It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 ( payback time) episode 22


Sanskar was hell angry on Swara and Arnav for irresponsible behavior he had called them 100th time only to get response “UNREACHABLE “and knowing the state of Swara and anger of ASR was not making him satisfied… Even he ordered his manager to trace the number and calling to Aman he get to know that they were fine because Arnav has talk to him happier mood before six hours then what happened they don’t want to come back.. He knows he was very possessive about Swara.. Whatever she said to him he knows she too much innocence with her heart… She don’t want to anymore person to brake it.. But he knows one more thing that now on he will deal with everything before her he had made mistakes by didn’t caring about her last few years due to settling of business and knowing Arjun is with her but after getting to know that she is coming India he was mostly angered.. Knowing the fact that how much she hated this place which only makes her remember about her past… So even tried to divert her by her to look after ASR safety or bussiness or Khushi betrayed or Aarohi and Arjun break up… He was very much knowledge about all these of his friends.. But he knows his first priority was Swara who was his possession.. And he can’t help himself in that but nothing stops to Swara she was determined about knowing the truth.. Which himself wanted that she don’t.. Because from childhood he have guts feeling that something mysterious was with Mailk emperor.. Which was rooted so much depth.. And which can hurt his Angel…which he never wanted.. So when he met her first in parking lot of Ar office.. He saw her in real for the first but his anger was more than anything knowing what she was doing in India.. So he slapped her hard on her face.. He was not angry that she burnt his car… He even don’t care if she wanted she can burnt his whole empire.. Which he made …..but when she slapped him and even kicked him.. He get back to reality that she is his Angel and he likes fool getting ruled by his anger… After taunting her for slap.. And threatening her with blasting her penthouse or sending her video footage of him and Khushi… Nothing help him to stop her.. And lastly the only decesion was left to be with her like shadow so he immediately moved with her to Lucknow.. He hated this place very much… At extended level afterall this place has snatched his Mom and coward dad…. And mostly… His angel childhood…her innocence….by Omkar Malik and Raina Malik.. And the main reason was Chandra Shekhar Malik whom his Angel respect alot but what she got… Send to Swaragini palace a type of jail where she was beaten by hell in age of six years… He can never forget that…. And that’s why the first thing he have done after getting power.. And money was finished Siddharth Singh Rajput…. Which he have and world know that it was accident or his rival attack.. But knowing from his Angel that she killed Omkar and Raina Malik in age of Ten years… Made him shocked and know one thing that they completely changed her to ruthless devil in small age.. But he was happy for thing that she never change her heart when it comes to taking care of her friends or looking after dadii… Or… Spending time with orphanage chidren and forgiving every enemy and change them as friends like Khushi… And knowing her over protective towards her Arnav bhai…….he knows she is gem.. And now knowing about truth.. That it was all planned by Annapurna Maheshwari to make his Angel come and break down completely and lastly finished her life in disguise… So that Malik empire come to her hold.. After all… Ap gets to know before two months that Aarohi is carrying baby of Ashutosh Malik… A mistress child…he Aarohi was good person she just fulfill her promises to wards Ashutosh wife Sheetal by being sarrogate mother.. But ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI was too much smart… She talked to Aarohi very smartly and asked everything about child.. And tell her to say lie infront of all and made drama that she was raped in Jaipur village… Aarohi agreed after thinking alot because she treats Ap as mother figure… Thinks that she is always right.. That was the time Ap… Has send the letter and photo to Venice.. And also make sure to send that person who was already having cancer.. And easily do Sucide by coming infront of car… So that his Angel get all this very serious which his angel did… And after Ap has plotted everything from making one calligraphy shop in LUCKHNOW to…. Taking care of every servant in SHESHMAHAL but Devi(maid) who didn’t come to trap… She blackmailed her to be silent… Even she make sure Alkabai comes back to Lucknow from her village… In that period of time so that his angel can go to her and get to know everything… And about MRs Meera Singh Rajput… ANNAPURNA has already talk to her and told her lie that his husband was murder by his angel… So that she didn’t told his angel about Annapurna and mock her… And after knowing the truth… His Angel was broken completely.. Become heartless devil… More ruthless he knows that Arnav can make her out of shell… So he didn’t interrupt in between siblings.. But after knowing everything about Annapurna Maheshwari and digging every information of her… Every action of her made Sanskar Kundra to suffer that whore to hell… He also get to know that ANNAPURNA wanted even gagdodia’s and MAHESHWARI property ….this why she sent Aadarsh from here with Roshani.. So that she easily…. Get all this work… And now the information which informer had given before one hour that ANNAPURNA was talking with Sharid, a very well known goon of Mumbai… About finishing someone was making him hell worried for his Angel… He saw Arjun who is still now digging out more information about Annapurna.. Ordering his men’s… And Ragini who is getting all details from opening all details of email of ANNAPURNA from which she saved details of pregnancy reports of Aarohi to claim for MALIK empire… And Will of gadodias.. And offcource Maheshwari will… And some details from lawyer for transfering all papers on Aadarsh name… And more then that…. He was little scared that butch wants to take revenge from his angel….which she has taken by making his angel to show her real truth…..and now he was constantly ordering his men’s to look everywhere for Arnav and his Angel… He don’t why his was being difficult for taking breath… Like his angel is not fine… Again same feeling when he saw her in pool of blood before twenty years… Where he gotten into trauma.. He was about to die if he didn’t got the news that she was fine…that feeling was very scary… He was fearing to death for that angel… His Savior but after long time again the same feeling was not less than nightmare for him so grabbing the car keys and rush out of mansion ignoring shocking faces of Arjun, Ragini ……he was scare… Too much scare…..

Arjun looks at running figures of his brother… And can never believe to see him this much vulnerable… Position….but now he have to find about this b*t*h who he ever treated as like his mother.. .. ..- Ragini you got to know anything else…!!!
Ragini said painfully – I am looking Arjun… (wiping her tears which was continuing coming in her eyes… Looking all action of her Mom )….
Arjun gets the call of Maya who was in Rajasthan for his work… – yea Maya…
But what he listens from other side made him blank.. He was frozen on the spot it was nothing more than the fire on him…
Arjun just utter – OK… Cutted the call…
Ragini get one of important mail which make her shocked to the hell… She shouted -ARJUN!!!!
Arjun comes out of his horror Trance and look at Ragini…
Ragini just show him.. One email which made him same shocked.. Mail was showing about ….that media has thank ANNAPURNA MAHESHWARI for the very much personal information about Swara Malik… And her birth and confirm that her name will not come… But this news will be on international channel in 24hours….
And Arjun know that this is same thing which Maya inform him by getting information from her friends who working in this international channel and knows …he have to stop otherwise he don’t know what will happen in next second… He knows he can loss his Sammie which he can’t be happen! !!! ..that’s it he have to come on his monster face for all this… He have to come back to his lawyer mind… And show that b*t*h and all world what will happen when some one tries to harm Swara Malik in present of Arjun gadodia… And he knows what he have to do..

Ragini look at expression of Arjun.. Which was from scare to anger to now like animals who is now on his hunt… Which she same got look from Sanskar few minutes before leaving… And now she knows no body can save her so called mother… Now from these two men’s… He will destroy her completely… And she will help them.. As much as possible… She don’t know why but thinking that she is harming Swara… She wanted to kill that woman which is amazed her.. Too she don’t why but there is pull whenever she be with Swara a familiar aroma which she never gotten from her own family in all these years and now she was hell scared for Swara safety ….then her mind goes to the days of LUCKHNOW …..
It was midnight when Ragini was not getting any sleep moved to the garden which was giving her unknown piece…
Ragini sat on swing looking at surrounding… When she heard someone coming… She turned to spot Swara with her laptop..
Swara – hey.. Not sleepy..
Ragini smile – No …looking like you too..
Swara – well it’s been habit not getting a sleep.. So thought to do some office job.. Said sitting beside her. …
After minutes of silence..
Swara..-I thought you are talkative girl..
Ragini amused listening this -Who said??
Swara-well your lover doctor..
Ragini laugh – so he tell you about me.. Surprised..
Swara put her laptop aside and lean back and said – He loves you alot.. Like nothing..
Ragini also leaned back -I know.. But I don’t know why we always ended with a fight.. Or say lack of trust in our relationship there was always lack of trust you see now all is good between us but tommorow again there will be again this problem..said painly
Swara – So tried to make trust between.. For starters you start trusting him..
Ragini -after knowing that he was the same person who wanted to kill me in possession for Khushi safety..
Swara- so what you forgive him and you know your relationship with him very much different because in this relationship you are the one who is with patience.. And Laksh is the one who is commitment… He is the man who can go any extents for his possession and then you can think about what he can do for his life.. Who is you!!
Ragini think deep and said – How you easily solved my problem.. I mean now I can see you are right.. Laksh is guy who is perfect with lovely heart and I can’t live without him whatever he did with me..
Swara smile – You know you are also a woman who is dream for any man… Don’t think you are less than that doctor..
Ragini – offcource..
Just then there was Swara and Ragini saw shooting… Immediately close their eyes.. But next second opening it they look each other surprising..
Ragini – you believe it..
Swara – don’t know why I never in all that stuff but believe in one thing which is stars… I don’t why??
Ragini -same here I also very modern.. But I believe in stars it’s strange for me too… But what did you wished?
Swara – To be honest in every relationship..
Ragini was shocked listening this..
Swara – and you?
Ragini – same.. I also wished that thing..
Swara laugh – you know we both are too much alike …as I never talks like this with anyone except Arjun…
Ragini – and I also talked my relation insecurities with someone like this..
Again a silence…
Ragini – You know your mother should be proud of you for this much success..
Swara look at astonished by this comment..
Ragini look at her – I am sorry.. I don’t know why I felt like to say..
Swara – My mother… I don’t know about her… But I always wanted my love ones to be proud of me not ashamed.. You know RAGINI I am ruthless, short tempered and arrogant ass…but in all these I always knew that I got somepeople who will never leave me what I am… And that’s why I wanted to be honest in my every relationship… I don’t know about family.. It sounds like that I never got.. Inspite of dadii.. I never got any love or any protectiven… Which we got from our family… So my life depended on my office.. My staff… My bestie Arjun… My secretary Khushi… And very anger brother… They never judge me.. That what I want.. From any relationship… These people are my life.. So I can go any extents for them.. And Laksh.. He is one friend who can gulp any anger and grumpy mood of without barking me in return …so that is why I am saying you not think too much about your relationship… Just go with flow you will get your happiness…
Ragini was very much dumbfounded listening all this from Swara Malik…
Swara watch the time -shit… It’s 3:38am…I never thought time will come when I will talk to you this much out of my nature…
Ragini said smiling – and I also don’t thought that time will come I will listen you this much without opening my mouth…
Swara taking her laptop – so Good night..
Ragini smile – Good night..
Swara started going when she stopped and turned said making Ragini shocked – listen Ragini if ever time will come that you have to face something which destroys your life… Then just close your eyes think about your most lovely person… Who loved you like nothing and move on…
Ragini – Swara?
Swara – I just don’t know why buy I thought to say you..OK good night.. Making herself more surprised…
Flashback ends…
Ragini held her tears because now she got the meaning of Swara words that she have to be strong… She knows that Swara was herself surprised by saying all this.. But now she was glad that Swara has tell this to her which now only composing herself from her mother reality… But now she have to tell to her father everything … soon as possible… Her mother is danger for her family…
Aarohi was now too much weak and the wound in foot become too much worse that she gone into slumber sleep… For seven hours… Looking at the surrounding… That no body is there… But then her eyes fall on Laksh who was sleeping in couch as she knows how he came in middle of night treats her wound and make her take soup… Then giving tablets.. And because..of she got a fever so Laksh has wash her face wet clothes… He is gem who was there for whole night… As she got to know that Swara and ASR was still dint return from Laksh and Arjun, Sanskar was constantly looking for them …she didn’t thought to disturb Arjun… As she knows matter is more than worse and how much she is in this matter only she knows…… Trying to getting..her feet suddenly strained..”aahh ”
Laksh open his eyes suddenly listening painful voice then he saw Aarohi clutching her feet with painful expression… He rush to her and look at the…wound which he banged.. – don’t worry.. Just slowly tried to move your feet straight.. Then it will be..
Aarohi did what he said and she got relaxed in next second..
Laksh – Now OK said worried..
Aarohi nodded and then asked – Laksh go and see Swara and ASR came or not..?
Laksh – yeah.. But you don’t move from bed… Your feet is still not fine..I will send your breakfast from Robin..
Aarohi – OK..
Laksh move out from room to get anything about ASR and Swara he was too much worried about all these happenings somewhere he wished that all get fine as soon as possible… At after talking to Arjun and Sanskar he gets to know about condition of Aarohi which was not good so he came directly here and treat her… He was still tense for everyone… But he knows Arjun and sanskar will freaking out if they know about Aarohi worse condition where on another side Swara and ASR is missing… So he simply did all the things to make her condition better she is his bestie and he didn’t think all past matter on her health never… .he walk to guest room where Sanskar and Arjun were last night strange he didn’t saw Ragini and Khushi after that… So telling Robin for Aarohi breakfast he goes inside the room only to stopped at the track looking at room which is looking more then office more than 20files were scattered on bed and two laptops on recliner.. IPad of Sanskar was throw on floor and then his eyes fall on Ragini who was standing between all these calling someone constantly worried lines was simply on her face that means Swara and ASR are still dint cane now it is too much…
Khushi was now hell exhausted after looking for the file more than six hours nothing she got it in AR office… After listening about her and Arnav… From Sanskar…she just wanted to think more and more about it but realized immediately that Arnav is the person whom she wanted to kill… And for that she can’t be forgiven… But then her drifted to Swara… And her behavior which was too much ruthless for everyone and she knows that Arnav will definitely make Swara come out of trauma so she just silently moved towards her alloted room for getting do some work for distraction but what she saw made her shocked to the core ….the merger file of Malik and Raizada company was not there she have to read once again that file to do some corrections but she didn’t find she had gone to penthouse but didn’t find then she came to AR office almost 4am..but still can’t find that file was hell important for Arnav and Swara… And she knows after coming back normal Swara will first eat her alive for this careless mistake which was helped by her Arnav bhai… And she can’t can’t afford it when she knows Arnav is just wanting chance to throw her out from Swara… Lastly she thought to call Arnav so she could any idea if he have that file… But then he is with Swara and she was thinking all were be at Shantivan refreshing mood of Swara which would be irritating her so she lastly thought to go MAHESHWARI mansion looking for file and spend some time with mom and dad… So she silently walk away from the building.. Getting inside she drove to MAHESHWARI mansion…
After long time Arymaan and other doctor came out of operation theatre where as outside no body can’t able to blink eyes for one second… It was….Misha, Armaan, Saanchi can’t help to get this much worried for Swara it is strange for three of them because they had saw her once yesterday her behavior was heartless but still they saw pain in those eyes which was scaring to show any emotion… And now looking at her bleeding.. And this much hurted they don’t why but they feeling too much vulnerable like Arnav.. They all started treating her like princess of the family from that moment and after knowing from Arnav …when that lorry..hit the car Swara had pulled Arnav down only to get hitted by such force and crash with car front mirror… And in that moment they know she is insane for her brother… Who can go to death…just to protect her brother this much love she have for him…
Arnav look at Arymaan Bhai coming out of OT he moved to him silently.. Ask – bhai shona…
Arymaan said gulping down lumb in his throat – she is out of danger but SHE SLIPPED INTO COMA…
Arnav felt like someone has snatched his breath… His most precious gift which god has sent.. Again his little sister has gone far from him he fall on his knees digesting the truth… Nandini Raichand was herself in shocked listening the condition of her princess… Whom she didn’t get to talk for once.. And now this tears were coming her continously… Yash Raichand moved towards Arnav supporting him he made him stand and said ” Arnav let’s go and see our Shona we all have to be strong we can’t lose hope “as much now Yash Raichand wanted to mourn for his princess condition he knows he have to support his family.. As pillar.. For his wife for his sons for his daughter in law… Or should say daughter.. He have to…
Arymaan – Mom… Please don’t lose hope our princess will be alright… Soon…
Arnav look at his dad then at his big brother and realized that he have support.. Support of family and he can’t break down when his little sister is suffering… He nodded to his Dad and moved inside the OT… To just break down looking at his little sister..
Sanskar was now at the spot where last his manager has told him Arnav mobile track… MUMBAI HIGHWAY… Stopping the car he came out just to spot rooted looking to see Arnav car up side down looking like something truck hitted it.. But where is his Angel… And Arnav.. Both.. But car is looks blast.. Don’t freak out Sanskar nothing happened… But why I am sweating.. Shit..I have to strong.. Be strong.. Nothing happened.. Nothing.. (rushing to blast car he collapsed infront of that burnt car) sream -..SSSWWAARRAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! NO nothing happened to her nothing… I.. I have to call Arjun… Yes.. Arjun.. (taking out mobile he tried to call but his shivering to death.. He tried tried.. Lastly he succeed calling Arjun..)
On phone..
Sanskar stammered in fear – Aarjjun..
Arjun who listen his brother fearful voice and taking his name shivering he knows everything is finished like here escaping a lone tears of helpless he whispered – She KIDDNAPED Mom, Aarohi, Ragini and Laksh.. Please come to Maheshwari mansion..
Call ended..
Sanskar was now numb he didn’t know how to react.. He didn’t understand anything…. After few minutes his phone rings making him jerk out of hell.. He looked at name flash of Khushi..
Khushi sob bitterly – Sanskar Sanskar… Mom.. Voh.. She.. Please.. Come please she kidnapped… Everyone… And.. And.. Kill.. Sanskar… Please…
Sanskar felt sudden rage and shouted – swaraaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
Khushi jerks off mobile from hand listening his shout…..

Credit to: Aryna

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