it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 11

Arjun Gadodia was sitting in his new cabin which adjacent to Aarohi cabin looking at her with hatred eyes ready for his hunt… With pleasure..
Arjun on call – I am in AR office…. Come in 10minutes ….

Aarohi was doing some design when her intercom ring
Aarohi – Yes
Arjun – come to my cabin Miss Khurana!! Barked at her…

Aarohi gulped hard composing herself she moved towards Arjun cabin..
Knock knock..
Aarohi – What Arjun??
Arjun – it’s Sir Miss Khurana.. Go to store room and bring some legal file and also bring coffee for my girlfriend in five minutes.. (ordered her with hatred eyes)
Aarohi look at him thinking the word “girlfriend “!!
Arjun – Am I clear!!!
Aarohi – yes Arj I mean Sir.. She left to the storeroom
Aarohi was coming back with files and coffee when she bump someone and whole coffee pour on another person..
“What blo*dy hell you have done with my dress “shouted Maya (role play by Sukriti) Arjun secretary…
Aarohi – I am sorry it’s just accident..
Maya – So it’s accidentally you did.. Why you are blind or what…
Aarohi shouted – excuse me Miss blind I am human being not god who can’t be in mistake and who the hell are you to shout on me…

‘”My Girlfriend Maya Kapoor “‘..Aarohi and Maya look at Arjun with shocked..
Arjun smirk and comes to Maya pulled her with waist possessively look at Aarohi eyes …..
Arjun – Morning darling ( miss you (saying this he kissed on her cheeks)
Maya was in shocked state… With her boss behavior..
Aarohi look down completely broken tears were forming in her eyes..
Arjun – you can’t do one work Miss Khurana…
Aarohi – Sorry sir..
Arjun – cut the crap… Now clean my Maya dress.. Now..
Aarohi – What!!
Arjun – I don’t repeat Miss Khurana..

Whole office staff was looking at the scene… ASR standing upstairs enjoying the scene… Where as Ragini was at entrance giving smirks..
Khushi who came there look at everyone then her eyes fall on Aarohi who was about to on Maya feet…
Khushi shouted – Stop Aarohi!!!
Khushi moved towards her..
Khushi -are you lost it what are you doing (turning to Maya) What happened.. It’s just a accident don’t make a scene Maya we are not in Venice!!
Arjun – Who the hell are you to stop her Mahi Kundra /Khushi Maheshwari.. Which names suits you more.. Or betrayal!
Khushi was taken aback Aarohi look at him with blank expression..
ASR also comes downstairs.. Looking at Khushi with smirk..
Khushi -How..
ASR – that’s interesting your Sanskar didn’t told you…
Khushi – I should leave..
ASR – not good Khushi… Oops Mahi right.. What the f**k do you think of yourself dammit!!! How dare you to stabbed back at Swara.. Me.. How dare.. You know what you are not supposed to be here…
Khushi was shocked looking at everyone
Aarohi was just looking down…

Arjun should -officer!!!
Police officer and some females constables came inside..
ASR – officer you got the complaints right… These are the women who leak information of Malik and Raizada industry…
Police officer look both of them…and nodded..
Khushi look at ASR – What you think I will beg you never I would like to go to jail…
ASR comes near her and whisper -“and in few hours your bathroom s*xy pics would be on international news channel.. “‘
Khushi was horrible expression – What!! No you don’t..
ASR -I will.. You know you are right for you jail will be easy then me… (turning to one employee) give that file…
Employees silently goes and give the file..
ASR – just sign it..
Khushi – What are these papers..
Arjun comes to her – you should trust your would be husband… Khushi!!
Khushi was numb.. – what are you saying.. Husband…
ASR – legal paper of court marriage..
Khushi was dumbfounded… Aarohi was not reacting anything.. Ragini was now fully enjoying the whole scene…
ASR – What happened Khushi Kundra or Mahi Kundra…. Let me make it easier my would be wife Mr’s Khushi Arnav Singh Raizada…
Khushi shook her head in negativity and look at her mobile.. She call sanskar..
Everyone looking at with pity..

Khushi on phone – Sanskar…
On the other side sanskar listen her voice and can guess what would be happen.. After Aman is in jail…and Roshani is in hospital because of trauma.. Can easily guess that it’s Khushi time..
Sanskar – yeah Khushi..
Khushi pleading – please come to AR office… Please…
Sanskar – coming!!!
Call ended..
Khushi look at officer – just wait for some time… My fiance is coming!!
ASR clutch the file tightly in his fist..

One woman constable look at Aarohi keenly.. And said – you (Aarohi) were in Jaipur village before three months!!

Aarohi stammered – no no.. I never gone to village… Officer if you don’t mind can I get my things and talk to my lawyer..
Officer nodded
Aarohi walk away from there. ….Arjun look at her and doubt something..

Sanskar in few minutes come to AR office.. Look at scene then moved to Khushi..
Sanskar – What happened??
Khushi tears flowed from her eyes and whispered – this Arnav Singh raizada is blackmailing me on my bathroom pics.. And in exchange wanting to marry me.. And also these police officer.
Sanskar nodded and look at ASR.. And then Arjun. …..
Sanskar took a deep breath and said – Officer.. My sister Mahi.. I mean Khushi Maheshwari mental stability is not good she’s suffering from shock and these are proof… (handing the files to officer)
Khushi look at him with horrible expression.. She was in shocked state..
Arnav, Arjun, Maya, Ragini looking at him shockingly…..
Officer – OK Mr Kundra.. As per her mental health is not good and she thinks that she’s in some revenge.. So we are leaving her and make sure she will be treated..
Sanskar – offcource officer..
Police – and Aarohi Khurana you have to come with us!!

Aarohi nodded.. But Arjun hold her hand and said – officer I am taking back our complaints against her…
Aarohi look at him amused..
Police left from there but that lady constable was there.. And ask to Aarohi – you are same girl who got raped in that Jaipur village with that man!!! And his friends… You know now they are dead someone kill them very brutly!! God bless you my child that you are OK now… Saying this she left from there..
Arjun was numb… Aarohi look down. Didn’t dare to say anything.. ASR was now hell angry At the things… Khushi didn’t understand what to say.. Ragini was now looking at her both sisters with shattered…
Swara who came there only look at Sanskar where Sanskar was now looking at her.. But didn’t move their gaze…. From each other.
ASR shouted – everybody get back to work!!!
Everyone come out of their shock…
ASR – I want you all in conference room even you Mr Yuvaraj Sanskar Kundra..
Sanskar smile – With pleasure ASR..

Swara look at them and then turned to Arjun and ask I am going to Lucknow.. You are coming!!???
Sanskar clench his fist tightly…. In anger..
Arjun – but why Lucknow!!
Swara -I am not here for permanent settlement… I have to clear deal with Mr Raizada. And move back to Venice… Very people having problem with me.. (gazing at sanskar)
Swara moves towards the entrance when she heard her brother roaring..
ASR – don’t you dare Swara… Come to conferences room right now!!

Sanskar settled down at conference room looking everyone colorless faces but his gaze was only one person Swara Malik.. Thinking.. Not bad she’s looking good in formal dress.. But it’s fitting on her skin.. Why the hell she’s wearing these types of dress which are showing her curves.. Is she forgotten that she is woman!! Mid length wavy hair, beautiful eyes, least make-up, s*xy lips, slim waist, perfect cups, long legs, charming smile….but his broken by.. ASR anger and he came beck to earth…
ASR – I would like to know what was all that!!

Khushi – Sanskar how could.. When I became your sister and mental health..
Sanskar smile – you were now my sister as ASR is going to be your husband.. And you know your badi mom didn’t say that it is her last wish that she wanted you and me married… You were my dad friends daughter we given you shelter not my life… And it was just infacution.. That’s all and about revenge part then it was you who leak the details of Malik industrial.. I didn’t ask you… And about people who were in Malik industrial were just gone to check about company so that I can deal with them..!!
Khushi thud on chair.. ASR was looking at him with interest now.. And smirk..
Arjun – What about dad company ex brother!!
Sanskar – simple.. In shekhar dad company it was Maheshwari who were leaking the information.. I just asked Roshani Di to go through some files as Dp uncle.. Manager is doing all these so I have to send my people to Maheshwari and gadodia construction.. Not to destroy them and all these Aarohi knew but when Khushi came back to India and started transferring files of Ar office.. Aman informed me and I ask Aarohi to look at every activity of Khushi.. Well Asr Aman Mathur is My old friend and secretary but he left the job because he took you as a role model!! That’s it any things else…
Swara shook her head and said – Mr Raizada I would like to leave!!
Just then Arjun gets the call.. And after ending the call the call he just hugged Swara tightly…
Swara – hey What??

Arjun – what happened to your penthouse…
Sanskar – in her penthouse there was drugs kept and CBI gets to know so I destroyed her penthouse… It was done by my sweet new little sister.. Khushi!!
Khushi was now just didn’t look at anyone..
Swara – Khushi get the Mehra file from dadii and I have address you my new penthouse.. So collect my travel bag and your.. We have to leave in an hour..
Khushi -Swara.. I..
Swara – you know.. Just let’s go..
Khushi just nodded…
Where everyone in conference room looking at Swara with wide eyes and open mouth…
Arnav – are you lost it Swara.. She tried to kill you and you!!! She even tried to kill me…
Swara – but now she is OK!! I should leave Mr Raizada.. Have fun..
Swara moves from but stopped at door and turned to Sanskar.. Then left.. With Khushi ….
Arjun looks at Aarohi and Maya – will you both go to my cabin and make schedule and further cases file… I want it in my cabin.. Go !!
Aarohi didn’t say anything just move from there… And Maya too..
Arnav -Ragini you should inform Dr Laksh about all this and go back for Photoshoot..
Ragini nodded and look at sanskar -thanks..

Sanskar winked …and said -say hii to doctor!!
Ragini left from there..
Now only Arnav, Arjun and Sanskar was there…

Sanskar said seriously – take Miss Malik from here..
Arjun – well before that I would like to listen your success story.. My ex brother..
Sanskar -don’t create a mess Arjun.. Swara Malik is not for ASR.. And this thing you both.. Know!! But you all don’t know the real reason..
ASR -What the!! Stop ordering me and about Swara.. I know something is totally wrong about her and if you know that why she’s here then tell us we are waiting!!
Arjun – I would also like to listen why she came here!! Because according to me she’s here for dadii, Arnav and their safety!!
Sanskar – it is her second reason..
ASR – so what is the first reason!!

Sanskar uttered – Siddharth Singh Rajput…
Arjun and Arnav stood up on their places with numb.. Expressionless face.. No words were coming from there mouth..

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