It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 15


Arnav look at him shockingly.. -how!!
Sanskar -yes I know her from twenty years…. But she don’t know me.. I know everything about her but she didn’t know even my name before for me she’s saviour.. And for her I am shadow.. Who came infront of her after long time..
Arjun – So How you met her Mr Shadow!!
Sanskar – Well my sweet brother don’t use your lawyer mind with me and first blurt out your short trip of Jaipur!!

Arnav – I also wanna know….
Arjun smirk – there is palace a unique one worth of 15000 crore across.. And it’s name is..
Sanskar said in shocked – “Swaragini palace…”and it is second heritage after Sheshmahal which is private but it is under name of..
Arnav – Rajput!! So What!!

Arjun -Well Swara was gone there first after landing in India.. And also there only she deal with sharp shooters who came to shoot you send by Khushi..
Arnav clench his fist tightly in anger.. Sanskar shook his head in helpless..
Arjun continue – So clearing sharp shooters she was gone to SWARAGINI Palace.. And there I found that she was gone to met with the wife of late (dead) Siddharth Singh Rajput ..Mrs Meera Singh Rajput.. According to servants.. Swara and Mrs Rajput was alone in room but then after ten they hear screaming sounds of Mrs Rajput.. Then Swara lastly move from there.. Calling for doctor.. But the luck before doctor could come she drank poison which was in her royal ring.. And as there servant said Swara didn’t get the chance to talk to her.. When I met with Doctor he told me about her panic attacks and in few months she was about to dead…

Arnav – But why this news didn’t came to media…
Arjun -as because Royals are too conscious.. You can count yourself and they made her like Royal.. funeral.. But no relative came as we just say no one was there for her but Swara has done half funeral part.. And then she came next to Mumbai!!
Sanskar said utterly disbelief -Whatt!! She had done funeral of Rajput family..
Arjun -yeah.. Guess another blast that swaragini palace was under the Names of Swara..
Arnav and Sanskar glasses fell from there hands.. Crashing into pieces.. Looking Arjun with shocked and numb state!!!

Arjun -What!! I was also can’t believe that Swara met her once and she done her funeral and above all these that palace was under her name then I get to more details and I came to know that palace belongs to Swara Rajput.. But I just didn’t understand Swara Malik to Rajput!!??? And when I asked older butler of that family.. He said me that Swara don’t know but Rajput family was the only family who killed Swara’s Dadaji.. I mean King Chandra Shekhar Malik and the Mrs Meera Singh Rajput was the only one but Swara don’t know about this!!

Arnav boiling in anger – How could she gone there!!!
Sanskar – don’t… It will make her more abandoned!!

Arjun – that’s it now Arnav Singh Raizada can you say… Something.. I just know that lady was murderer of Swara’s Dadaji…
Arnav – Yes it’s true I came to know about it long back when I was leaving with my Nani Devyani Raizada…. But didn’t get why none have make her behind the bars.. I was just 11years that time but I know what killing means.. Swara was attached with Dada ji to much more than anyone and she was just..
Sanskar whisper – 6years..she had cried alot and suddenly she didn’t say anything so..
Arnav look him much surprise – How do you know this!!!
Sanskar smile sadly – because I had already told you that I know her last twenty years..
Arjun – Arnav continue..

Arnav – as he said she was gone in trauma so she was sent somewhere.. By Raina maa.. I didn’t saw her more than three years then.. My mom and dad were died in accident planned by Omkar Malik and after in guilt or what Omkar Malik and Raina Malik Sucide.. Shoot themselves.. And then my Nani take me from there but that Swara had just came before one month she was 9years ..that was the last time I saw her.. And I don’t know why now she is bothering for Dada ji death…
Sanskar – She is not bothering for Chandra Shekhar Malik.. But for her own life… You know where she was sent for that three years.. To the hell Rajput palace or you should say “Swaragini palace ” there she was struggling for her survival.. She was locked in dark room.. Gets the food for once.. Even.. That blo*dy Siddharth Singh Rajput hitted her with belt…

Arnav and Arjun was in tears and looking at him with horrible expression… They were frozen at their places..

Sanskar – I was there that time it was first I saw her when that **********er was beating her soft skin with belt… She was unconscious ….I wanted to stop him so I gone to my dad and make him come with me when he saw this he just simply said not to interfere my blood was boiling with rage I was disgusted with my dad.. Then I ran to my mom and my mom dared to stop that bastard.. But instead of that he tried to harm my mom and my dad was looking at us with statue Swara was uncounsios… He pushed away my mom and lastly my dad take away my mom from there I was looking at this… I bited my dad hand and run towards Swara and… She came into conscious.. When that bastard was about to hit me vase.. (after a few seconds of silence) Swara pushed me with her small hands and taken my fate… For the first time I realized that no one was there nor my dad nor my mom… To protect me that angel was there “Swara ” she was the Savior… I tried to protect her but she… And next moment she was lying in blood of pool…

I was blank.. My mom was begging to save her from that Siddharth Singh Rajput who was in drunken state.. Lastly.. One servant came running there and taken her from there I was following her my eyes was not leaving her.. But again my dad grabbed me and said to take leave from there… I was reluctant.. But he forcefully taken me and mom… Next flight we gone back to Mumbai from Jaipur.. But her face was not gone from my eyes.. I reached home but didn’t say anything.. Khushi was trying but I was silently shattered at one corner then my mom called me… And said she and dad are going to Lucknow for some work.. But next what I listen was my Mom and Dad died in accident.. But I was not crying.. I was only sad for my mom.. Then police officer was talking with our care taker in that talk Khushi and I came to know it was planning which was made by Omkar Malik.. Khushi was boiling in anger but I was just thinking about her.. We send to orphanage and then I come to gadodia mansion.. But I was just thinking about Swara..

And that was the time I started to knowing about everyday I just started to start searching for her and my first stage was that Siddharth Singh Rajput and with the help of some school trip I gone there… I learn about her from that servants who take her to the hospital…. First time I came to know that she is Swara Malik.. And her family.. After that knowing she is daughter of Omkar Malik.. That was just blast for me.. And that was the and today I dig every damm things about her…
Arnav and Arjun eyes was moist same as Sanskar they three man are strong personality.. But today..
Arjun clearing up the throat – I was saying.. That sanskar.. What was your parents were doing there..
Sanskar wiping his tears – they were gone for projects of Lucknow construction site..
Arnav – How could Raina maa sent Swara there..
Sanskar – even I also wanted to know.. I also wanted to know that why treated like trash.. And you know what was the answer your so called Dadaji because of there death Swara was sent to that he’ll!!! I hate that man…

Arnav- if Swara came to know about all this she will be shattered..
” I know this Arnav bhai “said Swara looking at them..
Swara move inside seeing dumbfounded expression of the three..
Swara – Let me make you three clear I am not here for knowing the mystery of Chandra Shekhar Malik.. I am here for my life.. And Arnav bhai you still don’t know many things why don’t you ask your dear dadii.. “HISTORY OF ROYAL FAMILY ” and Mr Kundra.. Stop interrupting in my life.. And Arjun this is for you too.. F
Giving deadly glare to three of them she left from there…
Arjun – What was that!! If she is not here for this then!!

Sanskar took a deep breath and said – Swara Malik wanted to know about her real parents
Arnav – and for this only dadii can tell her..
Arjun – Whatt!! But now you two..
Arnav – I just said half truth because I saw Swara standing there.. When I was coming dadii had just say this to me that she should never came to know about her real parents which I don’t know.. I was my self in biggest shocked..

Sanskar – even I get to know when my man find out file in her office about every detail of royal family and her birth certificate… Whatever it is… Mrs Anuradha Malik know something which make terrible in her life.. And this is what I don’t want!!

……………………………………………………Maheshwari mansion ………
Annapurna serve dinner to Durga Prasad and Aadarsh… Where as Roshani was silently looking at food in her plate..
Ragini who came there look at her family.. And moved towards her sister in law..
Ragini -Roshani I am sorry.. I just..
Roshani took a deep breath – Dad..
Dp look at her..
Roshani – I want divorce from Aadarsh.. Can you give this to me..
Ap -Roshani!!!
Ragini taken aback.. Dp was observing Aadarsh who was calm…
Dp -Ragini come and have dinner..

Ragini look at her Dad in disbelief.. -dad what are you saying… Here Roshani wanted to divorce bhai and you…
Dp – Ragini I ask you something… Said in loud voice..
Ragini silently take her seat.. Ap also settled beside Ragini..
Dp – Aadarsh and Roshani I want reason.. Am I have that much right or not??
Aadarsh – Dad..
Roshani – Dad this marriage have nothing to do.. Now our trust broken for each other..
Aadarsh – I agree with Roshani whatever happens.. In all these we should have trusted each other but..

Ragini – bhai..
Aadarsh – Ragini let me say it is not because of your prank.. On Roshani before your prank on the same I and Roshani have got into fight.. Roshani told me everything about Sanskar real identity and he is taking her help so that we came to know who is betrayed in our bussiness… I was happy but in all these we came to know that in our marriage we have everything but not believe.. That’s end..
Roshani – I will talk to Arjun.. And.. Then..
Dp – Ap you want to say something..

Ap – whatever these kids wants they can do and inform Sharmistha and Shekhar bhaisaab..
Dp nodded..
Ragini had enough of these nonsense.. Where as Khushi and Aarohi who was listening all these was in anger too..
Aarohi shouted -What the hell bhai and Bhabhi!! Divorce!!

Khushi said in anger -marriage is not game that you two are taking.. And mom dad you both are didn’t say anything !!!
Aarohi comes to Roshani and said – What trust Roshani!! You know Roshani trust is not only thing we should think about another person circumstances.. If you hide something with bhai he will worry for you and about all these bussiness thing you have done for bhai for our family we two have agreed for all these so that our family can be happy but here you both are breaking your heart relation …trust can be made again …love can do anything.. If bhai have distrust you then you should make him understand you both love each other from ten years.. And now this.. (turned to Aadarsh) and bhai if Roshani didn’t tell you something then you have to wait.. Until she comes to you by herself in relation along with trust there is patience, adjustment, most important love.. Bhai Bhabhi this life is small don’t waste it like this.. Think about your all these years.. Your love your waiting..

Khushi – and about hiding anything.. Roshani has just done the duty of daughter and your wife of both houses with the help of Sanskar.. It doesn’t mean she hates you.. We all know there are differences between Gagdodia’s and Maheshwari construction bussiness but in all we should not hurt our love relationship.. Like mistakes of throne that doesn’t mean you give punishment to Rose petals!!! And Roshani you should understand that bhai was in dellimma because in all these years he also know that you are his bussiness rivals!!! So you should understand about his situation!!
After some time of silence…
“Then What you both are doing Aarohi and Khushi “said Laksh coming inside looking both of them..
Laksh comes infront of them and said -What you both are doing!!
Dp – Khushi and Aarohi just think about your words.. And understood..saying this Dp left them with Ap..
Khushi said in low voice -What you mean!!

Ragini -What are you doing with ASR!!
Khushi was now in anger..
Roshani -don’t be angry Khushi.. Why are you doing punishable to ASR when mistakes was of Malik family elder….
Aadarsh – think Khushi you told all of us that Omkar Malik kill your parents.. But what was ASR mistake in this…
Laksh -forgodsake Khushi Arnav was of same age as we are like us he also don’t know about anything about murder and the person who destroyed your family was no more!!!
Khushi started leaving when Ragini hold her hand and said – don’t punish ASR Khushi even he never use Malik name.. Here you are standing alive after knowing the fact that you tried to kill him.. I know ASR from years Khushi he never leaves his enemies who tried to scratch him and you!! Tried to kill why!! Because his family kill your.. You think Khushi he have no more family even you got Mom and Dad.. But he only have his Sister who is in anger with him and his dadii nothing else.
Khushi eyes was moist…

Roshani – look Khushi we are not taking any divorce.. It was just drama to tell you your mistakes.. Just ask forgiveness.. From ASR..
Khushi said – that laad governer only knows to give order…
Aarohi, Laksh, Roshani, Aadarsh ,Ragini -laad Governer!!!!!
Khushi smile – your ASR urf Arnav Singh Raizada… Devi mayya.. Now I have to think to ask forgiveness from him!!!

Laksh eyes was moist Ragini hold where Aadarsh was hugging Roshani and Aarohi was looking at Khushi.. All thinking there “old bubbly, chirpy, nuohty ,Khushi is back “‘
Laksh turning to Aarohi – and you I have to give lecture like this Sanka Devi (get smack from Khushi) oouch!!! I mean Khushi or you got it that you have to get Arjun Gadodia back…
Aarohi -if I have this drama company then I will get that lawyer back…
Aadarsh – four tickets for luckknow!!!
Ragini – four???
Aadarsh – Well I am interested in going with my wife (hugging Roshani) to our second huneymoon!!! To Malaysia…

Khushi teasing – Oho honey and moon.. But bhai (innocently) we have honey in our kitchen has kept it and moon.. It will be there on sky in night wait for it!!!
Aadarsh was looking at her in disbelief.. While all started laughing..

Aadarsh in fake anger -Khushi ki bachi!!! Rukh!! Stop there..
Khushi teasing – catch me if you can bhai!!
Khushi started running while Aadarsh was chasing her other were enjoying them and helping Khushi.. All these was looking by Annapurna and Durga Prasad Maheshwari with smile at their place…
Ap – Swara Malik is charm..
Dp – Well Malik always have extra ordinary mind.. I should call her if she didn’t tell me about Khushi revenge and Aarohi preganacy and her leaving India then we have lost our family… Only her idea was behind all these.. She owns us..
Ap- yeah she is!!!

Swara wake up from her bed looking at her surrounding ..checking up her mobile she gets three voice message..
Voice message of Annapurna Maheshwari..
“‘thank you Swara because of you we get back our family (before her message move forward Swara delete the message)
Voice message of Laksh
“‘I know you were busy in your New deal but let me tell you I, Ragini, Khushi and Aarohi are coming to Lucknow to stay with you Swara “‘
Voice Message of “her men “‘

“‘Mam we got it… It’s shimla “‘
Swara took a deep breath and whisper – shimla!! ….she silently taking her tracksuit moved out for jogging..


Credit to: Aryna

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