It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 13


Sanskar was waiting for Swara outside the airport with his luggage.. Smirking.
Flashback.. Before four hours on phone
Sanskar had call Swara within a second she accepted the call..
Swara barked – What!!!
Sanskar smile devilishly – Well Miss Malik calm down.. You are busy..
Swara – speak up bastard for what you call after discussing about me with Mr Raizada and Arjun..
Sanskar – my my.. You are sounding so terrible.. I will be burnt if your voice has that power but don’t have..
Swara – look Mr Kundra.. Come to point..
Sanskar – I am coming with you to Lucknow..
Swara – and why did you thought I will say yes.. Not in your wild dream..
Sanskar – I know but you are not lucky that come to Sanskar dream..
Swara – and don’t wanted to be lucky to come to in any dreams of womanizer!!
Sanskar – book my tickets with you!!
Swara – low your tone Mr Kundra!! And don’t you dare to order me..
Sanskar – if you don’t want me to leak information to Mrs Anuradha Malik about your main purpose coming for India then..
Swara close her eyes in anger – come airport at 3pm …call dissconnected..
Sanskar smile..
Flashback ends..
Sanskar looking at watch move his eyes around… Just BMW halted in front of his SUV… Khushi come out with her luggage.
Sanskar ignore her.. His eyes was looking for only one person… Just then another car came Laksh come out checking his mobile.. And then white Mercedes Benz came Aman come out taking luggage of his and ASR …..after settling all look at each other.. Waiting for only one person..
Anuradha Malik was looking at files in study room when she heard knock..
Anuradha Malik – come in..
Swara come inside look at her dadii with questions look but didn’t say a word..
Dadii – Swara you came… Mehra file I get it.. That deal is good I have gone through yet you can see.. And I have talked with Arnav we can merge with his company and it will be very profitable..
Swara nodded and said – Dadii I am going out for some day..
Dadii – OK fine but when you free then look for merged and I am thinking to settle in India as Arnav.. Will be here only..
Swara – OK dadii..
Just then Anuradha Malik get the call..
On phone..
Dadii – yes Arnav..
On the other side Arnav was in airport.
Arnav – dadii I am going out for some.. Days.. It’s important work.. Don’t tense
Dadii – what.. You also.. OK take care don’t stretch too much..
Arnav – Swara is going with me..
Dadii look at Swara -OK you take care and have meds..
Call ended..
Dadii – Swara just see Arnav have his meds for diabetes..
Swara took a deep breath and said – take care Mrs Anuradha Malik… Saying this she left leaving shattering and shocked dadii…
Anuradha Malik stood up on her place tears were forming in her eyes.. She call Arnav again but it was switch off..
Anuradha Malik – what was that… No it can’t be.. She came to know… How.. No.. I have to call Arnav and leave this place with Swara before she came to know anything but no no… Is it not possible I have to stop her saying this she comes out of mansion asking about Swara but she already left…..And Now Anuradha Malik only whispered “I lost her today “she fainted on the ground
Swara come to airport all look at her but she didn’t give damm to anyone she moved towards Khushi and ask – Khushi you go and be in Shantivan.. You have to make deal with Mehra company as my absence..
Khushi – but I was coming..
Swara said curtly – don’t cut off my words just do what I said and I want whole report.. Mail me and go with driver..
Khushi was taken aback with her surprise tone…..
Khushi nodded and moved towards car
Arnav look this and surprise with Swara tone which was different with Khushi..
Just then Aman gets the call..
Aman – ASR …dadii fainted..
Swara heard this stopped on the track Laksh listen this and come to Arnav..
Arnav – What!!
Aman – we have to go..
Arnav was in shocked state..
Laksh – lets go.. I have gone through her report her Bp will be low.. We should move fast..
Arnav look at Swara – Swara let’s go.. Said holding her hand..
Swara look at Sanskar – We are getting late for flight.. Saying this she jerk off Arnav hand moved inside the Airport.. Leaving shattering and dumbfounded Arnav Singh Raizada…
Sanskar look at the scene and said – doctor take ASR to mansion..
Sanskar also left from there..
Laksh know something wrong happened but he have to take action… – Arnav let’s move.. Dadii..
Arnav look at retreating figure of Swara and angry said – We should move …lets go..
Flight boarded…
Swara and Sanskar was sitting beside each other.. Silently…
Swara closing her eyes said – You know everything about me… More than me..
Sanskar look at her face and smile said – Yes…..your eyes are open book of your life.. And I can say you have still not confront Mrs Malik..
Swara open her eyes and wipe tears and said – Why are you with me.. How much you know.. I am tired of this life.. I am tired of being strong woman.. And I know whatever the truth is will break me down completely… I will be this much shattered that never able to move out from this piercing darkness…
Sanskar- I know… That’s I am still saying take defeat. will not able to survive after knowing truth.. You can back off.. Miss Malik..
Swara said in determined tone – No!!.. In all these years I was leaving a lie.. It is not my life…. I will get to know whole truth… After that I will see I have to live or die..
Sanskar take her hand and squeeze tightly said looking in her eyes with rage – Don’t You Dare to say anything about Death… Between you and that f**k death I will always be there… You will always find Sanskar there…
Swara – Why!!!! You don’t have any relationship with me not of lust not desire not of hated not friendship.. You are nothing to me as I am nothing to you then why!!!
Sanskar – Yes You are nothing to me.. But You are one whom make me Human from beast that’s it… Nothing much.. Once you have safes my life like Savior and now I will be there for you… As Protector..
Swara – when..
Sanskar – time will tell you.. You should rest Miss Malik..
Swara look at her hand and his and said – You are beast. Saying this she closed her eyes… With little smile…
Sanskar tried to take his hand but it was tangled with Swara.. He smiles and said – you are devil… Saying he closed his eyes squeeze his hand in her more..
Arnav was pacing outside the room of Anuradha Malik where Laksh was checking her with another doctor… Khushi, Aman was there.. Aman get the call so move out from there…
Khushi look at him.. Where Arnav was just hell worried..
Khushi goes to him and held his hand and take him in her embrace… Arnav immediately hugs her tightly..
Laksh comes out looking at scene clear his throat..
They broke the hug..
ASR – dadii??
Laksh smile – She is fine just stressed.. Nothing else.. You can meet her..
Arnav move inside.. Leaving Khushi and Laksh..
Laksh – You like him!!??
Khushi – I am worried for Swara.. And about him I still hate him.. More than anything today I just hug him because I know what is the feeling of being in this state..
Laksh – I am also still hate you..
Khushi -I know.. I don’t deserve happiness.. Like my name..
Laksh – Why can’t you forget everything..
Khushi – I can’t.. I should leave..
Laksh – I will drop you.
Khushi whisper “you already dis my friend “saying this she left.
Laksh look at his best friend and a lone tears come out his eye… -I am just angry on you….if you have told your pain..
Anuradha Malik was looking at ceiling.. Without any expression..
Arnav sat beside her.. Before he could say anything he heard his dadii painful voice.
Dadii -“”I lost her forever “‘
Arnav was dumbfounded.. – What are you saying dadii..
Dadii with teary eyes – Arnav I have lost my Swara.. Today I lost Swara Malik.. Everything is finished..
Arnav didn’t understand about anything what his dadii is saying and on the other side he was burning in anger because of Swara behavior..
Dadii – She is now hate me.. More than anything..
Arnav – calm down.. Dadii and Swara is fine she has gone for one deal she will be back in next three days..
Dadii remain silent..
Arnav – What’s wrong dadii…
Dadii – go and get my granddaughter Swara Malik back with you in any case I lost her I will be dead… Just go Arnav Malik!!!
Arnav was shocked looking at her dadii.. But then nodded without saying anything.. He near the door just then
Dadii – Arnav. …take Arjun with you and get her before she find out anything.. And if you failed then be ready to burn my body in next second..
Arnav Singh Raizada was looking at her dadii with blank expression and he just bang the door with anger and call Aman to prepare chopper for Lucknow..

PRECAP – A WORLD OF MYSTERY – SHEESHMAHAL… said Sanskar with anger

Credit to: Aryna

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