It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 49


Episode 48

Having a little smile Swara woke up muttering “finally everything is finished!! “making her way she gets ready and switch ON her voice mails…

” Miss MALIK I am your doctor khan.. As you said your monthly health check up report was normal, but.. You..have a news.. I can’t able to give you because of emergency operation to Delhi but your report would mail to you and… Your blood report are.. I mean MAM you have anamecia (one of disease which occurred in least of woman ..don’t know much) and the results is your womb can never carry baby…. You can’t become mother ..I am sorry.. I will be returning in two days …then I can explain you…”call ended..

Swara who was silently listened Dr khan words just wipe her alone tear and delete the voice message of him.. And start getting ready ….

Pinning her on wall he kissed her lips hungrily.. Not living one chance to tease her caressing her waist making her drown in desire…

Sanskar who came in kitchen to take water was stunned at the open PDF of ASR and Khushi but then grinning he drop steel glass only to make them startled on their places..

Arnav look angrily at Sanskar while Khushi was totally red now..
Sanskar smirk – having fun ASR!!!
Arnav – What the!
Khushi just run away from there making Sanskar laugh while Arnav greeted his teeth trying hard not to punch grinning Sanskar!!

Sanskar – Oops sorry ASR!! Please continue when your girl met you!! Saying this he left fuming Arnav..
Ragini sat beside Swara who was silently taking her breakfast while Arnav, Sanskar, Arjun, Laksh, Aarohi and Khushi trying hard to control not to ask her decision!!!
Ragini – Swara so what’s the plan?
Swara whisper – later Ragini!
No one knows that what went wrong!!
Arnav – Swara in one day your engagement is with Sanskar but your decesion??
Swara just nodded .
Arjun – Sammie you were going to YES OR NO?
Swara who was playing with her food didn’t bother to even listen them..
Sanskar – Guys give her space!! Saying this he left having hurt and felt pain after all this Swara still thinking about them!!
Silently everyone left the table leaving Arnav and Arjun behind with Swara who was still playing with her food.

Arjun – what’s the matter ?

Swara – I am returning to Venice. I have my work done here. Said in mechanical way.

Arnav – if your drama is over then spit out NOW!!
Just then Arnav look at her shievering hands suddenly concerned shot him -“Swara what is wrong you OK??
Arjun who also saw that very much frustrated in that moment – What happened Swara why are you so shivering!!! Is it related to your health!!
Swara – I don’t want to marry Sanskar and it was just attraction you both are my brother and best friend.. Cant you both support me once?? Not looking at rationally.
Arnav and Arjun shocked listening her.
Swara – if you both ever love me right then stop all this marriage preparation it’d suffocating me and if then I know how to make my way and this is a promise from Swara Malik!! Saying angrily she left from there living both Arjun and Arnav totally dumpfounded at her outburst.

Laksh walk towards terrace talking to Dr khan
Laksh – Dr khan I said alright I want Swara Malik reports!!
Dr khan – but Dr Maheshwari Miss MALIK has strictly ask her report not to be mislead by anyone.
Laksh angrily barked – she is my friend and sister in law!! I have full rights knowing her health!! So do your job otherwise I dont think you will get any job in any hospital!!
Dr khan panicking – no Dr please.. OK I am telling its just that Miss MALIK can’t carry baby. And all that details I will send you to your mail.
Laksh went still.
Dr khan – Dr Maheshwari… Dr MAHESHWARI..??
But the call ended from Laksh side.
Frustrating he run his finger in his hair thinking about Swara.
Laksh silently walk towards Swara room where she was laid on bed staring ceiling in sunlight hours.
Laksh ask brokenly – you OK?
Swara jerk off from her thoughts – yes I am. You want to talk anything?
Laksh – I talk to Dr khan!
Swara didn’t say a word.
Laksh – this is why you are lost but you should have told Sanskar. You know very well how much my brother love you more than anything! He is mad about you .so just tell him Swara don’t think to make some sacrifice and all!! Because we all know Sanskar kundra will die but never going to leave you. Saying this he about to go when Swara Voice stopped him.
Swara – you still love me?

Laksh turned and look at her lovingly – Yes and I think I love you still more than anyone but not like Sanskar, and whatever happens yesterday it was not drama we both know! Except Ragini but Swara some past should be buried in past they are not meant to come out. Saying this he left.
Swara smile thinking about her and Laksh – it was truth that I and LAKSH have contract marriage and Vikrant was a witness and somewhere Laksh and I was going good but love was never I thought I can give him total six months he and I tried but nothing happened. And finally we parted our ways and then Vikrant offer of being his flat partner made everyone to think that I am his wife ,I didn’t clear that matter and that misunderstanding lead to Vikrant death and Ammy death. It was mine mistake I should have clear that misunderstanding then Sanskar wouldn’t have beat Vikrant nor Vikrant would be late for coming with Ammy medicines and nither Aarohi would have given wrong medicine to Ammy. It was mine mistake and which lead to this extent! And now god bless me with this punishment for not being complete woman but Swara Malik is not the one who cry on her fate when her own birth is out of blue then her future baby would be unique “chuckling herself Swara open her eyes but that damm tears were not stopping.

Sanskar come out after parking his car, office was hectic and when he didn’t got a glimpse of Swara from morning to evening he is totally blown out !! Taking a Long stride he directly went to her room but stopped at the track his whole body went pale seeing SWARA gazing knife like a loser or better say give up person.
“Swara!!! “his high voice made Swara startled.
Sanskar look at her angrily snatching the knife he shouted – What the f**k!!! Were you supposed to doing with this knife!!!!

Swara smile plainly – I want to stop my breathe.
Sanskar taken aback by her this emptiness in her voice and the pain in her eyes. Kneeling down in front of her where she was lost sitting on deep couch he said – Angel why are saying like this? Is there any problem with bussissnes or anyone said,…. Is you don’t… Want to… Marry me…? If then that’s OK! I just love you princess whatever you want I will fulfill it. Promise!
Swara instantly look at him with pleaded eyes – Sanskar I can’t be mother!! Those doctor are saying I can’t bear your seed in my womb!! They are saying I can never be a complete woman.. Sanskar please I will do whatever you say just make me pregnant Sanskar please.. I promise I will never leave and listen everything… I will never hide anything or make any problem for you please make me pregnant Sanskar please I beg you.. Please!!!
Her cries, her tears, her begging, her red eyes, her vulnerable state all making Sanskar kundra breath hitched. Sanskar whole world come to crash by listening Swara, but one look at his love he will never forgive himself for being selfish!! If she can’t be mother of his baby then no one have rights to be the mother of his baby!!! And he don’t care if Swara can’t be mother because for him she is everything!!

Hugging her tightly he sat beside let her cry and the constant pain where she is begging him to make her pregnant his own tears slipped. She is still crying and then he knows how to stop her cries and made her out of this pain.
Breaking the hug he cupped her face lovingly benting down he kissed her that kiss was not passionate or love, this kiss was painful and the lost but then it converted into hunger after some time Swara started responding him with her shivering hands and he only wanted that he ravished her mouth too much that she didn’t feel another pain. He bit her lower lip like a animal and then sooth her like lover. Breaking the kiss he gaze at her “I am going to make you mine and the woman who is complete for me! No baby nothing is important for us, you are Sanskar kundra woman and that is enough for you and me. “Swara trembled at his determined face and the dominant eyes helding her hands he take her to the bed. ” you have to forget all this ! And I will make you forget! ” and then he made her scream, shout and whimper his name like nothing, he made her out of breath then give her the breath… He made her to know how beautiful she is… He made her to know how complete she is… He made her to know she is his woman… And then he made her to know how much he love her… His hands were worshiping her bare soft skin, his lips hungrily devor her kissing her like animals, biting and soothing was he doing to make her forget that pain and he made it she was in pain but in his painful love, she cried but in his name and after long passionate love making she silently slept exhausted Her last breathe and His last moment of love …….SWASAN…..

After making her slept Sanskar was wide awake covering her in quilt he caress her hair. His gaze fall on watch showing 9pm it was dinner time but he can’t leave her after her stunt with knife and the begging made him horrified.. Taking his mobile he call his manager ” I want my private jet ready for Sydney in two hours and inform in Sydney branch about my travel!! “cutting the call he took a deep thinking “I have to talk with everyone and then take her from here asap. “glancing last time at his sleeping angel he left the room.
Laksh have already told everyone and no one were ready to believe it but truth was truth. And everyone accepted it but all are worried for Swara.
Sanskar come to living area looking once at all faces knew that they all knew.
Arnav – How is Swara? Ask worriedly

Sanskar – she is fine and now sleeping. And then he told then about her stunt!!
Arjun – I have cancelled the engagement party.
Sanskar nodded and then said – I am taking her with me to Sydney for few months until she come out of all this.
Ragini – Sydney?? But we all are here if she again tried to… We can’t take risk Sanskar!!
Sanskar – no she will not because I can make her try this again and about going Sydney is best thing there would be our bussissnes school reunion and she will divert her mind from all these!!
Aarohi – Sanskar is right, this time Swara needs change of air and we also have to settle all things here.. All are messed up.
Khushi – I will pack the bags of Swara
Arnav – take care of her .
Ragini – I think all should take a break!!

“What break? “all turned to look at Swara coming down looking exhausted and sleepy..
Sanskar immediately make her sit saying – Why you cane here ?
Swara smile – Hey stop worrying I just don’t wanted to be alone so came here and everyone is here. And I think everyone knows about the matter.
No body says anything listening her calm Voice which was barely calm but more broken.
Sanskar – we are going to Sydney!
Swara jerk off listening it and said – but in one day is our engagement?
And this came as a shocked for everyone..
Arjun – but..
Swara said angrily – I don’t know anything in one is my engagement party and I want it best and about dealing with this new problems is over because I can get a beautiful baby from orphanage !!! So stop making fuss over it!!
And here comes SWARA MALIK practical mind!!
Sanskar – so..
Swara – so what? Don’t think that I will wait to listen your tantrums!! You are going to be mine and that’s for forever now!!!
All laughed
Sanskar whisper – I love you…

Swara hugged him – I know.. Mr kundra!!
Sanskar smirk taking her in his arms making her blush hardly.. Arjun and Laksh whistle while Arnav smirk.. Aarohi ,KHUSHI were giggling while Ragini was laughing..
Sanskar smile devilishly – let’s see then how much you know my soon to be Mrs kundra..
Swara peck his lips – I love you my prince and my Shadow…
Sanskar smile – forever?
Swara smile widely – forever!!!
And then who was stopping Sanskar…. To take his Angel…

The end…
Well here you go my second season is done of its not Revenge it’s love swasan season 2(payback time) .
Thank you guys for appropriate my this ff too much and guys we should learnt from this that life can’t be planned our small mistake or misunderstand… Or making many sacrifices and compromise can make our life seems like death.
This story was about a Girl who have gone through many things but one thing was there in her that she is strong and determined enough to go through anything “SWARA MALIK “is a strong woman characters who never know how to bow down their heads!! She was proud of herself and love herself more than anything!! So we should always make it clear that woman are strong and enough to Made their own empire!!!
Well that’s enough of my speech and now please don’t ask for epilogue!!! Please!!! And comment please!!!

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