It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 3


Swara left from orphanage hopping her bike turned to airport where her private jet is waiting for her with her secretary.. She has entered in the airport just then she gets the call which place a little irritation in her face she received the call…
On phone..
Swara angry – What Dr Laksh??

Laksh know her irritation but didn’t care – how are you?

Swara anger was now become like volcanic.. – it’s none of your concern.. Why the hell you call me I have made it clear you will not call me if there is any emergency of anyone death then only!

Laksh eyes was moist he said slowly -IN Maheshwari mansion.. Yesterday night one chandelier fall on Ragini but my brother saved her.. She just in shocked fainted and open her before one hour…

Swara deep inside frustrated – not again!!

Laksh – I am also pissed off with this accident which going on one like car break, wrong medicine, oil spill on stairs, and..

Swara shouts – and what???

Laksh – accident by truck!!

Swara – from when all these is started…

Laksh – last two months.. After coming back to coma..

Swara – I am getting it..

Laksh- you are coming India..

Swara – I will see.. You go see your brother saying this she cuts the call.. Her face was tense.. Her secretary looks at her tense face and comes to her with her charming smile..

Swara look at her – everything is done!
Her secretary nodded.. Swara walk to wards private jet but stopped by her secretary…
Swara turned and ask – What Khushi?
Khushi nodded negatively give a look of what happened…
Swara look at her keenly absorbing her eyes which was worried for her..
Swara – We are late for Kundra deals.. Make ready everything
Khushi were worried to her.. Swara -let’s move..

In Venice..
In Arjun cabin..
Arjun looking at the file reading it carefully but he was disturbed by the knock on his door..

Arjun – come in!
Maya entered inside – Sir Mr Aarav Singh Raizada is here to meet y
Arjun smirk and said – get him here with full respect..
Maya look at him disbelief her boss who never cares of anyone in her four years of career he never said this for any one..

Arjun – I know I am deadly handsome and hot but it doesn’t mean you always drool over me.. Don’t test my patience..
Maya was flushed she runs from there leaving laughing Arjun…

Arnav come inside the cabin with bang… Arjun looks at him with smirked….

Arnav take sit opposite of him and the cabin filled with silence..

Arjun – Welcome Arnav Malik!
Arnav look at him with surprise.. Then said – good homework Arjun gadodia..
Arjun give him sharp look.. – you too..
Arnav – Swara Malik..
Arjun – if your homework is so much good then why are you asking me go get her.. Said with devilish smile..
Arnav give deathly glare.. – she is not easy…
Arjun – let me clear your view about she is complicated and no one can understand her even her and your dadii…
Arnav – I want to meet her…
Arjun – What you want from her?
Arnav – don’t test my patience you know very well what I want from her!!
Arjun smirk – you didn’t have patience Chote Nawab!!
Arnav – stop calling me that… Arjun Gadodia!!
Arjun – then dare you to add Gadodia with me..

Arjun – She hates you! Said smiling at him..

Arnav smirked – then Who says to love ..I am not here for the relationship.. Only for My grandmother Anuradha Malik as well as..
Arjun smirk – the Lucknow palace.. ..but What will I get?
Arnav was taken aback but composes himself – You are talking that you will help me against your boss…
Arjun – again correction Best friend…
Arnav lean back to chair – What you want.. Let me guess.. Aarohi Khurana..
That’s it.. Arjun was shocked but he knows how to control his emotions..
Arjun – you really done a good homework…
Arnav smirk – She is in my Head Designer.. And ASR know everything about his employees..
Arjun – impressive!.. Saying this he stand and said – let’s go to Malik mansion..
Arnav stood up and moves with him…

A Huge Mansion which named as Malik Mansion… Arnav and Arjun entered with their respective cars.. And stopped in front of entrance of Mansion..

Arjun – let’s move.. Arnav move inside.. He was actually mesmerized by the mansion interior design and what not a perfect palace he never think this much renovation… He is damm impressed but didn’t show any emotion in his face..

Anuradha Malik was sipping her coffee looking at magazine.. Just then she hears foot voice she raised her head only to get shocked.. Arnav Malik grandson was infront of her she was not believing thinking her illusion..
Arnav eyes was moist after seeing his Dadi fourteen years he was not complete without her love.. He just walk towards and touch her feet Anuradha smile and blessed him her eyes was in tears.. Arnav look at her nodded no… And wipe the tears.. Anuradha hug him tightly…
Anuradha – Chotte you were grown up like your father how much I miss you ..I always wanted to meet you but afraid that you will hate..
Arnav broke the hug – no dadii I never hate you you are my strength.. Infact I should ask you to forgive me and Nani for not coming to you when you needed me most I am sorry dadii..

Arjun walk away from there before sometime not to disturb them.. He looked at one servant – Where is Swara?
Servant – Sir Madam is with her Nike..
Arjun shook his head moved towards horse field which Swara has made for horse riding…. With her black beauty horse” Nike “…

Swara was standing with Khushi and some employees… Discussing something..
Arjun moved towards her saying ” Sammie return to her den ”
Swara look at him smile – Khushi you stay here and see this file and everyone out…
Other employees moved from there leaving three of them..
Arjun – How are you Khush..
Khushi smile..
Swara look at him – So devil what makes you to come here?
Arjun smile devilishly – Your brother return back to you lioness…
Swara carelessly walk away from him to the Nike…
Arjun take a seat – He wanted to deal with you on Sheshmahal…!!
Swara look at him interesting – and..
Arjun – I said I will help him…
Khushi look at him horror.. Swara look at her – Khush why don’t you take a horse ride..
Khushi nodded moved towards another White Horse hopped and started riding..

Swara moved towards him – and what you going to get!
Arjun – A woman!!
Swara look at him smirk – A woman or that Woman who slapped you infront of whole office staff in India…
Arjun was shocked – How do you know!!
Swara – don’t forget that I am Swara Malik… Not a normal chit girl!!
Arjun – so what you were doing in orphanage!!
Swara was looking at him horror.. – How do you know?
Arjun smile devilishly – Sammie you also don’t forget that I am a next Mastermind that you..
Swara – So where is Arnav Malik? I can bet it you bring him with you..
Arjun – well yeah….

Arnav walk towards facing Arjun but he only saw Swara back.. He was going to them when his eyes fixed at one… He can’t breathe can’t move.. His throat went dry… His eyes was glue on her face.. …

Khushi was having fun with her horse but she felt her heart bear raised fast she turned to other side only to get lock in that chocolate brown eyes..

Arnav then noticed her horse is going out of control and she was about to fall..
Khushi had loosened her grip on holder and her was stated jumbling in which she was about to fall and she closes her eyes.. To get hurt but then she felt she was not hurt a familiar sweet aroma was making her dizzy.. She slowly open her eyes to get lost in that chocolatety to which has saved her from getting hurt.. His intense gaze was driving her crazy…

Arnav has runs towards to save his angel from fall and catch her this time he was observing her face very closely she had tightly closed her eyes. …he was looking at lips which was inviting him to kiss her aroma was making his breath hitched but when she opened her eyes he has stopped his breath looking at her hazel eyes… Driving him crazy…

Arjun and Swara was looking at scene with thier own… Then looking at each other with knowing look..
Swara – I think they should be separated otherwise their behavior is giving me feel of witnessesing the kiss..
Arjun – I don’t have problems its long time I have seen someone kiss.. Saying he take a snap of them.. Looking perfect..
Swara – stop your matchmaking… Bring them on earth …
Arjun shouted – great stunt!!

Arnav and Khushi came back to reality listening his shout Arnav leave her on ground gently.. Walk to the Arjun.. Khushi also come back to Swara….

Arnav and Swara look at each other..
Arjun – why don’t we enjoyed coffee… Khushi ask servant for coffee..
Khushi nodded and left from there..

Swara – How are you big brother? Said in mocking tone…
Arnav – just like you sweet sister!! Said in harsh tone..

Arjun smile devilishly – So Sammie tell us about your decision on Sheshmahal…
Swara lean back folding her one leg on other.. Said – profit?

Arnav can easily understand her position and attitude that what makes her to deal with him there is nothing beneficial for her.. In this deal after all he was also a Malik…
Arjun knew that she is thinking something very dangerous in mind.. Looking at her attitude..

Arnav – you get your price for Sheshmahal!
Swara laugh and said – are you kidding me? Don’t forget that I am also bussiness woman not any “eight years child who will agree with your silly chocolate ” …..said in perfect bussiness tone..
Arnav felt hurt he knows she is pointing on their childish memories..
Arnav – What you want?
Swara look at him straight in his eyes said in perfect bussiness tone – 40percent share in AR fashion house of all branches… !!

Arnav was looking at her with shocked…. Arjun don’t understand what she is upto..
Arjun – but Swara what you have interest in fashion house?? I thought you will put conditions of your dadii!!
Swara – Mrs Anuradha Malik.. Is not any things to put on condition on her she is our grandmother whom she want she can stay with that person.. And you have five minutes to think because after that I am not interested in dealing!!
Arnav look at her said angrily -Deal you will get shares.. In AR fashion house of every branch and now I wanted Sheshmahal paper on my tommorow evening… And you get your shares at the same time!!

Khushi come there running.. Swara look at her -What happened Khushi?
Khushi give her mobile.. Swara read the message..
Swara – Khushi go get my schedule ready for tommorow …
Khushi look at her disbelief …
Swara said in high voice – Khushi go get my schedule ready Now!!
Khushi jerk and nodded.. And left from there..
Arnav and Arjun look at her with confusion..

Swara turned to them – Arjun as you listen then prepare papers…..
Arjun – What was Khushi has shown u?
Swara smile painly – just some joke….
Arjun – spill it out Swara!!
Swara turned to Arnav – I think you should go to dadii.. She should be missing you!!
Arnav – I know… And you know one thing you change in ruthless and heartless from inside.. I am monster for outside but you became devil from everywhere…you should knew it!! Saying this he left from there..
Swara looking at him laugh painly… Arjun held her wrist and take her to horse stable…
Swara – What!!!
Arjun – he is your brother your Arnie and you making him to hate you… You were missing him past fourteen years and now… What’s wrong with you I know something big happened which you are hiding from me!!
Swara said in challenge tone – You like to find out my secrets by your side then do it!!
Arjun said with devilish smile – don’t challenge me Swara Malik you know I can even make dead man to walk and you are asking me to find out your problem you should know if I found which is hurting… This much with my own I will kill that person..!! You are my best friend and you know how much I am possessive about you!!!
Swara – I am not that easy you know it I am not any Charles.. Whom you take out every information… With help of his wife making her kidnapped!!!
Arjun- and I know you are not easy.. How can you be easy after all finishing whole gang of” Soberian ” gang who kill to harm Arnav Singh Raizada before one week!! And hacking the system …and shifting the 25000 dollars to orphanage account whose trustie late Devyani Raizada ” Ratna orphanage ”
Said with devilish smile..
Swara smirk – so find out by your way I don’t care!! Saying this she started going..
Arjun said – You love your Arnie bhai too much!!
Swara smile without turning – you should start finding truth because it’s not Love it’s revenge!! And left from there…

Arjun whisper – I am on!! Looking like I am going to enjoy alot!!

Scene shift of Mumbai in Laksh hospital
Laksh kept the phone after taking to Swara he was hurt but composes himself and move towards Sanskar’s ward…

Sanskar was asusal flirting with a nurse and making her lost in his charm.. Laksh walk inside.. And one look at nurse she left from there..
Sanskar irritating – What’s wrong with you step brother… Always annoy with my love life!!!
Laksh – it’s not Love life it’s flirt life…
Sanskar – whatever!!
Laksh sit beside him – how you feel now?
Sanskar – much better.. Before sometimes and now feeling like smacking someone head (glaring at Laksh)
Laksh chuckle – you are going to get discharged in evening and then we can move to home!!
Sanskar didn’t say anything…
Laksh – What happened now??
Sanskar – it was not accident some one planned …I was coming inside party my gaze goes to upstairs where one man was cutting the string of chandlier… Before I catch him he had done his work and then you know rest!!
Laksh just nodded…
Sanskar – you know who did this?? Said doubting..
Laksh – whoever it is you should stay away from this matter.. Live your life Sanskar… Otherwise you will get only pain… You are living life carefree much better from all of us in our family…
Sanskar – I thought I am living like pig!! Said funniest lightening the mood..
Laksh – I think nurse should have curse me… Because of you I should go..
Sanskar – I said all this to my doctor don’t expect anything from me…
Laksh was near door – I get it and left from there..
Sanskar take out his mobile and call someone – I want whole details of Maheshwaris party… And get every one details who was present in party and CCTV footage of the mansion… Don’t leave anyone even the members of Maheshwaris family!! Get it!! Call ended..
Sanskar whisper – Sorry step brother but I am not person who leave the things that easily…. I will go deep inside this matter… Whatever it cost because of this accident I am on bed for two weeks and I am not going to leave that person after all I love myself too much… And more than myself I love” Mahi ” but don’t when I get her only she comes in my Drea!!
Scene shift of Maheshwaris Mansion..
Ragini was on bed watching news… Where only one news of accident is their…
Aarohi walk inside her room.. And sit on couch.. Looking at her..

Ragini switch off the TV…
Ragini – What??
Aarohi – so you safe!!
Ragini – I think god is not fuflling your wish by making me alive…
Aarohi laugh – and I think god don’t want a b*t*h near him!!
Ragini smile – you understand me so much!!!
Aarohi – Why not you are not less than a monster?!!
Ragini – you are not less than bad omen!!
Both smiled and said – I know!!

Ragini – is he fine??
Aarohi – yes just he have to on bed for two weeks!!

Ragini – Our plan was successful!!

Aarohi – yeah.. Now we both know… That person will be come for whom we both risk our life…

Credit to: Aryna

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