It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 45


AR office all the employees are in hustle bustle after getting info that ASR is back from his UJJAIN trip they are not at all in rest but it is not enough Swara Malik breaking news is also every where that she is widow of Vikrant Singh Rajput and knowing about Swara Malik affair with business tycoon Sanskar Kundra everyone is confuse that their relationship is still or not.
Just then one of employe come running on his heels shouting “ASR arrive!! ”
That’s it a pin drop silence was occupied by whole office..
ASR walk inside but what amusing all the office staff that Khushi Maheshwari is walking behind ASR taking his order.
ASR ordering – I want London fashion show all details on my desk and my black coffee.
Khushi greething her teeth replied – yes Mr Raizada anything else!
ASR smirk – no just contact best wedding planner for my sister wedding.
Khushi look him shockingly meanwhile ASR walk inside the cabin smirking at her.

Khushi was still there..
ASR barked from inside the cabin – Miss Maheshwari!!! I don’t have whole time.. Fast dammit!!
Khushi jerked and run downstairs for completing his damm order!?
Arnav smile and said – soon Khushi you will beg for my love and that time I will have my choice to take it or leave it! (but then he heard two employees)
Employee 1- you know that Swara Malik she is widow!! And no body knew about it!!
Employee 2- yeah but I am thinking about Sanskar kundra is he still married a widow!! She betrayed him. That type are like camleon always changing colors very soon she will get another Man for her pleasure!!
Employee 1- yes she will I can’t believe she is sister of ASR!!

Arnav clench his fist tightly shouted on his top of his voice – HOW DARE YOU BOTH BASTARD !!!
both employees taken aback by seeing all mighty ASR in so much anger!! And then what would be happen it was just a nightmare for whole office Arnav fired both of them and also beat them up to hell!!
Arnav angrily – Next time I listen any nonsense against my sister Swara Malik then you all can think about it!! It would be more worst! It was damm warning which shivered whole office in fear..
Khushi who was listening all this just admired Arnav Singh Raizada saying to herself ” Swara is lucky having Arnav! What the hell is I am gone nuts why I am saying like this he is beast nothing else Khushi just finished his work and leave!! ”
But Arnav has noticed Khushi expression and smile in his mind walk back to cabin!

Scene shift of KGM INDUSTRY
Swara admired her new office cabin which is totally her taste she smile saying herself ” So Sanskar kundra you will not leave any stone to impress me. “shooking her head she walk to chair her laptop and files ever thing is here which she order HP (servant) to send it.. Settling herself she opened her laptop just then she heard her cellphone ringing “Laksh call ” she smile and take it..
On phone..
Laksh – How is office?
Swara laugh – please lucky cut the crap!! And tell me why you call?
Laksh signed- seriously you are too much smart for your own good! I have gotten that oldy man whom you ask..
(you all remember in UJJAIN one old man threatens Swara to kill her and she warned him that his time over.)
Swara smile vanished.. Order – continue…
Laksh – he is in Jaipur village. What you think!
Swara – let him be there you know Now nothing can be done.
Laksh – but that project..
Swara clench her fist said in painful voice – Don’t worry Laksh very soon he will be there where he should be!! Deserve.. And about that Dam project I am on it..
Laksh said worry – you are fine?
Swara wipe her single tears – I am fine Lucky . OK bye.
Laksh – take care Swara!

Call ended..
Swara lean on chair and then said – Very soon! And then she got message from Laksh about taking medicine..
After three hours Swara look at another file – Now I have to take Mr Arrogant beast and my demon brother signature for approval of presentation
Taking file she walking to the Sanskar cabin but then she bumped with someone she raise her head only to see Arjun rubbing his hand.
Swara utter – sorry..

Arjun didn’t say anything and walk away..
Swara felt like someone stabbed on her back when Arjun walk away from her not even taunting her or saying her for all that betrayal.. She turned and then left for Sanskar cabin with hurtful face..
Arjun stop at his track and turn to look at Swara retreating figure of his best friend whispering -” don’t know Swara but I can never trust you for playing with my trust and friendship ..I know I have done crime I was also the reason for Vikrant death but then why did you come and confront me about it..! Playing with my feelings I will never forgive you not this time Miss Swara Malik !! Once I make Aarohi say her feelings I will give her divorce and walk away from you all life!! Turning he left the place..

Scene shift of Sanskar cabin..
Swara was about to knock when her breath hitched looking at the scene her gaze heated seeing Sanskar sitting on his glass desk balancing his both hands are making his balance he have removed his coat long his sleeves are folded his vest coat just showing his perfect muscles making her hand sweat to touch his his hair is totally perfect without any gel silky smooth.. His shirt first three buttons are already done his sinful lips continuously talking his eyes are telling her.. How tired he is!! God dammit!! He is too much Greek god for his own good!! Making her knees gone weak!!!
Sanskar who was dictating his secretary about his meeting with Mr John Wilson.. Sense someone heated gaze on him from corner of his eyes his hawk eye has got it that Swara Malik is checking him out making him feel better about his effect on her but then he thought to don’t disturb her and make himself more comfortable for her view.. And continue his dictation..
Swara come back to sense by continuous ringing of her cellphone only to get another damm embarrassed in front of Sanskar and his so called secretary Liza for drooling over him!!! Ahhhhh!!
Sanskar clear his throat and turn to Liza – you got it now leave and don’t disturb me for another one hour!!

Liza nodded and left..
Swara take a deep breath and walk inside said in her serious tone – I want your signature on this file, it is presentation about Delhi deal!
Sanskar smirk and take file intentionally touching her fingers making her shiver..
Sanskar open the file only to get shocked reading it!! It was damm best presentation and by this speed she can again stand her own industry!! But he make blank face and said – I will sign it after reading I don’t want my company get embarrassed by your any mistakes..
Swara just nodded curtly and turn to left but stopped by him..
Sanskar – where are you going?
She turned to face him only to close his breath mixing on her breath.. She stammer While her gaze is locked in his gaze..
He hold her waist and closed her with him he whispered – I am only yours princess no need to jealous because of Liza or anyone.. I am your soon to be husband..
She nodded without thinking what she is doing.. He smile and said – Well princess you should go..
She just looking at his eyes not listening what he is saying..
Sanskar pushed her gently making her come back to earth..

Swara felt deep hurt..
Sanskar smirk – Swara I got file.. You should leave I have my another meeting.. And be ready after office hours we have to leave for shopping..
Swara didn’t say anything just walk out feeling ashamed of herself loosing control over herself infront of him..
After she left Sanskar walk back to his chair smirking – Soon Miss Swara Malik you will plead for me and my love… If you haven’t done that insult on my face on my ego by announcing yourself Vikrant widow I have forgotten about your betrayal by making fool about my love but making my image like looser infront of thousands people I will never forgive you Swara never!!
Scene shift of Shantivan
Aarohi is looking old albums of her childhood memories when one photo make her eyes stopped taking her long years back..
“Mumma dad why you both left me alone now I don’t have anyone seeing Ragini, Aadarsh Bhai loving and getting toys by Dp uncle and Ap aunty I am feeling sad.. Please come back to me I will never ask any toys I will be good girl please comeback please “cried small eight years old Aarohi looking stars standing on the edge of terrace..
Hiccuping continuously Aarohi said -“OK if you will not come then I will come to you!! “she was about to jump when she heard angry voice she turned to see ten years old boy standing and glaring her angrily.. Saying -“Are you mad or what!! Come down!!! ”
Small Aarohi choked – no I want to go to Mumma and dad !! No one is there for me everyone left me alone today is my birthday and I want my Mumma and dad so I am going to them!!
“Why are you saying like this? You have your friend Ragini, Aadarsh, Dp uncle and Ap auntie.. “said boy with worry eyes …
Aarohi say adamantly -” but they will also leave me alone like Mumma and dad they are not my family.. ”
” please don’t jump I will be there for you I am Arjun Ragini friend and now I will be yours always I promise and no one leave there friends “said nine years old Arjun with pleading voice.. He give her his hand..
Aarohi look him carefully then his hand she said quietly – pakka promise you will be there for me !

Arjun smile and said -FOREVER!
Aarohi smile and hold his hand and said – I am Aarohi.. Friends..
Arjun – best friends …and Happy Birthday Aarohi Now let’s go I want my cake..
Aarohi smile and hold his hand and walk downstairs..
Flashback end..
Aarohi eyes are in tears looking all the photos of her eight birthday party where Arjun and she were become friends hugging each other and then he was always her side no matter what!! Closing the album she walk out and settled near pool side dipping her legs in water..
” Biwi having fun “said sarcastic Arjun walking inside and stand beside her.. While she trying not to cry infront of him
Arjun smirk – what happened Biwi you didn’t gone for your party and night out.. I don’t have problem Pragya would be here in few hours..
Again she didn’t said anything making Arjun confuse he shrugged off and turned to go but stopped at the track hearding sobbing sounds and in next moment he was beside Aarohi.. Making her turned..
Arjun didn’t know what happened he ask her angrily – Why the hell you are crying dammit!!! Aarohi!!

Aarohi sobbed uncontrollably fisting his shirt in her palm she snuggled in his chest Arjun didn’t get it but close his arms around her making her sit on his lap.. After some minutes when he heard her sobbing stopped he ask softly – Why were you crying Aarohi?
Aarohi rise her head and said – I am missing Mumma and dad..
Arjun who was wiping her tears stopped after all these years he was listening this again his mind gone back to that day where he found this angel for him.. Who was going to leave him.. BUT!!
He pushed her from him and said – Stop your drama I know few months before like this only you ask for my fogivness only to betray meand my love on the name revenge for that mistake I was not murderer but you!! You are murderer who killed my love, trust everything making me joke and criminal in front of world saying this he walk out leaving shattered Aarohi ..
Outside of room Arjun call Pragya and ask her to come soon..
Ragini was checking her mail when she got one mail which her froze on her spot her face is beyond shocked whisper -“Laksh and Swara..? ”


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  1. Niku

    So now these beasts r planning to break heart of their angles…..I don’t think so isme bhi pe koi na koi twist toh aaya boss……

    1. Jiya

      Haha! Right niku! We can’t presume anything from one epi because here we aren’t able to digest one twist and there Aryna is all set to make us shock again. Hope that I’ll able leave comment but my packed schedule is giving me tough time

      1. Niku

        That’s why jiya dear I give our writer a nick name “Master of Mystery n Twists”(MOMT) ……REALLY this suits to aryan…n whenever aryan make me out of d words I just write this name ….

    2. Jiya

      Haha! Ur name suits her so well but my tag for Aryna is ‘My Mystery Queen’
      I like heher twists and turns but sometimes i am just dumb like???
      *falls water balloons on everyone after reading this epi*
      I think all of you need to have a wash over to be out of the shocks that Aryna gives us everyday???? x’D

  2. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Y everything turned opposite.. I want old swara malik who w’ll stand face to face with sanskar.. Not like this

  3. Waiting for rags

  4. awesome.. again new twist… what ragini saw and about swalak what is this… ?? and the old man who is he… and arjun arnav sanskar all wants the ladies to get again confess love and again the throw them for only revenge.. arjun,arnav want to take revenge on them.. and sanskar… please unite all them soon.. and precap intresting.. whats there .. waiting update soon

  5. Deeksha

    Ohhhh god I must say what an episode!!!!!!! From where do you get all kinds of such ideas………. Really I mean again laksh and swara……… Anyway dear update soon…. Eagerly waiting for the next episode…. Lots of love…. ??????

  6. Super awesome

    1. Jiya

      *Nods head in agreement*
      Seriously I’m loving this side of vk but wanna see bold arrogant rude rouge swara!

  7. Abirsha

    Awesome…. But the beast have done wrong but y r they punishing swara, kushi nd arohi….. I want bold swara malik who stand against everything…. Beasts are wrong here…. Anyway we know u will bring twist anytimes…. Now laksh nd swara…. Wow awesome

  8. Hadi

    Super duper episode dear I know that angel done wrong with beast but this is really to much beast should ask love from them instead they r taking revenge for what angels did with them but now I think angels will not let them go from their lives
    Swa…..lak what are they upto am thinking from last episodes that only raglak relations r alright wid eo how it is possible when aryna is here so now there relationship r also come at stack now waiting for next to know what will happen next n what twist will come in their lives

  9. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Now it’s time for swalak twist, cool.Awsm as always.Waiting for nxt.Plz update soon.????

  10. more than awesome

  11. awesome!!! One more twist again??!!!

  12. Jiya

    *falls off the chair*
    Seriously Aryna u’re making me laugh like hell. My teensy tiny brain is unable to figure it out
    Laksh and swara ??
    *puts a hand on mouth to suppress laughter but laughs* and I’m disappointed about that __ between sammie and arjun *wipes a tear away*

  13. Jiya

    I’m free now. Finally I’m freeeeee! Where’re u my mystery queen!? I’m waiting for ur post. Seriously this TU is too much. I wish we can’t post our reaction to every single line whichever we want to just like on wattpad but nah! They’re not gonna change and now where are u *throws a pillow at u to bring u out of ur dreamworld*????

    1. Jiya

      *can post
      Poor typos??

  14. Klaus

    Hey aryna i’m a huge fan of yours (have read everything u hv written nd even made my frnds read all of it )…please checkout my ff…i wanna know your opinion over it..It’s somewhat a true story of a hacker who went undercover for CBI …twists will be revealed at end bt till then i’ll keep it as it happened and as the lead character actually thought is happening…please checkout once..i just need ur opinion …and you are AWESOME

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