It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 31


Sanskar and Swara was looking at each other intimately. Their eyes was spoke volumes for each other desire.. Pain.. Their trance was broken by window sounds because of cold wind.. She cones back to sense cursing herself for thinking all this again.. And sanskar silently feed her without any words.. He knows if he said anything.. Or she provokes him ,he will not be able to stop himself..she eaten all pasta without any complaints she loved it. She will not say him “big fat ego “after all she was Swara Malik and whatever she was in this situation because of him.. He took dirty plate and give her glass of water and turned to move.. She was just staring him disbelief she never thought in her wildest dreams that this s*xy hot man can do household work after knowing his Casanova image.. Well she don’t care about it even she can do household work but can’t cook this delicious pasta ..Sanskar was smiling sensing her gaze on him but he remains silent after washing utensils he moved towards her and stood infront of her.. Whisper “princess now you are OK? ”
She was looking him with wide eyes “princess “well until she knows herself she was the biggest devil she known by her surrounded people even some time heartless…but here this handsome man is calling her PRINCESS.. It make her happy deep inside her but she knows how to control her emotions..
– I wanted to leave.. Where are we? Said in non sense tone looking at him..
He knows she will never give up and that what he wants..
– and I have said we are in holiday sweetheart so just relax and enjoy after all we have too much to talk “about eight months ”
She went stiffed listening his statement she knows that now what he wanted to know which she never told anyone even not Ragini no one.. But what now she is trapped and she knows very that this Man will not back off without getting answers after all Arjun has told her many times that his this brother is stubborn too much stubborn more than her… She knows herself too well if he in the age eight can go to any extents knowing about me.. And stalking me past twenty years then what she can supposed but no she is Swara Malik she can’t be bow down in front of him she is still stubborn!!!!
– stop thinking too much MALIK because I will get to know in this holiday so don’t stress yourself..
She was silent because now she have to plan something she can’t be here she have to do something.. What she has plans..
– Well it’s mid night and I think you are already tired after shouting at me and running so time for bed..
She greething her teeth said -I am not sleepy Kundra I am asking you why the hell you are doing all this..
He smirked and bent down to carry her she again started struggling shouting but he knows how to handle her.. He knows her too well that he can write thousands ways “to handle Swara Malik “his angel.. He came again to bedroom carrying her in his arms and placed her gently on bed she was kicking him brutly punching him but didn’t say anything just smile and tugged the blanket on her and sit beside her holding her…
She has enough of all this non sense How on the earth she freed her self..
Sanskar takes one shirt and wear.. He knows she is too much minded and she will start calculating how to escape from here…. So started talking to her… For distracting..
– so how was London?
She look at him angrily but silent..
– tell me you were there for eight months leaving a big industrial company and became Rockstar Shona RAICHAND.. Impressive.. Said surprise
-I don’t wanted to leave my bussiness or sing song.. Which I hate it ,I hate music from core of my heart and mind it was because I don’t have any option to be in publickly..
– why you did something which you hate it..
She was expecting this question from him.. She don’t want him to know that it was because of his and Raigini life she chose music .she still hate music. And after all this she was planning to stay away from music and all this.. He look at her eyes which was making one determine.. And he can easily read in her eyes that she still hate music and he knows that she only choose music because saving his life.. And Ragini too.. He got every damm information about her.. When she was sleeping.. He knows everything about her all this eight months but he wanted to know one thing.. Which she knows that he was asking.. And she will never tell him.. About it..
– How many days I have to be here. Said angrily wanting to know that how much she is going to be here.. As she knows how much important thing she have left alone and she if it doesn’t completed..her eight months will gone in garbage. He silently moved from her and walk out of room closing the door behind her… She simply confused she has asked all this many times but why this he react like this.. Is he hurt??? But why!!! He never takes me seriously not my anger.. Then what happened now… His face was showing hurt.. She removed blanket and come out of room started looking for him and then she saw him lying on sofa keeping one hand under head for support and another one holding one file.. His face was still showing hurt expression she never saw him like this.. Hell!!!! She whenever saw him.. He never showed up like this …she don’t know why but she just wanna see that playful and meschivously smiling Sanskar.. She don’t care anything she moved towards sofa.. And stood infront of him her hand were still lock in handcuffs.. He looked at her astonishing not expecting her to come here .. .
– I want to sit here.. Remove your legs.. Said in anger tone..
He didn’t understand what she is upto Now he thought leaving her for sometime will help her.. He removed his legs and sit on sofa.. She settled beside him ..she noticed his eyes like he was not understanding anything..
After good five minutes of silence.. She asked..
– what’s this file?? Said not showing her curiosity..
– copy of some documents London court has send.. And another one is copy of Supreme Court has send of India…
She is not getting anything..
– can you say it clearly!!
– why don’t you read it..!! He gives her file and walk to the kitchen to made for him..
She looked at him going towards kitchen then glance at file she opens it and uttered disbelief and shocked.. After ten minutes of reading the file she felt lost.. What the f**k!!!!! This file contains that London court had ordered to seal Raichand property ,company, hospital, mansion ever thing and dealing of drugs, s*x raccate.. Court had ordered that RAICHAND family will be behind the bars until the death… And another big blast Indian court had ordered shoot out of Omkar Malik.. Which was already have to be done.. He is no more with death certificate… Freaking out… All what she was collecting details last eight months this Man has done in few hours… And now he wanted some answers from her… But what she will say… She can’t lie to him… He easily caught her and truth.. But now she have to see him… Still being happy that her all planned are finished… She didn’t forget about his foul mood.. She walk to the kitchen.. She saw he was sipping coffee.. He was looking sinful handsome in this blue shirt.. But she was thinking about his toned body. Which she saw when he was shirtless… She cleared her throat for his attention but he just simply look at her.. With no good expression…
She said – I too want coffee..
He gives her another cup which was already placed on kitchen slab.. She takes it thinking what now!!!??? He finished his coffee and moved out leaving her frustrated….she can’t believe he is ignoring her like this.. She took a deep breath and follow him… He stood in middle of living area.. And turned towards her..
He said -” we should sleep now ..tommorow you can leave.. You can take room upstairs… “he take out key of handcuffs and moved closer to her and opened it… Said moving back ” Now you are free.. I was just waiting for this file …because of your safely.. You will be in Mumbai tommorow as per your wish Miss Malik ” saying this he walk away from her.. She was hurt.. From his indifference… Her eyes was getting wet.. But he was already gone to one of room in downstairs locking inside.. She don’t want it… He was now totally different person.. One hour before he was irritated her… Ordered her… Dominant her… Captivated her in his eyes.. And now after getting that all the problems are solved he again become that jerk.. Who she has saw before eight months.. Yes on Dadi death day.. He was indifferent like this.. She was hurt.. After coming back to Mumbai sensing that she was safe… He became indifferent from her… And now again.. She silently walk upstairs wiping her tears…
ASR (on bluthtooth) – yaa Aman listen just make sure nothing would be related with Raichand and you have done great things that you didn’t change my surname.. I didn’t want to relate with Raichand… So just you take care of media and inform me everything… Cutting the call he sat exhausted on recliner.. Clutching his head..tightly.. In tension ..when he heard knock.. It was mid night…. He looked up to see Khushi with coffee..
Khushi – can I come in?
Arnav nodded.. And gesture her to sit beside him.. She give him coffee and settled beside him..
Khushi – I am sorry Arnav! I am regretting for doing non sense.. Before eight.. Please forgive me (she cried)
Arnav hold her hand -sshh.. I have forgotten everything already Khushi.. When Swara has forgive you.. I was just sad.. Now I am fine..
Khushi look at him concerned – you are thinking about RAICHAND!!
Arnav – yeah.. Khushi I am just fed up with all these drama.. And now I am glad that I didn’t change my surname.. Because whatever Raizada….are… Devyani Raizada was my Nani.. And I respect her alot.. And I am good.. That I am Arnav Singh Raizada.. If my sister Swara.. Knowing everything about Malik don’t care.. Then why I .!!! And about RAICHAND.. It is good that I was always busy with Swara and Arjun.. I was not emotionally attached with Raichand.. His voice was broken..
Khushi know he is angry on himself for letting that RAICHAND come in their lives.. She just hugged him tightly and said ” please forget all this Arnav… Please.. ”
Arnav hug her back ” I know KHUSHI .and I will because I have my little sister.. And you.. “said smiling..
Khushi smile through tears….
Arnav broke the hug.. And said – but where that Sanskar take her??
Khushi – I am also confused!!
Ragini was grinning too much happiness.. In one.. No Omkar Malik.. No RAICHAND.. Swara is with Sanskar…. Every one is OK and last Laksh her husband.. Is watching her like fool…
Ragini – I love you Laksh…
Laksh laugh and said – you have already said hundreds times Ragini…
Ragini pouted – haww.. But I still say I love you!!!!!! Now give me another bottle…
Arjun who was standing at terroce look both his brother and his wife… Drunk.. Taking six bottle of shampine.. And dancing enjoying in garden.. He felt some one hand.. He knows his Aarohi was beside him looking at both idiots..
Aarohi – they are so much happy..
Arjun – Hmmm… But what about me? Said teasingly
Aarohi smile meschivously – so my dear husband.. Want anything..
Arjun pull her towards him and said -let’s join those idiots it’s so much we both got drunk..
Aarohi wink at him.. And he just scoop her in his arms….
In Arnav room..
Arnav and Khushi were still talking when Arnav look at door where Arjun was carrying Aarohi smiling.. Taking her..
Arnav – Khushi I think we are going to miss something..
Khushi confused – What?
Arnav – look Sanskar and Swara would be busy in each other.. As now we should think about each other… Let’s move out.. Come..
Arjun, Aarohi, Arnav and Khushi joined Laksh and Ragini happily.. Ragini was fully drunk.. So she was now started hooting..
Arjun – hey crazy Rags stop it!!
Ragini said annoying – just shut up you lawyer!!!
Arjun whisper – Laksh gadodia control her Now!!!
Laksh was little drunk.. But said – Arjun man don’t behave like you don’t know what happened after she drunk!!!
Arnav who had totally agree with Laksh because of small show drunk Ragini.. Before eight months.. Know it how irritating she can be..
Ragini look at everyone who were sitting in garden silently.. She comes up with ideas – let’s play truth or truth..!!
Khushi laugh -Ragini it’s truth or dare!!
Ragini -no.. My darling Khushi.. It truth or truth… Because our Daring two person are now.. Not present…
Arnav – pardon me…
Arjun – and me too..
Laksh – baby.. I am with then..
Ragini give death glare to them and said – you three don’t have guts to say truth right!!
Aarohi who was enjoying now.. Said – I agree with Ragini.. Lawyer you didn’t have guts!!
Khushi nodded in agreement and said – elephant size ego… If my newly discovered brother sanskar would be here then he have joined us..
Laksh – and if lioness would be here she had shown you people how childish this game is…
Ragini frown – stop it!!!! We all are playing that’s it..
Arjun – guys let’s just agree otherwise she will annoyed US..
Arnav – fine..
Everyone sit in opposite to each other as circle form..
Ragini spinned the bear bottle and it stopped at Arnav..
Ragini said smiling devilishly – truth or truth ASR..
Everybody laugh except Arnav..
Laksh – Well I will ask..
Arnav – shoot..
Laksh- You love KHUSHI?
Except Arnav and Khushi.. Everyone was giving blessings to Laksh fo this sensible questions..
Arnav look at Khushi.. – I love her dammit…
Khushi was taken aback.. It was first Arnav was confessing his feelings. …
Arnav said seeing everyone open mouth.. – Now I will spin the bottle..
Sharmistha look at her children who were laughing enjoying in garden after so many years… Mesmerized by the scene she wiped her tears ….
Shekhar held his wife tightly..
Sharmistha – Shekhar they are so much happy… But what we will say them after one week.. When SHE will come..
Shekhar – you know Sharmistha..I am also worried about it… SHE call me at morning from then I was thinking to stop her but whatever she is part of our family..
Sharmistha nodded.. And said – but how will our children will react… And the most important thing Roshani is not here.. She is in Capetown with Aadarsh.. And she is pregnant.. And SHE is coming mostly for roshani.. Only Roshani can handle her.. No one.. Other then her….
Shekhar – I will think… About it..

Guys thanks for commenting.. And about my name.. It’s my real name but my Nick name is “Aryna ” …so you can call me.. Whatever you want..

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