It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 47

Swara again said but with anger – yes I have killed VIKRANT before six years with my own hands!!!
Khushi and Aarohi froze at their place where Arjun, Arnav and Sanskar were shocked and confused but Laksh who knows everything silently where as Ragini didn’t even seem to be think about all this just staring at Swara.
Shekhar GADODIA – Swara we all can talk about it Tommorow Now you go and take rest..
It’s was damm order to everyone that discussion is over from Shekhar gadodia…
Shekhar look at Sharmistha and signed taking her he left to the guest room available..
Swara silently sit on couch gazing at particular nothing..
Ragini walk to her and sit infront of her on knee and asked – What he did Swara?
Swara look at her and said – he.. He killed.. His own brother.. Ammy.. My Ammy who was just two years old and he killed him abruptly!!!
Aarohi jerks off and shouted – Are you lost Swara Malik!!! Vikrant was the person who loved Ammy from his heart!!! Ammy was his world more than anything!!! How could do say like this!!!
Swara replied in her anger – How you know about it Aarohi when only I and Vikrant knew that Ammy is important for Vikrant!!!
Aarohi said in her blind anger – because I was the one whom mistake that accident happened… I was The one who get that wrong medicine for Ammy.. Because I was the one who only knows that behind Ammy death it was my mistake.. It was damm my mistake!!!!!! I have ask Khushi not to blurt out infront of Vikrant I never wanted hatred in his eyes I.. She stopped at her track cover her mouth with her palm realizations dawn on her that she blurted that six years past which was never one to open it..
Khushi look ashamed that now realizing how it felt guilty…
Laksh and Ragini stare them blankly….
Swara smile bitterly – thanks for lastly telling me that you both were responsible for Ammy death and for your shock I never kill Vikrant because he was someone whom I can always respect from my heart as a great friend (turning to Ragini) thanks Ragini and Laksh for this drama if not both of you then this wouldn’t have possible!!
Ragini give a cold shoulder to Aarohi and Khushi while Laksh held Swara..
Aarohi and Khushi mentally taken aback by shock that it was drama …
Arjun, Arnav and Sanskar were just looking at all these with with mixed emotions..
Swara – yes it was drama no divorce is going to happen between LAKSH and RAGINI they helped me to just make the situation vulnerable.. And what you both think that you can dig the truth!! I have already told you both that Swara Malik never miss anything then how you both thought I will miss about it have a good night!!! Saying this she left the place glaring at Aarohi and Khushi..
Laksh also left with Ragini..
Aarohi eyes were teary ashamed of herself while Khushi shocked to know that Swara knew about even then they both are still alive..
Arjun heart sank seeing Aarohi vulnerable state trying hard not to give up on his resolution..
Sanskar – Who is Ammy? Ask in whisper not understanding any damm things..
Khushi took a deep breath and tell – Ammy is Amar Singh rajput younger and illegitimate brother of Vikrant because of Ammy Vikrant and Swara married each other that time Swara was going through some depression which she never told anyone after two years of marriage they three lives happily when six years before we all came to UDAIPUR for celebrating Ammy and Swara birthday but because of asthma attack Ammy fainted and in the dark night we even not got doctor so Vikrant have to go to UJJAIN for that medicine but we all never had time Swara was numb by all these so finally Aarohi and I gonna to take medicine but we get it wrong and because of our less knowledge of medicine we lost Ammy we both left the place not knowing what to do.. Her every word were of guilt her eyes look down ashamed..
Arnav – and that was same nigh where we three try to kill Vikrant? Said in disbelief and disgusted
Khushi nodded and look at Aarohi who was drenched in tears – it has to be coming Aarohi we both know that!! And now that fogivness is something we expect from Swara..
Aarohi hugged Khushi cried her heart out – I.. I didn’t know.. I was in.. Hurry to protect.. Ammy.. If I knew.. I would have died.. To save Ammy.. It was mistake.. A big mistake of my life Khushi.. But. What now Swara will never forgive me.. Ragini will never forgive me.. Nor Laksh.. Why me Khushi!!!
Khushi hugged her back trying hard to control her tears she knows how on that day Aarohi was shievering to give injections to Ammy and that medicine.. She was there too.. She knows it was mistake for which Aarohi never forgive herself to take one innocent soul life..
It was hard for Sanskar to let his best friend to cry infront of him.. Buy Arjun have enough of it grabbing Aarohi hand he pulled her and scooped her in his arms she didn’t protest but snuggle more sobbing continuously giving last glare at Khushi he took her to their room concern was all written in his face.. And then he left..
Khushi silently look at Aarohi retreating figure her tears were not stopping and feeling like killing herself ashamed of her act by hiding truth from Swara she walk out side leaving with shievering body.. Arnav didn’t any damm second thinking about to go behind her he knows too well how much her mind work when she is all emotional wreck!!!
In all these Sanskar kundra finally getting the a perfect scenery what Swara wanted and he knows what he have to do!!!

……………………Mid night……….
Past is like a air it will never left you until you close your eyes forever.. Everyone has their past but nothing like HER …what she has done to live like this.. To be like this.. Like every normal girl she also wanted to live in full of fantasy walking to pool side she dipped her legs inside the cold water but not getting the sensation or flinch.. Her legs got numb in few moments like her life she didn’t feel anything her heart become a bruised heart.. Which feels nothing.. Her life what she tells about her life which started from destruction and still have only devastation…first from nowhere else her mother and father were siblings.. A illegal relationship which is shame on human.. Her mother was forced and then she born but with another fate of destruction not like normal child.. Her sisters were gonna into safe hands but her elder sister SVITRA died which she came to know after all these years and her another sister RAGINI who was in safe and danger hands but she still thankful to DURGA PRASAD MAHESHWARI who taken care of her sister but she can never thankful for her own upbringing which was nothing less than a nightmare made her shiver.. All over again her life.. What can she say.. When small child of age three years were ask to play and enjoy with their toys she was ask to look at the sinful nature of SHESHMAHAL Malik family.. Where she saw her Dadaji an animal who killed anyone brutly like inhuman then her father who take women like clothes and kill them.. After that her step mother who already planned in her status and dominant.. But her Dadii and Arnav Bhai were the people who take hard time to take of her and then she was send to… To that living hell.. SWARAGINI PALACE.. Where every single person made of animals and inhuman she cried, begged, and only begged …in age of six years she was beaten up by leather belt.. Shoes her scars which are almost twenty years old were always tell her from where she came and what she got…yes she got her everything first Sanskar kundra.. And then a understanding person Vikrant.. Who tried hard to make her escape from beaten up by his father.. Always give her meals to survive.. And then she again got back to Lucknow only to get to know her own parents never wanted her then that suicidal act made her heart more bruised.. Her parents were no more.. Her Dadaji also left her …her Arnav Bhai was snatched from her and her Dadii closed her eyes.. What they didn’t thought that she will be alone.. That she is just ten years old girl …and then she get one lesson from her life no one is there for you forever so stop making vulnerable infront of anyone… Then she bumped again with Vikrant after ten years ago.. She thought she got a FRIEND but her fate again played he wanted a mother for his small brother Amar just for three years she again settled her fate but then her destiny destroyed she lost Vikrant and Ammy and then again her life came with aloofness.. Why only she always has got this fate.. But then her life gives her people who seem to worried for her not for her money. Her best friend her soulmate Arjun gadodia.. Her sister like friend Khushi and a partner of benefits Laksh.. Then what she almost gain by giving her brother and her love and now again everything shattered infront of her eyes.. What she supposed to do.. How could she forgive them who are responsible for death of Vikrant and Ammy..??? And then she lost that village land her only hope to settle down a big venture of hospital and Medicine in that village so that no one died like Vikrant and Ammy… She close her eyes she didn’t know her face covered with tears.. Those tears of pain, hurt, betrayal.. Her lost life.. Leading a normal life of a girl and now she is someone she never wanted to be… SWARA MALIK… But what about that little girl Swara.. No one can ever understand her… Gazing her shadow in water.. She heard his footsteps..

“anything you want devil “ask in low voice Swara still gazing her own reflection like daring to solve herself that puzzle pieces she always runaway…
Arjun silently sit beside her.. Silence was something both wanted which they understand each other… Swara put her head on his shoulder mumbled “I MISSED YOU DEVIL ”
Arjun smile and hold her tightly asking -“COULD I EVER GET FORGIVENESS FROM YOU “?
Swara smile then she said what he wanted to listen – I wanted that Jaipur village land to convert it into hospital and Medical Center.. So that no one likes Vikrant and Ammy live their family because all this… By not getting blood or medicine..this is what I want
Arjun astonished by knowing the reason but then he knows her she is unpredictable like always!!
Arjun – You indeed business woman by putting conditions to get your forgiveness..
Swara didn’t say anything staring at her reflection in water she absorbed this moment she really missed her bestie.. Whatever happens she miss her Bhai.. Her bestie.. Her… Love.. But then she said her heart out infront of her best friend -“WILL HE EVER FORGIVE ME?
Arjun know at the moment whom she is talking but he himself didn’t think to say anything about Sanskar kundra who is just that much darkness like her..
Swara said lastly what Arjun never thought – I lost it Arjun whatever I got I lost it easily and most importantly one MAN who always lived for me.. Thanks Arjun for being honest with me not giving me some false hope..
Arjun nodded his head and said – SWARA you can never trust anyone before you can leave your fear.. That fear of thinking yourself as bad omen I know what type of your life was your mind set one thing that you are bad omen for anyone you always think about it whenever you see that you are getting your love you pushed that love so much hard so that you can never confront that love.. Your thinking about hatred is much more good feeling against love is making your life vulnerable SWARA I am your friend and I think more than that a person who knows your inner tormail whom you are fighting for last all years.. Swara try to win that fight alone can never be easy you have to take help from your another PART your MAN Swara
Swara kept staring Arjun in disbelief shocked and a deep respect uttering – thank.. She again stare at her reflection absorbing his words which is her life truth Arjun made her clear that he always know her too much.. And she now accept it that in her life these three men’s have that strong enough place to make her do anything for them..
Arjun smile finally getting the glimpse of Swara not any SWARA MALIK.. And now his role is over giving her last glance Arjun gadodia left SWARA MALIK for her own thinking about the matter and he walk towards his room.. To get to know what his wife is doing..!!

Meanwhile on the terrace
Finally getting her shadow standing on terrace Arnav signed in relief walking towards Khushi he stand beside her ..Khushi flinch grabbing his presence but then relax knowing only his presence is enough for her to be secure and breathe..
” I never know that crush of class 12 can become a obessession of my college days.. He was someone who became my ideal like everyone, I was also a fool teenager girl who got trapped in the name of attraction and infactutation more than that I was alone getting lose from my childhood I didn’t want to lose him.. He thought to me as his friend and a fan nothing much going to liberary only to see him it become one of obsession of mine.. Making myself involved in studies so that he can like it become obsession of mine.. Behaving like royal girl, trying to act as too much mature than my age or being arrogant and becoming a woman getting a mask on behind a weak fool teenager girl become obsession of mine.. I was obsessed with Vikrant anyhow I wanted him when I came to know that he likes business woman I became that I didn’t left every stone to become a wonderful business woman I just wanted him nothing else mattered to me but then meeting him after four years in his marriage as a witness infront of court for the court marriage was a something changed me watching your obsession which you called love for good ten years of your life becoming someone else was a deep hurt.. I didn’t say a word.. Heck I even didn’t shed my one drop tears Vikrant was looking happy with Swara.. He was carrying Ammy.. Aarohi was busy in pulling Vikrant legs everyone was happy damm.. I was left my entire world come to end and when I look back in that ten years I don’t know what I became.. I lost myself Arnav I lost Khushi.. That carefree Khushi after her parents death who promised them that never happens what she will smile live for herself for her parents and what I did.. I break my parents trust something which I regret it but can never make it happen again.. I regret for that obsession I regret that day when Vikrant enter in my changing my life base.. And you know that same regrets I saw in Aarohi eyes and the same regrets I saw in your eyes.. I am sorry Arnav.. “she collapsed on ground sharing her life biggest truth infront of Arnav Singh Raizada who couldn’t make it what can he do he looking his own reflection in Khushi that same fourteen years old Arnav who never dared to come out was now looking his same reflection in another person that want to get someone love that regret to choose wrong person like he did choosing his father, mother who never were his by making him seperate from his sister.. His own regrets by being unable to secure his SWARA and now he is terrified by himself if he again make Khushi look him she will surely see his eyes which reflected his inner turmoil.. But what he don’t know that Khushi already saw his eyes his soul his fear everything telling her that he is like her.. But he have that ASR mask and she didn’t.. …
Arnav close his eyes trying to control himself.. Khushi wiping her tears said again – I am sorry whatever I did in your life but now please I beg you I wanted to leave from here please..
That please was something he never wanted to listen he turned and left before saying “you can leave tomorrow morning Miss Maheshwari and AR was glad working with you “and he left making Khushi shattered she lost him like everything she lost.. In her life she lost him again..
Staring at his wife lost state nothing can he do ..she was sitting on couch having her coffee like her normal self but Laksh know that his wife wants to know every damm things she is in rage controlling herself not to lashing out at him for all that happened few hours she hate to fight with him or even give disgusting looks to him as fake make her upset but now her concern was on only on Aarohi …he knows it Aarohi was the person whom Ragini always being irritated but deep inside her heart she love Aarohi more than him.. For Ragini.. Aarohi was like a doll whom Dp uncle give her as a gift in ninth birthday making her happiness that same day when he saw Aarohi as his own reflection she was somewhat like him but one thing she is like not accepting her mistake that’s why he always knows Arjun and Aarohi can be the best for each other but he missed one thing that Ragini thought herself to be ignored because of Aarohi and then Khushi which makes her grumpy and stubborn… But now looking at face of Ragini that same stubborn feeling can be seen wanting to destroy everything.. He knows what she wants but he also knew that he have to stop her..
Laksh – Ragini why don’t we go out as vacation for meeting with Aadarsh and Roshani Di.. She is now eight months pregnant..
Ragini just achknoledge it with curt nod and left the room not listening any thing from her husband who seem to know her too much…
Sitting in corner of bed resting her head on headrest playing with her fingers and shedding tears was something Aarohi never thought she would be in this state one day .but what now? Is she ever dare to look into SWARA eyes or try to ask forgiveness and what about Khushi she also come in all these where her mistake was one to hide the truth. She regretted to hide if she would have told SWARA on that day only then there was no state of ashamed but she didn’t. And now feeling of regretting is killing her like slow poison.. There is no space guilt for that because of your one mistake two years old boy died only because of your one mistake which can never be mend and now when she look at Arjun photo realizations dawn on her very hard what would be Arjun feeling when she accused him as murdered but he was in mistake like her… She is regretting for everything ….for everything…
Arjun walk inside the room only to see his wife staring at him back with unknown feeling which he better get it in few moments but what is it with him.. REGRET he knew his wife too well that what regrettating would be for her..she never regret in her life not loving him or leaving him even taking revenge with him or try to kill Ragini once even not becoming sarrogate mother of other baby and truly not being again mother but now she is regretting.. Regretting is something can make everyone insane no one can be free from this feeling and now she is suffering in it..he knows that he and she are not in good terms but right now she needs him and whatever their future holds it doesn’t have power to hold over this night.. Where Arjun can never loose his Aarohi in any darkness he have enough of people in his life as a deep darkness but not anymore… Decided and determined he is and then walk towards his wife locking door behind he sat infront of her on bed…
Aarohi close her eyes and said her inner turmoil – we both were wrong.. It was mistake we both did.. Not with intention.. It was mistake.. No one is allowed to accuse other.. But I did.. Betraying you was not something happiness for me it taken my five year sleepless nights and everything can never be forgiven..
Arjun finally said what his heart wanted -I NEED YOU..
Aarohi open her eyes trying to believe what she heard but when her eyes met with glassy eyes of her husband who is in that much vulnerable state like her she didn’t thought what she is thinking or looking closing gap she hugged him tightly as much as she can and passionatly hugged by him… He whispered softly kissing her nape -“I f**kING DON’T CARE WHAT WE BOTH DID I WANT THAT WE BOTH FORGET ALL THESE AND NOW I WANT TO f**k YOU SO HARD THAT YOU DIDN’T DARE TO REMIND ME OF WHERE OUR RELATIONSHIP IS!!!!
Aarohi smile her eyes were in tears she well known of her husband bedrooms talk and she loved it because she love him no matter what!!! And then for her it was night which was as much passionate and wild she never know that her husband can give her this much pleasure…
A wild passionate night of Aarohi GADODIA made her know that her husband Arjun gadodia can never going to leave her no matter what she do with him..

Still standing in his office cabin watching moon he never thought that this day will come when he ever think that Swara Malik is the biggest mistake of his life.. He didn’t accept it or deny it he is just thinking.. This thaught is not leaving him the moment he saw SWARA MALIK dancing for Vikrant death making fun of his love infront of whole world shouting her death husband anniversary… She broke his all life reputations in one go then what today she did made his thoughts that Swara Malik is his life biggest mistake.. Her eyes how her eyes were accusingly seeing her father how she mock at his dad.. Was something he never wanted to see… He always love her but what he got in return just hatred or betrayed he always come to Shekhar GADODIA office cabin whenever he tried to grab his life no matter what time is and now again Sanskar kundra came back this cabin in midnight only to solve his life… Where his life is going.. He don’t know but..
“SWARA calling “his mobile flash screen making him shockingly look at caller ID.. He take it and answer..
On phone..
Sanskar – Yes??
Swara always like her breath free when she finally listening his voice always made her soothed.. Made her to think straight but right now she just listen it as like a mechanic machine of business..
Swara – it’s Miss MALIK.. Mr kundra I have send you your share price and the tender of projects and presentation ..
Sanskar immediately realized that she telling him that she is leaving him and so he even don’t CARE!!
Sanskar – OK Miss MALIK I get your paper work will take time you can come to office for that ..and then he abruptly cut the.. Call

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