It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 44


Well night was still there…

Ragini to herself – What the hell they all are!! Unbelievable..

Laksh shook his head and said – stop Ragini by being concerned nothing going to happen!!

Ragini sit beside him on bed and ask – What do you think they three are doing by making Aarohi, Khushi and Swara to stop!!
Laksh – I don’t know but one thing is clear we both have to just make sure nothing crossed limit.. Of revenge and for that you have to be with women and I will look for beast!
Ragini nodded – I just wish everything be fine soon!
In swara room..
Swara was sitting on recliner looking at some files when she heard knock sound..
Swara cursed under breath for being disturbed.. Opening the door she just wanted to shut only!!
Swara – anything you Mr Kundra?
Sanskar smirk and said – YOU..
Swara eyes widened..
Sanskar – don’t use your gutter mind Swara.. I am talking about having accompany with two cups of coffee.. And you
Swara litteraly frustrated by all this but knowing now she have to get her company back she had to compromise!!
She nodded..
He smiled and said – let’s go to Garden..
She knows what he is upto… Garden is the place which holds there most of the memories!! When they were close. …
Aarohi was boiling in anger.. Sleeping on recliner and staring at beast who is sleeping peacefully on bed was something she never saw it her wildest dreams!!

Arjun was having good time on bed thought Aarohi before thinking about how he hated when she walk away leaving him alone for girl’s night out with Khushi and Ragini and he always forced me..

{” Arjjun you jerk!!! It was really shameless thing.. “angry Aarohi said and smack Arjun chest continously for carrying her in his arms..
But Arjun groan and whisper, “baby stop it you know I can never get sleep without cuddling with you and… You know,”didn’t finished.. But get another smack”}

Tears slipped from her eyes gazing at Arjun who don’t even care anymore… Like always you wanted Aarohi.. She scolded herself and closed her eyes..

Arjun open his eyes and smile faintly whispering – very soon Aarohi you will be again in arms… But for that you have to wait baby… Chuckling he drifted off…
Sanskar was sipping coffee and glancing at Swara..
Swara irritatingly- is something wrong with my face Mr Kundra!!
Sanskar laugh and said – no fiance just wanted to see your beautiful eyes!
Swara turned and looked straight in his eyes – What the heck you are doing by stopping me.. I know what you three are upto but don’t forget that I have my own ways to get back!!
Sanskar smirk – then do it baby! And about doing.. Well yes soon we are going to be married!!
Swara taken aback -wh…at.
Sanskar comes close to her and whisper – yes my soon to be wife!
Swara gulped hard at his close aproximity and next moment she pushed him hard and shouted – not in your wild dream!!!
Sanskar smirk – offcource not baby actually I will make it true!!
Swara stared at him for moment and then walk away leaving him smile devilishly…
Sanskar to himself – I know.. You have started planning princess but this time SANSKAR will play and you will get back!

Aarohi, Khushi and Swara met on terrace…

Aarohi – He has become beast in one night.. I slept on couch!!
Khushi and Swara stared at her in disbelief but soon digest…
Swara – and I have gone inform that I am going to be married with that beast soon!!
Khushi and Aarohi was taken aback -WHAT!!
Swara nodded silently..
Khushi calmly – OK relax I mean theses three are really become dangerous for us now and we can’t take it lightly..
Swara walk to railing watching Sanskar, Arnav, Arjun and Laksh talking and doing exercise in the open Jim (like Jim towards garden side) having smile and Laugh…
Aarohi – What you think Swara they even trapped you
Swara didn’t turn and said – they wanted to make us repent for betrayal and wanted us to get back to them right.. Then we will fight back..
Khushi confused – I don’t understand?
Swara turned and smile devilishly – guys we are team right if we three make them fool in this one year.. Then we will do it Again but this time it would be understatement of shocked for them… Just provoke their anger..
Aarohi smirk- and irritate them to hell they will themselves kick us out of their life..
Khushi giggled- I get it boss and even I got 100ways to irritate ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA by KHUSHI MAHESHWARI…
Aarohi and Swara laugh and thumbs up!!

Dining table..
Laksh and Ragini were having talk about mom and dad where Arnav was barking order on his new manager.. While Sanskar and Arjun were looking around for three ladies..
Arjun – they didn’t turn up..?
Sanskar – I think they all started plotting against us..
Arjun smile faintly – if it is then they are wro-…
Before he could complete his unfinished word his eyes went wide looking at Aarohi who is coming wearing too much short dress.. Which is barely covering her upper body and her s*xy legs.. Her hairs were braid looking stunning and lustful.. Arjun mouth went dry Sanskar turn only to gulp hard seeing his best friend this new makeover which is too hot.. And the next Arnav who lifted his eyes only to get shock by this new change of Aarohi.. Ragini and Laksh notice the silence and turned only rooted at the spot..
Aarohi smile at them and walk to sit beside RAGINI… Greeting to sweetly – Good morning everyone..
Arjun eyes filled with rage – AAROHI!!!!!
Aarohi look at him in fake innocence -yes hubby?
OK now he is really taken aback by this gesture not only he every one was shocked by this gesture..
Aarohi said softly – hubby you OK… Well I have to tell you that I am for night out and would be back tomorrow evening or day after tommorow..
Arjun greething his teeth said – offcource Wifey and don’t worry I will not feel alone as my college friend Pragya is coming in evening..
Aarohi jaw dropped flaring at him with anger face – Who the hell is She!!!
Arjun smirk – my close friend Pragya Oberoi..
Aarohi was on the edge of JEALOUSY!! thinking “not in the hell I can leave him with that Pragya but why I am thinking all this I should be happy right!! Ahhh what the hell is I am falling for this blo*dy lawyer!!! ”
Arjun was enjoying the look of Aarohi and then he played another card turning to Ragini – Ragini you know I really appreciate women like Pragya.. She is truly goddess having a style of speaking or wearing beautiful Saree she did
Give the way to disclose herself infront of anyIt doesn’t matter her that she seems modern or not..
Ragini was smiling herself well all were compressing laugh looking at Aarohi red face.. Which Arjun pleased..
Arjun smile devilishly – so Wifey I don’t have any problem if you wanted to go for night out well Pragya is coming in evening from Venice..
Aarohi forcely smile and said sarcastically – no hubby it not seen to be good if I am not present for your so called friends.. I will be here..
Sanskar was mentally laughing at Aarohi condition but then he look at Arnav who was laughing silently behind the newspaper..
Khushi and Swara also came and settled down.. They had listened all that but didn’t comment anything as it is between Arjun and Aarohi..
Arnav – Miss Maheshwari if you have done with your hunger then I have office to go!! Said in harsh tone..
Khushi look stunned as he knows that she just came for breakfast few minutes before and he asking – scratch that blo*dy word – ORDERING her to leave for office..
ASR – I don’t have whole day Miss Maheshwari!!
Khushi gulped at the ASR tone and quickly walk away to her room for grabbing her bag..
Swara who was surprised by her brother ASR attitude in the mansion didn’t say as again it between the matter of him and Khushi but she is not any damm employ of them!!
Swara Malik said – Mr Kundra and Mr Raizada can you tell me from where I have to take access of Malik industrial project as you Mr Kundra told me that I have to
get back my industry and the shares back by paying you but now I don’t have that much ammout and my bank account is related with MALIK industrial so now I wanted few thinks clear 1- from which office I will make presentation and another work and 2- contract papers of Malik industrial copy I want that so I can study it carefully!
Arnav and Arjun share a look of WELCOME BACK SWARA MALIK IN BUSSINESS!!
Sanskar smile and said – Well baby don’t worry your office will be in KGM industry and about contract papers you will get in evening anything else princes..
Swara was flushed and damm embarrassed by “baby “and” princess ” she had once warned him to don’t utter these word in front of anyone and he only utter princess when they were -Ahem Ahem!! Let’s not say.. Her face was become beet root red like new bride..
All are amazed by the sight “SWARA MALIK AND BLUSHED “impossible..
Sanskar continue with meschivously grin – but baby after that we are going for shopping as I have talk to ASR our engagement would be in one week and marriage next month a grand marriage after its mine and your wedding..
Swara breath swallowed didn’t thinking what to say – I have call (making not so much effort excuse she left the place)
Sanskar smile devilishly knowing how his effective words were made impact on Swara and soon she would be his forever..
Aarohi was damm confirmed that these beast are seriously going to make three of them fall hard for them she left the place without looking at them..
Laksh and Ragini look at all that dumbfounded..
The three beast listen and laugh..
Arjun – Laksh it’s not over it has begin..
And then Laksh and Ragini left the place muttering “unbelievable “

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