it’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) episode 10

Swara – this the video clip of your Musical theatre Mr Raizada where Sanskar and Khushi romansing with each other before one hour where you all are biting each other for this bullshit!!!
ASR was now in hell anger looking at the clip his hand was holding water glass with so much tightly that in second it broken into pieces he was hurt beyond the repair his eyes was red in pain but in next second in rage pieces of broken glass was in his hand dripping the blood in white marble carpet.. But he clench that hand fist very tightly he was not feeling any pain there his pain was in his heart… His heart was bleeding ….he was hurt and now this is his payback time he will make sure… And just he whispered one name “‘KHUSHI “‘

Arjun was looking at the screen with disguised, hate for Sanskar…..the person for whom he get slapped from his dad the person for whom he always make protection between his dad and him… This much betrayal after this much years of love, affection… What he did.. Just betrayed him.. For whom he hate his Mom… Because of him he didn’t talk to her from past six years… He was in pain.. A betrayal.. This much betrayal from his love ones was beyond the hell.. His brother betrayed him… His love betrayed him and then the person whom his brother hugging.. Khushi.. The only girl..because of her he was away from his family.. Because of her his family gets ashamed of him because of her he have to lie his dad for the first time that the mistake was his just to safe her dignity because of her hated his blood brother Laksh… Had betrayed him in all these years he always felt her like friends she was not less than sister for him… Before six years of fiasco… He grew up a protective instincts for her as a brother and what she did betrayed… And then his love who was equally responsible for the damage of his heart and his dad bussiness… That woman who was particularly destroying his dad bussiness with the help of his brother no that blo*dy bastard sanskar… And then his elder sister.. Roshani di.. She was destroying the bussiness of her own dad and her husband.. How could she… He was hurt beyond the damage…. He punched his hand on wall making himself hurt beyond the repairs… And this time is for payback… For sure…

Laksh was halted with thud on couch looking at the scene with painful eyes in all these years he never showed any care for sanskar but deep inside he loves his brother.. What ever problem was he always feel that he was not any stranger just his brother… But what he had done… He was right that any orphan child are just crave for money… This person was destroying his dad bussiness and… Now Laksh was mad on himself.. Why he trusts this bastard for once… He always knows he was not worth of it of any affection his Mom was absolutely right this road side people just like chameleon.. Know very well how to show their real and reel color on time and now he was hurt beyond the level… And his sister.. His bestie sister.. Was also destroying his dad his own dad just for money how could she… The person who raises her from childhood… She was betraying for just money… Then Khushi… Because of her he was furious with Arjun… Because of her.. He tried to kill RAGINI… What he got betrayal …a pure betrayal…..because of her… He tried to harm in all these six years he never care for Ragini…. He was hell angry on her he always possisive for her as best friend.. And what she did… Break his trust in to pieces… This easily… And then Aarohi ….the girl whom he spent so much time as a friend.. Or say best friends… Because of her words he tried to harm Ragini… He always trust her blindly and what he got betrayal the four person whom his heart have special place was now nowhere in his heart he was hurt and this can’t be change no one can repair this damage and it’s payback time for the betrayal… Yes it’s revenge!!!! Wiping his two drops tear… From his eyes..

Ragini always knew that Khushi was not any simple girl his six sense always told her but this much huge revenge was planning against her family by those people who she knows from years… Sanskar her bestie the one who saved.. Was the only one destroying her dad.. Her sister in law Roshani who she always thought as a elder sister was destroying her dad and her elder brother.. Her Bhai betraying him with Aaarohi.. My sister just for money and Aarohi she played with me, Laksh and Arjun… And Khushi because of her I was all alone… My family my Bhai was never forgive me because of her.. Because of her she was far away from Laksh… And sanskar whom she trusts as a best friend as support.. Just break her trust with this ease.. She hate them… She hate …and now payback time has come for her all wounds of heart… She will take her revenge.. For playing with her… Her dad.. Her Bhai… Her love… Her mom… Her best friend….she will.. Thinking with fire determined expression Ragini tight her hold on the file.. With red blood eyes with tears…but she wiped them.. Only revenge and determination was now…

Swara look at their faces and now she knows they don’t have any patience and she doesn’t have to involve in this matter now because looking at their reaction she can easily guess that they will handle it by their way and now she is nowhere to stop them then she turned her face to the screen looking at hugging sanskar and Khushi……she was just thinking “‘Why “‘ it was not just for money or ego when she clear listen that their families had destroyed….. Kundra family.. But for what reason she didn’t know and she never listen any Kundra name from dadii….. Because her dadii told her every shades of Malik emperor.. Then.. Thinking all this her gaze goes on Sanskar’s eyes in TV screen… Swara look at that eyes ……for some time.. And whisper in daze – something is wrong with this person.. He was totally like me… He is wild.. He has dark shadows.. He is hurt just like me something is wrong too much wrong his eyes was just dark they are not showing any emotion like her when… (she gasped and shocked )..when she knows that there is someone in infront of her trying to read or get some gestures from eyes so when she deals with any type of that person she turned her eyes with no emotion… And Khushi is not that much sensible or sharp to read that type of emotions of eyes… So for whom …..for whom he tried to not show his eyes emotional gaze…. Oh f**k!!!!!!! He was not showing infront of me… This is a clear trap… Or just say open challenges…. That he is not cowards who fight on back like her… This is a message for her that there is a real rivalry between them… And it’s open… (Swara smirk..) So you are challenging me Sanskar.. You bastard… But Swara Malik is ready ..and we will see who is going to survive… I am here and you also… I love this game this revenge games…

Listening this Arnav, Arjun, Laksh and Ragini was looking at her with shocked and dumbfounded expression.. And there look was just screaming “‘What was that “‘
Swara turned towasrds them with smirk and looking at their expression – When you all were leaving shut the door very gentle… Saying this she moved forward to her bedroom.. For her sleep..

Ragini – what is she? What was she saying???? Is she alright!!!
Laksh – I also thinking same.. What was her means…

Arjun who understands that statement look at Arnav and Arnav was also looking at him giving same gesture.
Arjun – Sanskar know that we all know now that it was all his plan..
Laksh and Ragini -Whattt!!!!
Arnav – dammit!!! He is challenging US… And Swara get to know… This… Is going to be very painful for you Yuvaraj Sanskar Kundra… And you will see that ASR whom your skin will scared..
Arjun smirk – he wanted to play right then bring it on because I am very worst player in name this dirty games he don’t know whom he is provoking…
Laksh – I am getting it now that this was just a message for us that revenge is on… And this message was so much smarty presents that we think it as warning message… He is damm Oscar winner but not for so long time!!!
Ragini – but in all these Khushi like don’t know that.. But whatever I am not going to leave any one of them..
Arnav greething his teeth – just hunt the prey which comes in your way!!
Arjun – and make that hunt this much worse that next scare to death…
Ragini – let’s move.. I think we got our sweetest good night.. Here..

“SR.. Miss Malik got the files and video footage of music theatre before three hours.. But no action from her side “‘said Aman Mathur (ASR pa) the one of trusted man of Sanskar.. Working under him but for world he is ASR pa…
Sanskar who running on treadmill on full speed listening the news he stopped the treadmill and take the towel wiping his sweats look at Aman with smirk said – just go..
Aman nodded and moved from the one of biggest farmhouse of Sanskar Kundra at outskirts of Mumbai…
Sanskar move towards the garden and look at stars… With smirk – so you got it Swara Malik.. My precious message for you… Now it will be fun to much.. (then turned at his farmhouse ) so much years I have wasted just to build this empire the name Kundra.. I got everything which I possess… Except one thing your defeat Swara Malik..
On the other penthouse
Swara look at stars from her terrace.. – I don’t know what revenge you are taking.. But one thing I never defeat from anyone.. I have built this Malik empire.. And no one can break it no one..!! And Sanskar Kundra.. I am others name of destruction “Swara Malik ‘….

PRECAP -second fight and first hunt!!!

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