.. While our stars knows this parasite is upto something..
Kalavati – everyone… I would congratulate everybody who are related with KGM industry.. For getting another big deal of Mehra CO operating.. Bridge.. And another congratulations for your Boss Mr Sanskar Kundra as he find ladylove. So in this hapinness we are throwing a party.. Today evening.. In office party hall.. Please come with your family.. Saying this she left from giving evil smile to our stars who was shocked by her move..
Khushi – blo*dy witch… How can we prepare party in few hours!!!
Aarohi – she played too much dirty.. It cause riputation of KGM company..
Ragini – we have to do it and show this parasite what cost to attack US…
Arjun – don’t worry I know Delhi biggest party planner.. It would be here in any moment..
Laksh – yeah.. I would help you all ..
Arnav – I will ask Aman to assist Laksh and catering and all will be happening smoothly.. Because we have power.. And this parasite.. We have to show her!!
Few hours later Swasan reached to Sydney..
Walking inside the farmhouse Swara has already give up for sleep and Sanskar was carrying her in his arms to bedroom ordering the servant to take leave for some hours.. Placing her in kingsize bed he tried to go but she stopped him by clutching his shirt in her small fist tightly.. It was her habit which Sanskar was amused to know by first then he felt happy.. By her this sweet habits.. He placed a soft kiss on her lips and freed himself from her hold walking to the window.. He took out the cellphone and call Arjun.. It’s been hours he have talk to anyone other than mom and dad…
On phone..
Sanskar – hey Arjun…
Arjun who was giving instructions to party manager was surprised by sanskar call..
Arjun – hii.. So how is Sammie and you?
Sanskar – Woah.. Lawyer you OK I mean first thing you will ask I am alive or not?
Arjun smirk – you are alive bro.. After all Media blast has too!
Sanskar smile – I know.. And I want to know about company is everything okay there..??
Arjun – Well yes and no..
Sanskar stiffened – What you mean?
Arjun – don’t talk about it with Swara and Arjun tell him everything about both parasite entry.. The party of evening..
Sanskar was hell angry.. He turned and walk out of room – that blo*dy parasite.. If you want I can come.. I don’t think Swara will be upset?
Arjun – no Man.. We all are there you don’t have to.. And you both are gone for school reunion.. In Sydney.. And it’s love time.. Don’t worry about here because that parasite don’t know whom she is being enemy!!
Sanskar smile devilishly – Well yes.. I know you all will be enough for her.. But if that parasite make any non sense.. Just tell me lawyer after all that company is not made for any villagers..
Arjun – yeah.. You take care of Sammie..and your..
Call ended
Sanskar know his brother would handle that parasite so he walk inside the bedroom and slip beside swara taking her in his embrace possively..
Just then he heard her..
– you awake Sanskar? She ask little concerned
He look at her with confusion but making her more close to him – Why my princess is worried now?
She smiled at his words.. But then ask – Sanskar.. After six days we both would be back in our life..
He is now known that she wanted to ask something from him which he will refuse for sure.. So he just say – princess whatever it we will talk about last day of here OK?
She knows he understands that she is upto something so she just nodded and pull him into soft kiss.. And he happily kissed her back.. And then there were no words exchange.. His kisses was all over her dominating her.. Controlling her… Wanting her.. Loving her.. Desire was fire flame.. Both can’t get enough of each other.. More they come.. More they want.. And their passion tearing the heights… She thought it would be wild.. But he purposely went slow make her cry out.. Wanting him more.. She begged for him.. ..screaming his name in that villa.. Where only he was listening her.. And she was listening his groan..

As Swara collapsed on the bed ,she could barely catch her breath. Holding him in her arms his body has covered on her..

Several minutes passed no one say anything just listening their heavy breath and heartbeat..

“Tired ” he ask.. His mouth was tracing her heated body..
She looked at him surprise “Again “..
He wink at her saying – it can be happen more then twice baby…

Like that he showed her waking up time to time and Swara could do nothing but love and pleased with his this much desire and love for her… She really love this s*xy man.. And can’t live without him…
KGM industry.. Party was going on full swing.. As they said.. It was nothing just some calls And whole party preparation was done in few hours..

Aarohii Khushi was with some employees and some clients dealing ..asking about new bussiness..
Ragini was happy to meet again with her friends who are in modeling..

ASR was totally crowded by bussiness associate and his company models..

Laksh was sipping his drink.. Lookout his wife glowing face and her body wrapped with black gown.. Her hair. Are curled.. His minds was screaming to now get his wife but he knows.. He have to control..
Arjun walk up to Laksh with Maya.. Who was giving but more then that giving him reports of this both parasite!!
Arjun saw frown on Laksh face suddenly.. From happier face..
Arjun – Maya can you get me another drink.
Maya nodded and left..
Arjun – are you OK doctor?
Laksh – f**k!! That bastard model is literally leaning on Ragini and she is saying nothing!!!
Arjun laugh at his brother jealous.. – listen she is model.. And about this type of hug come in friends zone.. So stop behaving like typical husband..
Laksh gaze left his wife then he saw Aarohi laughing with one client..
Laksh said with smirk – yeah you are right Arjun I think.. I should learn something from you…after all you don’t have any problem if Aarohi laugh with anyone..
Just then Arjun eyes burn with rage looking at Aarohi laughing and talking with one badtard!!! But Arjun know how to hold on.. His emotions..
Arjun smile – yeah you should learn something..
Laksh was amazed by his brother gesture.. Now he knows how he is top lawyer …he have power to control his emotions…

Kalavati look at party with evil smile.. And then she look at Kavitha.. Who was smiling devilishly.. Thinking about the plan..
Kalavati – you know what you have to do Kavitha..
Kavitha – yeah Dadii.. Now you see.. How this party will over with too much insult of these people because of them I have to drenched in paint and your knees are literally paining..
Kalavati laugh.. As Kavitha walk inside the party.. And moved to the stage which was connected with projector giving one DVD to Waitor asking him to play in few minutes.. She turned and took the Mike.. Getting everyone attention..

Arjun had saw her giving DVD to Waitor.. But what she upto!! He knows something which only holds a insult!! He moved towards Waitor to stop him..

Kavitha said smiling devilishly – evening ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to KGM industry.. It’s been such an amazing time for this company.. After getting a big deal and knowing about Mr Sanskar Kundra is now in relationships.. With his lady.. I would love to make you see some special moment of this company.. Saying this walk out from there to Kalavati..

Before Arjun could stop.. Waitor has played the DVD.. Ragini, Khushi, Aarohi, Laksh and Arnav were not at all in good condition.. Knowing these both parasite….

Video start.. Some places shown..of KGM construction.. And then images of Shekhar Gadodia.. Durga Prasad Maheshwari.. Their achievements… And lastly one video played.. Of ASR musical theatre.. Where Sanskar and Khushi were hugging and making plans against MALIK, MAHESHWARI and Gadodia… After that video ended..

A loud murmur sounds spread in whole hall… Khushi was trembling.. But Arnav holded her tightly.. Arjun was now hell angry… How could this video came to them it was destroyed by Swara and Sanskar!!!.. Ragini look at everyone who were staring at Khushi.. Aarohi and Laksh move towards the stage to off the party.. They know by seeing the video most of people trust had been broken…and Kalavati has literally play well… Because of this… Many people trust broken on Sanskar and Khushi.. And it can lead to strike!!

And one they all know that this matter is slipped from everyone hand because it basically crush the KGM industry.. Employees.. Which will cost alot!!!

After talking with their principles… And some professor they both finally settled down in a beautiful Park..
Sanskar smile – you know I always wish for this moment Angel!
She clasped her hand in his.. Nodding in approval..
After few minutes of silence..
He finally ask – Swara.. What if we come here next month??
Swara was surprised.. – you want to leave?
He already gets the message of his manager.. What destroyed happened in party.. As he knows for Arjun it will be difficult to handle whole staff and media as well as clients he have to go back..
Sanskar smile and whisper ” actually I wanted you to be mine forever. And for.. A engagement can be happen!! And for that we have to go back..
Swara frown.. – we just here for one… Well yes we should not be like this after giving interview we both have to explain to Shekhar uncle and Sharmistha auntie..
Sanskar was glad that in all this Swara Malik didn’t suspect on him because of their romance and desire..
She turned to him -so when we are leaving?
He replied kissing her on shoulder.. – how about tonight…??
She nodded but in next moment she kissed him firmly.. And said ” is there any problem related with work… She finally ask feeling his tensed look..
He just nodded.. She shook her head ” unbelievable ” -” you should have told me.. Sanskar you know that I give damm to these holidays more than work!!! So just stood up I think we leave in one hour.. He love her alot…without saying anything she easily observed him!!!
Sanskar – but baby promise that we would be back here in next month…
Swara laugh – Gosh!!! Sanskar it’s OK.. Let’s just go back and coming here how much time it would cause…
And then they both left the park.. But Sanskar has made up he was not going to leave that parasite because of them he have to upset Swara!!!!

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