It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 48

Cutting the call he throw his mobile across the cabin making it shattered into pieces, Sanskar again gaze at moon silently trying to think but all these in vain she is like moon for him with beauty and flaws.. Swara… Why she have to hurt him?? Strange, he only love that Swara and hate her too.. Hatred this feeling is coming to him from Swara Malik and that love it is his angel for whom glimpses he have saw in his mother house and then in Sydney.. He can never forget those moments.. Like he saw SWARA MALIK living or to say that Angel living again.. But what about now!! How can he explains that Vikrant death was his mistake.. And she already punished him mocking on his love and destroying him in front of whole world… And again leaving him.. He crave for her twenty years and she wanted him to crave again.. But is he can ever forgive her for what she did??? He have choices.. Leaving all this nonsense he can board flight to london and attend the bussissnes conferences and forget about Swara, her existence.. Leave her alone to shattered into pieces.. Make her break without him.. She will never be try to live again…and he himself live his life peacefully with any another woman..
Grabbing the car keys Sanskar kundra make his way where he should be!!!!

Arnav angrily walk inside his ..locking it behind his tears slipped from corner of his eyes.. Trying to be strong enough.. He forgotten to live his life.. Today he is not even trying to wipe it or shoved it.. Arnav Singh Raizada.. Or ASR.. He is living this life not with his own choices… He never given choice to choose.. From Arnav.. That fourteen years Arnav he became ASR.. And today again watching same Arnav in Khushi he taken aback.. He can’t let her know him.. Pity or sympathy on him.. He can never give this trust to anyone to play with his feelings.. But Khushi play with his love.. But when he saw that same regrets …Is feeling better??? No.. He can never see her like this..
Walking inside he moved to his closet taking another pair of casual he move inside bathroom after sometime when he came out he slide open the poolside door only to saw Swara silently gazing at moon and dipped her legs in cold chill water her mobile was throw in some space.. He walk to her and stand beside her..
Arnav – you here… Is anyone left for your punishment??

Swara close her eyes her tears were still fresh and her brother was broken she knows his voice.. He is totally broken..
Arnav kneel down and whisper in her ears -“RAJPUT were the only family whom tried to rape Raina MALIK.. They have kidnapped Raina MALIK in that palace and asking you in exchange was the thing never made any sense to me.. You were sacrificed for Raina Malik honor being MALIK woman was never easy enough to any one in our family.. Dada Ji.. Never wanted to give you nor Omkar MALIK.. But it was Dadii decesion because she was MALIK woman.. I was holding you like doll not giving you to any of servants.. Dada Ji were pacing in that palace to get any another way.. Omkar MALIK was made call to many men’s only to get Raina MALIK from that palace so that we can never lose you!!!
Swara shockingly look at Arnav her eyes were wide.. Her eyes were shot of red and her whole body frozen stammered she ask – they… They.. Love.. Me???
Arnav grabbed arms and said in anger Tone – yes we all love you.. You always thought that our family is only animal!! Right.. But you forgot that you were also a animal that same animal!!! Swara if you were old enough to think then I bet you have gone to that palace at next second to Raina MALIK!!! Swara you ever thought if our elders were animal then what we are!!! They never tried their level best to save us from enemies sending you in That hell was never choice NEVER you know before one month I got call from Omkar MALIK!!! What he ask.. That whatever happens I have to make anything to separate you from RAJPUT!!! He didn’t know that Vikrant was dead.. But only know that you become that RAJPUT part!!! And now I want to know Swara before going to hell or after coming from that palace.. Dada Ji or Omkar MALIK even Raina MALIK did any wrong with you..???
Swara felt like slapped on her face she said in low voice -no..

Arnav said in mocking tone – What our family did outside they never harm us.. We both were their lives whatever problem were they never cage US what happened with it was our destiny.. It never give us right to hate that family.. Which given you that much reality.. That made you what you are today!!! I made myself ASR and you Swara Malik.. It is a mask we both know.. We both trying to hide that Arnav and Swara to secure ourselves..
Swara nodded her head and said – I never knew these Bhai.. Dadii didn’t told me.. Why??
Arnav – because she knew that you have made habit to live with hatred towards MALIK like me!! But today I am tired to make myself look only hatred holding back those memories where we were perfect family.. We should live those moments not that dark past which destroys us!! As the Same goes to you leave those horrible past.. And hold those moments which you cherish!!
Swara wipe her tears – it’s not easy Bhai.. It never was.. But I will try.. Anyway it means you should propose your love.. Whatever happens happens??? Right..
Arnav smile little and nodded.. – but what
Swara think and said happily – I always love your choice Bhai!!!
Arnav – but she is leaving me!!
Swara – then make her understand that no one can leave Arnav Singh Raizada!!
Arnav laugh and hugged her tightly – and I think this applies you same Miss Swara Malik!!
Hearding knock they both parted and walk inside the room.. Opening the door only to see fuming Ragini and helpless Laksh.. Is made both Arnav and Swara narrowed their eyes…
Ragini walk inside the room and settled on recliner while Laksh look here and there ..
Arnav – What’s going on?
Ragini say angrily – I am also thinking same ASR.. When will all these would be stopped..
Arnav – excuse me??
Swara shook her head and sat beside Ragini – very soon.. Tommorow you will see everyone happy!! My sister..
Ragini smile – what?? But how?
Swara look at Arnav and said – having some surprising for you!!
Laksh grin understanding what Swara talking about..
Arnav – OK that’s it I want my room free from you three NOW!!

Laksh notice something and then ask concerns – Swara your face is looking pale and your eyes it’s too much red.. Everything is fine.. Right??
Ragini and Arnav shot glance at Swara.
Swara said – I am fine LAKSH.. Is I am tired I should leave.. Have a good night.. Everyone saying this she left..
ASR – Laksh I want reports of Swara this month health check up one hour..
Ragini confused – but why ASR.. She is just tired?
ASR – no Ragini..she lied Because whenever she lied she talk manner right now she greeted us which is unlikely her nature..
“he is right.. Laksh look for report “said Sanskar coming inside the room..
Laksh took his phone and call it..
Ragini – where were you?
Sanskar – gone for fresh air!! Why you wanted my company in your bed MR’S ACTRESS!!
Ragini bit her lower lip and said – sorry
Arnav smirk on her – you should be.. Giving company to Swara Malik drama!!
Laksh came back after call and said – that doctor is out of town who do the health check up of Swara.. And reports could only be available by doctor..
Sanskar – you are useless..!!! Saying this he left the room..
Arnav cross his arms on his chest – OUT!!
Ragini and Laksh literally come out of lion den after what they both did… They know they are everyone prey!!

Sanskar walk inside the Swara room who was lying on recliner staring at nothing..
Sanskar – here is the papers ..of all office procedure after signing it give to Arjun..
Sanskar grabbed her arms and gaze in her eyes -What you think?
Swara was lost in his eyes but her mind was conscious – after what I did anyone would hate me!!
Sanskar – you are still my possession.. My obsession and my love Swara Malik!!
Swara frozen at the spot -what..!?
Sanskar sat beside her and said – I love you and more love I love to take care of you cherish.. Whatever happens you still my life saviour and that angel is inside you.. I can’t lose it!!
Swara look down uttering – I am sorry.. I was lost in revenge..
Sanskar whisper in her ear – I know.. And I love that revenge which make you come to me.. Make me live my dream.. And you know it’s not revenge it’s love.. Always for you.. And I want you to know this.. That I love you..
Swara look shockingly at meanwhile Sanskar took a chance and smashed her lips with his feeling her after so many days making her show his cravings for her she gasp at sudden and he took a chance to explore her sweetness with tongue dominating her making her in his mercy like eternity he left her and ask – you OK?
Swara nodded.. And try to look straight but can’t deny that she is feeling too much shy infront of him..
Sanskar smirk at his effect and then ask -Shaadi Karogi Mughse?? Will you marry me princess??
Swara look him shockingly but then compose herself – I just want some time..
Sanskar smirk – you have your whole life Angel!! Saying this he left the place..

Arnav walk inside the Khushi room who was busy in packing..
Arnav – this is your resignation letter..
Khushi look at him hurt and then taking it she started to sign but she look shockingly at letter reading it again and again “I WANT YOU TO BE MY BRIDE MISS MAHESHWARI IN ONE WEEK AND THAT’S AN ORDER ”
Khushi look at him with open mouth -What the!!!
Arnav laugh at her comic expression and hugged her tightly – yes Miss Maheshwari it’s your new contract are you sure to sign
Khushi hugged him tightly saying – More that enough to be sure ASR!!!
Khushi break the hug -but SWARA??
Arnav smile – don’t worry she would be handled by her beast and you will be mine!!!
Ragini – you are too much LAKSH what did you say you want divorce from me!!!
Laksh look amuses at his drunk wife – god… Ragini stop it!!! Not again!!!!!why me god!!!
Ragini smirk – payback time lucky!!!! Because I love you too damm much!!!
Laksh smile but then runaway from the garden leaving his fuming devil drunk wife!!!

Arjun and Aarohi who were hugging each other standing in balcony laugh at their antics..
Aarohi- I think everything is good now..
Arjun gets the message of his another two beast and he smirk saying – beast got their angels!!!
Aarohi laugh at him and then look at garden where Ragini has slept till now she look at stars and whisper “thanks ”
PRECAP – Her last breathe and His last moment of love …….SWASAN


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  1. I was loving ur update while reading it.. But atlast after reading ur precap im literally shocked… If what i read was separation of Swasan then plsssss… Never do this to us.. Was loving the beast angel pair of SWASAN.. Make them unite and continue ur ff dear.. Is it so necessary to separate them and stop this ff..??? I hope u will never do so.. Will be waiting for ur reply and next update.. Need swasan to be united for ever ever and ever…

  2. Soujanya


  3. Rabia

    good one 🙂

  4. awesome… but didnt understand precap last breat and last moment.. and dear write one more part as 50th part is last of this season its 48 now.. two more only?

  5. Deeksha

    Dear…… It’s a request from my side…. Hope u will consider it while writing the next part……. First request is not to separate swasan… Nor killing swara….. Pls don’t do it… Pls… Pls…. Next one is don’t end this ff…. Loved ur surprises and shocks…… Pls…… Hoping that u will consider my request….. Lots of love… Update soon…. ?????

  6. AnuAnn

    Oh my god! Recap .. R u trying to kill swara.. And last episode… U said that this is the end of this season .. So it means you’ll come with another season.. Hope so dear.. And plzz try to post your other ffs.too

  7. Shoking precap. Is swara going to die.????
    Oh plz dont make like that…..
    I think she has some illness..
    Oh then its mean swasan going to separate ..
    Oh plz dr if you can dont do that plz…dont separate them in your ff.
    And is there another season in this ff?

    Superb and awesome epi dr.
    Mind blowing ff dr….

  8. Sumeeta

    Precap to drana hai.tum swara ko mardungi.aur ye ff be stop kardogi

  9. Superb awesome

  10. Awesome..!! But confused seeing precap..!! I hope you are not going to make swara die..!!

  11. Sweety

    Amazing epi yaar……oh god…..the next epi is last….. 🙁 I just can’t get over this fiction yaar….I literally got addicted to it…..LAST EPISODE..these words are indigestible…… Anyways u gave us a best mysterious fiction with lots and lots of twists….I really loved it yaar…..commendable work…. 🙂

  12. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Haww, prcap is very shocking ? ? ?.Plz don’t kill swara.Anyway, awsm and speechless chappy ?. Waiting for last part.

  13. Khushiii

    Shocking precap and awesome episode

  14. Niku

    See pura chp. Read kr k heart attack nhi aaya toh tumne PRECAP m dene ka decide kr liya…..pls. apne readers pr thodi se mercy kro na yrrr….. don’t do that wid them …..

  15. please..dnt break d hearts of ur fanssss

    dnt kill n seperate d jodis..espcially swasan

    plzz its a request..

    u wanna end this ff n strt a new prob bt plzz dnt kill her n seperate d jodissss


  16. Abirsha

    Awesome very nice

  17. Hi Dear…

    Its awesome story…But please dont kill swara…dont separate swasan

  18. shocking precap….pls update soon….u know na m die hard fan of ur writing

  19. Plz write season 3, we love ur fan fiction plz plz plz plz plz

  20. ?????? sorry for commenting after soooooo many days but my keyboard was not working but what I’m watching is shocking me are you planning to kill Swara plssssssss don’t do that I just want a happy ending like season 1 ????? but I love you soooooo much??????

  21. Jiya

    Yyyaayy! Mission accomplished!! Beasts got their angels!
    Love yah beasts;)
    U made my day sissy as this update is superb and oh gosh ! Rag’s hangover!! Poor lucky caught up with this hangover’ queen
    ASR! I was missing u boiiiii!!!??♥♥♡

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