It’s not revenge it’s love swasan season 2 (payback time) episode 43


Ragini and Laksh seeing each other with cornerd eyes giving knowing glare well nothing can be done Sanskar was driving his car with full not giving any glare to them.. Khushi staring outside with anger face while Laksh were sitting on passenger seat and Ragini behind sitting with Khushi.. As for Aarohi she is flaring in anger sitting beside Arjun in ASR car.. And Arnav was just driving straight with still angry because of Swara nonsense.. Well all are angry not for only this but reasons are so many.. But Swara was quite ….

In Swara’s car..
Arnav finally give glance at his sister after two hours of continously driving and ignoring.. But surprised by her quite gesture staring at her lap peacefully.. Is she alright? He very well known about her all gestures till now.. As far as he knows she thinking deeply.. And her thinking is not at all good.. But he also knew she is angry on him for that blo*dy Rajput death.. Well he knows it was his anger and mistakes but not that he killed him if doctor didn’t save him then what was his mistakes in that all are going mad about that one person well he don’t care now!! But one thing is still nagging him!!
Arnav said in harsh tone – Why Rajput? You don’t get any other men for contract!
Swara stiffened listening it but she have to tell him – I am sorry Bhai!
Arnav glare at her and said – I am not asking your blo*dy apologize! Tell me what I ask you dammit!!
Swara gulped hard composing herself said in calm tone – MALIK empire first project was invested by Rajput construction it was a bussiness deal.. And I just gone as per deal dadii known this.. But another thing is that I was getting hard time and if Rajput didn’t invested then…
Before she could say a word Arnav stopped the car with jerk and turned towards her..
ASR was in him was shaking in anger he barked at her – before few hours you were giving speech about your so called relationship and what Now Swara!! How dare you to take help from that blo*dy Rajput family.. If you were in so much loss then why the hell you didn’t contact me dammit !!!!!!
Swara close her eyes clutching her lehnga (she was still in bridal wear)
Gathering herself she said slowly – Bhai I didn’t get the time …it was well planned against me.. My company what would I have done ! I have onle gotten half an hour for help and only Vikrant was there to help me leaving his own company tender.. I still don’t know who the hell did it!!! And I even never thought to know it.
Arnav finally calm down a bit listening her but still his mind was nagging him..
Arnav – who told you that Vikrant is killed not dead by any accidents!!!
Swara didn’t know why the hell her brother is freaking out because somewhere she is feeling ashamed for not confirming about Vikrant deadth and make plans against Bhai, Arjun and Sanskar… She knows they are at their mistakes but they didn’t kill Vikrant! It’s a fact..
Swara – One years before I met Sharmistha auntie in San Diego for charity function there she told me about Sanskar. But I don’t know about Arjun and you.. Bhai! As you heard that..
Arnav didn’t say a word and started the engine again deep inside his thoughts was getting shaped!!
Swara – Now what you are thinking?
Arnav didn’t look at her but reply her back – that how good it looks when you will shift to Shantivan again.. After all I have made your stuff shifted from penthouse! Dear Sister!!
Swara jaw dropped looking at her brother ASR dominant force over life…
Swara – but!!
Arnav smirk – no but and ifs dear little sister you were playing good game of your silly revenge but now you have to live with ASR and better you prepare it!! Because this time your arrogant The Swara Malik tone will not be around me…!!!
Swara – What the f-!!!
Arnav laugh and speed up the engine making her shut up after all her only fear and his brother only enjoy “fast cars “!!!

Something was same in ASR car where Arjun and Aarohi are going…
Arjun was still struck on that Swara nonsense… His mood become more grumpy.. But then he saw his great wife Mrs Aarohi Arjun gadodia staring outside feeling nature…
Aarohi snapped him – Stop staring at me!!
Arjun shrugged off and smile devilishly – Why Wifey.. I don’t think there is crime to stare your s*xy wife figured!!
Aarohi gulped hard well stunned Arjun never talk to her like this even his mood is Off!! But like now she don’t know even this Man..
Arjun ask her after some time – Tell me about your so called Vikrant bhai!! After you love him this much that you happily break my trust
Aarohi fidgeted her Saree feeling afraid by his gestures and words..
Arjun chuckle and said – What happened BIWI… Didn’t having anything to talk about your “my Vikrant bhai :”!!!
Aarohi said irritated – you are not worth of it!!! Jerk!!
Arjun smirk and next second his mouth was on her hungrily dominating her eating her having one hand on staring and another fist in her hair where her hands was pushing him away but he knows how to make his way and biting hard on her lower lip.. He make her gasp and next he was discovering her whole sweet mouth from his tongue.. Making her giving up all her senses and soon she was in passion playing with his hair and responding his wild kiss but he didn’t give her one chance and harshly parted away making her flustered and breathless.. He was breathing heavily but smirk was playing on his lips…
Arjun said smirking – Another time Biwi you tried to tell me what is worth for me or not!! Then you will get another good taste of my lips more in beast way..
Aarohi shockingly didn’t utter a word.. First he kised her hard then parted away making her crave for more!!! She didn’t know this Man… He is not at all that Arjun gadodia!!!
Arjun – so tell me where you met your Vikrant bhai.. Biwi?
Aarohi finally said – I met him before ten years.. In Delhi you were already gone to US for your studies and I, Khushi, Laksh, Ragini were decided to leave for Delhi college there we met him he was senior of Ragini.. He knew about my parents later I came to know he is My cousin.. My mom was related with his Mom.. Soon he became so close to me and (her tears started brims) after three years he gonna… But he always call me.. And ask about how I am!
Arjun nodded acknowledges and then he again ask her harshly – Why you or anyone never told me about Vikrant?
Aarohi went still… Arjun easily understand something she is hiding.. So was he..
Arjun casually – IS your lovely don’t like to be socialize..
Aarohi shouted angrily – don’t you dare to say anything against him!! He said me to give you surprised by coming to Mumbai but before that you..
Arjun chuckle and said – you know BIWI you really needed to know how to play your revenge game but don’t worry I will teach and tell you how to play.. It very well!!
Aarohi was shocked looking at him with horrible expression… What the blo*dy hell Is he planning!!!???

KHushi was playing with her Saree corner.. Ragini and Laksh were trying to converse but nothing was making Sanskar temper alright.. He is fuming in anger rethinking of Swara word’s!! How dare she!! But his gaze fell on Khushi who was looking loss..
Sanskar said – Well my soon to be wife Bhabhi.. Would you favour me submitting your resignation letter to me.. Tommorow
Khushi – What did you call!! Saying angrily..
Sanskar laugh and said – I don’t like to repeat soon to be Mrs raizada!!
Laksh and Ragini were staring at Sanskar with disbelief
Khushi – How dare you!! And by the way I have my shares in the KGM industry..
Sanskar smile devilishly and said – you lost it my newly sister you should have careful about your profession neither sitting back and playing this f**king payback game.. Or you should have known that your shares are now on the name of your soon to be husband ASR.. You only sign it two days before..
Khushi went still.. When the blo*dy hell She did this!!! And then Arnav Singh Raizada.. A true beast of her life!!!

Laksh – Why will Khushi sign any of these papers when she hate you three specially ARNAV!!
Sanskar chuckle – come on brother dont be so innocent we are Gadodias it is different I use Kundra… But still I am!!!
Ragini – so you three are behaving as true jerk!!
Sanskar – with pleasure RAGINI!



Ragini ask – why are we here not in our house!!
Arjun smirk and said – Well as per the idea of Mom and Dad we are renovating Gadodia mansion and the outhouse so for now we are living with ASR in Shantivan!!

Aarohi, Khushi – WHAT!!!

Laksh – why Mom and Dad is not taking call?

Sanskar smile – actually they gone to California for charity event.. That’s why probably they would be in flight!!

It actually made everyone clear that beast are seriously awake!!

Arnav – now we have a long why don’t you all settled your self said walking inside the mansion but stopped and turned to Swara – you should be inside!!

Swara has enough of dominance around making her irked..

So finally Swara Malik said in her cold voice – Mr Raizada you are not my employer that I will agree your damm rules and stay back here. So have good sleep and all of you as well ….saying she walk to her car..

ASR fuming in anger shouted – dare you Swara Malik use that tone !! Just move inside now!!
Swara turned back and stated “WHY ”

Arnav look at Sanskar and said – just tell her I don’t want any more drama otherwise I don’t know about my anger!!

Sanskar smirk – cool down Buddy.. And Miss Malik I think you are forgetting that your MALIK empire is under two companies AR AND KGM INDUSTRY… So you have to work under us and yaa until you didn’t get your company shares again at average level otherwise your bank account would be sealed and your every properties… And yaa don’t even think to do any concert because all that money would be deposited in your current bank account which would be sealed!!! So you are a temporary employee now until you don’t have your company shares back again at the same place and giving complete loans to AR and KGM industry!! Did you get that said in rude and cold voice..

Swara eyes was wide open her fist clenched tightly greething her teeth she walk inside the mansion.. Making three beast smirk… And others get it there is no way these beast will show any mercy!!!

Laksh turn to Ragini – you want to be here..
Ragini – we can’t live them.. All alone knowing these six state of mind just only working on “revenge ”
Laksh nodded – and only we two have to make them stop killing each other…

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