It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 32


Lying on bed restless.. Spending every second in hurt and sadness it was not Swara Malik.. She has enough of non sense last one hour.. First that bastard Kundra seduce her.. Tease.. Her.. Take care of her and then.. Let her go easily.. How could he!!!! Like Hell she will leave!! Taking a deep breath.. She walk out from that room and in few minutes she was standing before his room with anger and frustrated face.. In no time.. She banged his door..
Swara shouted -KUNDRA KUNDRA!!!! You jerk open the door Now!!!!! Kundra….
In next second a sleepy Sankar was looking at her rubbing his eyes saying in sleepy tone -“Miss Malik… This time.. I know you wanted to leave.. But not this hour.. Just sleep and let me sleep…….but when he didn’t get any shout or anger filled Voice he look up to see her face only to rooted at the spot.. Her eyes were moist.. Lips were quivering.. Nose were red… She was… Crying… blo*dy hell… How dare she cry!!!!! She was his angel… And she don’t have any right to cry!!! He grabbed her hands firmly and dragged her to his bed.. Sitting in front of her kneeling.. He ask with anger – What’s wrong Swara!!!
She look at his eyes.. Who were concerned and anger… Controling his last patience not to yell at her for crying.. But she don’t have any power to see hatred for her in that eyes.. Is he just concerned for her!!! Is he didn’t want her like she wanted?? How could he just say her to leave even if she wanted?? He is her Man… Whom she desire for… Only he can control or dominate her..!!! Then why he said her to leave.. She said in whisper broken voice.. – I am not beautiful.. Sanskar.??.. (he shocked ..well let’s say dumbfounded.. In wildest dreams he didn’t thought she would ever ask him like this.. She is beautiful more than anyone.. She is his beautiful princess then he heard her next words) I know.. I am not like those models or Herions whom you dated.. *sob *..I know you don’t deserve me.. A girl who is illegminate from birth.. Who always think about bussiness profit or loss… Always do the stunts.. Anyone can die.. Or always think about her enemies or revenge… (she look straight in his eyes with tears) I know I don’t do one thing which a normal girl do.. I am machine.. A workholic.. (cupping his face softly between her palms) but Sanskar.. You are only Man I.. I ever dreamed of.. I always wanted you.. Still wants.. I know I don’t deserve you.. Even your something.. Which no one can easily get.. And I am lucky.. Whom you care most.. I can never dreamed of you…you are Perfect.. Whom every girl desire for.. And I did the same well hell I only look at you.. In my whole life I only have desire, wants for you from childhood to forever… I can’t lose you.. I did that mistake before eight months.. But now when you said me.. That I can leave I felt suffocate.. As I can’t breathe.. I can die.. If I leave it’s truth Sanskar you are my breath.. You are my Man I ever want.. You are my first and still I breath you are my last.. I just wanted to confess this thing to you.. She said with trembling Voice because she Swara Malik finally confess her feelings to this Man after meeting death several times.. And getting safe she learned one thing don’t be late to tell your feelings for your beloved ones whom care for you.. She confessed.. But now when she look him for any response.. Anything.. From him..his face and eyes were devoid of any emotion.. Well she knew it he just care for her how can she thinks all this from him.. And before all was just joked..
Just then his mobile rings.. He stood up and move aside to see “doctor Gupta calling “he pick up the call.. And gesture Swara to leave the room… Swara hurt again but left it..
MORNING fresh cold breeze were coming inside the room and sunshine which was disturbing Swara too.. She open her eyes with jerk and look around to know what happened yesterday she came here and slept after crying too much.. Because of that bastard Kundra.. She stretched her arms and stood to take hot shower because of temperature.. But she didn’t know what she will wear??? She looked at closet to find his black tracksuit …she pick it up and walk inside bathroom to think about all this…
Sanskar was checking his mails.. In laptop and every now and then he was looking up… He knows she hurted by his ignorance but he also know she wanted to go from here and if she is not comfortable with him then… Why the hell he is annoying her!! And she is his responsibility that’s it.. Nothing else.. And now everything is finished she can go and do whatever she wants.. His mobile rings.. He looked at.. It’s pilot number… He have came with his private jet.. For her… He has ask him to wait for half an hour.. Until now she would have wake up.. He thought to make coffee for her… He walk to kitchen and when he hear foot steps.. He knows she came but soon.. He look her.. His breath hitched what she is wearing!!! Is she lost or what… Just my track shirt and my boxers… Is she seducing…if yes then she has seduced me already…
She looked at him.. She knows he was badly effected by her.. After she thought to much.. About it …Now fun time.. She smirked..
Swara – today I will make something…
He gulped hard composing himself first her outfit and second her this sweet voice she snapping his every control.. He have to stop all he knows she was playing after all she is taking yesterday revenge and after that she will gone.. So he said.. – ” private jet has come.. You go and change.. Then you can be in Mumbai after few hours.. ”
She was looking at him as if he was serious.. Crossing her fingers like small girl.. He has noticed this.. He smiled himself and understand she don’t want to go.. But now he will make her say
He again said with too much seriously – I’m asking you? You have to choose! You want to go back your home or stay here with me? For seven days?
– Well I taking as yes
– NO!!!
-too late.. He said taking his mobile.. She said him no right then why the hell.. But he is messaging someone… He look at her.. She was trembling.. He didn’t say.. Just then he gets a call.. This call is important he moved to living area so that she don’t listen.. She looked at his retreating figure but something is wrong seeing Caller ID he leave from here.. Why!!! Is his any girlfriend call? But why I am curious.. No but he can talk infront of her also. She follows him back only to heard…
Sanskar was on phone -” yea Dr Gupta.. Yaa I know my ….oh.. Yes I am taking care of me… Yes I have done routine diagnosis ….yes I am not taking any stress…… Thanks but… Remind you …don’t say this to Laksh… OK.. Thanks again “cutting the call.. He turned only to find fuming MALIK.. Why the hell she came here… She would be last person he wants some sympathy or pity for me.. Yes he was about to die today… No one knows.. He fainted in his office only one face came in his mind that her MALIK… He wanted to see her last time… He wanted to call his pa but couldn’t find his voice.. He was weak.. His hands were sweaty.. And it was his mistakes he missed his medicine and skip meals.. He knew he ignored himself.. Only that last second her thoughts came.. He wanted to tell her that how he wants her.. That’s why he planned to come here for sometime alone.. But when he saw her there.. Infront of her.. He didn’t thought to much.. Just kidnap her.. And take her here.. And now great.. She is concerned for me… Which I hate it!!! Most.. Especially from her!!! He thought she is here now.. Alone he could tell her…!! That he wants her..!!! He heard her murmur..
– doctor!! Diagnosis!!
She looked at him with blank expression… And next second grabbed his collar.. And shouted -What is all this Kundra…!!!!
He didn’t expect this reaction from her.. He thought now she will be soft and too much concerned but here…he freed himself from her..
-I am alright MALIK.. And now can you leave…said without any emotion..
She just said -No… Can’t you listen once I am not going anywhere..
He shrugged off.. -fine.. Well he has already ask his pilot to take off his jet.. As he knows she is not going anywhere… But what now.. ???
She still don’t understand why he hide this things from her… Even from Laksh….she look at him.. He was standing close to her.. She is scared if something happens to to him. Only he is the one..who knows from childhood… She knows that related all the things from him she hates it.. It’s the feeling she always have for him hate.. But because of his Casanova image… Like her so called dad and grandpa… And he knows it.. And she hates it… But she can’t deny she cares for him too much.. Even more than anyone in this world.. And she is selfish about him.. She can’t lose him… It’s only him who understands her.. Who make her feel that she is also a normal girl..and now she wanted to believe he is here.. Fine.. Everything is okay.. She don’t know what happened next second.. She hugged him tightly.. He was stunned by this sudden attack.. He look down.. To see her.. She was hugging him… And.. He heard something… But…wait.. It can’t be possible.. She is crying.. Noways..she can’t cry.. He will never make it happen his angel.. Is not made for crying.. But why.. She was shivering.. He have to ask her.. He broke the hug forcely.. And look at her red eyes.. He hate it… He hate this tears too much…
Sanskar -what happened..!! Said in harsh tone..
Swara look at him with crying eyes.. And said shouted -you want to leave.. Me.. Like everyone.. What you all think… Huh!!! Like dadii you also.. Want to leave me.. That’s why you are skipping your health.. Why??? Am I that much disturbance in your life… I will not come in your life but.. Please don’t do this.. You are the only I have.. From childhood.. You know me.. Understand me… Just don’t leave me.. I am alone.. I have just some people in name of family.. And now you.. How could leave you me!!!! Her outburst has shocked him to the core.. He didn’t expect this.. But now.. He don’t care..
He pulled her towards him and look at her eyes… She was feeling his hot breath on her lips.. She is again losing herself but this time she don’t want to think.. Nothing.. She wanted to believe that he is here with her… Alright .he was looking into her.. He can easily read her.. She wanted to feel him.. CONFIRM him.. That he is fine… But she don’t wanted him… He can’t use her in this emotional state.. NO… She is MALIK.. Not any another girl.. He moved back.. She looked at him disbelief.. Why he moved back.. When she wanted to be with him.. She was disappointed… And it’s shown in her eyes.. He knows it.. But now she is being all emotional.. She herself don’t know what she is asking.. And he will never do anything that make her regret on her self..
Sanskar break the silence – We are in Delhi.. And if you want your mobile it’s in study room.. And your clothes.. It’s in guest room where I slept last night.. You can change..
He was about to go when he felt her hold on his wrist.. He turned to look at her and she simply comes close to him and whisper “SANSKAR I WANT YOU ” ….she said looking straight in his eyes.. He was frozen in his place.. She said his name… He always wants to listen it from her wanted to know how.. It will be sounds.. And now she is wanting him.. The same thing he said to her in farmhouse..
Time went still the moment he felt her soft lips under his demanding ones…
Was it happening all of a sudden? Or was it the destiny plan?
Both don’t know…but surely no one is planning to end this…to stop this even for awhile…
Just the contact of their lips for a so long awaited kiss make them forget about all, even their own names or who they are…why? When? Where?…nonsense questions…all was nonsense …
she parted her lips…he kissed her on them…for so long…no one move…just the feel of his lips on her parted lips…
A so innocent kiss…it wasn’t even a kiss…it was a peck…but a so sensual one…
It reminds of the first glass of water taken after a long day of fasting…
The intensity made the both of them close his eyes…to feel it the more…to let their mind save this moment which will last forever in their memory…
Staying so close, he pulled back from THE KISS…just for a second to take a breath…he couldn’t but lick his lips…they taste her tender ones…
Again he leaned ,he kiss her corner of lips ..he felt her clutching his T-shirt from back.. She knows he was teasing her.. He felt her hold more tight.. He smiled himself seeing her eagerness like him he made her parting her lips and this time he wants real kiss.. He deepen the kiss.. His tongue was tasting every corner of her sweet mouth.. He felt her body was slipping.. He held her waist more tightly.. And another hand were touching her every curve.. She was playing with his hair.. Pulling him more.. He bit her lips.. Lick it.. She was moaning his name.. Wanting more.. And he was deepening the kiss.. Lastly just for oxygen.. They both parted.. Breathing heavily.. His forhead was against her.. He was inhaling her hot breath like she was inhaling his hot breath.. Both were still closing their eyes just feeling this moment.. Swara open her eyes.. Look at him.. Her eyes were showing desire.. Lust.. Wants.. Needs.. For only this Man… And she accept it… In next moment he opened his eyes only to see his own reflection.. Her eyes were showing every emotion which his eyes was showing.. No words exchange.. They both know it’s high time.. They can’t back off.. He again kissed her lightly ….and scoop Her in his arms.. His eyes were only seeing her…. He take her to his bedroom… Make her laid on it.. He was looking her from head to toe.. Her eyes which was just like him.. The same emotion.. Her nose which he wants to kiss it infinite… Her red cheeks.. Which was now more red because of her blushing.. Wait!!!!!!! Swara Malik is blushing… He can’t believe his Swara was actually blushing.. And he ask it.. -” you are blushing,!!
Swara didn’t know what to say.. He right she is blushing.. Because no one have make her feel this much special.. No one.. And now this Man.. Is like her world.. She just nodded. He is managing to digest this things… Blushing and Swara.. Then he saw.. She is embarrassing.. No way he can’t be fool to make her embarrass.. He comes to her and laid beside her.. Holding her hand.. She was confused.. She thought he wants her then..
– today I wanted to be with you Swara.. He said like answer her thoughts.. Like always..
– oh… She is happy.. Hell!! =she is happy.. She wanted him badly he can’t do this to her.. Not today.. She is craving for him.. But she didn’t know what to do.. She always stay away from this stuff.. And now.. She turned towards him.. He was already looking at her..
– Sanskar..I want you.. She said this time husky..
He was shocked.. He can’t believe she was desperate.. Like him.. He thought to give her time.. He knows it was her first kiss.. And he thought she would be uncomfortable with him but what now… Well like hell!! =he is going to control himself..
– I too wanted you princess.. Saying this he took her lips softly kissing her.. His one hand was on her cheek caressing… His another hand was on waist.. Her hand were on his chest.. Touching him.. In next moment her hand were in side his shirt touching him sensuality ….he was going wild by her innocence touch on him. He bit her lips and suck it.. Like eternity he parted from her then he kissed her milky neck.. His hands were caressing her waist.. She was giving him more access by moving back in one second she was under his body kissing him.. He stopped and look at her..
She felt him stopped.. She looked at him..
Sanskar – Why you hate me ?he said in whisper
She was not expecting this from him and she knows he would be hurt but she have to say truth.
Swara – because you are like my so called dad and dada ji.. A Casanova.. She felt his moving away from her….
Sanskar didn’t know that it was real reason of her hate…but how could she thinks him as her father or grand father… He knows she said truth.. But he thought she would have understood him.. Swara look at his back.. She knows what she says will hurt him but.. She have to say more.. She sat behind him and hugged placed her head on his shoulder.. And said.. Softly.. -” I hate it.. That you become Casanova.. Until.. I saw you with my eyes… I just get to know all this from Arjun.. And I was hurt but when I saw you first time in AR.. I got my answer.. You were alone ….. You were frustrated because of me.. You always wanted me but you never wanted to force.. And that woman, models, bussiness associate they were not real.. You never have feeling for any woman except me.. And I trust you.. Only you.. I never trust anyone you know it.. But you.. I don’t know why but I trust from my life… And I know …that all women whoever were in your nothing means to you.. They had just throw themselves on you ….you can never be that MALIK Man… You are mine… Only mine.. “…she confessed… And in next moment she was kissed harshly.. Passion.. Trust.. Sanskar broke the kiss.. And look at her -” if you have just say me that you trust me.. It was enough for me Swara.. “…said smiling.. He was happy..his angel trust.. It was something he always wants from her.. She understands him..
Swara smile.. – I know.. But I wanted you to know all this..
He smirked and said – well I am big fool.. To ask all this inbetween our passionate moment..
She laughed and said – you have any doubt my idiot..
He leaned on her and whisper – only your idiot…
She peck on his lips said – only mine..
His pull closer…the fact that her body gets crushed against his perfect one…and then the current flows in between them…
The Want…
The lust for more and more…
The dark gazes…
The desire building from deep inside…
The warm touch…
The unseen vibration…
The desire becomes an ache…a pain…growing and growing up…
Both moan…and searches for some air…
The impression that all their senses are not working or are extra-working…
Sanskar held her br*ast…kissing it blindly…sucking it madly…and she’s caressing his thick hair…
The most he gets wild…the most she gave him from her softness…
Each one gave the other what he needs…
Each one of them completes the other…and both leads each other to the point which there is no return…
“Good morning everyone said Ragini taking her seat on dining table..
Everyone burst into laughter..
Sharmistha smile – Good evening beta…
Ragini who was drinking water choked it.. And cough hard.. She glare at Laksh who was laughing..
Arnav who was yesterday thinking about her teasing on him said – you know Shekhar uncle.. Ragini has invented one game..what was that..
Aarohi who gets it his teasing said- truth or truth…
Shekhar laugh – but beta.. It’s truth or dare…
Laksh – no dad my wife said its truth or truth… Said teasingly..
Ragini was now hell angry on all of them..
Arjun who was enjoying her red anger face said – Mom you know RAGINI have potential to drink ten bottles of shampine…
Khushi – yes.. Like yesterday..
Shekhar and Sharmistha shock and said together – Whatt!!
Ragini said immediately not thinking too much – no Mom and Dad it’s just six bottles..and then she cover her mouth
Everyone again laugh..
Sharmistha was smiling looking at her family.. Then she ask – Where is Sanskar?? He didn’t come yesterday and Arnav… Swara didn’t came with you…
Now what the hell everyone was looking each other to come with anything…
Just then Shekhar phone rings..
Shekhar – look Sanskar is calling.. Himself..
Sharmistha – OK.. Please keep it on speaker..
Everyone was shocked looking at each other they didn’t expect him calling..
On phone..
Shekhar – hey son where are you??
On the other side Swara and Sanskar was lying on bed.. Hugging each other.. They have also kept phone on speaker..
Sanskar – Dad I am just out of city.. For some holiday..
Sharmistha – but alone??
Swara who listening said – hey Sumi auntie.. I am with this jerk.. Said happily…
Pin drop silence no body in that whole dining table listened Swara Malik this much happier and cheerful voice..
Swara – auntie.. Don’t be angry.. On this idiot..
Sanskar – oh so please my mom didn’t angry on me like you volcanic eruption..
Swara – you stupid.. Just shut up.. And let me talk to auntie and uncle..
Sanskar – no way.. You mental!!!
Swara – you bastard!!! Kundra..
Sanskar – MALIK!!!!
In their fighting phone disconnected… From them and they remain in their fighting..
But here dinning table.. No one was believing that it was Voice of Swara Malik and Sanskar Kundra.. They were sounding happy.. They were fighting like couples…they were talking each other normally…
Sharmistha look at Shekhar – I think.. From now I have to take care of my Swara.. Said happily..
Shekhar – yeah our son is really jerk….I agree with Swara..
Arjun – I think they are back in their form but this time much better…
Ragini – and we are going to know too much adventure…
Arnav – let’s say.. They both are madly in love.. Like us.. Said smirking…
Khushi – not like us… They are exceptions person… Both with stubborn and big fat ego..
Aarohi – I prey for them… That now nothing can come in between them..
Laksh who was listening.. all just then gets the call from security guard..
Laksh- yeah??
Guard – Sir one old lady had come with a young lady.. They both are saying that they are relative to Shekhar sir..
Laksh confused – what are their names?
Guard – Sir old lady name is Kalavati… And young girl name Kavitha..
Laksh didn’t know who are they.. He said – hold on..
Laksh – Dad.. Two women has come.. Kalavati.. And young lady Kavitha they are saying they are your relatives..
Shekhar and Sharmistha froze on the spot..
Sharmistha took a deep breath – laksh ask them to come inside..
Arjun – but Mom who are they?
Sharmistha – we will tell you all first let them come.. Laksh..
Laksh tell guard to ask them to come..
Shekhar – they are my Dad friend and granddaughter… So can I expect you all to not behave rude with them they are from village..
Sharmistha smile sheepily and then they both moved to living area..
Arnav – villagers… But Shekhar uncle is looking tense..
Khushi – Sharmistha auntie also..
Laksh – something is wrong.. Let’s go see..
Ragini – but really villagers..
Aarohi – Rags stop it.. They are not going to bite you..
Ragini – Aarohi I am not reacting like brat… I am thinking.. In all these years I didn’t saw any relative …then Now suddenly..
Aarohi – well yes I am also thinking same..
Arjun who was silently listening their doubts.. Were also thinking the fact..
One old lady and young lady comes inside.. Wearing Saree.. (like villagers)
Shekhar smile – How are Kalavati Maa…said touching her feet..
Kalavati bless him – I am fine.. Shekhar.. This is My granddaughter Kavitha..
Kavitha touch their feet and take the blessing..
Sharmistha said – God bless..
Shekhar – God bless you beta..
Sharmistha – Kalavati maa you were coming after one week..
Kalavati look at her with hatred eyes and said in anger – I am not answerable to you Sharmistha.. And don’t you have Shame to wear this clothes infront of me…
Sharmistha didn’t say anything.. She was wearing designer Kurti and jeans..
Arjun and Laksh was fuming in anger.. Listening..
Ragini who was enough shouted – and Who the hell are you to point my mom dressed.. Miss Shame creature..
Shekhar and Sharmistha look at each other.. Knowing their children tempers..
Shekhar was about to say.. When Kalavati ask – Who is Shekhar?
Shekhar – Ragini …my son Laksh wife..
Kalavati look her head to toe.. And said – Ragini MALIK.. That illegitimate child.. Huh?? Dirty royal blood.. I heard that Omkar Malik.. Is no more.. How could marreid your son with whore daughter.. Who herself should be with many men’s.. In her past..
Ragini was shocked.. She don’t have any reply.. All the words are truth… Truth of birth.. She can’t deny.. Nor that she didn’t have affairs with many models..
Laksh said greething his teeth – shut up you old woman.. How dare you to say something like this to my wife.. She is RAGINI MALIK Gadodia.. And I am proud of my wife!!
Kalavati – if you are proud then why don’t you.. Say to the world that your wife real birth… Her real origin.. Why she still is MAHESHWARI..
Laksh – I don’t care about her past.. Nor I ashamed of it.. She is pure.. From heart and it’s enough for me..
Kalavati – don’t dare to high your pitch.. Said in loud voice..
Laksh didn’t say anything.. He just hold RAGINI simply.. Who was looking down.. Knowing.. The truth..
Kalavati – and you…come here (pointing to Aarohi)
Aarohi angrily said- WHAT ……
Kalavati – Who is she??
Shekhar – Aarohi.. Arjun wife..
Kalavati – Aarohi Khurana.. But she is orphan.. I remember that Durga Prasad adopted her from orphanage.. Are you lost it Shekhar you made marry your son.. One orphanage.. And I had also listen that she was sarrogate mother.. And misscarage.. Don’t how she will.. Give birth to child..
Aarohi look at her with shocked.. And Laksh was also in shocked it was only between him ,Arjun and Aarohi.. That Aarohi can’t give birth.. And they didn’t say anything..
Arjun step beside Aarohi and said calmly – looking like you came here withour every detail.. MRs Kalavati.. Well.. It’s Miss or Mrs.. Or nothing..
Kalavati shouted -ARJUN GADODIA!!!
Arjun smirk – I know my name well half Asia knows my name.. And because of my wife.. Aarohi Gadodia..
Kalavati smile – I know that.. But what ever your health was before five years.. You were drugged addiction.. All because of this woman..
Arjun went still. .no one knows it.. No one.. Everyone was shocked listening this. Aarohi look at Arjun who was numb.. That’s means it was truth.. Because of her… Arjun taken drugs..
Arjun was silent…didn’t say anything.. His anger was now on hard peak.. And in this he can kill this woman …
Khushi hold Arnav tightly seeing this woman.. But ASR was ASR… He give damm if this woman dare to say anything to his Khushi..
Kalavati -Shekhar I want rest.. And when this guest will go from here.. They don’t have self respect to live another house.. Said pointing to Arnav and Khushi..
ASR- well if you are talking about guest.. Then you should know first that how a guest behaves..
Kalavati – who are you to tell me this!!
ASR – I am just normal person.. Who is telling you that think which your dad didn’t tell.. When he have to!!
Shekhar and Sharmistha look horror at Arnav.. He said something which no one said.. Until now to Kalavati..
Kalavati didn’t react just said – but my father didn’t supply drugs or manage s*x racate….even who take care of me were not belong to pr*stitute..
Arnav gritted his teeth – How dare you!!!
Kalavati – truth is bitter.. And you.. I can guess Khushi.. Right.. Khushi Gupta.. Or Maheshwari… You were staying with the only person whom you tried to kill.. Amazing.. What a family.. It is.. Shekhar this is your family.. You become rich but what about morals or value.. Nothing..
Shekhar – Robin Robin!!!
Robin (servant )- come mam.. I will show your room..
Kalavati hold Kavitha.. Hand moved inside but stopped and turned – where is Sanskar…??
Sharamistha – he has gone for some work..
Kalavati just walk away..
Arnav said angrily – Shekhar uncle.. I and Khushi are going SHANTIVAN..
Sharmistha – no Arnav please beta.. Kalavati maa is like this only she will go in few days.. Please I am sorry for all this inserts.. My kids But she is guest.. Please for my sake..
Arnav just dragged Khushi inside..
Laksh also take RAGINI inside.. Where as Arjun and Aarohi also moved inside..
Shekhar – all is my mistake Sharmistha..
Sharmistha – just few days..
Swara and sanskar were still on bed.. Bare skin to skin laughing.. Talking..
Sanskar look at her and kiss her on her nose and said – your nose is so quiet my princess..
Swara laugh – OK.. I know my Sanskar.. You have said this to me many times..
Sanskar – but I don’t have enough of it..
Swara kiss his lips – me too..
Sanskar – you know you are soft kitten on bed..
She said smiling – because I want you to be my lion.. My tiger.. In this bed.. I wanted to be pampered by you…
He kissed her forhead – always..
She hugged him.. And kiss him on his bare chest.. She close her eyes and said – before eight months I met with Omkar Malik.. And he has torcher me to hell.. Drugged.. Me.. For one week.. Small dose.. I was in pain.. But I just thinking about you.. And my pain was vanished.. I was there for two days.. He didn’t show any mercy that I was his daughter.. Even…he tried to…
Sanskar kissed her hard his eyes was wet.. His kiss was showing his pain.. Hurt. ..she responded with equal passion.. And desire.. After kiss she wiped his tears and said “that’s why I was not telling you.. ”
He said with rage -if you have told me then I would have shown hell to that blo*dy Omkar Malik!!! ”
She ask him to divert the topic -” Now tell me how you know my taste on interior design and furniture.. I love it…
He chuckled -well Swara.. I know you.. And your taste.. And this house is of my mom I renovate it in your and mine taste.. And I feel solace here..
She smiled and said – Mom is so much choosy like me.. I am glad..
He stopped and gaze her.. He don’t know why but he loves when she said his Mom.. As her mom… And he always wanted this..
She saw him lost somewhere – hey Sanskar.. You OK..
He nodded.. And said – you know.. Reunion is going to happen.. I have got the invite .
She looked disturbed – but they didn’t send me..
He smiled – relax princess your invite is with me and we both are going there.. As couple…what say..
She kissed him all over the face with excitement.. – I am going to make you spend your half bank account on me.. Prince Charming!!
He laughed – I love to do it..

Guys I know you are enjoying this ff.. So here is the two new character Kalavati -72years woman and Kavitha – 25years woman they are

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