it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 28

Ragini cuts the call of Swara and went into past when before eight months accident happened..
“””””””flashback ””””””
Laksh hospital..
Arjun and Khushi were quite.. Didn’t exchange a one word what Arnav has said… But Ragini was frustrated so she moved out of hospital and get in the car she has enough of Swara… So she moved to government hospital to find out Swara sister… Where ANNAPURNA was having last breath.. As police informs her she didn’t wanted anyone to be more suffering…
Government hospital…
She walks inside the hospital and asking about her room she goes towards it… Police cops were not there… Just one lady constable.. Who was dozing off.. On bench she didn’t care and she open the door very slowly but what she saw was shocked…her whole body became …and then she heard… “Ragini Maheshwari is the twin sister of Swara Malik “…..her whole life come to an end…. But then she runs towards politice…and after some time when she was back ANNAPURNA was dead and no one was there… She had heard their plan.. And get to know that Swara was in RAICHAND hospital… She simply zoomed off her car in full speed before anyone kill or harm her… But she knows
..Raichand or ASR will not allowed her to meet inside… So she moved to staff room grabbing a nurse uniform… She put on mask on her face and silently moved towards ICU… She saw whole RAICHAND family was depressed.. And ASR was nowhere… Well she knows.. He is gone to Shantivan for arrangement.. To move.. From India.. So she moved inside the ward… She look at Swara who was staring at roof ….nothing else..
Ragini lock the door… And turned “so you came out of coma huh!!!
Swara look at her shocked “Ragini??? ”
Ragini said angrily -yes RAGINI… Your sister… Your real twin sister!!!
Swara was now hell shocked -how you get to know????
Ragini was supposed to shock her but listening this she herself was dumbfounded..
Swara – Ragini how you get to know about all this and.. Secondly who told you I am here… I said Arnav bhai not to break the news..
Ragini cones to her and sat beside her – He is alive…
Swara didn’t get anything -whom you are talking RAGINI??
Ragini took a deep breath and look straight in her eyes -..I saw him with ANNAPURNA.. In hospital.. He killed her after knowing truth from her that I am your twin sister.. And he planning to kill you… Sanskar and me…
Swara was hell angry -Who are you talking about Ragini.. What his name…!!!
Ragini closed her eyes -Whom you think that you killed him before fourteen years with your gun…said with broken voice..
Swara said in disbelief -“Omkar Malik “she didnt react..
There was silence…
Swara – What his plans Ragini??
Ragini look at her shocked – you listen or not Swara that monster is alive… Who killed..
Swara with help of her elbow sit back on bed.. resting her head on headrest she said -you know RAGINI… I have always saw a deep guilt in dadii eyes… And that guilt was this Omkar Malik our biological father… Whom dadii was taking care on my back knowing.. Truth that… I was the one who tried to kill her son.. Omkar Malik.. She always distant herself.. From me.. And Now when Anuradha Malik is no more.. Omkar Malik had came to get money power.. Of Malik industrial.. As he wanted everything…
Ragini didn’t say anything it was beyond any betrayal that one person can get in the life which Swara and her gotten and she knows now they have to look for this moment..
Ragini – his plan is to move out you from this place and then kill you brutly… And then me… But I am not understanding why Sanskar??
Swara smirk – how our dear dad will forget that I tried to kill him because of Mr Kundra..
Ragini -whattt!!!!! You tried to kill that Omkar Malik because of Sanskar how???
Swara – Ragini we have to much time to discuss this topic now take my mobile from that table and give it to me..
Ragini did what she said..
Swara call someone and said -Mr Dixit… Swara Malik here.. As you remember about will which I named on Aarohi unborn child.. Just cancelled it before it get legal.. In anyway.. And make that will on my name and Ragini.. Mr Kundra name as soon as possible.. And add the condition ” if I.. Ragini or Mr Kundra die before one year then the MALIK industrial will automatically given to sunshine orphanage.. ” do it and now you will call on another number not me… ”
Call ended..
Ragini confused – Why you did this??
Swara – nothing just like that…
Ragini -whattt!!! Are you lost this time your life is in danger and you!!
Swara -relax.. My sister.. And listen I am going to London with Arnav bhai for some time and there “Omkar Malik will never leave a chance to hurt me or whatever.. So I will act as fearing woman.. Which is immposible for me.. But I will manage and I know something is too much deep about returning of Omkar Malik.. And for that I have to grab him.. So from now on I will do whatever that he thinks me as afraid woman and in that he will do the mistake Because he is that person who didn’t get hold easily after all I and you have that swine blood.. He is mastermind but not me… I will show what cause to play with Swara Malik..
Ragini smile devilishly – I am getting but what about Arjun, Sanskar and ASR…
Swara said sadly – we can’t trouble them like always.. Not anymore this time we both have to find out everything damm things about this MALIK empire..
Ragini – because in all this MALIK empire something too much is hidden.. I am getting your plan but what about now that monster goons WOULd be coming..
Swara smile devilishly – so what you think they will not get their meal.. By me.. I will go with them to meet my dear dad.. And before that he will get to know about property will… And then you know he will just torcher me..
Ragini look her horrible – no way.. It’s too dangerous..
Swara – just trust me Ragini.. And go back I will call as soon as possible and give me report about Mr Kundra..
Ragini look at her emotionally and walk away from there nodding her head..
…………………………………………Flash back ends ……………
Ragini – eight months has passed Swara …didn’t tell me what happened there ….but ask me to keep eyes on Sanskar every action. But that great Mr Sanskar Kundra is just busy to make kGM a big industrial company.. Where as on the other side Arjun is nowhere seen interested in swara… But Swara assumption that Arjun is after like wrong.. But now I think I should go and look all these address.. “Arvind Mukherjee “..Now who is this Man..

Laksh comes inside room look at Ragini who was pacing whole room…
Laksh – What happened??
Ragini – London!!
Laksh smirk- Swara has call you.. And again you got your task..
Ragini said angrily -stop it Laksh gadodia.. Other wise in second you will not able to smirk for once… And what about even I am helping my sister and you??
Laksh – Arvind Mukherjee was a gardener of Sheshmahal.. Before fifteen years now he is living in Mumbai..
Ragini look him with open mouth “o”…
Laksh laugh – just close your mouth otherwise no body is here.. And I can kiss you my sweet wife!!
Ragini mock – not wife… Just one year wife!!
Laksh was hurt but smile – yeah one year wife.. Now let’s leave..
Ragini nodded and moved out of room.. Laksh mumble “how much you will be angry because what I did on your birthday.. ”
Laksh look at his phone.. “just make sure she didn’t act more.. And try to understand her… Swara ”
Laksh laugh – you are truly my friend Swara.. When will you come back here…
Swara finally yawn… By her tiredness…and get what she needed -so my dear dad you are hided in LUCKHNOW… Not bad.. And I will love to torcher you even more than I think.. So I am coming….. Because of you from last eight months I am troubling everyone. But not more.. And because of all I can’t contact with devil he is literally planning something for me… Arjun Gadodia and his experiments… And I am going to be live with.. It’s nice that I tapped Arnav bhai call and get to know about their plan.. But in all these that Kundra is memory loss.. And I have to be more torcher.. God help me with Shona RAICHAND drama.. ”
Swara close her laptop and stuff into her luggage… And wear a miniskirt… Making braid of her hair and wore ear rings and bracelets.. And finally high heels she is ready as celebrity shona RAICHAND..
Swara shook her head “unbelievable “looking mirror – we can’t write our destiny.. I didn’t in future thought that I will end up wearing all this and become a rockstar.. From top industrialist… Swara Malik.. I miss myself.. And my bussiness.. Some times so much I wanted to end this all and go to Venice.. .. But . I have to finish this Omkar Malik fiasco.. It’s been eight months first three are gone in my treatment and next two months setting up my plans and becoming this rockstar.. And three months getting all information about Malik family.. And I got to know everything.. Just now one thing is needed Omkar Malik head.. Which I will be pleased to cut it!!! Now just go and again settled as rockstar…
Thinking all theses Swara moved out of room.. Grabbing a car keys she look at mansion which is too much silence because of mid night.. Like always so she drove her car out of the mansion but this time ASR was in kitchen who saw Swara to going out of mansion…
Arnav -what the…. She sneak out of mansion like she sneak out before eight months in SHESHMAHAL that holi party… Yeah but that was Swara Malik mind.. And this.. Her expression was calm.. Dammit.. Something is wrong with Shona……or I didn’t see this something wrong still thinking all this Arnav moved inside the Swara room.. And then he found a note on table “Arnav bhai.. I am going somewhere… Don’t think about finding me.. And an safe…. SWARA MALIK ”
Arnav was shocked.. He moved to her closet and there he found half dress are invisible.. And all her documents are not there..

Arnav think “What the hell… How on the earth Shona again become lioness Swara Malik.. As I have tried.. Nothing like this happen.. “then realisation dawn on him “Oscar winning acting my little sister “said with smirk..
Sliding out his mobile..
Aranav-..Aman.. Ready my private jet for India now.. I am coming.. It’s ASR order “…

Sanskar was literally fuming after knowing how annoying Shona brother was.. The Armaan RAICHAND… Thinking all this he goes to his farmhouse.. For some relief.. Thinking the conversation takes between him and Armaan..
In Royal restaurant.. Mumbai..

Sanskar – so Armaan.. How is Shona..??
Armaan carelessly – like always screaming and shouting …I mean she literally too much annoying.. You know she is nothing to us but our family is bearing because of ASR my brother..
Sanskar clench his fist tightly in anger.. Greething his teeth he ask – but I saw your and your family interviews before two months..
Armaan – Well our family though we will make some money and respect by adopting that garbage.. I mean Shona.. But nothing happened.. She is becoming a burden for us..
Sanskar said in anger – how could you say something like this she is your sister and very pupular celebraty…
Armaan – yeah.. But we thought she will be helpful in bussiness but no that girl come up as singer… From bussiness woman.. Swara Malik..
Sanskar froze on his place..
Armaan look at his mobile.. -..well excuse me Sanskar.. I have to board flight.. It’s pleasant to meeting you.. Saying this he left the place living sanskar with shocked.. Face…
………………………Flash back ends…………

Sanskar whisper unknowing “Swara Malik “…
Sanskar shouted – What the hell is wrong with me who the hell is Swara Malik.. Or Shona RAICHAND.. (clutching his head with both hands he screamed) Swaraaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! And fainted…

Op (Om prakash servant) – Sanskar bhaiyya!!!

After some time ….

Sanskar murmur “Swara.. Swara angel.. “just then his eyes open with jerk..
Aarohi and Khushi look at him with concerns.. And shocked listening the name..

PRECAP – Arnav – Khushi

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