It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 46


Evening, Swara came from office without even saying anything to Sanskar to meet Laksh.. To the highway
“like father like son “shouted angrily Laksh standing in the deserted road of Mumbai.
Swara Malik look at the papers with blank face..
Laksh look at Swara and snatch the papers and said – I am going to kill that bastard in Jaipur village in that only place where he had..
Swara whisper loudly – DON’T!!
Laksh shocked look at her – What do you mean by Don’t!!! From six years I am waiting for it and now everything is finished just like this no blo*dy hell!!!!
Swara grabbed his collar and said in dangerous tone – I said don’t Laksh !!! And I am also waiting for it from six years do you get that!! Leaving his collar she walk to her car taking those papers..
Laksh eyes are spitting fire in anger clenching his fist he take his car and left the after Swara left..
Arnav walk to Khushi cabin..
Khushi look him before she could say… Arnav grabbed her wrist and said – something is important came up . I got Ragini call..
Khushi took a second to absorb it but then her gaze fall on his hand – leave me I am capable to go !!
Arnav left her wrist and turned saying rudly – don’t be late Miss Juliet of Vikrant!! Saying this he left making Khushi look guilty…whatever he did now Khushi know that it was in HIS anger but still she made him murderer and now when he is just being rude to her in ten hours she is feeling like killed.. Craving for his sweet gesture..missing him.. And now he hates her!! It’s true loving someone one moment is enough which she got it .
Shekhar ,Sharmistha were sitting in living area last ten minutes continuously gazing at Ragini who is in too much anger trembling from head to toe but not saying any word..
Aarohi came from her room only to surprise by this much silence Sharmistha and Shekhar were sitting on sofa having tea where as Arjun is on couch taking his coffee and in anger she walk to her..
Aarohi – Ragini are you OK?
Ragini utter – Aarohi favor me by taking one place!!
Her tone was asusal and Aarohi even can’t ask Arjun about it who is looking grumpy even not caring about it!! What is going on?
Sanskar, Arnav and Khushi walk inside the mansion well getting same feeling which Aarohi felt..
Lastly Laksh GADODIA move inside the mansion to get surprised by his wife staring him with red anger eyes even his own anger is also present which he controling too hard..
Ragini took a deep breath and walk to him WHY YOU LIED ME LAKSH!!! “ASKED RAGINI IN RAGE AND FURRY
LAKSH TAKEN ABACK even everyone stood at their place .shock by Ragini anger on Laksh .Laksh who didn’t understand anything was about to shout on her when Ragini throw the print of mail.. Laksh look the print out his eyes went wide awake his whole anger crabled anywhere only one thing he now knows everything is over!!
And then Ragini step back her whole body was shievering …
Sanskar didn’t get anything he walk to Laksh who was lost somewhere he too
That print “CONTRACT MARRIAGE OF SIX MONTHS BETWEEN LAKSH GADODIA AND SWARA MALIK “and the other details “Sanskar read thrice.. Feeling of betrayal was something he always got but this time his heart don’t wanna listen!!!
Arjun who already read it didn’t say anything to anyone he look at shattered faces of Sanskar, Ragini.. Shocked face of Arnav, Shekhar, Sharmistha…betrayed faces of Aarohi and Khushi.. And guilty face of Laksh.. But he was waiting for one person who is the damm responsible for all this…he heard HER footsteps knowing well that Swara is here he kept coffee at one side and turned to look at the most Arrogant and Mastermind face
” Good evening ex -Mrs Swara Laksh Gadodia “said Arjun looking straight in the eyes of Swara Malik..
Swara stopped at the track hearding him and getting it in a minute she look around to look the accusing faces and one guilty face but then the blank face of Arjun..
Swara replied back in his sarcasm – you too Arjun!!..
Arjun get it in one go it is true….
Arjun – Glad to explain What you want? Said in no nonsense tone..
Swara smirk – nothing
Arjun – Swara what you wanted!!
Swara walk to the Shekhar and come infront of him …
All look confused..
Shekhar look at this young woman because of her today his whole family is breaking..
Shekhar – Swara you want something?
Swara laugh hollow laugh and said – you wanted to know Mr gadodia what I want.. What I am doing.. Right.. Let me think…
Sanskar move towards her grabbing her hand he shouted – What is all this Swara first you are widow of that Vikrant and now this contract marriage with Laksh.. And what the blo*dy hell you are mocking on my father!!!
Swara didn’t say anything just smile..
Ragini – Swara..
Swara – that contract paper are fake and it was just a plotting against me and Laksh!!
Laksh look shockingly – Swara why?
Swara – let it be LAKSH.. Why are you making Ragini to break this marriage!! By sending these fake contract papers to her..
All look at Laksh shocking..
Arnav angrily ask – is it fake Laksh?
Laksh nodded – yes this fake contract paper I have send to Ragini so that she can give me divorced!!!
Ragini taken aback by all this ..
Khushi – Why all this Laksh!!!??? You love Ragini right then what’s this drama!!!??
Laksh look at Swara who just shoved him off and settled on couch..
Laksh – I can’t tell anyone.. Reason.. Now I just want divorce from Ragini that’s it!!
Sanskar couldn’t help but just look at his helpless brother who is pleading for divorce from Ragini that girl whom he loves past ten years WHY??
Sanskar – Laksh look just once tell us what’s the problem man?? Why all of sudden you wanna divorce from Ragini and for all this you are taking Swara name claiming being married with her!!! Making us fool why?
Arnav – Hey I know it’s your personal matter but why are you taking Swara name in this?? Knowing well How much reputation Swara has made for her own you are making it worse!!! Don’t do this!!! Said glaring at Swara who didn’t seem to care about all this busy in her mobile..
Laksh look at everyone couldn’t help but being more helpless and then he ask – Ragini I will not divorce you in one condition that you have to sign some papers..


Swara give deadly glare at LAKSH GADODIA throwing flowers vase just beside him she said – Dare you Laksh to utter any word my target is not weak and you know it!!! Said in dangerous tone..

All are literally taken aback by her gesture …it was like she will kill Laksh in no time!! Arjun step beside Swara holding her arms he make her face him..
Arjun – calm down Swara!!
Swara took a deep breath and nodded..

Ragini didn’t understand anything why all of sudden her life becomes so much miserable her husband wanted from her by using a fake married paper then her sister tell her truth and now her husband told her condition by signing some paper to be with and next second her sister had thrown flower vase beside him and threatened !!!

Arnav – Which papers Laksh? Ask ASR knowing very well his sister is truly a big planner and now seems like something a big!!!

Laksh only gaze at Swara who is fuming in anger clenching her fist glaring him his last breath!! But now everything is over what would she do kill him then do because what he wanted was over!!!

Laksh Utter – it is related with..
Before he could say he heard Swara which make him stopped at the track..
Swara – Wanting to know about papers Mr Arnav Singh Raizada!!! Said in her business tone..
Arnav look at her gaze which was cruel and ruthless like his.. He knows that tone and gaze he himself is like this when he is in hunt …of deal!!

It took a minute for Sanskar kundra to get it one thing that Swara Malik is totally controlling everything and everyone by some emotions and plot twist.. Then his gaze fall on his mother who is looking nervous and trying to contact with someone but Whom? And there his father who is truely Angery by the happenings and just glaring at Laksh but Why??? And then Arjun who is looking confused but not too much and trying to cool Swara but in all these one Person Swara Malik whom he knows very well by her one glimpse is averting her gaze anywhere not with him whatever she is doing she had already made him as her pawn and now her this Anger make him confirm !!! That she is planning on something!!

Sanskar come infront of Swara and said – WHAT YOU TRYING TO GET IT MISS MALIK?
Swara stopped whatever her mind was listening thinking with high speed and then she knows because of Laksh and his drama she have to say it but then what!!
Swara – I came to India for one project… For one land.. For one thing that is my dream and obsession like for you I am your obsession and for me this one project is everything (looking straight in his eyes) I want this one land and for which I can kill and destroy anyone..
Arjun – Which land?
” the whole Jaipur village ” Nagarkar “..where swaragini palace is made.. Where five thousand of people live who can kill anyone who try to take their land, no police, minister or any government can do anything to take a one percent land from them.. Because of their head Dr VEER PRATAP SINGH who is looking for this village a very famous person, he is head of the village.. And so much said mafia of that Village.. From last six years Swara and I were trying to get this land but no government can help us and when this year we got the release paper for the work of Dam so that we can easily make villagers to leave the village but last moment Dr Veer killed all police officer and now again stay order is made against us… Swara wanted that whole village land to convert it into a dam project and forest… And I wanted to destroy that Dr Veer.. ” said Laksh GADODIA making everyone rooted at the spot..
Swara look at Sanskar cold face and then her next word made everyone silence..
Making LAKSH, Arnav, Sanskar, Arjun, Khushi, Aarohi, Ragini, Shekhar and Sharmistha to go in shocked.

PRECAP – You are still my possession, obsession and love Swara Malik said in determined tone Sanskar kundra making Swara rooted at the spot utter -“”said in disbelief

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