It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) “intro “


Guy’s it’s long time I am back with my next ff as per your demand season 2 new suspense new thrill new love but a revenge I am so happy finally I am back with my second ff I am so for taking break for so long…

Character sketches..

Sanskar Gadodia – a handsome hunk and a playboy but not rich so live with girl’s money.. He is Arrogant on his charm and don’t care about the Society his everything starts from money and ends with Money… Adopted son of Gadodias

Laksh Gadodia – a handsome hunk and a big flirt but love his Mom and Dad care about Sanskar but not like brotherly just because of his Promise made by someone.. He is Doctor.. Having a biggest hospital for heart surgery in India… Don’t fascinate money but loves his career as his life..

Shekhar Gadodia – a Big buissness Man owner of Gadodias Construction loves his both son sanskar and Laksh but never showed as his own purposes he never helped them finiancialy.. If they wanted anything they have to work for their own.. He is satisfied by Laksh success but always has tension with Sanskar.. He is strict for his sons but also can die for them if they were in any problem he helped them without knowing them…

Sharmistha Gadodia- a bussiness woman Owner of Interior design company which is India’s best interior designing company.. Loves her Son Laksh but always annoy with Sanskar and his habits she is just tolerated him because of her husband but after living with Sanskar.. She also started loving him and taking care of him without known to him… As her son.. And she realized that she loves him more than Laksh buy never showed him…

Swara Malik – daughter of Omkar Malik and Raina Malik.. And a sole owner of Malik emperor and industrial… A bussiness woman hate her parents to the core lives with her Dadi Anuradha Malik…. Masterminds and genius of computer’s.. She is best… No intentions of any love and marriage… About society.. Just forget it.. Europe toppest industrialist Malik industrial and Asia’s biggest construction bussiness is handled by her ….but mostly Anuradha Malik look everything..

Anuradha Malik – grandmother of Swara Malik.. Mother of Omkar Malik a kind lady but when it comes to business she is a shark she is looking every bussiness of his son and daughter in law… She is a back bone of Swara.. Just wanted her happiness…

Omkar Malik Dead before seven years with his wife Raina Malik as Sucide by Revolver.. ..

Ragini Maheshwari – a toppest Model in India and having one motto live a life like never a free minded girl with bubbly and chirpy nature but not that easy for boys she changed her boyfriend like her clothes which she never wear again in her life but don’t cross her limits…loves her Dad but mom only respect about love she is not sure… Because she was her step mom.. But loves her Aadarsh bhai and Roshani Bhabhi.. And annoyed with Aaarohi..

Durga Prasad Maheshwari – a well known bussiness man and a great rival of Gadodias construction.. After all his Maheshwari construction is second best construction in India loves his son and daughter very much but not with his daughter in law.. A kind and hearty person..

Annapurna Maheshwari – a very genuine person and second wife of Dp but loves Ragini and Aadarsh like her own kids that’s why she didn’t wanted any other child of her own she is a partner of Sharmistha gadodia in Interior design company they both don’t give damm to their husbands rivalry because they know their husbands are best friends only rivals in bussiness….

Aadarsh Maheshwari – Works with his dad as CEO of Maheshwaris construction loves his wife and his sister very much his Mom is everything for him know that his Dad not so kind of his wife but he didn’t care after all his wife loves his dad and only she can manage his Dad anger in that house..

Roshani Maheshwari – works with his husband as MD of Maheshwaris Construction loves her husband but not more than her father in law knows very well how to handle him and his famous anger in office and loves to annoy him a loving nature woman but meschivous daughter of Gadodias family… Married with Aadarsh before six months..

Aarohi Khurana – cousin of Ragini and Aadarsh…. And daughter of Annapurna sister… Her parents died in car accident before four years after that lives with her Maasi Annapurna.. A good looking girl with stone heart loves her work. She is a fashion designer and loves to annoy Ragini with her dressing sense but loves her as sister…works in big company of India…

Arjun – legal adviser of Malik industrial and best friend of Swara Malik called her as Sammie the lioness and a equal master mind but not more than Swara Malik and he knows it… Whatever he likes he get it by hook or crook… He is Asia’s toppest lawyer with handsome hunk personality…

……………………it’s not revenge it’s love Swasan season 2( payback time)

Credit to: Aryna

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  11. Anjali bestie

    Oh my god….. aryna…. I am soooo happy ur back with season 2…. ??????

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